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  1. kbalage

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I hope not, it would be very sad to see a supercar with the speed of a crawler. These cars are simply too big and heavy to be motorized, I think the largest scale that can be made RC without huge compromises is somewhere around the size of 42077.
  2. kbalage

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Jockos that's a weird subscription I saw it... I'm not sure people realize that they'll pay around 800 € and will have to wait 2 years until they get all parts. To stay on topic - 42077 was 100 €, 42096 is 150 € so I don't think any licensed car would fit in 100 € that has a similar scale.
  3. kbalage

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    They are there but nothing exciting was shared and I wouldn't expect anything else. I think they presented the new Ideas ISS but that's all.
  4. kbalage

    [APP] BrickController2

    :) less radical, the 7+ second long press until it flashes purple.
  5. @johnnym I see no point of removing the axle support, especially on the diff side as the vertical half beams are still there. If someone wants to turn the rims then the easiest solution is to remove the round plates, that works on both sides and as you wrote the wheels won't or will barely touch the support. Just tested it, there's no visible effect on the (otherwise spectacular) performance
  6. @Ngoc Nguyen you need to turn your wheels, the other side of the rim should be facing outwards.
  7. @Ngoc Nguyen a photo would help to identify the issue. Normally there's always ~0.5cm gap between the front wheels and the wheel arches, regardless of the position of the wheel.
  8. kbalage

    [APP] BrickController2

    @Philo did you try to reset the hub? Theoretically it only resets the saved connections but I had a similar lag once previously and doing the reset on the hub somehow solved it.
  9. @Ngoc Nguyen check if the highlighted piece is in correct position and it's not upside down, there should not be rubbing normally:
  10. @ord I also tried to use a variable, even tried to round the position of the value to 10s but that did not change the constant trembling. If the motor position controller block is in a loop then it immediately starts the trembling, even if it has a constant value set.
  11. @ord about the steering - whenever I use the block you used for steering with the PU L motor and try to control it with the slider interface, there's a constant left-right trembling of the shaft. Depending on the speed set in the block the frequency of the trembling changes but I cannot eliminate it. I tested this with both the iOS and Android versions of the app and on 2 different hub/motor combinations but it's always there. Did you experience this?
  12. kbalage

    Powered Up 3.0 update

    @Bartosz that's the best you can do, check the Boost blocks and their information as the PU app has zero documentation or info about the blocks.
  13. kbalage

    App connection problems?

    If you hold the button for 7+ seconds that will reset the hub and disconnect from the paired device, it does not necessarily initiate a firmware update. That one is triggered by the app only if there's a new firmware version. About customization - you are free to go until you use the exact same motor configuration like the original version, the Control+ interface will only connect to the hub then. If you want to make anything more custom then it is suggested to use the BrickController 2 app with a game pad, that is fully configurable and customizable.
  14. We asked the Powered Up hw developers about it, why they did not create a controller for the Technic sets. The answer was simple - the Technic team did not ask for it yet. As I see there's currently a misconception about kids and smart devices, TLG thinks the only way to go is touch control and it is perfectly fine for everything. With the Powered Up system it could be possible to use a controller in 3 different ways: - The controller connects to the hub directly with a preconfiugred layout. That's what we see with the trains and the train remote. Since it needs a factory configuration for the set it is working for simple stuff like trains, but would require an update with each new set with a more complicated gamepad-style remote and would not offer any customization, just like the Control+ app currently. - The controller connects to the smart device that acts as a bridge. This way it'd be possible to configure the buttons of the controller and assign them to different hubs/outputs and actions. I think this will be possible with the Powered Up app sometimes in the future, but we'll still be limited with the train-style remote and the buttons, so no proportional joystick control. - The controller (a gamepad-style one) could be a configurable smart device itself - the app could connect to the remote, we could configure the joysticks/buttons/dials/etc. and save the profile for a specific set or moc. This would be the best solution but I don't think we'll see anything similar coming from TLG considering the set-based approach we've seen so far.
  15. kbalage

    Powered Up 3.0 update

    I didn't know about this virtual mapping option, I checked the manual online and it's quite interesting. Let us know if it works with the Control+ app if you'll be able to test it.