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  1. Don't forget Lamborghini, also part of the VW group ;)
  2. TLG will never talk about their future plans but if you can read between the lines it is clear that Technic will also go on with PU instead of PF (the source is the PU Q&A post on the LAN blog): Without disclosing how we are going to develop and launch the Powered UP platform we can say that it is the future LEGO electronic building platform to cover products across both DUPLO, LEGO and TECHNIC building areas.
  3. Interesting list, looking forward to see them :) 42095 seems to be the Technic version of the App-Controlled Batmobile, hopefully we'll see the introduction of some of the Technic-specific Powered Up elements.
  4. It's good to see that they had the same conclusion :) Based on my earlier experience with BuWizz the Bluetooth connection can be heavily affected by other sources, e.g. if you operate 2.4 Ghz RC cars nearby that almost kills the BT connection.
  5. kbalage

    Technic Pub

    There were actually two of them, Westworld and Futureworld. Worth watching to see where the TV series came from.
  6. kbalage

    Technic Pub

    The sequel comes next year hopefully although it was postponed multiple times, fingers crossed ;) Logan's run is another one, and there're plenty more :)
  7. kbalage

    Technic Pub

    I tried to watch that but I had to turn it off after half an hour... talking about guilty pleasures and TV, I love weird ( and/or old) sci-fi movies. Just watched again Iron Sky recently, it's so bad it's actually good :) Johnny Mnemonic is another gem I watched recently, and the original Westworld movie as well. Oh and I can watch any Die Hard movies any time :D
  8. kbalage

    Technic Photography

    I'm sure it belongs here, the photo looks great with that background! I used blue and orange for the Bugatti-Porsche comparison:
  9. That's my mod, the range should be definitely better. As @Zerobricks said, first try with another device. You can also do some tests with the units, place the car on top of something so the wheels could roll freely, then test your range for one unit then for the other, maybe in different speed modes as well.
  10. Great review and the usually gorgeous pictures, thank you! Can't wait to have this set, besides 42079 this is my other favorite from the 2HY lineup (obviously for different reasons).
  11. Great reviews as always, waiting to have your view on 42079. I agree with @suffocation, interesting to see that you don't like the color combination of 42082 but you're a fan of 42080's appearance. I guess it can be a personal preference for everyone but I think 42082 has a more unified look than 42080 with the different shades of green and other colors popping up here and there.
  12. kbalage

    Technic Pub

    Congrats on the new position @Jim, after that long time at the same company that'll be refreshing for sure
  13. Here in Hungary the new sets are available already for a few days, these are the lowest prices at the moment: 42079 - 44 EUR 42080 - 113 EUR 42081 - 103 EUR 42082 - 205 EUR
  14. This is my view on 42079, I think it is a great little set with well balanced A and B models:
  15. @Kelkschiz Thanks, I also wondered why @Sariel had very different results, maybe there was some interference on the street where he tested. @sirslayer I don't own any Chinese clone parts and I don't plan to purchase them so no tests with them, sorry :) @dr_spock I forgot to bring the Boost hub with me this time, I'll make sure to test the range later. Only used the Boost hub indoors so far with a range of 1-2 meters without any issues.