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  1. Switch Modification

    Danke Udo! I may now attempt a mod of my double crossover :)
  2. 2018 Lego Trains

    At this point we are glad to see new trains even if there are bank robbers. We can't afford to be picky :(
  3. Switch Modification

    Not the white ones by chance? :)
  4. Switch Modification

    I am unaware of any mods for LEGO produced switches that move the switch throw to the other side of the tracks. Most of the mods I know of are to make single crossovers that fit the existing 8 stud spacing and 16x alignment geometry.
  5. I think the 2x and 4x have less of a need since LEGO track is useful enough. A ballasted plate of 4x straights would be 64 studs long. I could use the 2x straights but I currently have enough LEGO straight track. You can get a tool now built thar would be 20 inches long? I would concentrate on stuff we can't get elsewhere or is technically superior. Like 1/4x Straights, 1/2x Straights, R104 Switches, and R104 Double Crossovers :D Or what about a 90 degree cross? I'd think the tool would be smaller.
  6. 60051 x2 motor placement

    brickstuff sells a PF power adapter for their lights. that is how i get power to my maersk and CoNO lights.
  7. NILTC Christmas Show

    Yes we will be in the gym. We are expecting 180' of track and 1,011 sqft of display space which maps to 1,491,968 studs! :)
  8. NILTC is having their yearly Christmas show this coming weekend (9th and 10th of December). For those in the Chicago area, we have moved the show this year due to our regular venue (Cantigny Park) being under construction for remodeling. More info can be found at our website.
  9. Not to quite derail this discussion, but NILTC will be having their Christmas show next weekend (Dec 9th and 10th). Details can be found on our website. We will be running our double loop of R104 and R120s curves and we have the prototype R104 Double Crossover to boot! Anyone in the Chicago area can come see them in action.
  10. L Motor Freezes

    Define freezing. Does the motor make noise but does not rotate the shaft? Is the motor housing hot? Check also the it receiver. I wondering if something is overheating.
  11. You mean Tony and Cale don't count? 😋
  12. Paducah GP10 Locomotive

    Good luck to you, I will be very interested in seeing your results :D
  13. Snigger, I came up with my own, but as you can see they looks really similar: Thanks! Hope you can check them out too! I'm planning on having 4 curves and one of them will be showing off all 6 radi! I am really happy with the color correction, @coaster nailed it. I think they look closer to LEGO Dark Stone Grey than ME models do. The only way to make it even closer I think would be to polish the parts even more, but I'm not sure it worth the effort, I'm already happy. Also the issues we saw with the stud clutch power on the pre production pieces at BW have been solved.
  14. Here's my first curve ballasted: Not the greatest photo taken...