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Found 9 results

  1. With the Royal Navy heavily engaged with Lotus forces in the far east, Rear-admiral Fletcher has taken ship to Spudkirk. Here he will raise his flag in theheavy frigate the HMS Legion, and take command of a squadron designated to hunt down Lotii forces and defend Corlander and allied shipping.
  2. Chapter 1: New appointments "I believe now is the time - the diplomatic landscape is moving rapidly" Fletcher remarked with a firm nod. "But are we certain Montoya is up for the task?" "I can hardly say, sir. All I got was this hastily scribbled note, and though I am flush with joy of my friends resurfacing in good heath, I know nothing of Montoya's state of mind." Cooke answered. "I see. Perhaps it would be wise not to burden him too much, although his experience would come in handy..." Fletcher pondered for a moment. "There is the young mr. Barlow..." Cooke interjected. "Ah, indeed! I shall appoint him Junior Attaché and put him in charge of getting the expedition formed. I believe I will soon have some ships made available too!" "The Amiable is launched and outfitted, and ready for service." Fletcher nodded. "Ah, and here we have mr. Farley" who was waving at them. "I trust we are not running late?" "Not at all, sirs" the seemingly always confused young gentleman said and bit them into his mansion.
  3. Near the center of King's Harbour, a small admiralty office is located. In here, rear-admiral Fletcher is dictating official dispatches to a clerk after having read this season's reports from the fleet. "And next... To Lieutenant Lavendwood, HMS Intrepid" he says, waiting for the clerk to catch up on his notes. "Based on your recent efforts in bringing down the piratical fleets of the notorious Bluebeard, and your long time achievements in command of the King's Harbour gunboats, it is my pleasure and duty to promote you commander in her Majesty's Royal Navy effective 1st of January, 619 AE. In leiu of a suitable command (as none are currently available on this station), it is decided to rerate the HMS Intrepid to sloop of war. This may seem merely a formality, but until such a time that a suitable command becomes available, at least it will afford you the comfort of a sloop of war being allotted one additional lieutenant aboard to stand watches etc." After pausing to let the clerk catch up, he continues: "I give you joy of your promotion and shall keep you informed, should a suitable command become available." @Flavius Gratian "That will be all sir?" the clerk asks. "Not at all! Inform Captain Cooke to make all available warships ready for sail at a moments notice, should they be ordered to Mesabi Landing. And have extra contingents of marines prepare to board" "To teach those Oleanders a lesson, should they take matters into their own hands against the WTC!?" beams the clerk with a martial smile upon his face. Shooting lighting from under his bushy brows, Fletcher growls: "Have your wits about you, man! No, to take care of any piratical leanings on account of the WTC and set the settlements to rights, should they have no satisfactory explanation! WTC crews have endangered peace with Oleon and committed acts of piracy!" Sighing, the rear-admiral mumbles to himself: "At least Montoya has returned. It would seem his services might be very much needed shortly..." Flethcher's comments to the recent MRCA results. Good cop/bad cop in one and the same person! :)
  4. Things were returning to normal after the great ball that had turned King's Harbour upside down in preparation and anticipation of the event. The local commerce had benefited from the guests, although it had not brought the activity and investments in the settlement hoped by the Colonial Governor. However, with sir Michael Farley appointed colonial administrator to King's Harbour, Cooke now had more time on his hands to handle governor's business and his Royal Navy commitments. He had even found the time to retreat to his country residence just outside King's Harbour from time to time, enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside on beautiful Cocovia. Today, though, rear-admiral Fletcher had come to visit to discuss the newest developments in the colonies, the establishment of the Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery, and its grand expedition. "Mr. Epper II. showed his abilities in constructing the wagon way here on Cocovia, and he seems a competent fellow..." Cooke pondered "...but this new Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery and their 'grand expedition' is quite the undertaking. He will have every chance to prove his meddle... or to fail miserably..." "I know only little of the man, but I am assured he is competent. And he has some good seconds in that Clutchington fellow and Captain Blackwood." "Formerly of the Royal Marines, I believe?.." Cooke interjected. "Indeed - although there was some talk of... amourous missteps... I have never heard any reproof against his tactical skills." the rear-admiral said with something that was almost a chuckle. "But there are some rumours of extravagance and overspending. I am told that an initial Royal grant of 1000 dbs was deemed insufficient, and it was to be doubled...." "Doubled!" Cooke said raising a brow. "2000 dbs to outfit an expedition?" "Indeed - and it seems mr. Epper II. are lobbying for even more funds." Fletcher said. Cooke seemed somewhat shocked. "Imagine what the Royal Navy could do with an extra grant of 2000 dbs... That would be three brand new frigates with money to spare!" "And a possible end to many a pirate, yes." "I have a feeling the activities of the Society will be watched carefully by her Majesty and the ministry..." Cooke said. "And by every political opponent to the Society vying for funding..." Fletcher brooded. A house I build some while back but which was missing a story. Happily, the RSND came along for a little commentary by Cooke and Fletcher. :) C&C on my efforts towards a tuscan style country home for the Governor.
