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  2. Thank you for the correction, I actually realised it after posting but didn't get around to rectifying it till just now. I posted it correctly on the Facebook groups, but I made the mistake of relying on my memory while posting it here. You're right about the base. In my defence, this was almost a speed build, put together between 5 am and 8 am (shoot time included).
  3. Hi guys, I got this set as a gift from my grandfather as a child, and recently saw another builder (Michal Kozlowski) do an updated version of this set and felt inspired by him, so I gave it a go myself. Hope you all like it! 1625204543871 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr 1625204543788 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr 1625204543677 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr
  4. Thank you! That means a lot to me. Yes! I am very happy with how it came together. Thank you all! I deliberately avoided stickers, they've been done on an Indian truck before (check Indian Lorry Tata 1613 on rebrickable) and I wanted to try my hand at brickbuilt stuff, like the TATA logo, and 'Ice gel'.
  5. Sorry for the delayed response, actually they're from the Hot Rod set!
  6. Hello everyone, This is my rendition of an Indian Truck, a TATA 3118. Indian trucks are known to be very colourful, and I wanted my MOC to reflect this. Many of them display logos of luxury cars (Don't know why!) so leaving the Ferrari sticker in there was a conscious design choice. I have made it modular because the dark red and dark orange you see here is pretty much 90% of the standard bricks that I own in this colour! You don't need a large palette of parts to be creative. I may need to harvest parts in the back for other MOCs and convert this truck to flatbed at some point in future. The patina (old grey) showing worn paint was very much dictated by my limited supply of this colour more than my desire to have an old looking truck! I have always wanted to find a 'different' use for these 'POLICE' printed bricks I had, and always wanted to use them in a way that either read 'LICE' or 'ICE'. After a lot of racking my brain (a strange combination in creative terms of both wordplay and trying to work within the parts I had) I settled for 'Ice Gel' (which turns out, is an actual product!) This build came about as we had a friendly buildoff on the LEGO India WhatsApp group. Though it is in model team scale, I managed to stuff in a few technic features as well. I have also included a picture of the real thing for reference. Highlights: HOG steering Working i4 piston engine Retractable rear axle on worm drive 'Ice gel' Logo designed with a printed 'POLICE' brick and brickbuilt lettering (The 'POL' is hidden) Cheese slope mosaic 'TATA' logo Hope you all enjoy this build! 20210623_090621 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr reference model by Samarth Moray, on Flickr 20210623_090652 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr
  7. Hah, thanks! Don't have it in my collection in that colour though, sadly.
  8. Hi, thank you for the valuable inputs. The Black pieces in the middle (2x 1x1 round with hole with a 3L bar in between) are necessary to join the two macaroni pieces together because the old mould for this piece (which comes in Chrome Silver: cannot accommodate a 2L technic axle, unlike the new mould that comes in the Panigale set. The tradeoff was, either use less-nice looking (and already done) pearl dark grey pieces which come in that set, and join the exhaust pipes with a 2L axle (in the same way as the Panigale set does) or have the nice chrome exhausts but have this black bit in the middle. I opted for the latter. The other option to join these bits is using a half pin but that technique is less stable and causes the exhausts to flop about. As is the case with a lot of builds it all boils down to tradeoffs. I agree with what you say about the new fork pieces. There's no 'good' way to make them look prototypical, but they're all I have for this application, and if we start debating about how a part ought to be shaped, well, that's a whole other can of worms... I did however do my best to integrate them, and the numberplate you see in front is definitely a part of that effort. Not sure what you're referring to by the side panels. I wanted to do a brickbuilt BMW logo... The rear shocks are held in place by the tension of the springs. They do not move or rotate as you described.
  9. Samarth

    [MOC] Treadwheel Harbour Crane

    It means a lot to me that someone thinks that! Thanks!
  10. Hello all, I'm proud to present the final version of my BMW R100 Cafe Racer. Features: Working Boxer twin (with pod air filters, carbs, and chrome headers) 1-N-2 Gearbox (Loosely based off the Ducati Panigale gearbox with some modifications) Working suspension Shaft Drive Adjustable mirrors and levers Kickstand My (personal) favourite bits on this is the minifig hat as a gas cap and the Piston used as a Brake master cylinder. Many custom bike builds feature anodized miniature piston-shaped Master cylinders and I wanted to reference that. As a biker myself, this build was immensely satisfying to put together. Some of my parts have heavy playwear on them, and I could've used the Ducati's Dark silver pipes for the exhausts, but I love the old LEGO chrome and I think the damage adds character to the build rather than detracts. IMG_20210613_161244_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20210613_161902 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20210613_161836 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20210613_161609_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr
  11. Samarth

    [MOC] Treadwheel Harbour Crane

    Thank you for your comments! I took inspiration from real life treadwheel cranes, whose pictures are widely available.
  12. Samarth

    [MOC] Treadwheel Harbour Crane

    With a few lashes of the whip, the Quartermaster keeps the twins toiling hard! Classic Pirates Treadwheel Harbour Crane by Samarth Moray, on Flickr Classic Pirates Treadwheel Harbour Crane by Samarth Moray, on Flickr Remaining Photos:
  13. Samarth

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    That looks fantastic... Any chance you'd share the file? Thanks in advance.