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    History, mainly Napoleonic Wars and American War of Independence. Movie junkie too


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  1. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] inspection of the new troops

    Thank you . The scabbard is from aliexpress like the epaulettes. The rest is original Lego. ;) Thank you. Maybe i will give him an other head Thank you for the link. I will definitively check it out ;)
  2. Captain George McIndoe is inspecting his new troops near Port Woodhouse before marching to Jameston.
  3. Thank you very much I have some more questions: 1. Is it allowed to build a House in a Town in Brethren of the Brick Seas which was not found by me and if yes is there something I have to pay attention to ? 3. Do Houses/Ships need to be licensed if i dont play with the basic economic system ? 4. How can i found a new town ? 5. Can I build Mocs about old wars Corrington fought or only new Wars ? 6. How far can a group of soldiers (for example: Regiment) move ? Sincerely MetallFanYT
  4. MetallFanYT

    [COR - Faction Flavours] The Hertzie tower

    This Build looks so nice! Especially the lights of the torches.
  5. MetallFanYT

    [MOC] Reichstag building - Berlin

    Wow! It looks so awesome
  6. It is my pleasure to introduce my character Captain George McIndoe. After joning the the Royal Armed Forces of Corrington he bought, with the money his dead grandfather left him, the Rank of a Lieutenant. His first command was in the the 20th Regiment of Foot "Corrington Highlanders" in the colonies. There he quickly got promoted and his father helped him getting Captain in HM Royal Corrington Marines. George McIndoe is the oldest Son of his father Captain Charles McIndoe who is 56 years old and his mother Sophia McIndoe. She is 50 years old. Like his father he joined the Royal Armed Forces of Corrington. He is 36 Years old has a wife named Samantha McIndoe. She is 34 Years old. Currently his father is Captain in the 92nd Regiment of Foot "McIndoe Highlanders" and he is Captain in HM Royal Corrington Marines. (I know that he and his father have the same Rank so see him as a talent) ;) You can find their Regiments here:
  7. Unit Name: 92nd Regiment of Foot "McIndoe Highlanders" Unit Type: Line Regiment Picture: Description: The 92nd Regiment of Foot is easily recognizable by their yellow or red epaulettes and their Bearskin hats or Tricorns. While sporting red uniforms, the 92nd Regiment is also wearing Kilts. Unit Name: 10th Regiment of Foot Unit Type: Line Regiment Picture: Description: The 10th Regiment of Foot is easily recognizable by their yellow epaulettes and their Plain Shakos. Unit Name: 20th Regiment of Foot "Corrington Highlanders" Unit Type: Light Regiment Picture: Description: The 20th Regiment of Foot is easily recognizable by their dark green epaulettes, their Kilts and black berets. Unit Name: HM Royal Corrington Marines Unit Type: Marines, Line Regiment Picture: (different versions of them) Description: HM Royal Corrington Marines are easily recognizable by their white epaulettes and their tricorns or round hats.
  8. 1. Can a Character theoretically buy a Rank up to Captain (in his Story; for example: His father died and he used the money he got to buy a rank in the army) ? 2. Is it possible to found a new town or something like that ? 3. Is it allowed to build Forts ? 4. Can i create a new Regiment in which my sigfig is serving (for example: 22 Regiment of foot) ? 5. Has a ship to be licensed even if the builder does not participate in the basic economic system ? 6. Would this story be allowed: "I have the honor to introduce you to Captain George Hewlett today.When he was 19 years old, his father died of natural causes.With the money he left him, he bought the rank of ("captain") at ("HM Royal Marines")." ... 7. Can my sigfig have a wife and childs ? I hope that aren´t to many questions.
  9. It looks really good!
  10. Is it still possible to join Corrington? Sincerely, MetallFanYT
  11. MetallFanYT

    [MOC] Frontier Scouts, 3rd Cavalry

    Your build looks really nice!