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  1. Ooooh what's that? A book? In the roots of an egg thingy? Interesting. Torald carefully picks up the book and examines it for any sort of clue what it might be about.
  2. Torald rumbles in his pockets, pulling out a Garnet. This should do the trick. He focuses on the gem in his hand, letting it's energy flow through him. He then mumbles some words, given to him by the gem. He looks at the earth, envisioning the earth moving out of the way.
  3. Hmm, yes. This looks more like bear sized or even bigger. And I too am trained in arcane stuffs, though not nearly at the level as Ezeran.
  4. The one we fought, was roughly man-sized. But I assume they can get much bigger.
  5. Torald shakes his head in disbelieve. No way. Another Nord? Wow. Torald gives the other Nord a big hug. Haldor. Hmm. Can't say I've heard of him. Torald then gets a bit silent. As I've been banished from my tribe, for some stupid reason, I'm not allowed to name them. Out of fear of retribution or something. The tribe herbalist had cast a curse on me. You probably know the deal. Speak their name, die a slow and horrible death. Even though our herbalist was a bit, how to say this, crazy in the head, I'm not testing it out. Anyway. That bar sounds lovely. It's been a while since I had a proper mead. Chose to sober up for this whole ordeal. And those, carnal delights, sound wonderful. When this is over, I will stop by, share some war stories. Faerie fricassee? Fancy name for fairies. Anyway, doesn't matter. Shame they died... By the way, do you know anything about an Oracle? We traced her steppes through the portal and then we stumbled upon you.
  6. Winged corpses? What? Torald whispers. What do we do? Who is that?
  7. You are right. Not from around here. I was once part of a tribe, in the far north. Pretty cold up there, which explains the lack of clothing I suppose. Torald gestures at his, admittedly, quite impressive muscles, which are out for everyone to see. You know, it's just so warm around here, even now, in the winter. But where are you from? You said it yourself, you haven't been in the Hall much, where have you been?
  8. Torald follows the others, keeping an eye out for anything out of order in this forest.
  9. It's a spooky forest, is all. Well, we could try to make sense out of these tracks scattered around everywhere. Maybe one set of these footprints belongs to the Oracle? Torald says, studying the tracks, hoping to get some sort of information out of it.
  10. feeling the temperature drop, Torald shivers. He looks behind him to see if the portal is still there or if they are stranded here.
  11. Torald readies his weapon, straightens his back and marches through the portal.
  12. A portal, interesting. Might as well use it, right?
  13. No one blames you, you couldn't have known that they would explode and burn us all. Torald mumbles something under his breath that sounds like stupid shrooms. stupid shrooms and their burning You can test them, just wait till I'm like a mile and a half away before you do. That doesn't look save at all.
  14. Well, now that the tunnel is collapsed, where do we go? Torald says, dusting himself off. Sküld, can you heal yourself?
  15. Sküld repeats. Torald repeats. Pls hit that thing, I don't want to die