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    Seriously, how did this happen?

    I understand your sadness, as it's not easy I'm sure to see your corner of Lego history being ignored, even as Lego prospers. And I will say that the Ideas Exo Suit is one of my favourite sets. But I think the Cantina may not be the best target for criticism here. Yes, it's outrageously expensive for what it is, and I'll almost certainly never buy it. An absolute cash grab. But it is a really iconic moment in cinema/popular culture. George Lucas captured lightning in a bottle here, with believable aliens, a real hollywood star (Ford), a classic actor (Guinness), a genius composer, fun silly dialogue and so on. Star Wars itself is a glorious past.
  2. Hi All, I was greatly flattered that my Lego model of the album cover for Headhunters from 1973 was re-posted on the official social media for jazz legend Herbie Hancock. Since the first mocs I ever posted were on Eurobricks, I thought I might share this here too.
  3. Retro

    Herbie Hancock - Headhunters

    Thanks...I tried! Should've been slightly more purple...But it was fun to make, anyway. Ah, thanks for looking! I appreciate the comment, Carebear! More here, if you like music...
  4. Nice idea. Would it come with minifigures or do you just put some of the ones you already own in it? Certainly nostalgia is a wonderful thing...we enjoy looking at old catalogues all the time. As soon as a set is retired it seems more attractive!
  5. Retro

    [MOC] White-Faced Capuchin

    Beautiful animal. Well done! Do you plan it out first of all or just invent the design as you go?
  6. Retro

    Fawlty Towers

    What's great about this (apart from the jaw-dropping technique and parts usage) is that it feels like Fawlty Towers. You could throw 3000 bricks at a moc without bringing it to life like this. It's perfect. Is there a Siberian Hamster in it somewhere?
  7. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 8: Donald Fagen - The Nightfly Lego; Original;
  8. I thought I'd have a go at making some other album covers in between Pink Floyd work. So, here we go with the first one... Number 1: Queens of The Stone Age - Rated R Lego; Original cover;
  9. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 7: Bruce Hornsby - Harbor Lights (Original painting was Edward Hopper's 'Rooms by The Sea') Lego (natural light, no tricks); With blue filter; Original;
  10. More on Flickr and Instagram
  11. I think unfortunately places like Eurobricks are going to slowly fade away. Apart from a few core areas, I see comments and intelligent conversation are dying out. Which is a pity, because it has always been one of the friendliest places on the web. On the related topic, I have to say I agreed with the reaction to the poster who said they hated the brick helmets. I think it was a response to the endless negativity. Sort of the straw that broke the camel's back. If I like Lego, or Bach or Pink Floyd, I don't want to log on to a forum and see endless criticism of my hobby. Even if a Lego set is not spectacularly brilliant, I don't personally want to see it torn to shreds. I'd prefer people to find the positives in it within reason...
  12. Retro


    The map of the world on its own is already a better MOC than most people will make in their lifetime. Love the wall the map hangs on too. The whole model is just great. The retro feeling is spot on.
  13. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 6: Massive Attack - Protection Lego; Original;
  14. Retro

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    Well, obviously the only real Thomas medium that counts (!) is the original 1940s books, which we grew up on at home and are still in my parents house I think...
  15. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 5: Pearl Jam - Ten Lego; Original LP; Original CD; When I started this, I intended to make the CD cover version. The one with just the arms. But I discovered two profound enemies of Lego building. One, is trying to do a specific font. I had to make the white letters so big to make them look reasonable, that it pushed the whole thing to be about 300mm. Second is accurate human anatomy. Minifigure arms are just so short! I even tried brick building the whole collection of arms in black, and though the silhouette shape was perfect, the lack of colour variations for hands and sleeves just looked wrong. So I ended up with this hybrid between the LP and CD cover, with some minifigures of the band just doing their own thing. 🙂 Edit: will include brick built arms version here now;
  16. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 4: Steely Dan - Gaucho Lego (disclosure - a little magic was used); Original;
  17. Retro

    LEGO IDEAS- Winnie the Pooh

    The books and the EH Shepard illustrations are just absolutely, perfectly brilliant. I could read them every day for the rest of my life. That said, I don't know how you could translate those drawings into Lego. I suppose it will be some sort of Disney-fied version. Maybe it will be great, but...
  18. Retro

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Hi @cimddwc. Lego fan and Christian believer here. Nice model.
  19. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Could you pick something harder, please, lol? (Actually, someone suggested 'In The Court of The Crimson King'!) I will try and keep going, thank you. Thanks so much. Yes, the R took me about two days! And the black hand, well spotted, I don't know where her hand is in the original picture! Is it in her pocket? Is she lying on it? There's great stuff on all Aimee's records. 'Smilers' is my favourite at the moment.
  20. Retro

    [MOC] Building Other Album Covers

    Number 2: Aimee Mann - Whatever Lego; Original Cover; Number 3: Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic Lego; Original cover;
  21. When Pink Floyd announced in around 1994 that they would be releasing new music after a long hiatus, no one was happier than their art department (Storm Thorgerson and friends) who finally had a new project to get their teeth into. One of the main results of their new work was the iconic scene of the two heads talking to each other. There were many different versions of this concept produced, both physical statues and drawings. I have not followed them literally but just chose what I thought looked nice! For Lego and Pink Floyd purists, this one is all Lego and is also the closest I got to what was on the CD cover, with Ely Cathedral in the background. Number 1: The Division Bell Some of my other experiments were as follows; The music on the album was not well-received critically at the time, but I think it has gone on to become a minor classic.
  22. Retro

    The Madcap Laughs

    Syd Barrett. 1969. Weatherby Mansions.
  23. Retro

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    I always enjoy seeing new ones! Great work again. This time I particularly like the goat in Illinoise, the gold pieces in the Yo La Tango, and the house fronts in Bright Eyes.