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  1. Can't wait your review @Jim :) I think they both look great from the front ;)
  2. I agree @Jim it's much better to have a single reverse :) I forgot to mention in my video one little annoyance compared to the Porsche, it bothers me that there are no stickers to indicate when the car is in drive or reverse. I think that's the source of confusion for some who say that the engine does not work in reverse. It's actually in drive then, as pushing the car in reverse causes an almost instant (and quick) piston movement. When it's in drive (especially in lower gears) it is possible to push the car back up to 70cm before the pistons start moving. It means if someone tries to push the car back and forth on the table starting with a push backwards then the pistons might not move at all.
  3. There are already many topics for the Bugatti so I don't want to open a new one - here's my take on the Porsche vs Bugatti topic:
  4. It's a wild guess, but isn't it the exact opposite? When the car is in reverse the pistons move instantly. When you put it in drive due to the complex drivetrain it needs sometimes up to ~1m to roll before the pistons will actually start moving.
  5. @Marxpek I'm glad that it's working now, don't want to break it If something goes wrong again and I have to open the computer part I'll take pictures of course
  6. @Marxpek thank you very much for your instructions, apparently I had exactly the same issue as yourself. Managed to take apart the sensor part, bent the contact rod a little bit and now it works like a charm :)
  7. Probably not worth opening a new topic for another question about the speed computer. My version was pretty accurate so far but now it started to show much higher RPM values than it should be. The cable is getting old and the cover peeling, I was trying to take the unit apart to see if I can replace the cable but I got stuck. All I can remove is the battery cover, no visible screws or anything found. Did anyone manage to take this apart or anyone encountered the issue with the false RPM values?
  8. First ones arrive to Hungary on Wednesday, have to count back really slowly until then...
  9. kbalage

    Powered Up

    It does not matter for the trains, but with the rotating center up/down can be easily adjusted to be left/right.
  10. kbalage

    Powered Up

    Promobricks.de posted some images of the new components from the 2018 train sets. The battery box/controller has 2 ports only and the train motor seems to be similar to the previous one except for the connector.
  11. kbalage

    Lego 5292 motor for lend?

    If Holland is too expensive then I can check the options from Hungary, although I wouldn't risk it to send via the Hungarian post but maybe worth to see the price with some courier services like UPS/DHL/etc.
  12. That was a stupid move, hope you're proud of yourself now. Taking advantage of someone's mistake and leaving literally nothing for the people who worked hard on this.
  13. There're no Lego motors at the moment that can accelerate a car this big to an acceptable speed. I'm sure Porsche or Bugatti would not want to see their supercars being as fast as the 9398 Crawler...
  14. Back to the drawing board, it's unacceptable!
  15. If he got it for review from LEGO (which I highly doubt) then he also received very strict and clear instructions about the exact embargo date and time, no any images or information is allowed to be shared before that. As it was mentioned earlier Eurobricks respects what TLG asked, regardless who made the mistake of stealing/selling early/opening early the boxes. Even if you manage to buy a set early with good faith - which is only possible if you were living under a rock and you don't know about the exact reveal date and time - you can still be asked not to post any information/pics about the set.