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  1. Fox Womb

    Two Dinghies

    I love this. I'm going to steal your idea, too.
  2. Fox Womb

    What are you listening to?
  3. Fox Womb

    [SR - FB1 Mar] Catfish

    I really like the way you've done the front of the ship, with the barrels and the railings and such. And how you did the back of the cabin to show the studs on the sides! The gun ports seem kind of low, but I don't know much about ships. My only real criticism is that the banister does not connect in enough places (though I could understand if it's an issue of not having enough parts -- I get that), and that the ratlines are not attached to anything. Also, I'd suggest a cheese-slope piece on the first baluster, that's a personal preference.
  4. Fox Womb

    Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    It has been six months since I had left my home land.... Well, I didn't leave so much as I was kicked out for making buildings and public works that weren't exactly "up to code". But they were safe, I assure you this! Okay, maybe a few of my "home improvements" were a little risky, but I really wanted a balcony... Anyway, with all the fines I was paying, I had no money to buy a proper wagon. Instead, I took an old dory from the dock, stuck some supports and wheels on it and made it my home. Isn't it great how everything in this world fits together perfectly? As I was getting ready to leave town, I realised that I'd need someone to drive and guard the wagon while I sleep. As if the gods had been listening to my thoughts, a man waved at me and yelled "SAY, MY WIFE KICKED ME OUT OF THE HOUSE. SAID I WAS TOO LOUD. CAN I RIDE WITH YOU FOR A WHILE?" Strange thing to say, and maybe he's a little too loud, but I'm not picky and I can always just sit on the other end of the cart when he speaks. And maybe the gods misunderstood what I wanted, because as we were leaving town, a slightly-drunk bar wench in golden underwear ran up to our cart. "Hey, you! I need a ride! Quick!" "Why?" I asked. "My poor horse is already struggling to pull two people." Then she said, "Oh, don't worry about it! I know someone who can get you a new horse. On me!" And she jumped onto the cart. Just as she said that, I saw a few Imperial Guards come around the corner. I had no time to kick her off the cart, as if the Guards saw me trying to leave town, they'd lock me up for sure for trying to avoid my court date. I had to leave quickly, or at least as quickly as my poor over-encumbered horse could trudge (which was, in fact, much quicker than those pudgy pastry-eating Imperial guards!). "What's your name?" I asked the girl. "Charlotte." She said. "HEY, WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ME MY NAME?" Said the man with the top hat. "Oh, um, I forgot." Really, I just didn't want him to talk. "THAT'S ALRIGHT! DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!" Three weeks into our journey, I started to wonder about that free horse I was promised. "Oh, the horse? Yeah, I thought you were going a different way, the guy that owes me a horse lives North of the town, not East." I nearly kicked her off the wagon, but lately she had been making herself useful whenever we needed to stop in small settlements for supplies. She certainly had way with salesmen. At some point in our journey, we passed by a very small colony of strange people. "Where are we?" I asked one of the men we passed. "Yar, ye' be in pirate territory!" He said loudly. "Well, we be See Rats, not real pirates. We say that ourselves." "Well, that's quite alright, we're all fugitives." I said. "HEY, I'M NOT A FUGITIVE." "Shut up, Greg." "MY NAME ISN'T GREG!" "The boy, he be yellin'! Tell him to stop, there be people sleepin' still!" Said the pirate -- erm, Sea Rat. "I'm sorry, he does that. Wait, why are there still people sleeping? It's late in the afternoon." "Arr, what do ye' not get about ye' bein' in pirate Sea Rat territory?" "I'm sorry. We don't know where we are. We're just running away from civilisation." "Yar har!" Exclaimed the man. "Arrn't we all? Since ye' clearly don't know where ye' be goin', let me show ye' around. Interestin' wagon ye' got 'ere!" He then began to climb into the wagon... "Wait!" I yelled. "If you're going to get on, you have to give us a horse up front. I can almost hear mine wheezing at the thought of you joining us." "Yar, I don't own a horse, but there be a small imperial camp up North from here. We can steal a few of those things from them! Yar-har!" "Listen, pal. It's been a long journey. If you couldn't tell by the size of the baseplate you're standing on and the lack of detail in your settlement, I'm about to run out of pieces to MOC all of our misadventures. Most of my good parts were spent on the first scene and on the last one. If you can get us a horse, do so. If not, then bugger off." "Hmm... I suppose ye' could just sleep with the stable owner." "Oh, oh! I'll go!" Said Charlotte, as she jumped off the wagon and ran towards the stable. "Yar! Where ye' goin'! I'm the stable owner! Yar-har! Ye' wouldn't think I'd just let my horses go like that, did ye'? I be comin' with ye'!" "I thought you said you didn't have a--- Nevermind..." About half an hour after the two disappeared, they returned. "Ye' wouldn't mind if I brought me boy with me, would ye'? He just likes to shoot at squirrels, he won't be doin' any harm. I'll even provide ye' with some firepower! What ye' say?" "Sure," I said. "Just hitch up your horses and we'll be on our way. Then, you can take us to the heart of your civilisation." Our journey continued as usual, but with more people. The Sea Rat, who's name turned out to actually be Greg, was driving our now four-horsed lorry. Once in a while, the boy (who's name is something like "Berry", but it might be something else) would fire a shot at a squirrel and scare our horses, but for the most part everything went smoothly. I mounted a barrel in the back for me to sit in as I needed some personal space, as well as a musket on a pintle mount for easy access. Once more, for good measure, we stumbled upon a man named "Arnold", working on a "B movie set", whatever that is. He gave us his last name, too, but I'm not even going to try to spell it. Following the tradition of everyone else we've encountered so far, he wanted to board our vessel. We'll skip the dialogue and all the low-brow references. Eventually, after much uneventfulness, we saw "Bastion" -- the heart of the Sea Rats civilisation -- on the horizon. Unfortunately, I am out of pieces to MOC "Bastion", but I'm sure everyone knows what it looks like! After we arrived, I got straight to work on building the one free small artisan building I'm allowed, which can have however many cannons mounted as I want, because Sea Rats kick megablocks. OOC:
  5. Fox Womb