  5. Captain's log, 12th of June, 618 AE, Cocovia Today, I have been inspecting another part of the growing naval base. While the actual installations of today's tour, Quay no. 3, was relatively unimpressive, the vessels docked there were highly interesting. The quay is nothing but a place for vessels under refit to dock, awaiting masts, rigging, supplies, armament, or similar, but one cannot underestimate the importance of space. Ships that would otherwise occupy a critical element like a dry dock can now be placed out of the way, while minor tasks are being carried out. It was a busy day at the quay, where the Montoya Estate had just finished outfitting a new schooner, the Amethyst, to compensate for capacity lost by two of the Estate's vessels being held ransom by Oleon. I had the pleasure of inspecting the ETTC Minotaur, which had just gotten her masts in at the masting sheer, and was now undergoing preparations for her final outfit, dockyard workers over her. She is the largest vessel yet to be constructed at the King's Harbour shipyards, and will bring a whole new level of capacity to the ETTC. I had the pleasure of inspecting her together with industrial magnate Sir Dee ( @Captain Dee), who has a particular interest in ship building. This Terraman has a deep hold, five gunports a side for 18 pounders, and spacious cabins for guests and officers alike, and will certainly be a great asset to the ETTC. Fletcher later told me al'Sayeed was voicing some very troubling complaints about Corlander ships being detained under a threat of violence. This could risk leading to diplomatic incident, but at least the Montoya crews has been instructed to remain passive and make no attempts at escaping. Hopefully, this issue can be recolved peacefully - I have had high hopes for relations to Oleon. In many ways, they are more similar to us than the greenies and all their trade and profits... /Cooke _______________________ Another part of the KH port. C&C welcome. Both ships will be shown separately later. :)
  6. To all sea officers of the Royal Navy, In order to ensure discipline and order in the fleet, I hereby publish a new set of regulations for the officers of the Royal Navy. Please find it enclosed below. Regulations for the dress uniforms and insignia of rank of Royal Navy officers Dress uniforms Officers of the Royal Navy act as representatives of her Royal Majesty and is required to dress accordingly. Dress uniforms of the Royal Navy consists, as detailed in the drawing below, of the following: Black bi- or tricorne, with plume of suitable colour. Navy blue uniform jacket with brass buttons. May include details in gold/brass, white, or red. Red or white breeches Dress uniforms are required to be worn when acting in any official capacity on or off shore. Note: For practical tasks, some daily duties, exercise, or active warfare, personal judgement is advised and attire should be adjusted to the situation at hand. Insignia of Rank All officers of the Royal Navy must, at all times when in uniform, carry the proper insignia of rank. Regulations state that: Lieutenants and Commanders carry white epaulettes Post Captains and Commodores carry yellow epaulettes Flag officers (rear-admirals and upwards) carry golden epaulettes Warrant officers may carry epaulettes as befit their station, but cannot carry any of the colours above Signed Rear Admiral Fletcher Commander-in-Chief, Terra Novan Fleet OOC: So, I thought I'd make a little guide to navy uniforms. I'd like to see a little more uniformity in the way we dress our officers, but I am not going to crack down on anyone wishing to put on a personal touch. The most important part is the colour of the epaulettes.
