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  1. parda

    GBC General Discussion

    In fact there's already some videos of it in all its versions, it was built some years ago:
  2. parda

    GBC General Discussion

    There's a new version of my ROD module, it works a little better, photo instructions where made:
  3. This is a masterpiece in GBC
  4. parda

    [GBC] Cardan Lift

    This is pure genious!
  5. parda

    GBC General Discussion

    For who can be interested, Theres a photo instructions, Ldd archive and Excel with partcount for my module RodII ( Rod 3 pending of instructions)
  6. Hard to think that this is not a render!
  7. parda

    Candy Mine

    It is really great! I love steampunk
  8. parda

    Egg Separator

    Very nice machine
  9. parda

    Ferrari F40

    OMG Jorge, this is seriously among the best technic cars ever built!
  10. 3 : 10 7 : 1 8 : 2 18: 1 22: 2 25: 2 42: 2
  11. parda

    GBC General Discussion

    My photo instructions of a simple yet kind of cool GBC model. Coming the 3rd version much better. http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=525902
  12. parda

    [MOC] Corvette C3 Stingray

    This is totally awesome. Perfect recreation of the lines.
  13. parda


    Very nice shape!
  14. parda

    Volkswagen Beetle (Type 1)

    Perfect car, as ever.
  15. Thanks, this is very inspiring.