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    Sorted by color finally finished!

    We only sort by colour (apart from a few specialist pieces like tiles). I suppose I'm mostly inspired to build by colours in the first place, and when I want to do this... ...I need to scrounge absolutely every brick we have in a particular colour...!!
  2. Retro

    MOC: Glastonbury Pyramid Stage

    I would guess not, but that's just my opinion. The 2.4 million people is a red herring. There are 8.1 million people in London but most of them don't want to buy a Lego set of London. Tesco has millions of customers but not many of them want to buy a Lego model of a Tesco shop. People buy Lego because of an emotional attachment to something. And (some) people go home dreaming of Radiohead or The Rolling Stones or whatever, but not of an empty black stage. I would put 4 famous minifigures in it. It doesn't have to be to scale. The system scale Millennium Falcon is not to scale etc. etc .
  3. Retro

    The future of Back to the Future?

    Maybe it's just nostalgia, having seen it when it came out, but my memory is of BTTF being a really brilliant film. I regret missing out on the Ideas set, even if the Delorean was not perfect. On the other hand, I never saw Ghostbuaters when it came out, only watching it for the first time recently and I didn't think it was very good. The Ideas car is also too big, I feel.
  4. Retro

    MOC: Glastonbury Pyramid Stage

    Hmmm. Good work. If nothing else, it prompted me to go away and read up on the history of the Pyramid Stage construction. It might be a hard sell as a Lego set, though, without an anchoring tenant like Radiohead minifigures for example.
  5. Very cute and instantly recognisable.
  6. Retro

    Installing a Dividing Wall

    Honestly, I don't know how/why anyone maintains a permanent Lego layout out in the open. I live in a normal suburban house and the dust is such an enemy, I only keep a few models actually intact. Some in an Ikea Fabrikor, and some out in the open that I wash under the tap a couple of times a year. A few more in plastic boxes under the sofa. The rest are taken apart for moc'cing .
  7. When Pink Floyd announced in around 1994 that they would be releasing new music after a long hiatus, no one was happier than their art department (Storm Thorgerson and friends) who finally had a new project to get their teeth into. One of the main results of their new work was the iconic scene of the two heads talking to each other. There were many different versions of this concept produced, both physical statues and drawings. I have not followed them literally but just chose what I thought looked nice! For Lego and Pink Floyd purists, this one is all Lego and is also the closest I got to what was on the CD cover, with Ely Cathedral in the background. Number 1: The Division Bell Some of my other experiments were as follows; The music on the album was not well-received critically at the time, but I think it has gone on to become a minor classic.
  8. Yes, I suppose I had that in mind. (Although I'm joking, obviously. And if the real wall in the stage show had been made of marble I think it would have been a bit dangerous - for example if a brick fell on you.)
  9. Thank you Henk61. It was very interesting - I had to go and research what the other three pictures that you can see in the picture frame should look like, and then photograph the model three times and so on. Yes, well spotted. I spent truly ages planning The Wall, including many hours of computer design, and creating a 20m high test model made out of carrara marble in my garden...
  10. Number 12: More Eek, this one was difficult. I wanted to use actual minifigures and that made the scale pretty massive. So many bricks! There's no instructions to follow in terms of details and perspective so you just have to make it up. I experimented with adding more details like different coloured rocks and adding sails to the windmill blades but it made it look too fussy. Better to leave it impressionistic. Here is the unfiltered version, taken in glorious sunshine... Thank you. I really enjoyed the trickery of making Piper. I find that most intelligent, decent people like both Pink Floyd and Lego, so in my opinion it is not that radical a combination!
  11. Retro

    [MOC] Hitchhikers

    I mean, this is brilliant. The effect of that gyroscope/engine thing is just dazzling. And I suppose you can fly up with your own ship and dock there on the ship's edges? It feels like a story waiting to be written, if it hasn't already been.
  12. Number 11: The Final Cut All natural photography; And with a filter applied afterwards to reduce the glare; Sometimes when I am working on these I feel like Pink Floyd when they were working on 'Household Objects'. Putting every effort into making the Lego version as close to the original as possible, without resorting to things like, you know, using actual pigs or poppies or using markers or airbrushes. Anyway, it's all fun.
  13. Yes, you're welcome to use the picture! Obviously I snipped the lettering from a picture of the actual album cover. But I don't suppose that's a copyright issue at this stage... I have the next one finished too, I just need daylight to photograph it. We are now heading into 'the long dark tunnel of the winter', as my grandmother used to say, which is not so good for photographing Lego.
  14. Retro

    MOC: Millennium Seeker

    Good work! It's fun to work with constraints. As to the ship, while it looks beautiful and alien, I don't think it would be much fun to fly in. Imagine working under that green canopy all day. I think it would freak me out a bit.
  15. Hi Henk61, thanks. I have been fortunate that in most cases the first idea I had for how to build a scene has turned out to work quite well. Also my family has been supportive! I am not using a computer to plan the designs. (I just use an app sometimes to modify the colour afterwards). If you look at the 'behind the scenes' view of Wish You Were Here below, you will see that is it just a matter of deciding how little I can get away with building to fill the photo frame when I come to take the pictures. A bit like building a real film set, I suppose. Anyway, next one coming up... Number 9: Obscured By Clouds I was reminded of several quotes while trying to do this, one of which was from Samuel Johnson, about a dog walking on its hind legs. 'It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.' I made two mosaics and experimented with light and blurring as much as possible, both natural and artificial. There are, as before, many shades of this cover available and I am aiming at the more orange-y one. And here are the two mosaics in sharp focus;
  16. Really beautiful. It gives me a bittersweet feeling though, as someone who likes technology! It reminds me of reading Hot House by Brian Aldiss. A descent back into primitive life. Nice gekko and primitive carving. I wonder what minifigure head you used.
  17. Retro

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Battle of The Planets, right? Now there is a Lego set I would buy instantly.
  18. Thank you again. Your enthusiasm is keeping me going! Thanks! Hipgnosis came up with so many iconic images, didn't they? (I know they didn't do ever cover). Originally I didn't plan to do more than just The Division Bell, having briefly tinkered with both it and Animals years ago. that I am on a roll...well...I believe there are eight studio albums left. It depends how my stamina holds out. Next one is started. A man is on fire...
  19. Number 7: The Dark Side of The Moon I used a bit of a filter on this one to try and darken it. I read somewhere that fashionable people have stopped buying black dogs because it is difficult to photograph them well for Instagram. Same goes for black Lego! No trickery here (different source photo). No trickery here apart from flipping and copying. And two wider views.
  20. Well, I think he was wrong there. It's a great cover and it really suits the music which has an 'underwater' feeling. I suppose artists are never happy with the finished work. Nice. Is that a scene from The Wall film? I've never seen it!
  21. In case anyone ever reads this, and wonders what that green and brown 'thing' is meant to be, here are two images of the original Meddle album cover that I found, with varying colour quality. To do mine, I took my copy of the Mind Over Matter book and built a mosaic on top of the image (seen here beside it). Then I photographed the mosaic from a couple of metres away to blur the image and applied a turquoise filter using an app.
  22. Hi @Henk61 thanks for the encouragement and the tips! In the end I decided this would be the next one. I had to go quite far 'off piste' to achieve it. Number 6: Meddle