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Found 1 result

  1. Ahoy! Previously: Part 1 - by the up and coming Sea Rat of the Year (the title is still contested as the trials are soon discussed by the most honorable Sea Rat of the Year committee) Part 2 - & Part 3 - by the most interesting doctor ever to sail the Brick Seas Sea Rats do love a dress up party! George from part 1 of this series knew it, but the redcoats we are about to encounter now, did not! We are on the island of Cocovia, in the old part of Quinsville, a safe haven for Corries. On that island, the war was far away; the Terraversa troubles concluded to a rather successful ending and fresh settlers were arriving for the goldrush. All was well! Although, the garrison was growing thin and the remaining forces where sleepy. Little has happened over the course of the last weeks. This feeling of quiet joy and peace made the leadership of the settlement organize a party; after all; they needed to keep the spirits up, show some style and have fun. They hired a creative bunch of musicians on the docks asking for a chance to prove their worth as artists. The words went out and that Saturday evening some rich aristocrats came to the gathering, as well as the foreman of the gold mine! Fortunately for our Sea Rat heroes, the Fraunces Brothers, the rum was all drank at the moment they happened to arrive in their loaned partysuits with some premium FTA quality bottles: Redcoat foreman: Who are these gentlemen? Did you invite them? Redcoat officer: I most certainly did not, although they seem to be carrying the one thing we are short of! It will come in handy in my avances to Lady Dundleby in the red dress! She is surely not likely to find an interest in me if she finds out we did not even manage to invest in some extra bottles.. Next to our prospects of new wealth from the mine, she will think we are parsimonious! Lothario Fraunces: My good sirs! What a lovely ambiance! You imperia… uh.. important Gentlemen do have style! We represent the new Royal Society of Hospitality and Celebrations Instituted by Her Royal Highness for all subjects east of Terraversa with a message of good favors, as you are on the right track here in Quinsville! Redcoat officer: Ahhh most welcome you are! Finally, a token of appreciations of our hard labor. Lothario Fraunces: And what is more, my most honorable friend, tomorrow we will have the honor of awarding Quisville a special title, I cannot say must tonight, as it is meant to be a surprise, but you Quinsvillians are the first to ever be awarded by such a glorious token of affection! Her Majesty herself approved and scripted the whole ceremony! Redcoat Foreman: Unbelievable… Redcoat officer: What do you mean unbelievable my dear colleague? We were waiting for some sign of the Crown for weeks! Come, let’s fill up our glasses with this splendid and timely gift of the new most honorable Society! Let’s just hope Lady Dundleby likes rum as much as we do! Everyone, except the keykeeper of the mine storages, drank the rum eagerly, as if they never tasted real rum. We have to keep the well-known fact in mind that the Corries build big factories and plantages but never seem to manage to reach the Sea Rat standards of Rum [and most certainly not in the game of Grogbrewing]. But back to the garden party at hand; as most of the imperials grew very weary and fell asleep instantly, the keykeeper quickly noticed the rum had been tampered with. The three newly arrived members of the Society he had never heard from before must be imposters! He managed to get his blade the same time Lothario Fraunces did. He was prepared to die before surrendering the key! He knew this key was worth a ton of doubloons. The Foreman new he was outnumbered. What was he to do? From the corner of his eye, he saw that the band which was hired for the party also seemed to be hiding all kinds of guns and swords! How could they have been so careless! At the moment he was about to accept his fate, a bottle rushed through the air; hitting his head. The courages man fell peacefully in the chest of flowers. Luckily, he will wake up soon. Unfortunately, the key to the warehouse, and the Royal Society of Hospitality and Celebrations will never be seen again!