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Found 11 results

  1. Ninja Bomb 1st Legofin2012, burlogh 2nd soccerkid6, Penkid11 3rd dr_spock Everything’s Better with Ninja 8x8 1st Kai NRG 2nd Kristel 3rd streifen 16x16 1st dr_spock 2nd Kristel 3rd Legofin2012 Ultimate Battle 8x8 1st Praiter Yed 2nd Penkid11 3rd Kai NRG 16x16 1st Aanchir 2nd Penkid11 3rd burlogh and Kai NRG Ninjafy your Avatar 1st Praiter Yed 2nd Oky and Kristel 3rd Ecclesiastes and mordatre 4th Artanis and Rook 5th KielDaMan and The Penguin So Ladies and Gents. If you have won a prize contest, please message me your preferred delivery address (and real name if you don't want parcels turning up with a web handle!) and which contest you won and placed in, that way I can get everything scrap of information into one PM from you! If you have won a tag as a prize in the contest post here in the thread which you would like and if all your tag spots are filled, which to replace it with. Everyone who placed in the contests get to choose a tag!
  2. Everything's better with ninja - even bathroom cleaning! Here you can (hopefully) see the details better; basket & newspaper, sink, towel, vent, trashcan, toilet, toilet paper, and a plunger. Closer view: Feedback is appreciated! (SK, I folowed your advice with the windows!) Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!
  3. Here's my entry to the Everything's Better with Ninja contest, in the 8x8 category. Why go to the barber when you can get your hair done Ninja-style! Hope you like it. More photos on flickr.
  4. My 16x16 vignette for Eurobricks Ninja Month: Ultimate Battle! When trying to think of what would make for an ultimate battle, I decided that it would have to have a lot of action. So I tried to incorporate a lot of characters. Originally I would have had all five Ninja doing Spinjitzu, but that would have made it difficult to fit an enemy who would have stood a chance into the vignette. Lloyd's single tornado ended up looking better than my composite tornado concept anyway. I worked very hard to balance the composition, as you can see in the top-down photo. I also recognize that having Lloyd using his elemental powers while the other four Ninja still have their Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu doesn't fit the official storyline, but I intended to capture an iconic vision of the characters much like the beautifully-illustrated key visuals that appear in the Ninjago instruction booklets.
  5. If you're a student who wants to spend more time on Lego and less studying for exams, we have a Ninja for you. Our Ninja will attend classes and take exams for you while you can spend your day on Eurobrick browsing all the beautiful MOCs. Our Ninja will also do your mundane task of homework, reading and term papers. Our prices are reasonable. Call 555-555-5555 for more information.
  6. Rattla and Slithraa have teamed up with a four armed stone samurai warrior to defeat the ninja once and for all! While Kai does his best to fend offt the ancient Samurai Warrior, he seems about to lose! Can Zane rush to the rescue in time or will the snakes keep him down? Not if Jay can help it! With the newer type of torso, it is no longer possible to stick two on top of each other with the top one centered - but I was able to find an older version for the Stone Warrior. And here's a better shot of the snakes: Feed back is appreciated!
  7. Cooking has never been easier with a team of ninja to back you up! Kai heats up a pizza, Zane prepares the turkey, Jay watches the dishes, Lloyd carries to the table, Sensei supervises, and Cole - well, he got the job of chasing the chicken out. . . While Zane shreads the green onions and other veggies, Jay gives all the dishes a through cleaning! Sensei Wu supervises while enjoying his favorite Ice Cream treat! Another picture here! Comments are welcome!
  8. I'm new to EB and this is my 2 and 3 contest, so here is my entry for the "Every things better with ninja" and "Ninja bomb" contest : piggy back by Legofin2012, on Flickr ninja pool by Legofin2012, on Flickr So please tell me what you think, and if you like it than please vote at the end of the contest!!!
  9. Everything may be better with ninjas, but I don't think this one is too happy about having to muck out the stable. Hope you like it. The sides are purposely left open, as the inspiration for this is a row of stables. Say 6 or so side by side, with the end ones having closed walls on their outer side. I think he missed a spot. More photos on flickr.
  10. The terrible snakes have stolen the Golden Shurikens of Ice, and only Zane can use his spinjitzu to retrieve them! But the Constrictai aren't about to give it up without a fight! Adn they have enshrined the weapon high atop their walls! Building a tornado took me quite a while, but I actually ended up likeing the design! C&C are welcome! Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!
  11. With EB down, I had plenty of time to finsh this up: Jay is spraypainting the fence, while Sensei stands close to spot any mistakes. . . Nya is churning butter, while a mouse prepares to enjoy a bit of cheese - but he might not be left in peace! Of course, the pigs aren't supposed to get in with the horses - but every once and a while, they escape even Zane's Falcon Eye. . . And naturally, Kai had to end up with the dirty job! Any feedback is apreciated! More pictures on my Flickr.