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Found 18 results

  1. While the city of Falconstone keeps expanding, the training camp in the nearby Ginnon Valley is also under constant development. An archery range has been put up, from which archers and axe throwers can practice hurling their projectiles at targets placed before a wall of straw bales
  2. The training camp has been expanded again, for the governor decided the horse training would be moved here as well. The horses will be trained to overcome their fears, like dogs, and knights can come to practice here with their lances .. and here is the complete assembly of the Ginnon Valley training camps: I built the tower first, and some people thought the rocks were a bit bare, and some vegetation would be nice. Then the idea rose to create an archery range next to the tower, which could 'connect' to the rock where the tower was built on. I tried some tree design there as well, though I am not too happy with it (stability is too bad, alas) I found some tan bricks as well, and came with the idea to make straw bales to catch arrows gone wild. Then lastly I added the horsegrounds, for I was playing with a horse when I came up with the dog-scaring-the-horse-scene, which I quite liked. The idea of the tan sand is that its trampled all the time, which serves as an excuse not to add texture, as i do not own much tan except for the tan being in a WiP right now:O Main reason to build this was to get started on the tower phase 2, for which I can now make a big build (if I would put the big build as phase one, I couldnt surpass myself anymore xD) The stable was a bit rushed, but I wanted to finish it before the weekend because I would be gone for a while, and now I can immediatly start on my new project :)
  3. My 6th entry for the Colossal Castle Contest, this time in the Archery Tournament category. I enjoyed getting to use our sand green plates for the landscape. The annual horseback archery tournament in Avalonia is always a popular competition. Since Avalonian archery is generally more focused on long bow use, its usually a close contest between the four guilds.Spectator stands are placed around the range, while wooden stakes mark how close archers are allowed to get to targets. More pictures, here. Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions welcome
  4. LittleJohn

    Lír Teilien

    My second entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XIV, for the Medieval Archery Tournament category. It was quite fun building all the angles and curves in this build, as well as trying to capture the elegance of Elvish architecture. The elves are renowned for their skill with the bow, and often hold archery tournaments to maintain their mastery. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  5. Here's my build for the second Archery phase. I continued experimenting with cross braces, and took inspiration for the tower’s gables from Brickvader. As the spring weather causes the snow to thaw, archery drills continue at the range. You can see more pictures here. C&C welcome
  6. I had fun experimenting with the cross bracing below the platform, and trying to simulate hay bales around the targets Even in the snow, Mitgardian archers continue their practice. There are a few more pictures on brickbuilt. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome, I should be posting the second phase fairly soon
  7. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Kira

