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    Brick Obama

    Brilliant. Nice to see an Irish theme sneaking in here. I'm not normally a fan of brickheadz but this is such an endearing little scene. Brilliant.
  2. 1. Some of these are no cheaper than the current brand new shop prices. Take a look on Brickset. Some of them look a bit cheaper. Some of them look more expensive! Why would Wu be €15? So it looks like average value. 2. It depends if you really want to collect Brickheadz for some reason. Personally I think they are only useful for the parts! (Although the parts are very useful for MOCS- Nice tiles and snot pieces...)
  3. Instantly recognisable. A few bricks. Cool. It will be interesting to see what they do with the story in ROS. I enjoyed the first two films, but the plot is kind of stuck at the moment.
  4. The Easter Bunny bought me Anakin's Podracer to give to me on Sunday.
  5. I really like the idea of Alternative Builds. It's a nice, finite challenge. I think I must try one soon. Your ski resort is cool (pardon the pun). In the same way that having some impressive engines is 75% of building a good spaceship, having a swish roof is 75% of a successful house!
  6. Retro

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Hi All, So this is a mash-up of Renegade Clone's B-Wing (70%), Xiei22's B-Wing and 75050, with a few bits of my own (the chunky 1980's-looking bits). **** After a short stay, Boba is regurgitated by the Sarlaac, his armour bleached by the digestive juices. He needs a new ship since Slave 1 has been stolen in the meantime by some Weequay Pirates. Thankfully, the Jawas owe him a debt and furnish him with a modified, heavy B-Wing. This version can land on its back instead of its side, for quick getaways. It comes with storage for your personal possessions (this scene is not real - it is Boba daydreaming about former glories)... well as an astomech housing compartment. The astomech was thrown in for free. The space for all this is achieved by replacing the normal four engines with two high-powered Rodian power units. The cockpit has been altered to fit two people, but Boba tends to fly alone and slouch back. The casing has been removed from the high-powered lasers on the wing tips, to avoid over-heating. Taking a test-drive. Flying in the outer-rim. Manoueverability is good. Bit hard to spell. Customer satisfaction.
  7. Retro

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Thanks! Again, credit to Renegade Clone for the structural principles and Xiei22 for the great weapon ideas. While we're here, these are a couple of earlier shapes and colours I rejected. This one was too red - it looked more like a rebel ship than a bounty hunter craft; This one was...too much like a Dutch football sock;
  8. These minifigure series reviews in general are very useful for people who want to have an in depth look at what's available each time. However, for these Disney series in particular, I don't feel any attraction. It depends on your own childhood memories I suppose. I have no nostalgia associated with these characters.
  9. Retro

    [MOC] SPACEship

    Fantastic. My favourite detail is the encounter with the little green alien. Also, well done on spelling 'space' correctly. Very easy to lose track of the spelling on such a large scale, and end up writing SPAE or SPCE!
  10. Retro

    [MOC] MINI Han's M-68 Landspeeder (Solo)

    Nice, crisp appearance. Looks like a free gift with a magazine, which is meant as a compliment! The only thing I might change would be the window pieces - they look a bit 1970s in a 2019 model...but maybe there's nothing more sophisticated that would fit there.
  11. Retro

    [MOC] Last man on Earth

    Nice. The next step is Hothouse by Brian Aldiss.
  12. Retro

    [MOC] Oh, Lonesome Me...

    I saw this in a different, but no less touching way. I thought the (alien) spaceman was huge and the structures on the ground were a human-sized moon base. So he was sad because he was too big to interact with humans...
  13. Retro

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Ok, this is slightly tongue in cheek, but... Jurassic Stuff - I don't see the attraction of this theme. Why the excitement about dinosaurs? They're just animals. Like cows or elephants. Maybe you had to see one of the films in your formative years to feel the nostalgia. Lego Technic - I know we need Technic parts to keep our spaceships together. But as a theme on its own it doesn't do anything for me. That bitty, mechanical look...
  14. Retro

