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  1. @XoverBrick very interesting, thanks for sharing! Where did you find the official description of the items? They are not listed on the instructions page :) The hardware seems to be very promising, my only concern is the limitation from the software side - I guess the new hub and the light matrix will be only supported by the Spike Prime app and I don't expect a quick change in this. I'm almost sure the motor won't be supported by the Powered Up app either initially, but hopefully that can be added faster.
  2. @Zerobricks we appreciate your proactivity here on the forum, but I don't think anyone was personally attacking you. We really like BuWizz 3.0 and would love to use all its features and functionalities, but at the moment not all features are fully functional that you advertise on the webpage. I think it is a completely understandable request from your customers to get a roadmap which shows when you are planning to implement all these features, and also when you are planning to release the information you promised.
  3. Those beams are definitely more difficult to rub off then to make the gears crack without them :)
  4. As it was already mentioned by multiple reviewers, the rear axle of the Zetros seems to have a potential problem. Under constant heavy load pushing the truck beyond its limits, a 5L beam that holds the gear driving the rear differential gets pushed out a little bit, and as a result the gears start to slip, crack and might get damaged on a longer term. I tried to run several tests to see what might be the cause, can it be a friction variation of the axle pins or is it something else. We also tried to come up with a quick fix with @Attika that eliminates the issue under "normal" circumstances without completely rebuilding the rear axle. You can see the details in this video:
  5. kbalage

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    The Zetros and the Tow Truck will be available from August 1st. The Raptor can be already preordered for some curious reason, but it will be only shipped after October 1st.
  6. kbalage

    [MOD] 42129 Mods and Improvements

    No any complicated mods, rather some variations with wheels, shock absorbers, and a few things to remove that come off easily:
  7. I don't think there're any deeper reasons behind the motor usage other than the sets' requirements. Maybe as the first C+ set, the rally car used an XL motor for drive to offer a starter set with both L and XL motors. Based on my tests (video below) the XL motor handles low rpm / high load situations better than the L motor, so it fits in the sets you mentioned. The buggy is a light car with the motor output geared up so L makes sense. The Zetros seems to be contradictory for the first sight, but with the hard coupled dual motors it is already more powerful than it ideally supposed to be, there's really no need to use XL motors. I'm sure the CAT will use XL motors if needed.
  8. I checked the page again but apparently the "Technic" category for the hub is only as promising as the Spike Prime / Mindstorms hub since that one is also called Technic Large Hub. As I see there'll be a new (probably smaller) Spike Prime basic set, and the hub and the battery will be also sold separately, these are the 3 products. Apparently all of them belong to the Education line so not much excitement for the Powered Up community at the moment.
  9. kbalage

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    TLG clearly went away from anything that has a higher performance or have the possibility to break or stress plastic components out of the box. That's not a feature for the masses as it has way to many potential issues, but we don't really need TLG to produce these. If someone wants high performance motors or power sources then 3rd parties like BuWizz are there to provide the components.
  10. This function - like the 3 speed gearbox in the Volvo - has more educational than play value. You build a functional feature that you can understand and see it in action. Having the diff open when you are not climbing certainly puts less stress on the components so it's advisable on a longer term. It might not have a huge visual difference, but if you want to demonstrate that then it's enough to lift a wheel or two when it is open. About the turning radius, that's a combination of multiple factors. First the wheelbase - that was given by the proportions of the original. Second, these wheel hubs on the live axle. They had to be mounted on a certain way, and that's what the system allows, there's really not more left in there.
  11. kbalage

    Technic 2021 Set Discussion

    That'd make sense, or even a re-release of the more recent ones like 42114 & 42124 with new set numbers, but the fact that 42129 is (at least initially) released with the old hub design contradicts to this theory.
  12. kbalage

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    A few weeks ago when we had the different Control+ sets and PU components disappearing on lego.com I called customer service and they confirmed that the buggy is planned to be retired by the end of the year. I'm not sure about the reasons, but one possible cause might be that mystical Technic hub with screws from the 42129 promo shots. Since LEGO practically denied the existence so far, I guess it will appear in the upcoming sets but might be added to current / previous ones as well. But for the older ones like the buggy that might mean a re-release with a new set number. The release of the Zetros without the new hub contradicts a bit to this theory, but I think we'll have to wait and see.
  13. kbalage

    42126 - Ford F150 Raptor

    So that changes the grille and the headlights probably, I guess other accessories like the bull bar, roll bar and stuff will be available for the 2021 edition as well. B / C pillars did not seem to change significantly either. I get that the orange one is 4 door and the blue one is a 2 door version and I was kindof OK with the building solutions on the orange one, but now that I saw the blue one that one seems to be definitely better :) As I read the Raptor will be SuperCrew only for 2021 so the designer had to change it... bummer.
  14. Wanna bet? It has a 600 mAh battery... at least the case will be (hopefully) smaller, but I'd be very surprised to see more than 2 ports on it.
  15. kbalage

    42128 - Heavy-Duty Tow Truck

    I'm sure you wandered :)