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  1. Love all the details, very cool one again! :) What about a VFTS for the next one?
  2. Working steering wheel is a cool and visible feature, AWD adds to the wow factor maybe, but I'm a bit sceptical about the gearbox in non-motorized sets. It makes the model more complicated but does not really improve playability. You shift gears and the engine runs a bit faster, hooray :)
  3. This set is a great opportunity for motorization, even 4 L motors fit without removing any of the interior elements. It would have been cool to see the fans working out of the box, not that difficult to achieve. Otherwise it's a big flashy car with a reasonable price so I'm sure kids dig it :)
  4. I'm 99% sure it won't be motorized officially. I reserve that 1% for some Power Functions options like controlling the rear wing, but it won't be driving/steering for sure. Lego does not have a viable option at the moment to power a car at this size and weight.
  5. It's simple - the original video is played 2 times, you can see it restarts in the middle.
  6. Thanks for the review, I liked this set very much. Great starter set with a good amount of functions for it's size. I was a bit confused with the B model (Race car with a winch?), but if the kids like it then fine :) The only disappointment was the fact that a different piece holds the string for the winch in the A and the B model, which means the string has to be cut every time it is rebuilt.
  7. That's another masterpiece in your collection, congrats :) Love all the functions and especially the attention to details. I really like how you used the Osmo, almost considering not selling mine :D Frequent refocusing is still visible though... One small suggestion - it's better to turn off AF on your camera when you shoot in the dark, it will prevent focus hunting (it's very visible when you demonstrate the truck's lights).
  8. @Thirdwigg Thank you! There's nothing special there, I assume it can be done in multiple ways, possibly in a more elegant way as well :) The steering goes right above the differential with the steering rack sitting on top of the 5x7 frame: @Void_S there are no huge secrets, I don't think that sharing some parts of the solution would hurt. The Servo sits between the seats, the two L motors are in front of the seats on the "floor" and connected to the differential. Batteries are placed on the two sides between the door and the seat. Due to this the only non-functional pieces are the doors when the batteries are installed, they have to be removed instead of opening. The roll cage had to be reconstructed but it's still there. Btw 2-2 L motors are connected to the front and rear differentials and there's no connection between the front and rear section so I think this is 4WD, but correct me if I'm wrong :)
  9. It took me much more time than expected (mostly due to the creation of digital instructions), but finally the video about my 42077 2WD & 4WD mod is published: I tried to stick to the currently available parts so no buggy motor this time, sorry :) Features of the two mods: 2WD: – 2 Power Functions L motors – Servo motor for steering – Working V6 engine – AAA battery box – IR remote control 4WD: – 4 Power Functions L motors – Servo motor for steering – 4 Power Functions lights – Working steering wheel – Working V6 engine – Working cooling fan placed abouve the engine – Power by 2 BuWizz units More pictures & info can be found in my blog post
  10. How about some flashy yellow/black combination Bumblebee style to make use of the construction vehicle parts? :)
  11. Technic Pub

    @Lipko I hope there'll still be a chance :)
  12. Technic Pub

    @agrof lol :D @Lipko too bad, I actually planned to visit that event with my son but due to the rescheduled working/school day and the short weekend we did not have time..
  13. Technic Pub

    Sad to read this, but I understand the reasoning. Where was this exhibition held? It's a bummer I missed it... Hopefully you have at least the instructions ;)
  14. Probably with the introduction of Power Functions 2.0 Lego will think about this and releases a more versatile PF kit. Anyway I can't recall if they ever offered a proper RC upgrade option for a non-motorized set, usually only one (or more) functions get motorized. I'm a big fan of RC upgrades and did already a few with more in the pipeline :)
  15. [MOC] Class 1 Brian Ickler Buggy

    Very nice build, compact and fast :) Really like it!