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Found 10 results

  1. For most of her life, M'Usa Qi'run had worked at the small stable near the marketplace in Mophet. As a child, she used to help her father care for the horses and after he had passed she took it upon herself to carry on running it. Her temper was known throughout the Siccus badlands, an attitude forged by the conditions of her environment. Although she did have a soft spot for the horses under her care, her husband Hi'san was often the recipient of some less than caring words... With Mophet growing, the business had gotten more and more intense. Merchants and travellers often used the stables as they passed through, for a small fee of course. M'usa had even started letting out a bed in the room next to the stable, as accomodations were still a bit hard to find in Mophet (for an additional, not so small, fee...). With the income, the couple had recently taken on a stable boy who was primarily in charge of cleaning up after the horses...a less than glamorous job in the scorching temperatures... Hi'san the horse tamer going about his everyday work. The stable boy swetting in the foreground... Al-aqlu, a stonecutter who moved the Mophet after the war, is transporting materials to one of the many building sites in the area. So this is my second build for the Kaliphlin at Work. Figured (while also reading through HSS, haha!) a stable would be a fun addition to Mophet. Pretty happy with the overall look of it. Wanted it to be "more than just a stable", so I decided to put a small living-area adjacent to the area where the horses are kept. As I wanted to show this as a part of the more central parts of Mophet, rather than on the outskirts , I chose to go with a smaller buildning and make it a little closed off with the somewhat low walls surrounding it. Hope you like it, feel free to comment as always.
  2. The training camp has been expanded again, for the governor decided the horse training would be moved here as well. The horses will be trained to overcome their fears, like dogs, and knights can come to practice here with their lances .. and here is the complete assembly of the Ginnon Valley training camps: I built the tower first, and some people thought the rocks were a bit bare, and some vegetation would be nice. Then the idea rose to create an archery range next to the tower, which could 'connect' to the rock where the tower was built on. I tried some tree design there as well, though I am not too happy with it (stability is too bad, alas) I found some tan bricks as well, and came with the idea to make straw bales to catch arrows gone wild. Then lastly I added the horsegrounds, for I was playing with a horse when I came up with the dog-scaring-the-horse-scene, which I quite liked. The idea of the tan sand is that its trampled all the time, which serves as an excuse not to add texture, as i do not own much tan except for the tan being in a WiP right now:O Main reason to build this was to get started on the tower phase 2, for which I can now make a big build (if I would put the big build as phase one, I couldnt surpass myself anymore xD) The stable was a bit rushed, but I wanted to finish it before the weekend because I would be gone for a while, and now I can immediatly start on my new project :)
  3. MrBrick&BoB

    The Schirrmeisterei

    Hey everyone, here comes the next part of the garrison of Dunholm ( CHRONO-Project ). It is: Die Schirrmeisterei A cavalry support station at the garrison. The horses can be satteled here with all the equipment the soldiers need. Have a look: Learn more on: THE BRICK TIME and our Flickr Gallery Bye BoB
  4. As in any large city, there is a great deal of coming and going in Burrium Aqua. Many merchants and travelers exchange their tired horses to a new or want to know its estimated horse well cared for. For this purpose, the friends Bill Stallion and Ulf caudate have teamed up and opened the best livery stable in town.
  5. [Note: This follows on from the previous entry: A Shipment Goes Missing. This one's long too, but hopefully worth reading. Thanks!] In a valley at the foot of the PIkesteel Mountain, a river from the north finally exhausts itself in a small stream, and a pond. Around this stream the tiny village of Raven's Eye has grown up over the years, the inhabitants descended from Guild and Clan travelers alike. Raven's Eye doesn't see much trade... or rather, it sees it go by, to the east and the north. Travelers between the guild lands of the Bay of Storms, the dwarves at Pikesteel, and the Great Elk clan rarely need to stop in. And yet, the village is the perfect place if one needs to keep an eye on those travelers. Raven's Eye is a sleepy town, where a man can fish to his heart's content in the quiet chilly waters outside the old church. The villagers believe that leaving a blossom of the Breath of Spring flower on the church's little table will bring fortune. If the fish have any way of improving their fortune, they haven't told anyone. The church is built in the old style, the architecture that was outmoded even before the Guildsmen arrived here. Common wisdom says the steep slope and points help shed the frequent snows that blanket the area. But the dragon motif above the doors tell the true story: a pointy roof is harder for big things to land on. Superstition? Perhaps. But the church remembers, even if the people have forgotten. Inside, the two archers speak with Olin the Smith, who has come to call this village his home, while he earns some money to continue his travels. They speak quietly in the dim glow of the stained glass, the fresh scent of the Breath of Spring mingling with old wood. "I don't understand what all this has to do with me... OR with Sigrd!" Olin said. He was still a little off-balance, since these two had come into his village demanding to speak to the smith. When they heard he had a horse, they were even more insistent. "We've told ye, friend," said the woman. "There's trouble brewin' round here, no mistake. That suspicious-type with the chest full o' gold was on no peaceful mission, ye can be sure. First, we hear of unrest in Pikesteel. The third cousin of the dwarven king, suddenly made chief of all the mining operations after the previous chief gets burned alive in an accident. In the Great Elk lands, the Chief's right-hand man killed in a fight with a minor lord - over what? Who knows? But there's something afoot, and restless folk are suddenly finding the nerve to act up. And now we find that fellow carting gold from the dwarves towards the clans. It's all too much to ignore!" "But I still don't understand. I'm just a simple smith, in a tiny village..." "A strategically important village, lad," broke in the man. "Raven's Eye overlooks the route between the dwarves and the clans. A well-armed light cavalry unit, or better, some horse archers... If they were based here they could put a stop to whoever is causing all this mischief!" "But we don't have stables for a cavalry unit! We don't even have any soldiers!" Olin protested. "Aye..." the woman said, indulgently. "But ye can make weapons... can ye not?" And with that, it was decided. Just like that, Olin was living his dream, serving as blacksmith to his very own army unit. He built a stable worthy of a horse archer unit, and Sigrd began to teach the men of the village how to properly fall off a horse. Soon, the village was humming with activity - well, comparatively... and Olin prepared to lead this new unit on exciting adventures in Mitgardia! A Bird's Eye View of Raven's Eye The church is at the pond, on the left. Olin's new military stables are on the higher ground, on the right, where Sigrd is showing an unfortunate new soldier what it's like to ride a cranky horse. A woman of the village (I couldn't get the beard and the hair to fit together) opens the gate to the stable grounds, while a local man tries to tempt one of the new horses with a vegetable.
  6. Alfadas

