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  1. Great little build, love it! The transparent engine with the lights is a nice extra :)
  2. kbalage

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    What a beast! All features are very well done, congrats! I'd love to know more about that automatic leveling system if possible, looks very interesting.
  3. kbalage

    Build The Impossible

    Just checked that video of Facebook, it has much nicer clips. @Anio - during the uncut walkaround footage where the camera follows the action (even the non-accelerated parts) the camera shakes around constantly, you can also clearly see how the cameraman was walking around. Maybe it was left like this intentionally to show the viewers where it was accelerated and I have no doubt that it was filmed by a professional crew with an expensive equipment, still that footage has an unprofessional look for me. I was curious so I quickly edited the video with some simple software stabilization and rendered the two clips side by side, the difference is very visible and the stabilized footage has a much smoother look. Anyway, all of this is my personal visual taste and has nothing to do with the great achievement you made with all these cranes so I stop being off-topic, again very well done!
  4. kbalage

    Build The Impossible

    Congrats guys, this is a very cool setup! Well worth all the effort that went into the planning and building. I'd love to see/read more about the modules and the whole process, hope there'll be more information shared. To be honest the only thing that bugs me is the quality of the video - you guys spent 650 hours designing-building-setting things up then someone with a shaky mobile phone walks around and records it? This setup would deserve a proper video with a stabilized camera and some better angles... but probably that's just me.
  5. kbalage

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The Batmobile actually performs well, not sure what you mean. It does what it promises, steering works ok and it does wheeeeelies :) Let's see what comes but if there'll be a PU servo I wouldn't expect more than an M motor for drive. I'm sure there will be, but I don't think all of them will appear in the 2019H1 lineup.
  6. kbalage

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I expect to see something very similar to the app-controlled Batmobile, the price is the same. Two M motors and the Technic version of the battery box. It'd be nice to have a physical controller as well, but who knows.
  7. With BuWizz you can control more than 2 motors, you can control more BuWizz units the same time as well. If you use @imurvai's great app you can do it with a wired/Bluetooth android controller.
  8. kbalage

    10.000 Subsribers special - Mashup

    What a massive Frankencar and a plethora of functions, I love it! Congrats for the 10k subs, very well deserved! Hope to join the club before Christmas
  9. Thanks @agrof, glad you like the result I agree the original wheels look better but unfortunately their climbing abilities are not so good. I enjoyed very much the test and the making of the video, although I'm a bit out of shape so climbing up the hill was a challenge (and also fighting a zillion mosquitoes)
  10. @technic_addict thanks! It actually fell off the wall at some point but had no any issues, it's a very sturdy little vehicle :) About the mod - the 2 L motors are located in the middle of the vehicle and the whole buggy is very compact, I doubt there's a possibility to swap the motors without changing the overall shape and size. Since it's more of a crawler there's really no point to do that anyway. It would be interesting to test it with other wheels (probably non-LEGO ones) to see what fits the best, and probably gear it down even more for better climbing abilities.
  11. @agrof was kind enough to borrow me his Ultra 4 buggy to film it, you can see the result below: Actually I had the buggy with me for quite a while now but I wanted to find a nice scenic location for it :) I did not change much compared to the original setup, swapped the battery box & IR combo with a BuWizz unit and changed the wheels as these are better for outdoor climbing than the originals. It is a fun little vehicle, enjoyed it very much :)
  12. I really wonder how is the performance, and also the range. The listing linked in the video's comments does not tell a lot about it, but another Cada product sheet with a similar unit says it has a 7.4V battery, and range "greater than 25m". Hope you'll share your findings Jim as soon as you get it :) @Doug72 - This is the product page that was linked from the video
  13. You cannot sell such a big creation with all the electronics for this price even if it is the crappiest Chinese copy. It's a scam, page set up for people who believe in miracles and amazing one of a kind deals, or have zero idea about the approximate real value of such a car.
  14. As I wrote on Facebook, it's very similar to the fake LEGO shops popping up almost on a daily basis. You can ask on the LAN if the LEGO legal team can give you any advice, but in reality I don't think there's much you can do. It's a scam, and now MOCs are also used for scamming people. I'm sure they are registered in a country where you have zero legal options, and the page will disappear within a few days/weeks. A funny (or sad) addition - they used my video of @Didumos69's w16 on the Porsche's product page, so they have clearly zero idea what engine is supposed to be in that car...
  15. I had a similar controller, there's a combination of buttons you need to press to switch the controller to discovery mode. If I recall correctly it was the central home button and one of the buttons with a letter, X or Y probably. You'll notice the discovery mode because the led on the controller starts to blink rapidly.