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Found 8 results

  1. Scarlet's Scar is a well known brother in Deep Gardens. Many travelersstops here, to rest here, or... release some pressure. The guard dont let you in, i certain cases. Like if you are drunk, or too young. But the guard dont have eyes everywhere... If you passes the guard, dont feel safe yet. You will find yourself quickly outside, if you do not stick to the rules. Inside, you can eat, drink, talk to the girls, watch the girls. And if you pay, you can touch them... The place is kept clean by the girlsoutside service. The place got a huge hall, where you can meet with the girls,an attic, with beds, and a cellar, witch is closed to the visitors. not because there is the food and drink storage, but there is a dark secret, under the building. I made this, to be a part, in the task4 historican settlements, as HOSPITALITY- LODGING. And there is more. A little story, about my sigfig and his loyal friends. If you are interested, check it out:
  2. It was the best of times. It was the worst of times… Spring had reached the Trifork, and the city was in had hardly seen better times. Having been spared the terrors of the Kaliphlin civil war (although battles had been fought only miles across the border); avoided the plague and the infestation of Drow that had plagued Avalonia; and seen no incursion of the strange bringers of winter rumoured to roam the north (although there had been a certain chill in the northern winds); the Trifork was prosperous as never before. However, there was no flurry of spirit, none of the exaltation and celebration one would expect during such an extended period of increasing wealth. No one was starving, to be sure, and businesses were growing, ever investing in new workshops, warehouses, or stores, but something was dampening the free flow of high spirits. Piazzza Municipiale, the center of the Trifork This something was no mystery to anyone in their right minds. While a traveller might take the Trifork for a wealthy city wholly inhabited by melancholic stoics, the locals, high and low, knew the source of this depression: The Trifork was at war, and its alliances seemed to be wavering. The Lord Mayor was away with the cavalry to the west, fighting an incursion of an unknown enemy, and his Second-in-command, Sir William Drake, had brought most of the Infantry south.(The Aestwäld Saga, part 8) It was not that the people felt unsafe, as the remaining forces would hold of anything but a full on assault, by way of the extensive fortifications of the City. But the people and their leaders were weary of war. Everyone, high and low, had a relative, friend, or colleague amongst the troops, and everyone had been reminded by the terrors of war, as the veterans had returned from the Kaliphlin campaigns, carrying their fallen brother. Everyone longed to see their loved ones return, longed to have their leader back. It was not that they disliked the rule of his wife. She was much respected, and she managed everything to the satisfaction of every honest man. It was simply a case of stability and ease-of-mind. There was a want of good news and of peace, of returning to everyday life. And to this came the alarming rumours of alliances falling apart, Avalonia about to collapse, Cedrica to be ruled by the damned bastard dog of Nocturnus, and creatures of winter bringing an ice age with them as they descended from the north. The City Hall, center of the Trifork civil administration Mariana knew all of these rumours, as she was asked about them by all she met on her daily rounds through the city. And while she could put some to ease, she knew far too well that others were horridly true. More than anyone else, she knew the situation. Only the negative stories seemed to be backed by firm evidence, while the good news seemed dreamy and inconclusive. Oh, how she longed for good news. Conclusive good news. Travellers from the north did talk of the Algus being beating back, and some said that Alric and Beorthan had won a victory in Drond's Feelds, but it was all very cloudy. The latest letter from her husband announced that he was to chase down the remaining enemies near the border, but it had been weeks without news. Another source of worries was diplomacy. Around the time of Beorthan's departure, several emissaries had been sent out to reaffirm relations to the Avalonian leadership, the High Council of Kaliphlin, as well as the resistance in Nocturnus. However, none but the last had so far yielded any reply. It was strange rumours that came from Shadowmere. They mentioned the death of one of the Trifork's most powerful allies, the half-vampire lord Vladivus. However, Tauro, who had been sent to there as emissary, had sent back a short note affirming the death, but also the reinstatementof Vladivus as Lord of Shadowmere. It did mention dark arts, but gave no true explanation. At least it was news. Neither the members of the Kaliphlin High Council, nor the Avalonian leadership had made any reply, and none of the emissaries had returned. Had the Trifork's Allies forsaken them? Were the messengers intercepted, or even killed on arrival? Had the Desert King tightened his grip on Kaliphlin? Did not the Avalonian High Lords condone of the Trifork's support of the High Council? It was little wonder that rumours thrived. Market and entertainers on the Piazza Yet through all this, life moved on, and the main square, the Piazza Municipale, of the Trifork was as ever bustling with life. On the square a Kaliphlinite theatrical troupe was giving performance, and several merchants were hawking their wares. Renovating the square This was not market day, and the current renovations of the tiling of the square did limit the space available for market stalls. These works would soon be over, and the square would once more be back to its own polished self and full of traders. The Trifork City Court Apart from the City Hall, the Piazza Municipiale contained some of the most prominent structures of the Trifork, including the City Court, which precided over both civilian and mercantile cases, and ensured fairness and justice for all residents and visitors of the Trifork. Placed on the border between Avalonia, Kaliphlin and the King's Lands of Cedrica, the Court mediated and judged many cases spanning the guilds, and was widely reputed for its fairness and wisdom in ruling. La Fontana de Aqua Another remarkable sight was the Fontana de Aqua, the main water supply of the Trifork. While water was in abundance from the lake, several fresh springs emerged near the Trifork, all to be let through intricate systems of piping to the many fountains found throughout the Trifork, most prominently the Fontana de Aqua. The water from these springs was much cleaner than that of the lake, and many attributed the good health of the Trifork citizens to the access of high quality water. The Trifork Textile Guild Headquarter(Left) and the Bank of the Three Rivers (Right) The more enterprising sides of the Trifork also found representation on the piazza. By many, the sand green headquarter of the Trifork Textile Guild was regarded as the most elegant building of the city. Designed by a famous Varlyrian architect, and the newest building of the square, its intricate facade has impressed many a merchant about to embark on business with the guild. The textile guild is one of the most influential organisations of the Trifork, and controls several manufacturies, warehouses, and shops thoughout the city, and although consisting of several independent businessmen, all major orders are handled through the guild headquarters. With the abundance of water from the lakes and rivers, the Trifork is the perfect place for textile production, and its position as a trade hub ensures access to colourful substances, exotic threads, and rare materials important for the production of exquisite textiles, as well as a large buyer base for its finished products. Colloqually known as the "River Bank" (to much mirth for some) the Bank of the Three Rivers is the main financial institution of the Trifork, protecting your savings, or lending you considerable sums for your next investment. While not particularly large, or well-known, it is one of the oldest institutions of the Trifork, to which it owes its prime location in the square, and a reputation for security and trustworthyness. The Old Moot The central square of the Trifork emerged in an age long past, just by the old oak where the first city moots were held. Although many has offered fortunes to purchase the plot for development, the citizens of the Trifork have never allowed this. It is widely regarded as the origins of the city, as where the first druids met to settle down, and short of murder or rape, damaging the tree or littering the area is one of the most serious crimes one can commit in the Trifork. In fact, no Mayor can be elected before swearing to protect the Old Moot. _______________________________________________________________________ This was my biggest build to date, and I am very happy with the outcome. (Although the pictures, taken in a necessary rush, would do with a proper background) It is meant to wrap up a lot of ongoing storylines, and hopefully propel them further, as well as developing the Trifork towards my plans for the city. Several of these buildings will be entered in task 4, and the Trifork Textile Guild is meant to be my entry into task 6, and something I will hopefully find the time to elaborate on in the future. I have long been absent from the Guilds, and I cannot say when I next have something to post, but I am still here! Beorthan's tales are not over. C&C is more than welcome.
  3. Kerntechniker

