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  1. pirzyk

    [MOC] A little French Corner

    Nice! I also love the details.
  2. I'm all for making trains more realistic than be able to run on R40s, now that we have that option.
  3. Nice photos! One question on the CRH rejuvenation. What curves can it run through, can it hadle LEGO R40 curves or need the aftermarket R56, R72, R88, R104 or R120 curves?
  4. pirzyk

    (MOC) Tiny PF switcher shunter

    You may look at the backing paper of the Vinyl if you have any left. One large brand is Oracal and may have a number like 631 or such. Getting the specific color will be harder unless someone specifically printed the number on the back.
  5. pirzyk

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    As LEGO mentioned before, the train market is just too small for them to invest in its own line, there needs to be a tie in theme (winter, hp, etc). This leaves 3rd parties like BMR to fill the niche.
  6. But there are people on this forum who do....
  7. Not dead yet or rise from the ashes :) Didn't this happen with the R104/120 curves?
  8. Yeah, amazing coincidence they released those a week after we announced the Kickstarter... Not the first time this has happened either, they also have several amazing coincidences from 4DBrix...
  9. pirzyk

    3D printed 7996 Double crossover track

    I don't know about the R40 3D printed double crossovers but I have an R104 Double crossover from BrickTracks/Shapeways: https://www.shapeways.com/product/UK4BHY826/r104-double-crossover-base-for-lego-reg-trains?optionId=63279204 Had it for a few years now and it works fine in our club layouts. I will say the clutch power to the other tracks is weaker than when I first got it, but since we have it ballasted, the track is not moving anywhere. I guess the takeaway is make sure clutch power is not a critical component of your build, or don't disassemble that part of the build.
  10. pirzyk

    2018 Lego Trains

    Sadly not one Target w/ several hundred miles have it for me :( Seems SoCal seems to be the hotbed (or not) of availability.
  11. pirzyk

    9V tracks smell of cigarettes

    @toastie Just don't drink the medial alcohol in the states, it is denatured. One of the lasting effects of prohibition.
  12. pirzyk

    Which one looks best ?

    Agreed, left one. As for the right one, maybe put the tile grills in yellow behind different color plates and see how that looks?
  13. Also with the surface being a different texture you have color matching issues, depending on how much OCD you have. The BrickTrack curves are closer in color to LEGO track than the ME Models track is or any 3D printed track I have seen. The 3D printed track does stand out to me, like the ME models did. The BT curves you can't tell are not LEGO unless you recoginze the shape is nothing that LEGO produces :)
  14. pirzyk

    (Work in Progress) EMD F7A in 8-Wide

  15. pirzyk

    [MOC] Improved signal arm.

    Me too! Very interested in how you automate something so small