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  1. me thinks, maybe 42070 was created in a very short timefame. As if they had not planned to to have it originally, but then changed their minds and requested it very late. Don't know, just a thought.
  2. Yeah, I second that - When is the updated app supposed to be finished?
  3. 4DBrix Automation Reviews

    Hey, this is looking very good, I just found this. Great! Is there a software version planned for smartphones (IOS, Android), or a Mac version (not a windows user anymore... :-( ) As for your question what to tackle next: Maybe a system for a train level crossing, complete with signaling lights and boom barriers?
  4. Great comparison - really appreciate the amount of work, thank you. Can you please show some detailed pictures of the construction of the version "2x buggy motor + buwizz"? I could not get mine to look halfway decent... again, many thanks!
  5. [HELP] 9398 Servo Issue

    Thank you, will give it a try next weekend....
  6. [HELP] 9398 Servo Issue

    No, in a 9398.....
  7. [HELP] 9398 Servo Issue

    I'll probably do that, but to achieve this I first need to get it out, thus my question: "can the servo be removed from the chassis without taking it apart fully?"
  8. [HELP] 9398 Servo Issue

    It does noting at all, unfortunately. Not even making a noise. And yes, I've tried 3 different receivers with that motor. And different motors on that port. The port on the receiver is fine, it is definitely the servo that is dead.. :-(
  9. [HELP] 9398 Servo Issue

    Sorry for the necro bump, but opening a new thread does seam suboptimal either.... Ist there a way to change the servo in this model, without taking it apart fully? mine died a week ago and nie the replacement has arrived... any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!
  10. Hi guys, here is another one selling instructions from madocca on eBay: I've reported him, maybe other can chime in as well.
  11. [HELP] Motorizing a Set

    For inventories of sets I usually use bricklink, as they are correct inventoried and mostly even peer reviewed. In this case, here you go: HTH!
  12. That made me lol in the waiting room of the dentist!! :)
  13. Just to let you know, there is a sale in Austria: there is 20 % off on almost everything at Thalia online shop for first time customers. Which means that you can get the EW160E for € 72 including free shipping. This is the best price in Austria currently, at least according to my recherche yesterday evening... There are many other Lego sets available too.... Have fun! Ps: Here is the needed code to get the discount: AFFNCUTHA
  14. General Part Discussion

    I did that on two occasions. So at least, it did work for me.
  15. Hi Roni, I'm just curious, can you give us an update on what has happened between the end of the kickstarter campaign and now? Thx!