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  1. Very detailed vegetation, trees and exspecially houses And this grave is just an awesome idea! Also nice to see some goats in the background.
  2. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] The Charge of the light company

    Yeah the faces could be better. I'll try to make some better pictures. Thank you for your feedback 👍
  3. Captain George McIndoe leads the charge of a light company from the royal Corrington army. Video:
  4. MetallFanYT

    [GoC] Fisherman's Hut

    Nice colours!
  5. Corrington Highlanders Unit Name: 20th Regiment of Foot "Corrington Highlanders" Unit Type: Line Regiment Picture: Description: The 20th Regiment of Foot is easily recognizable by their dark green epaulettes, their Kilts and black berets. Video:
  6. Very cool moc. I especially like the colours and the amazing trees 👍
  7. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] Fire!

    Yeah it worked really well at your moc! Great build and figure placement btw. 👍 Thanks :)
  8. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] Fire!

    Thanks 🙂
  9. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] Fire!

    Fire! A cannon position on the top of a little hill.
  10. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] a long forgotten ambush

    Thank you all 😀
  11. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] a long forgotten ambush

    Thanks Thanks
  12. MetallFanYT

    [COR-FB] a long forgotten ambush

    Thank you.😀 Oleon infantry vs. royal Corrington marines. 😉
  13. a long forgotten ambush This moc features a small and long forgotten ambush between royal Corrington marines and Oleon infantry troops.