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  1. [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    That looks so damned good! @ColletArrow, is there anything you came across during the build that might have dissuaded TLG to not go with this design? A step too difficult for (today's) kids to handle.
  2. Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    It's funny, I have been so obsessed about the nose on this MOC that I didn't realise how awesome the rest of the train is!!! Some great build techniques in there - especially the engine. Last night I was playing with the digital file to see if I could modify it enough to get a light at the front, but, it defeated me. Hey, @eric_son_of_joseph, I really think you should put this MOC up on Lego Ideas. I think the Santa Fe has built up enough fans over the years (and enough people missed out on buying it) that it could actually be the first train to get the required votes. Can't hurt to try...
  3. Santa Fe Super Chief MOC

    I recently built my own version of the Santa Fe (with two carriages) in bluish greys, largely based off the original design but with mods where I couldn't get the parts in those colours. I have to say that the nose on your version is markedly better than the original! Might have to try replicating the nose on mine before I put the stickers on. Well done Eric!!!
  4. Woah! That many nights in a hotel! You must be great with LDD then!!!
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    From the pictures I've seen the passenger train looks meh! The cargo train engine on the other hand - very slick! And I like the colour scheme of it as well. Will it be enough to make me buy either? Probably not.
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    Is it bad that I saw that accident on the news and the first thing I thought of was this thread on the forum?!
  7. This MOC is so cool I am going to suggest that you should upload it to Lego Ideas!
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    I've never really been a Harry Potter fan, but I could definitely see Lego doing another rendition of the train, more along the lines of the EN. I feel that trains are not a high priority for Lego these days (I am sure they look at the results of Lego Ideas and see how long it takes for the votes to accrue for a train-related MOC). Unless they introduced a theme that made trains a part of the core story, I can't see any trains being released any time soon.
  9. MOC: Victorian Railways AE Passenger Car

    What a peach!!! I am sure that I remember seeing these out and about when I was a child. Your attention to detail knows no bounds! Keep up the great work and fly the VicRail flag!
  10. I think the Emerald Night would be a great candidate as it is quiet old now for a PF-affiliated set and it seems that a lot of people missed out on it's original run (or only got back into Lego in the last few years). Another good reason to re-release it would be to update the build so it takes into account a lot of the "bugs" that have been found with it over the years. Much like they re-released that space shuttle set (10213 vs. 10231) to correct issues that were found with it after release.
  11. BR05-003

    Wow! I don't know what I like more - the train or your cat!!! I think I'll have to pick your cat because I am just too jealous of that perfect steam train! Keep up the great work!
  12. Love that ad! Wish they still made them like that.
  13. Lettering (fonts) for German locomotives

    Wow, those stickers look great! OK definitely getting a Dymo now that I have seen those beauties!
  14. Lettering (fonts) for German locomotives

    Thanks for all of that information. I am planning on getting the cheapest model I can find that will use the D1 cartridges. I have done some research and I have found one for under $80 Australian. One thing I was curious about is with the software. I am assuming that it will allow you to save out files so that you can re-use them later? I would hate to think that once you had done all that trial-and-error in getting the right font, size, position, etc. that you would lose it if you needed to print the same stickers again later on. Also, with that software, can you also print things other than fonts? i.e. graphics and logos.
  15. Lettering (fonts) for German locomotives

    This is a great thread! I had no idea how far the Dymo label markers had come. I thought you were just stuck with the generic, built-in font and that was that. Glad that they have finally caught up and allow for in-depth editing via a computer (on some models). Will be getting some quotes and making a purchase soon I think. Again, thanks for the heads up!