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  1. Henry Bricklider

    [MOC] Midi-scale Naboo and Mandalorian N-1 Starfighters

    Both of these builds look great! This midi-scale feels far more appropriate for smaller scale ships like the N-1 than many of the official releases; I don't think I was aware of how nice this scale was prior to seeing these builds. It makes me want to build some ships with this scaling in mind.
  2. Henry Bricklider

    10305 Lion Knights' Castle 90th anniversary set

    Maybe unrelated to the current discussion in the thread, but, as much as I like 10305, I think I prefer Galaxy Explorer if we're looking at it as solely a remake/homage to classic System. I was really surprised by how pretty Galaxy Explorer was with regards to its really innovative build techniques which served to redesign a very iconic set and it is now my most anticipated set right now. With the Lion Knights' Castle - I find that, as nice as it is - I'm less impressed with it because it's not directly pulling from any one castle of the 80s/90s. In all honestly, it just looks like a very nice castle MOC that doesn't do anything really exciting. On the other hand, there have been many direct remake MOCs of old System castles that are really impressive and I kind of wish that the designer(s) had maybe targeted one set specifically to reimagine.
  3. Henry Bricklider

    Lego Knight eating a Banana

    Goodness gracious... A.I. generated images like these (and by extension music) is bizarre, but I dig it.
  4. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow, yeah. Man that's really encouraging. I would trade all of the sets so far revealed for 2022 for an FF7R set.
  5. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO Videogame Tie-Ins - Rumors & Discussion

    It is probably very unlikely, but I would love just one 18+ set based on Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Seeing the new Tallneck for some reason makes me think it'd be a bit more plausible. Given the only set from this line - sans Overwatch 2 - is a PlayStation title, I can see a set from FF7:R happening, maybe with the release of the second part of Remake in however many years it takes to come out. A coworker and I once spent a good hour talking about what a nice $150 Seventh Heaven could be like. I know it's not likely, but man I am going to hope it happens through this theme.
  6. Henry Bricklider

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The $10 mechs applied to DC came to my mind recently as well. It's a shame it's not happening because those mechs are kind of the gateway to new versions of Marvel characters for future sets (see the new Wolverine mech) which would be much appreciated in the DC line.
  7. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO City Undercover

    The website is called BrickLink. eBay may also have some listings for the different versions of Chase McCain.
  8. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO City Undercover

    Thanks! The figures are pretty easy to get ahold of. I suppose you could play through them in one particular order, and then do a replay of the story missions again in a different order.
  9. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO City Undercover

    I do! Here it is: Chase's default look in the Wii U version of the game is great! In the 2017 remaster they changed his appearance, and the Wii U default look can only be acquired through the character customizer. LEGO Worlds is alright. I think it works best with its online component (something I just do not have/do). Skywalker Saga certainly looks promising. I'm interested to see how close they stick to the LEGO game formula or if they do a bunch of really crazy, new things with it.
  10. Henry Bricklider

    LEGO City Undercover

    It's really nice to see someone discovering this game now. I finished the story mode a few months ago and it's arguably my favorite LEGO Game. Chase McCain is easily my favorite LEGO mascot of the 2010s (so much so I made a video about him...). It's one of my go-to games to play if I just want to chill and listen to a podcast. It's unfortunate that after the 2017 remaster, this game and Chase McCain has been seemingly swept under the proverbial rug by The LEGO Group.
  11. Henry Bricklider

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Maybe I'll just bank on that happening I think I prefer the 2014 Batman figure to the D2C Tumbler one, and I'll take either Joker.
  12. Henry Bricklider

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    The D2C Tumbler is pretty cool. I'm going to pass on it due to cost and space. I will try and get the Batman and Joker figures depending on their BrickLink prices. I will say, I wish that Batman had a different face print, as I don't particularly like the 2012 face print. The 2014 TDK Batman had a nice print that looked closer to Christian Bale under the mask (as close as a Batman figure can get to looking like the actor with the mask on). I might stomach the cost and purchase that older head for the new figure. I'm absolutely going to get the minifigure scale Tumbler. Looks great, and the cost isn't terrible, and both figures are really nice.
  13. Henry Bricklider

    Updating Your Minifigs

    That's a great idea! Thank you so much!
  14. Henry Bricklider

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Here are some figures I have updated (I wouldn't classify the Anakin as an update, I suppose). Dooku: I gave Dooku the 9494 Anakin legs Ventress: I recently acquired the 2003 CW Ventress, sans the lightsabers, and gave her the black dress piece from Harry Potter. Anakin Skywalker (2003): This figure is my solution to not owning an official AoT Anakin (I don't particularly like the official figure anyway). I dig him, and he's one of my favorite prequel-trilogy figures I own. Quinlan Vos: He now uses Lobo's hairpiece. Greef Karga: I just acquired this figure from a friend and really dig him. Only updates are the silver blaster pistol and Reaper's (Overwatch) cape.
  15. Hello everyone, I recently finished a video project I've been working on an off again on for a few months. This is an analysis of every physical release of Chase McCain.