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  1. Hi Richard, Jim is right, they are available in black only. If you wish to purchase these, PM me pls.
  2. 8421XXL

    Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Absolutely gorgeous! I truly hope this will be released as an official set! Bring back Model Team range ;-), this MOC would be the absolute best in that series! Compliments to Bricksonwheels!
  3. thank you for your kind words BimmerBoy! I am glad I could have helped you out! If and when you build your Porsche, do not forget the upload some photos ;-)
  4. Thank you for the coplements Kumbbl! With regards to console sticker, I have send a PM
  5. thanks Jay! Credit where credit is due though, these stickers would not have been possible without Diederik Corvers. It came up with the idea for them, he has drawn them for me!
  6. thank you for the complements Willem! Believe it or not, you are the first one to comment on the orange envelope! I am glad to see you noticed it! I assure you it was no accident I choose this color ;-) Although I must be honest, I ran out of orange envelopes so the next sets that will be sold, unfortunately, will be in plain white envelopes...sorry... Looking forward to seeing some pictures, in due time of course!
  7. Very happy to gear they arrived okay, Glenn! Any change to get a picture posted of the result?!
  8. The GT3 RS stickers are now available on Bricklink to! http://www.bricklink.com/store/home.page?p=MVDS&itemID=103636902#/shop?o={"invID":"103636902"}
  9. My bad Glad to hear they arrived save and sound after travelling a cross the Globe. Even happier to read your positive comments, thank you!
  10. Back by popular demand! Thanks in large part to you guys, I ran out of stock of my stickers in no time. Thank you all who bought one (or more)!
  11. Yes, please email me on nestboxlive@yahoo.com nerdsforprez. Thank you!
  12. technic_addict pls email to nestboxlive@yahoo.com