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  1. kbalage

    LEGO Titanic 2021 Discussion

    If you think your shelf is not long enough (here are the exact requirements by the way), then you can still build the Tinic!
  2. Building with Technic is also an abstraction, a different one with different part limitations. Although you have larger smooth panels, but you are limited to those and if you want anything else you can start to put beams on flex axles and use similar workarounds, or you can start to add details with System pieces. You previously said that Creator builders need new dedicated pieces for every new surface, well the same goes for Technic, otherwise we wouldn't get new fender pieces every year. I don't think one building technique is better or worse than the other, they simply provide different aesthetics. But declaring that one will "always look worse" is simply a short-sighted approach.
  3. Because an 1:8 supercar would be several times heavier and would require significantly more pieces using System bricks. Stability can also be a concern, a mixed approach could be the way to go. You seem to have a very firm pro-Technic opinion which is of course your choice, but did you actually every build a recent Creator Expert car? I suggest to take a look at ECTO-1. It is fairly big, and although it has mostly flat surfaces it has some very neat building techniques for body shaping here and there. And from a functionality standpoint it beats single-handedly many Technic cars which tells a lot about the direction of Technic recently. As always not everything is black and white. Technic gives us big panels and easier large scale building, but lacks fine details, it's mostly limited by the shape of panel fairings for angled surfaces and will inevitably have holes and gaps. System is very good at small details, have a much bigger part selection but it requires more parts for the same scale, builds are heavier and structural rigidity is not as easy feat to achieve. Replicating bigger angled surfaces might be also a challenge, although it's not impossible - check out the rear of the Titanic's hull, it's amazingly complex and it's huge!
  4. 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering (with crab steering á la Hummer EV), adjustable suspension, complex door opening mechanism, openable roof, more realistic suspension setup, functional aero elements, even some adjustable seats... lots of things can happen in a car :) But an official LEGO set will always be a careful balance between the look, the functionality and the way-below-MOC-level complexity since it has to be buildable by average Joe as well and not only EB members.
  5. I'd be very surprised, the price is not UCS enough If the schedule does not change then the UCS set might only come in May-June, so it's too early to know about it anything. First news about the Lamborghini were published at the Nuremberg toy fair last year, wouldn't expect anything sooner than that.
  6. You still can't beat the light bricks. For this purpose only anything else would be overkill. If the set was RC and it had lights as well then that'd be completely different.
  7. The dumb battery box is 35 EUR, two set of LEDs is 20 EUR. Two light bricks are like 6 EUR. I think it's pretty obvious why they went this way...
  8. 42106 was technically a $50 pullback set, although with 2 vehicles. It'll be interesting to see if they split the build to the race car itself + some accessories or it will be a single build. I'm also looking forward to the B model, since those have been shifted to the pullback and other sub-$50 sets mostly.
  9. Wow. Those rims & tires won't be cheap to produce for sure, TLG really should have some long term plans with huge builds.
  10. Here's a little summary from me based on the photos available:
  11. They also said that they wanted to "set themselves free" from the previous version and create something "that really stood apart". Did not work.
  12. It does feel different, just like the one with the cross axle instead of the pin. It's always a different shade in lime, red etc.
  13. Maybe Dom's Charger was a massive hit, so TLG decided to release a black movie car every second year... I hope 2024 brings us KITT and not the Mad Max Ford Falcon
  14. Not a Charger, although definitely inspired by muscle cars. The rear is far from anything conventional :)
  15. According to brickmerge.de and the updated 2022 HY1 list this might be a Batmobile from the new movie.