    Incom TX-18 Heavy X-Wing Fighter [MOC]

    Tough crowd this week! I think this is cool. Chibi and fun, but tough and menacing. I like the minifigure interaction with the set.
  15. It's a lovely Lego set, which I'd be happy to have. Notwithstanding that, the design and marketing seem quixotic. It says 12+ but has stud shooters and flickfires for which the target age would surely be under nine or so? And it costs about €200 Euro which is awfully expensive for a child. Yet the pictures stress the playability. Also, there's no UCS or MBS naming. But there is that black box. Strange.
  16. Retro

    MOC - Micropolis chemical plant

    This is great. It reminds me of some industrial sites I have been on. It's really quite a surreal Lego creation, in a good way. To take a nice, pretty toy like Lego and build something neutral, no super heroes, no nice modular buildings. It's even 'ugly'. But of course, not 'ugly' to people who like the beauty in the geometry of pipe racks, roofs, tanks and so on...
  17. Retro

    REVIEW - #70828 Pop-Up Party Bus

    Not that it's really important, but since we're having the debate... This set has no 'minifgures' in it, in my opinion. It has four nice characters, fine. But if, for example, you told my son he was getting a set with four mystery 'minifigures' in it, he would assume that at least he could use the parts (heads, torsos etc) to mix and match with his Gotham or Hogwarts figures, to make new home-made minifigures. You couldnt do that that with these four characters. Sometimes words matter!
  18. Retro

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Hi, thanks. I made the Slave 1 mods after the 75234 picture leaks came out but before the official pictures were released (I think!). Link to Slave 1 post is here, if it works...
  19. Nice review, but this is a perfect storm of what doesn't work in a Lego set (leaving aside the fact that a child might like this). 1. Lego aren't free to reveal anything of actual interest that happens in the film ahead of its release. It's all secret. So you get a generically boring build and figures. 2. Superheroes don't naturally lend themselves to Lego sets! Superhero stories are about people and characters and costumes. The buildings and vehicles are incidental. Occasionally they come up with something nice like that Spiderman bridge thingy. But mostly....It's Lego trying to find ways to add bland motorbikes, mechs etc to increase the selling price of the sets...
  20. Retro

    Boba's Heavy B-Wing

    Thanks, all. Yes, an unfortunate U-Wing was sacrificed for this project! The official U-Wing set is a nice, sturdy toy to play with, but I had found it increasingly dull and boxy as a display piece. As an aside, here is a comparison to Boba's original ship...
  21. Retro

    [MOC] The Fireball and the Aces from Star Wars: Resistance

    These are superhuman! The blue one is my favourite. Are they built in real bricks? Sturdy enough to swoosh? If they were real sets I would be tempted to buy them all...
  22. Hi All, Last post of post of what I have built for a while. Then I will leave you alone. As a wise man once said, when you have spare time you tinker with the Falcon. In my case that means 7965. This time I wanted to try and recreate Flynn2000's fantastic interpretation of the famous Flail modifications to 4504. Then I went on and messed around endlessly. The main changes to 7965 are totally re-building the mandibles, and moving the cockpit back which was fun but very difficult! Two of the roof plates have swapped places in the last photo but the light was so amazing I decided to leave the photo in. It is a hunk of junk, anyway...
  23. Well done! Very creative and quite different. A bit chibi, in a nice way. Looking forward to seeing the interior...
  24. Retro

    MOC All 2018 F1 cars (pic heavy)

    Absolutely love this. Some of the most evocative memories of my childhood are the colour schemes of F1 cars. Perhaps you could do the 1980s next! A Benetton, a Brabham...
  25. I don't know this set 75191 well enough to judge the MOD, but the photos look great. Recently, while I was building my Jango's Slave 1, I was thinking wistfully it would be nice to own 75191 to battle against it. It's interesting to me that the prequels continue to provide inspiration for many Lego fans and Star Wars fans, despite the wisdom of the crowd telling us they were terrible films. Sure, there are problems with them, and some silly things, but they are packed with cool designs and action...