    HSS AQ Burrium Aqua

    Since the city has started to grow and the refugees have come food price has increased and to avoid getting hungry and to earn a coin or two many people have started a farming business in Burrium Aqua, like Ed van Porc. Many habitants have used theit land to grow pigs or chicken.
  4. As in any large city, there is a great deal of coming and going in Burrium Aqua. Many merchants and travelers exchange their tired horses to a new or want to know its estimated horse well cared for. For this purpose, the friends Bill Stallion and Ulf caudate have teamed up and opened the best livery stable in town.
  5. Kerntechniker

    HSS REQ - Laborer

    Due to the continuous expansion of the city's defenses, many craftsmen and workers have settled in this area. One of them is Master Yuna Marble who once came as a young apprentice in the city and made ​​his fortune as a stonecutter. Today he himself journeymen and apprentices and is a respected member of the urban community.
  6. Kerntechniker

    HSS REQ-Military Burrium Aqua

    The strong and important city Burrium Aqua has always been the most important city of Greater-Burrium. Therefore, the City Council has the defenses continued to expand as soon as money was available. This lead to the impressive main gatehouse the city has today.
  7. Kerntechniker

    HSS Craftsmen Burrium Aqua

    Master Pit and his journeyman Mike are always working on a new crossbow. "It is an noble weapon for noble men, like my grandfather always said!" That is the daily morning ritual Master Pit celebrates in his crossbow Workshop in Burrium Aqua. It is a far known workshop for the finest crossbows sold. Master Pit has learned his business from his father and his father from his father and so on. Actually his family has ever been in the crossbow business. In front of his workshop a target for fine tuning is placed and Mike is alwayd steaming a new shoulder stock for a new order, because every week a noble is coming and pledge for a new crossbow. C&C is welcome!
  8. Wedge09

    Eddy the Farmer's Barn

    Here we are with another MOC: Eddy the farmer's barn. You will remember Eddy the farmer from my previous MOC Eddy the farmer's field; I builded this MOC as a "commission" for a friend here on Eurobricks: he needed a barn for a project and asked for help, I replied and I builded this for him, he was quite happy about the result. The structure remained the same but all the minifig changes. It depicts the action going on in a typical day of work in one of the farm of Eddy: we can see people cleaning the barn and taking care of the horses, a boy feeding the poultry, Adam back from grazing the cows and Eddie wandering as usual through his possessions. This is a part of Task 4 - Historican Settlements in the category Agricolture - Livestock: Farm. I'd like to claim 1 credit for Agricolture and Zoology: raising livestock in the The University of Petraea's Doctorate of Historica Program. C&C are always welcome and I hope you Enjoy it!