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  1. Dean2113

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    I am currently facing the same issue, although I am attempting to build a larger ship more specifically a third rate, using the hinge plate and curved slope technique for the bow. I am facing difficulties when trying to reinforce the shape from the inside as there is only 1 point of contact between the curved slopes and and the hinge plates. Do you have any suggestions as to how to overcome this. See link for image. P.s I did not come up with this technique nor do I take credit for it.
  2. Dean2113

    [MOC] Redcoats Outpost

    Impressive, love the brick work
  3. Dean2113

    [MOC & Instructions] 6267 Lagoon Lock-Up Revisited

    Cool design, love the fine detail
  4. Wow, incredible size and design, how did you create the front end of the hull, I can't tell what element you used for the curve.
  5. Dean2113

    [MOC] Winter 1777 Revolutionary War

    impressive tree technique
  6. Dean2113

    [MOC] Ghost Ship "Reaper"

    impressive design! what technique did you use to create the hull shape?
  7. Dean2113

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I would be nice to see a road printed 48x48 baseplate to use for a potential runway
  8. Dean2113

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    Hi I am trying to build an 8 stud wide undercarriage with a motor does anyone have any suggestions to help me achieve this. Thanks
  9. Dean2113

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I think the style of build for the passenger plane set 7893 descent in size but was kinda ruined because of the big prefab parts
  10. Dean2113

    LEGO Photography Index

    Does a natural background have the same crisp clean affect as a backdrop, or does it look tacky
  11. Dean2113

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Any chance or news of a new city airport line being put forward?