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  1. I apparently have a ton of background and rules reading to do, but I am in! So in. Just need to figure out time and some space to build in...
  2. DrColossus

    [GNAR] [WIP] The Eikmarr

    Thank you! I hope to get a pic up with sails soon. I'm not sure if I can elongate, as I don't have a matching middle hull piece so I'd have to brick-build it; however, I can knock out the first four studs of wood, and shift the edge back farther (maybe with some brown arches) so it gives the illusion of a longer body?
  3. DrColossus

    Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Actually, kind of! I think I saw someone do it with flippers (mentioned in this thread): http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=34961
  4. DrColossus

    Ettu's kayak in the Frozen Beyond

    Nice ice! Very organic-looking. The kayak design is clever as well!
  5. DrColossus

    [GNAR] The Aurora of Mitgardia

    This is great! I especially like how the sail colors shift over to look more dynamic and lifelike. Can you tell me how you attached the shields? I have a few on my current ship build but they stick out quite far from the hull and could certainly look better.
  6. DrColossus

    (free build) The beginning

    I really like the use of the telescope part for the staff! I might have to borrow that for my own magic-workers...
  7. DrColossus

    Ch II - Prologue - Dark Times - Drow Tunnels

    This is really nice! I'm a big fan of the cut-out tunnel view in the first shot. What are those swords the drow have?
  8. DrColossus

    [GNAR] [WIP] The Eikmarr

    The dwarf Kabbi, entering his fourth year serving as mate of the merchant marine cog Eikmarr, the Oak Mare, stood before the mast and swayed slightly. He looked through the bottom of his now-empty bottle, and waited for more shouts from the hold. He knew his Captain’s moods. "The world is mad today, Birla!" Olli, the ship's captain, jabbed his finger at the map while he shouted. The dwarf girl Birla looked on, impassive; rages did not frighten her. "We limp from one port to the next, everywhere from the Bay of Storms to Butcher's Bay, and we can't unload even a single cargo! Why, oh why, did I pick now to invest so heavily in Kaliphin silks? No one wants silks now!" He paced a few steps before yelling up to the helmsman "More easting, Vigfuss, more damned easting!" Vigfuss, the helmsman, leaned on the tiller and rubbed his chin with his free hand. He had taken the once-unthinkable step of shaving his beard a few weeks ago to impress a girl in Nocturnus. A deep and quiet voice came from the sterncastle above. Mr. Ash, he was called - and only ever Mr. Ash. "The merchants smell trouble, Captain," he said as he sighted thoughtfully down the shaft of an arrow. "When war comes, silks lose their worth. We will yet see days when basic bread will fetch a king's price." Birla's sister, the dwarven shield-maiden Birna, watched as Mr. Ash loosed an arrow and effortlessly brought down a crow 400 yards away. No one ever asked whether he was human, elven, or something else; and certainly no one asked if he had a name other than Ash. She sighted her crossbow at a gull, much nearer, but decided not to shoot. The harsh light of the late-winter sea made her long for Pikesteel and the comforts of her family's hall. The ship plowed on, searching for a friendly port amidst greater signs of trouble and unrest. ------ This is very much a WIP! I've made a cog with a sort of exaggerated sterncastle, more to reflect the way they were drawn in illustrations than the way they looked. I haven't quite worked out a sail yet, but I've got a brickbuilt one coming along if I can figure out how to attach it. (2 large white wing pieces attached to a white space shuttle body piece). Would appreciate any input and thoughts as I bring it along to completion. I don't want to make it too ornate (it is primarily a working merchant vessel) but anything to make it look good would be gratefully accepted. Thanks!
  9. DrColossus

    AoM: Stable, Phase III - A Meeting in Raven's Eye

    Thanks very much! I understand about the pond, it's quite small. The sharply pointed roof I really enjoy, especially now that I've taken it into my head that the style originated ages back as a way to keep dragons from landing on one's house.
  10. DrColossus

    [GNAR] - The Sea Bull (WIP)

    I am guessing, but could definitely be wrong, that you can achieve that by not-quite pushing down all the plates at the bottom. It looks like there might be a little bit of space between each one, which multiplied over 2-3 plates could give you that nice tumblehome that makes a fighting ship look so good.
  11. DrColossus

    [GNAR] MNR Thorgills

    Creative sail construction! I agree with SK, a little more slope to the bow of the ship would make it look even more sleek. Great idea to design it as long and shallow, that really suits the purpose!
  12. DrColossus

    Dock Scene

    I like the roof a lot! As soon as I saw it I thought "Yeah, that's a good sea-side little shack."
  13. Hi everyone, If it's OK, I'd like to follow up on my earlier request for credits on my Meeting in Raven's Eye build. I have 1 out of 4 votes needed for each credit. Thank you!
  14. DrColossus

    AoM Tower Phase II

    I like it! A lot of visual interest packed into not a huge space. I also wondered about access to the top level, but don't let that keep you up at night or anything. :)
  15. DrColossus

    Friend or Foe?

    Oh this is great! It's all really well thought out, and the dragon looks sturdy but also very capable of flight. Nice job.