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  1. Henry Bricklider

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Sorry, I was trying to catch up with the thread and saw the quoted comment first.
  2. Henry Bricklider

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I dunno, I quite like the Snape minifigure included in the potions book. I also think the interior designs for the potions class can be easily used for a decent potions class MOC. I am a little late to the party in sharing my thoughts about on the new anniversary wave. I made a YT video a few days ago, but my opinion has slightly changed on them since. I think this is a pretty good wave, mostly because of how well I think the designers replicated and modernized the look and feel of the 2001 sets. This new wave has a real charm to it, which is why I think it might be my favorite line of Hogwarts buildings so far. Granted, these sets look significantly better from the inside. The exterior I'll admit is really weak. If I end up getting these sets (I probably will), I'll end up displaying the interiors. The strongest set of the Hogwarts builds is the Chamber of Secrets. I really like the interiors (the Chamber of Secrets' look doesn't bother me too much), and I'm really excited to play around with the new modular system. The next best Hogwarts set for me is the bathroom. I dig the look. The minifigure selection in terms of parts for Slytherin students is really nice, and I like the overall look of the build. The flying lesson set is good from the outside. I really don't have much to say on it. The Fluffy Encounter is pretty weak. The build for Fluffy is pretty blocky and gross, and the exposed Mixel joint pieces are bad. The designers probably could have hidden them. I'll still probably get it to fill out the castle and again, experiment with the modular system. Hogsmeade didn't really impress me at first, but it has grown on me. This might be my go-to Christmas LEGO set to display. I like the minifigures, and I already am thinking about what other figures that already exist can go there (the CMF Ron and Hermione immediately came to mind). I don't care for the buildable Harry and Hermione. I am curious to how the cloak piece Harry has can be used for CCBS/Bionicle MOCs, though. The chess set is whatever. Fawkes looks pretty good, but I'll more than likely pass on that set, too.
  3. Henry Bricklider

    Do you buy old sets

    I don't really buy old sets. Old parts and minifigure pieces (especially from the 90s/00s), absolutely (old brickfilms make me nostalgic for that stuff). But, the build quality of many old sets, and the content is never worth the massive price tag. If there was an old set I absolutely wanted, I'd probably just make an upscaled MOC of it at some point.
  4. Henry Bricklider

    Sets that beat or didn’t live up to your expectations

    Better than expected: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Destiny's Bounty. This set was one I was really impressed with based on promotional images, and after four years, it has become probably my favorite set of all time. Didn't live up to expectations: 75244 Tantive IV. The Tantive IV is one of my favorite Star Wars ships and I was eagerly following the news leading up to the sets release, and... it's alright. The Captain Antilles is easily one of my favorite Star Wars minifigures (that and the Rebel Fleet Troopers). The overall build looks pretty good, but there's something off about it, and after two years I still can't put my finger on it.
  5. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    I thought the goats were rather fitting, too. Hopefully there will be a new and even better goat piece released later down the line. Texturing the ground floor was tough. I had a go at a previous castle build where I stacked 1x1 studs in light bluish grey, dark bluish grey, and brown on top of each other in a rather random order. While I sort of liked the texture there, it was way too parts intensive and didn't look great used in excess. With the ground floor here I had no real plan for the texture and simply stacked bricks and would check to see if it looked good the chimney (which isn't visible in this image) is the weakest element of the ground floor as I think it is too smooth and grey. I'm glad you like the black panels! I initially wanted to make the walls yellow with black panels (like the wall piece in 6074) but it did not gel well at all. I think the white and black looks a bit better than reddish brown and white.
  6. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    I don't know, maybe. I might build some sort of square for them at some point, that idea has come to mind before.
  7. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    I have no idea what I'm going to do for the roof yet... I'm quite fond of the way the Medieval Blacksmith does the roof. The Lady Knight joined my "Dragon Knights" village military. Thanks! Maybe I shouldn't have posted the goats, my intention wasn't really to flex them.
  8. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    My intention was just exterior and landscaping. The inside of both the ground and second floors are kind of messy, as there are a lot of headlight bricks that don't gel in terms of color. I may do an interior for the second floor as that isn't as bad in terms of out of place colored bricks.
  9. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    Thanks! Haha, yeah I'm very fortunate to own those goats.
  10. Henry Bricklider

    Black Falcon Outpost (WIP)

    After building 21325 I had a newfound surge of inspiration to begin a new Castle MOC. I started this a few weeks ago and I'm glad to say I have made significant progress on it. Here we have the Black Falcon outpost. It's a simple building for soldiers to lodge in. Ideally, there will be a larger landscape surrounding the building.
  11. Henry Bricklider

    Future Castle Sets?

    I dunno, I kind of like the sound of getting more of the Black Falcon soldiers from the Ideas set in other places. Personally, their my favorite faction and I'd like to slowly build a small army of them, but I can understand the want for updates to other factions. I'd like to see the original Wolfpack get some sort of update in the same vein as the Black Falcons.
  12. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    I appreciate the Nexo Knights love. I think you might be on to something with modifying castle sets to be more in line with the general aesthetic of Nexo Knights.
  13. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO IDEAS - The Medieval Blacksmith

    This looks like a pretty good build. My favorite aspect of it is the roof. The shields in various colors of blue make a really cool texture and makes the building pop. It's a tad disappointing how scaled down the building is, but I hope that means it will be a relatively affordable set.
  14. Henry Bricklider

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Here are the figures I'd like to see. I assume I can get really outlandish and unrealistic with this list. Luke Skywalker (Yavin Celebration) Anakin Skywalker (CW 2003 Vol. 2 with the tattoos) Rebel Friend Blue Arc Trooper (CW 2003) Captain Fordo (CW 2003) General Kenobi (CW 2003) Mara Jade Luke Skywalker (Shadows of the Empire) Leia (Boushh)
  15. Henry Bricklider

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ooh, I hadn't really thought of that. That'd be cool if that's the case.