  7. "You did WHAT?!?" Fletcher bellowed in his best quarterdeck voice, more suited to convey orders to the foretop of a 74 than for inter-office communication. Passers-by benefited from this due to an open window, but no one seemed inclined to mention it to the rear-admiral. The clerk to which the "question" was addressed hesitated for a moment, unsure if the question was rhetorical, prompting Fletcher to interject "Answer me, man!" "I... I... erhm... processed the WTC's application for a trade company charter..." he stuttered. "And then?" "...and then I sent it to Countess Mesabi of the WTC, and despatched a copy for the Royal Archives.... making it.... official... policy..." he answered, seeming to grow smaller and smaller under the gaze of the admiral. Those deep, commanding eyes under the thick bushy brows had subdued many a post-captain in his day, and a flimsy bureaucrat posed little challenge for them. "Should I... recall it? It will be complicated... and, erhm..." he continued. "Did you see the report from Mesabi Landing? It seems the WTC has managed to attract enough settlers to grow Mesabi Landing to a city." "Yes, yes, I know! Quite impressive, I must admit..." Fletcher said dismissively. "We shall do nothing about the charter. For now! But should they be caught plundering and looting again, I want that charter revoked faster than you can spell 'Corrington'. Am I making myself clear, mr. Grant?" "Yes sir, very much, sir." To himself he muttered "I sure hope you can spell..." _____________________________________________ A little build to acknowledge Mesabi Landing becoming a city and granting the WTC a charter. Will license it as a small cultural build. C&C welcome.
  8. "Young men of Corrington," Rear-Admiral Fletcher boomed in his best quarterdeck voice across the plaza in front of the naval academy in Arlinsport. "It is with great pride that today we hand you your epaulettes and title you Lieutenants of the Royal Navy" "From this day on you are appointed officers in the finest navy of the Brick Seas, and it falls to you to ensure the future of the Nation and to bring glory and honour to Her Majesty's Royal Navy." "Remember that neither a title nor a set of epaulettes makes a good officer. All of you have served as midshipmen on her Majesty's vessels and know better than most that the men respect professionalism, courage, and proficiency. These are the qualities you must demonstrate on the quarterdeck." Fletcher looked at the young men in turn, his usually rather stern face struggling to conceal his pride in these young men who would be the oaken wall protecting her Majesty's interests in the years to come. A build for Corrington to increase our ship limit. It will be licensed as a small educational in Arlinsport. I find I quite like building these little scenes. As always, C&C is appreciated.
  9. Since the beginning of the colonial era, Arlinsport has been the seat of command for the Royal Navy operations in Terra Nova. Located in an elegant palazzo near the port, this is where the famous Corlander convoys and pirate purges have been planned. About a year ago, rear-admiral Samuel Fletcher was appointed commander of the Terra Novan operations, and has since then been in charge of all Royal Army and Royal Navy resources in the colonies. With the great success of Corlander explorers and diplomats, his responsibilities have increased with the increasing territory, and it is starting to take its toll on the rear-admiral. Thus, he has been granted leave to appoint a Royal Army counterpart to take over command of the land forces, and news have just reached him that such a man has been found. Now only the paperwork needed to be finished. That wasn't the only paperwork to get done, though. Her Royal Majesty had just issued a decree establishing a new noble order: "The Order of the Compass Rose", including stipulations that two prominent Corlander's were to be knighted for services rendered to the Crown. Certainly, such an honour would be welcomed by any Corlander, and drive others further in pursuit of similar greatness. Fletcher gave a rare, inward smile - These would be pleasant news to present. _______________________________________________________________ Just a little build (small culture) for Arlinsport to introduce rear-admiral Samual Fletcher, my leadership character, who has ever only been seen as a signature so far. Also, stay tuned on the Corrington faction thread to see who is to be knighted!