    [COR - FB] Before we get married

    Elizabeth looks almost exactly like the figure I was planning on using as my sig fig. Grr ): I like how you decorated the house. Not over-cluttered, but it has everything you need.
  6. Fox Womb

    contest Braaiiinnss!!! Sci-Fi Contest

    I just disassembled my apocalypse truck last week
  7. Maybe I will do this. It fits my real-life budget a lot better. I'm also thinking about going Corrington. One, because all I have for soldiers are modern redcoats, and two, because I like the style of the redcoat faction.
  8. I just want to build forts. I don't have much interest in ship building. Which faction would be best for this?
  9. Fox Womb

    General MOC-Discussion, WIP-Help, and Teaser Thread

    I'm working on building a fort as well. Mine is a lot smaller, mind you. The interior is far from done, so I'm not making a new topic on it. Here's what it looks like right now... I'm trying to incorporate as many play features as possible, but so far all I have is the cannon mount I've already made a topic on, a rotating cannon on the roof, a gunner that can pivot, and a wall that can be destroyed. Suggestions are appreciated!
  10. Fox Womb

    Lego Road tiling design.

    Needs some manhole covers. Other than that, it's great.
  11. Fox Womb

    Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Is there any chance of there being a quest for new players soon?
  12. Fox Womb

    Captains Corner: Talk with Pirate Staff

    Hi. I know this is an old thread, but it's still in the index so I'll use it. I was wondering why there is no "General Pirate Discussion" topic. Or at least why it's not in the index if there is one. I think it would be great if there was a place to ask simple questions that aren't worth creating new topics for. For example, I wanted to ask why part 48003 isn't used more in Pirate MOCs, but I don't think it's a big enough question to warrant posting a new topic.
  13. I sort of agree, but I had trouble finding a hinge with enough clutch on the lower half to support the cannon when I tried to fire it. A lot of the time the cannon would just pull right off the mount. I needed it to be at least a little angled, otherwise it would have also looked odd. The hinge I used couldn't be depressed any more than it already is. When I order more parts I'll get some "4531" type hinges so they can be depressed properly.