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  1. Samarth

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    That looks fantastic... Any chance you'd share the file? Thanks in advance.
  2. Samarth

    [MOC] Skull's Eye Cutter

    I'm doing a stretched version of my own Renegade Runner, where'd you get the sails from?
  3. Samarth

    [MOC] King Kahuka's Cargo Cult

    Thank you for your kind words. This was my first time doing rockwork and it was a lot harder than I anticipated... I had the other section (with the totem) ready almost two weeks ago! Thanks! Also, for anyone new to this, this is what a real Cargo Cult is: I'm posting this as someone on Facebook mentioned that not everyone may know what that is.
  4. Samarth

    [MOC] Blue Coats LcA

    Love the cobblestones, are the soldiers boots a real dual mould part or did you paint?
  5. Samarth

    [MOC] King Kahuka's Cargo Cult

    Now you can go watch Air Crash Investigations instead!
  6. Samarth

    [MOC] King Kahuka's Cargo Cult

    30 years after the disappearance of the Black Seas Barracuda, the pirates aboard this fabled vessel were rediscovered, stranded and shipwrecked at an atoll in the distant sea. But what became of these pirates' equally notorious rivals, King Kahuka and his islanders? Somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, forgotten by civilization, the King and his tribesmen founded a new religion, following a cataclysmic event. This newly established Cargo Cult saw the King discard the totems of his old gods, and he now commanded his followers to embrace a new faith. After many laborious months, this Shrine was constructed, overlooking a once natural ravine. This holy place has now acquired deep religious significance for Kahuka and his tribe... IMG_20200524_131249_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200524_130524 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200524_130334 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr The remains of the pilot and the unceremoniously discarded old totem wait for the ocean to reclaim them... IMG_20200524_125645 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr The King poses proudly with his newly constructed totem... IMG_20200524_130241 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr As always, PRAISE THE CARGO... but only if its MISB. IMG_20200524_130126_1 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr ------------------- The idea for this MOC came from wanting to use the parts from the supposedly rare Emirates airplane promotional set in a MOC. I am fond of how it thematically mirrors the Pirates of Barracuda Bay; while that set is pirates, this one is Islanders, and that set represents a wrecked ship while this MOC involves a wrecked plane. Hope you all like it and please comment if you do!
  7. Samarth

    [MOC] Soldiers Outpost

    I love the detailing, and the rocky outcrop is reminiscent of the old raised baseplate!
  8. My sincerest thanks to everyone who commented!
  9. Probably a good idea :) Haha yes, but I figured the original Black Seas Barracuda had similar windows so I just went with it. I tried to avoid the 'town' feel by ditching the brown doors, however and just kept the door frames.
  10. Thanks! I was beginning to wonder why no one had commented yet and that maybe I posted it in the wrong group. Today happens to be my birthday too so that's icing on my cake.
  11. Hi all, this MOC is made using exclusively parts available in 21310 - Old Fishing Store. I was pretty sure there were more than enough parts to build a full scale ship (or at least comparable to official LEGO pirate ship set scale). I'd also wanted to see what sand green may look like as 'murky bay water', so this is the result. Hope you all like it. IMG_20200503_225609 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200503_230030 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200503_225732 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr IMG_20200503_225743 by Samarth Moray, on Flickr You can view the rest of the photos on my Flickr stream: Regards, Samarth