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  1. Building instructions and inventory uploaded to Rebrickable: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-9329/kbalage/bmw-wr-1000/
  2. @Joey73 I replied to your pm. @BrickbyBrickTechnic I'm not planning to do instructions as it was an ad-hoc modification, my aim was to install the motors by simply removing and replacing the manual components and without the need of taking the model apart. I will disassemble the model in a couple of weeks as I'm planning another mod, I can take some more photos of the internals if it helps.
  3. Technic Photography

    Thanks guys :) @JJ2 - I re-used the setup created for my Star Wars motors scene, you can check it in the following video:
  4. Technic Photography

    Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. high res on Flickr
  5. @Joey73 these are only the PF components and the SBricks, you'll need some extra elements as you'll need to rebuild the axles with the L motors, and some gears and stuff needed to fit and connect the M motors. I don't say it's not possible only with the parts from the set, you can give it a try :)
  6. @jrx I need to restart the BuWizz units and the app frequently as I'm usually running the units on the edge with loaded buggy motors so I'll need both running :) Not to mention the Sbrickcontroller app to be able to use a gamepad for all these :D
  7. I'm eagerly waiting for the editable profiles in the BuWizz app, it's a pain in the @ss to use the one and only profile configured for 2 units and try to play virtual piano while controlling my car :/ Despite the extra weight and the need to run both apps i think I'll use SBrick to control BuWizz until some major update arrives.
  8. @jrx I did my tests today and it works with the high output through SBrick as well, thanks for the heads up! :) I did not manage to make this work previously, not sure why. What I noticed is that you need to start the BuWizz profile, and move the slider/joystick after changing the speed in order to really change the output level and then switch to the SBrick app.
  9. That's weird, I tried something similar previously (although with an older version of the app) and measured the RPM output of the motor, with the SBrick it stayed the same regardless of the setting in the BuWizz app. Thanks for sharing this, I'll redo some tests tomorrow :)
  10. A new blogpost is published with more pictures of the added components, might help you if you'd like to create your own version: http://racingbrick.com/2017/08/lego-technic-42069-rc-mod-power-functions-sbrick/
  11. Thanks everyone! @Paknaloid to be honest I wanted to motorize the doors as well, but I had to realize that my 2 SBricks only have 8 channels altogether, and I already had to combine the two front L motors and only had one switch to change the direction.
  12. Thanks for the nice review Jim! I'm still jealous every time I look at your fantastic photos, those colors really pop Regarding the set I share your view, AFOLs are not the primary target for it, but it's a great and appealing set for kids who want to build something bigger after the Technic pullbacks :)
  13. I'd like to share with you my RC mod of the new 42069 Extreme Adventure set. This is a quick and dirty upgrade, it started as a test to see if 2 or 4 L motors can drive the set properly, but things escalated quickly :) The aim was to add the PF components without taking apart the set completely or to change original structure, so obviously there are more elegant ways to hide all the motors and to upgrade the suspension and the drive train. The list of the added elements: 4 PF L motors (drive) 1 PF Servo motor (steering) 3 PF M motors (functions) 1 PF switch 2 8878 Battery boxes 4 PF lights 2 SBricks The 4 L motors can drive the car, but it has no extraordinary performance due to the added weight. The servo motor is struggling sometimes (especially when the car is not moving), it'd need another servo motor or some other solution for the steering to work smoothly. Let me know your thoughts and share your mods/upgrades as well :)
  14. Technic Photography

    Thanks guys :) @Myers Lego Technic my camera is an Olympus OMD EM-5, the lens used here is an Olympus 45mm F1.8 @F2.8