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    Lego castle, Vikings, the Roman minifigs from the collectible minifigures series, and other medieval themes, like LOTR and The Hobbit. Star Wars is cool too.


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  1. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Okay, got it. Torald fiddles a bit more till he feels the less familiar flask in which the Grand Tonic comes. Cheers!
  2. Alfadas

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    I may be slightly jealous at that orc army you've got there. Just wow. Armoured, non-armoured, all sorts of different helmets and weapons. Very nice.
  3. Alfadas

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    Avalonia is generally easier to build in. Just use loads of green and voila. The architecture is also more generic fantasy than for example Kaliphlin with deserts and middle eastern style buildings. I think that's a big reason for people to choose Avalonia. Not saying it's a bad thing, don't get me wrong.
  4. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Torald takes a breather. Good work everyone, just a few more ****faces and then onto the main course. He says with a big grin on his face. He fiddles around in his pockets for a bit, then finds what he is looking for. Aah here you are. Torald drinks a Grand Tonic, back row.
  5. Alfadas

    Challenge l - Rebuilding the defenses.

    Thanks! It's supposed to be hammer and chisel, but as I don't think there is an actual chisel I just used that thing.
  6. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Yeah. Forgot to edit that hehe. whoops. Yes, Torald attacks reinvigorating root F with a firebomb
  7. Alfadas

    Challenge l - Rebuilding the defenses.

    Thanks! The 1x1 round plates are supposed to be small rocks but indeed look quite weird. Wedge plates. Yes. Really need to get some of those. Thanks for reminding me :) The holes are supposed to be battle damage, but yeah I should have clarified more.
  8. My entry to the challenge. Bit rushed, as I forgot the challenge for the most part O well better next time
  9. Alfadas

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    And here is my entry.
  10. I want this tower done before winter comes! We are almost done with the stone foundations. Aah there is the last wagon with stone. Good. On schedule. Any word on the lumber? No? Still nothing? What am I paying these fools for... Time to rebuild. This was once a mighty watchtower, you could see to the Avalonian border on top of this tower. Once. It was due for renovation for quite some time now, and with the tower suffering some major damage the past months, we decided to replace all the woodwork entirely and repair most of the stonework. The floor inside was still pretty nice so we left that. Now the stonework was almost fully repaired. It was just waiting on the lumber. No word from them yet. Quite worrying in these times of peace. Wonder what happened to them. Link to album on Flickr. Just a quick build, nothing too spectacular. I kinda forgot this challenge was a thing so it was kinda rushed. Still came out okay. Hope you like it!
  11. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Seeing Waldorf die, Torald feels a bit of remorse. But knowing it wasn't the real Waldorf makes it a bit better. Torald strikes with the Trident at Heckz, front row.
  12. Alfadas

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Showing that much cleavage? Pretty daring for Lego. But the figure looks pretty nice
  13. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    whoops guess I was too quick
  14. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Didn't use a fire spell, I clearly stated I used my trident to poke Waldorf, then someone made a battle order with me shooting a fireball. I quoted that and said: no I used my trident, not a fireball. Lind quoted the part where I said that. So no, I didn't shoot a fireball, I poked waldorf, front row.
  15. Alfadas

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    That is pretty neat. I know this challenge isn't about landscaping, but I just have to say your landscaping is quite nice. Like the curves of the snow. Also the purple grass stalks are a nice detail. Figures are good looking too. Great work!