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  1. fromthebeanbag

    Rainy Day Indoor Train Layout

    Was bored over the weekend so i setup the trains for some wet weather fun... ains
  2. fromthebeanbag

    Lego Train Fails..

    Yeah corner speed definitely an issue with the go pro not balanced and hanging off one side...
  3. fromthebeanbag

    Lego Train Fails..

    Lead weight from by scuba weight belt might do the trick! :)
  4. fromthebeanbag

    Lego Train Fails..

    Thanks! I feel your pain! Luckily most of the destruction on this track was minor.
  5. fromthebeanbag

    Lego Train Fails..

    Attempted to setup a massive indoor/outdoor lego trainset yesterday, and came off with alot of impressive crashes! Looks like i need some practice in setting gradients properly.. Perhaps next time i'll make the bridges out of lego too.. :)
  6. fromthebeanbag

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    Yes! This is definitely a problem..
  7. fromthebeanbag

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    Hmm, cutting looks like a good option. Also a whole lot cheaper than alternatives.. thanks
  8. fromthebeanbag

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    The R40 Curves are ok.. But was thinking more about the switch tracks (60238) with something from trixbrix that is more compact. As using two of the lego 60238 takes up alot of space to change between my two main lines. This layout is at home.. But i'm tempted to setup one at work.. It would defiantly make the day more interesting. I'll dig up a pic or two of the layout.. Just need to find somewhere to host my images.
  9. fromthebeanbag

    Building a Home Office Lego Trainset

    I've just started building my first home office lego trainset. At the moment, it's just the basic track layout in the lego room.. which ironically, the kids think was built for them.. So wrong they are... :) What are peoples thoughts on using 3rd party track to get access to tighter curves and compact points.. Instead of the space wasting ones that come from lego?? Anyway, below is a quick video of the 60097 in action around the layout..
  10. Hi All, Long time collecter, first time poster from Geelong Australia. I've recently begun collecting Lego again as an AFOL (with my kids as the excuse!).. At the moment i'm mad about Lego City Trains, and started the collection with 60197 and 60198. Hoping that lego will bring out some new models soon. I've also setup a new track at home in the dedicated lego room.. And sometimes I even let the kids play too. I'm currently collecting track, so i can build an outdoor layout. Anyway, below is a vid of my 60197 taking it's first spin on the home layout. Cheers Dave.