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  1. Just stumbled on this video, this chap's a dead ringer for Jangbricks? Thoughts?
  2. Changbricks

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    I'm really holding out for a Raven fig...with Bumblebee and Cyborg, she'd fit perfectly alongside them, plus Titans is popular so would make sense from a marketing perspective -- I need to complete my Teen Titans lineup!
  3. Changbricks

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    It confuses me since Overwatch just had that Bastion Brick Challenge as a cross promotion with Lego, so it would seem odd to cancel it after just advertising the partnership recently...
  4. Changbricks

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    Haammmmmm girl! These figs are great! I'm personally hoping for the long-desired Raven figure so we can finally have a full set of Titans!
  5. Changbricks

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    Since we're pretty much guaranteed to get Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc. figs, hopefully this means we'll get some fun variants. Personally, I'd love to see a Black Suit Superman with the Sirius Black hair for his mullet (#MulletForSuperman) and maybe even a Batman Beyond as a Batman stand in. Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner would be great for Green Lantern and would love a 90s Aquaman with the hook hand!
  6. Changbricks

    LEGO Overwatch 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Hopefully we get the characters that we're missing...especially more healers like Ana, Lucio and Zenyatta, although I've got no clue how they'd do him. Symmetra, Mei and Zarya would also be great. What I'm really hoping for is that they rerelease Mercy in some way so that we can get a face print that isn't completely terrible!