    Kira, a cyberpunk Mongolian warrioress, was originally based on torso and leg print on Ninjago minifig Nya. I made a concept art and then couple of months later built this MOC. More photos and talk here, if you mind. Thanks for watching.
  8. See the previous tales: Wyndor's Saga: Chapter 1 -What Has Past- Chapter 2 Part 10: A New Home Part 10.1:Blunted Edges Part 10.2: (You're Here!) Part 10.3: Enthusiastic Worker The archers had a barracks of their own where they housed their training gear. There was some room for archers to live there if needed, but it was a cramped place. Wyndor worked with what he had though and asked the city’s archers to shown him what they were capable of. They started by shooting with short bows at close targets. There wasn’t much else they could do in the archers’ barracks. The rest would have to be done in the archery fields outside the city walls. After they were done with the short bows Wyndor asked Chalin to teach the archers about knife throwing. “Sometimes you won’t always have time to get your bow strung and an arrow notched before your attacker is upon you” Chalin was saying. “It’s always good to have a backup method of defending yourself.” “That’s why I practice my swordsmanship” one of the archers piped up. “Swords are a good weapon to be familiar with, trust me, I know. But a sword also means you allow your attacker to get close to you. If you know how to throw a knife, you’ll keep your enemy from getting close enough to do you as much harmer as you can do to him” Chalin responded. Liam leaned over to Wyndor and said, “Your brother has great skill. Did he by chance learn from one of my brothers?” “You have brothers?” Wyndor asked. “I didn’t know that. However, I don’t think he’s run across any of them. He learned his skill out of necessity in the Kaliphlin fighting pits.” “Perhaps you should have taken a turn in them yourself. Maybe you could have learned a thing or two that even I couldn’t have taught you” Liam responded.
  9. Pandarion and his most trusted man where camping near the forrest border and one saw a deer Baracks phase I my sigfig (right) and one of his soldiers without figures Archery phase I one of the man sees a deer and goes hunting it with his bow without figures archery and baracks Phase I combined more pictures: brickshelf this was my archery and barracks Phase I for Age of Midgardia, tell if you liked it and please give tips how i could improve my builds
  10. In the valley south of Pikesteel, west of the Bay of Storms, a stream flows. If you follow the stream south, where it empties into a pleasant little pond, you'll find the tiny village of Raven's Eye, where Olin the Smith has recently come to dwell. Northeast of the village, there is a small bridge over the stream. Sometimes travelers take this route, walking over grass, stone, mud and snow between the dwarves of Pikesteel and the men of the Great Elk clan. Now, a man drags a cart through the mud, bound for Great Elk lands. He hates this place, Mitgardia. He hates the cold and the snow, and when the snow melts he hates the mud. He hates the cold streams that feed the land and the sour green apple trees that grow from it. And he hates traveling through it alone. Mitgardia is a hard, cold land. It's not place for a solitary traveler on a mission. Unfortunately for him... he is not alone. Two archers watch him pass, and talk quietly to each other from their concealment behind the tree. "What d'ya reckon's in the cart, mate?" asked the one with the crossbow. "Well, let's review the facts," said the other. "When he came out of Pikesteel, the cart was a lot heavier than when he went in. And now he's on the way to the clans. So let's say he picked up a whole lot of gold there, shall we?" "Oh, let's." "Now, we've seen others of his kind lately, haven't we?" "Oh, we have." "And where they go, trouble seems to follow, doesn't it?" "Oh, it does." "Well then. Let's see if we can't give him a little trouble in return. Shall we have some target practice, my friend?" "By all means!" And with that, the one with the crossbow stepped from her place of concealment and put a bolt straight through the man's helmet. He tumbled into the mud at the foot of the bridge. When they searched his belongings, they found quite a nice pile of gold indeed. More interesting, however, they found a letter written in the runes of the clans, addressed to a minor kinsman of the chief of all the Great Elk. They decided to go south to Raven's Eye, to see about improving the strength of Mitgardian forces in this valley. Notes: First time landscaping! I built it up from a frame underneath like that huge Medieval village tutorial suggested. The water is various trans-blue pieces on top of solid blue plates, except for the part where it drops down which is trans-clear cheese. I'm going to slightly re-work and expand on this to build out the village of Raven's Eye for another MoC, and then the Archery Phase II and III and Stable Phase III pieces. Then it will be on to the thrilling finale of this chapter of Olin's story! Also I'll probably claim some UoP credits, but I haven't figured out what, or how to do that yet. I'm having trouble getting the perfect photos of this, partly due to the angles and partly because my lighting hasn't been great lately even with the window wide open. There's some rockwork in the back-left that I haven't been able to show at all yet. I'm thinking of taking a higher-angle shot just to show the landscape, but I'll try that tomorrow.
  11. My Phase I for the archery category of Age of Mitgardia: Three Mitgardian army archers stop for a break and some quick practice. My University claims: Landscape Design - Snow and Ice Geography - Forests Flickr C&C always appreciated!
  12. So here goes the archery phase one entry A Mitgardian archer is hunter for dinner: a tasty and unsuspecting stag A closer look at the stag (inspired by Kai's micro horses) And for an overview pic here. I'd like to recieve UoP credits for: General Building: Forced Perspective Anthropology: Countryside Scene C&C are welcome
  13. Wymond took aim at the target. His winter was not as quiet as he had hoped. For while all of the painters who had disturbed him over the summer had returned home to Avalonia, the painter who had started Wymond's troubles had returned. His paintings of a Mitgardian warrior weren't selling as well in Avalonia because of all the paintings his fellow painters had done of the same subject. So he had journeyed far from his warm home to try and paint Wymond in situations that none of the other painters could rival. The arrow struck the target, causing some more snow to fall off the tree. He was glad the painter had tired of asking him to shoot icicles off the tree. "I've been thinking," the painter said. "I can take you down to the village as soon as I've gathered my arrows," Wymond said. "You must be cold." "That's very kind of you to stop your practice for my sake, but this hood has been doing wonders for me." The painter cinched up the hood tighter around his face. "I've realized what you need to do to get me a unique painting--start an archery school." Wymond was speechless for a few moments. For once he liked the sound of the painter's suggestion. All he had to do was train some people from the nearby village for a little while and then he would be free of the painter. What could possibly go wrong? Wymond takes aim while the painter waits to be struck by inspiration. How I got the snowbank to curve. The snowbank, I feel, could use some work, so I would appreciate suggestions for future snowbank building. It was a pain to get the "arrow" to stick in the target, especially since the tree well was hard to fish it out of when it fell in. This is probably my favorite of the shots I took. This used up almost all of my white bricks and tiles! So it'll have to be deconstructed before I can build anything else involving snow, but I'll hold off on that for a few days unless anyone wants me to take any more pictures. I'm quite pleased with how most of this turned out, especially since it was my first major use of SNOT. To the Avalonians viewing this: I invite you to suggest names for this elven Avalonian painter who has made life interesting for Wymond. I will choose the one I like most. ^^ I'd also like to claim the following University of Petraea credits: Landscape Design: Trees (first of three techniques) Landscape Design: Snow and ice
  14. IenjoyLego89

    AoM: Archery Phase 2

    I apologies for the grainy quality of the pics, it's not usually that bad Here's my take on Phase 2 of Archery One of the training methods employed by the rangers is the ability to track, if you can't track you can't become a ranger . One of their popular methods is to use captured feral orcs and release them into the forest, the two aspiring rangers must then track them down and bring them back alive. My sigfig Edward von Graystar is keeping watch over the training grounds and to report progress back to his Father Had this build sitting for awhile and finally had time to take pics. One of my favourite builds so far, but I don'k think I'll be making a base as long next time, too awkward to take pictures All C&C welcome May I move to Phase 3?
  15. Here I am again with my phase lll archery. I am really proud of the phase lll. And can a moderator or regulator change title to phase lll archery, and delete the phase ll? Phase lll: Enjoy! C&C are always welcome!
  16. Elon is taking his grandsons Elijah and Albion to the main city of the elves. To get there they've crossed the winter lakes. At the archery range Elon got Elven clan capes. Those capes grant him and his grandsons safe passage through the Elven territories. Putting targets on floes makes it a lot more difficult to hit the center. Especially when there's a lot of waves. . Elijah started sparring with an Elf which he drove into the water. Which made him very proud, because now he was able to tell everyone he defeated an Elf. Of course Albion was proud, but he knew the elf did let Elijah win. Elon getting the clan capes.
  17. A tricky shot As proof of skill and having no fear, targets gets replaced. Poor apple, or poor... .
  18. Alfadas

    AoM Phase ll archery

    About a week ago I uploaded phase ll and phase lll archery, but I found out I had to post 1 in a topic, and wait with phase lll till I got some nice and usefull tips. So, here is the Phase ll archery again, this time without the phase lll. Enjoy! Please give some tips, so that I can change and re-upload the Phase lll archery. Thanks!