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  1. L Motor Freezes

    Define freezing. Does the motor make noise but does not rotate the shaft? Is the motor housing hot? Check also the it receiver. I wondering if something is overheating.
  2. You mean Tony and Cale don't count? 😋
  3. Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Good luck to you, I will be very interested in seeing your results :D
  4. Snigger, I came up with my own, but as you can see they looks really similar: Thanks! Hope you can check them out too! I'm planning on having 4 curves and one of them will be showing off all 6 radi! I am really happy with the color correction, @coaster nailed it. I think they look closer to LEGO Dark Stone Grey than ME models do. The only way to make it even closer I think would be to polish the parts even more, but I'm not sure it worth the effort, I'm already happy. Also the issues we saw with the stud clutch power on the pre production pieces at BW have been solved.
  5. Here's my first curve ballasted: Not the greatest photo taken...
  6. 5V USB PF train

    Interesting, so do you have a PF Receiver or you just control it via the polarity switch on the bottom? How long does the battery last and how long does it take to re-charge? What engine did you model your MOC after? I see similarities to a EMD switcher but the cab is different.
  7. A contest among lego train fans in China

    Nice work. In 4 GO train I do not recognize the window screen, what set was it in? Also with said engine can I see some more pictures of the double decker coach it is pulling.
  8. I wound up sorting the order last night for my LUG but they look awesome. Hope to have them all ballasted this long weekend.
  9. Look what just arrived!
  10. Nice, really think that CNW should be on a certain layout....
  11. Layout: Train Layout of Patrick

    Wow, very nice. I'm always a fan of adding lights and I like the change of color for the street lights.
  12. 9v battery + PF wire?

    I wound you doing the similar but instead of a battery I connected to a wall wort. There are 4 wires in the PF connector and I connected the two right together and the two left ones. I believe the two inner wires power motors and the two outer are pass through.
  13. 2017 Lego Trains

    Electric frieght rules out the US. I suspect we will get a different color NA frieght with different cars that some will hate and others love. What about an Asian (Japan) electric frieght? Oh and some sort of high speed train with a complete nose cone in a color other than white. Generic enough guesses? :) P.S. I hope I'm wrong!
  14. Train towing ball alternatives needed

    What about ising the 2x2 modified plates with towballs (63082 and 15456)? I think there are some larger Technics/bionocle parts too.