    AoM Stable Phase ll

    Hello, here I am again with another entry for the AoM challenge, this time it is the stable phase ll. So, here I am, far in the cold north. I need to build a stable here, said Alfadas, my lord. Nice. How am I going to build a stable with less then zero building materials. Luckily I found a not so old abandoned tower. I found a note inside that said that the persons who lived there went further to the North. Are they the ones Alfadas send to build him a tower here? Must be them, the note was written in a very familiar handwriting. Must be getting close to them. I need human contact. For weeks now I have been traveling in this snow landscape, with only a horse and very little food and water. Water isn't a problem, everywhere is snow. You melt it and you have water. Food is the biggest problem. But I lived till now, so I am happy. I demolished the tower, using the wood to build a shelter for the horse. At night I used to hear weird and scary noises, but a few days ago, that stopped. Wonder what made that sound and why it stopped. Well, that is my story till now, see you next time! That's it for now, hope you like it. To be continued...
  7. Here is my phase II Stables build for AoM. This was a fun quick build that let me try building some more viking-esque buildings, and try a pine tree design that I haven't used before (credit for which goes to Blake Baer). The stables has a full interior and all the doors work. Great wolves are common in the clan lands of Mitgardia and some have been captured and tamed. Great wolves are smaller than a horse, but are quite strong and almost as fast. A wolf stable is quite similar to a normal horse stable: There are some more pictures here: link Any comments/criticism welcome, phase III will be coming before long
  8. The clang of the smith's hammer does not ring out through the late winter afternoon. All is silent around Olin and his brave horse Sigrd, save for the blowing wind and the soft shhhhh-crunch of the anvil Olin drags behind him. "You might have carried this, Sigrd," he says reproachfully to his horse. Sigrd snorts eloquently, dismissing the notion. "You're right, of course," says the smith. "I was foolish to set up a shop so far from the road. Probably we are the only travelers who have ever stumbled on that patch of land! But don't fear!" He pauses to grunt and adjust his grip on the rope tied around his anvil. "We will soon find a village in need of a smith! I am sure that something good is just around the corner." But of course, all that's around the corner is more snow. Man and horse trudge on, dragging their anvil behind them, and pushing their hopes in front.
  9. Alfadas

    AoM - Stable Phase l

    Hello, here I am again with an other entry for Aom challenge. This time it is the phase l stable. So Alfadas, my lord, send me to the North. I heard he send a few other men in the same direction, didn't meet them. It is freezing here. My job was to get a horse there, make it a stable with whatever material I could find. So far I didn't find any useful material, so the stable is still to be build. I was going to set up my camp out of the wind, but then my tent was blown away. Guess I will have to sleep very close to the fire then. And that's it for now. Hope you like it!
  10. Everything may be better with ninjas, but I don't think this one is too happy about having to muck out the stable. Hope you like it. The sides are purposely left open, as the inspiration for this is a row of stables. Say 6 or so side by side, with the end ones having closed walls on their outer side. I think he missed a spot. More photos on flickr.