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  1. Guess you have not been to any NILTC, PennLUG, TXBRR or LOLUG show (to name a few). There are many LUGs using BrickTracks R120/R104 curves.
  2. pirzyk

    (MOC) Bluebonnet Station

    Looks awesome Tony!
  3. pirzyk

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    Nice long train, We should do a side by side with my City of New Orleans!
  4. pirzyk

    To light or not to light up your layout?

    Lighting all the way! This uses Brickstuff lights w/i each modular and custom wiring in the roads to run power to each building. Show setup is only a couple of hours.
  5. Unfortunately trains are such a niche market that LEGO seems only to be able to add them when there is a tyin with some other property. I think to get scale models we are going to have to rely on third parties like BMR and Brickmania.
  6. I sometimes have to rotate two traincars along the coupler axis to get the re-orientation of the magnets. Once that is done, they seem to stay together unless my train is really, really long (say 15+ cars). Then I use rare earth magnets to augment the power.
  7. pirzyk

    Powered Up Rechargeable Battery Mod

    Am I correct in saying you only have one PUP train motor? Looks like you are using the second socket for the LEDs.
  8. pirzyk

    MOC: 2 Midtown, Miami, FL

    Nice, build. What is the full height of the build? Did you have to remove floors from the original as part of the selective compression? Does yoir LUG have any limits/restrictions on height of your builds or is it just what each venur can support?
  9. pirzyk

    Ease of mirroring official sets

    The brownstone from PS (10218 I think) is a common mirror build. I also built it from the instructions and every once and a while I had to stop and get my bearings to see what I was doing i.e. it becomes a slower build and you have to visualize more. I like the idea of taking a photo and flipping it to help.
  10. pirzyk

    A product that somebody should invent

    With any new track system the expensive items in both engineering and tooling will be realistic, working crossovers and switches. Unless you have them, can you be considered viable solution?
  11. pirzyk

    O-my, get a load of this MOC

    Nice showing up those model railroaders :) Just like at NMRA!
  12. pirzyk

    Studded battery box cover

    We like 4Dbrix, they come up with some nice work. I just wonder how the clutch power of thr 3D printing will last? I may just have to get one and try it out, though I use the lipo batteries.
  13. pirzyk

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The list is also missing '10268 - Vestas Wind Turbine' As for the 'Creator Garage' I can see that as a way to help hide the reveal from leaks from LEGO and the name is just a placeholder. Really disapointed if it is a fake, I was really looking forward to a Creator Expert Ford Mustang.
  14. pirzyk

    [MOC] Winter Village Cider Mill revisited

    That is an update! I really like what you did with the roof.