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    Lego castle, Vikings, the Roman minifigs from the collectible minifigures series, and other medieval themes, like LOTR and The Hobbit. Star Wars is cool too.


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  1. Alfadas

    Post Your Castle Army Here!

    Not a moderator, but you shouldn't quote that many photo's, it clogs up the thread
  2. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Torald focuses on his Aquamarine and lets out a blast of water energy at the Red Hatchlings B again.
  3. Welcome to Mitgardia!
  4. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Got it! Torald focuses on his Aquamarine and lets out a blast of water energy at the Red Hatchlings B, back row.
  5. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Looking at the other Heroes, Torald asks: Where am I needed?
  6. Okay... Then what about I send some spies over to investigate? Just to get a better idea of that area?
  7. Welcome (back?)! Not entirely sure about the climate in midwest usa, but around the Winter Lakes in the South or near Vaholl seems like the place you want. It's in the south, so the climate is a bit more modest, summers are not too cold. On a different note, the Orcish Marches, is that like the name suggests? Just a swamp with tons of orcs? Might need to send an expedition there to thin their numbers if that's the case.
  8. Oooh nice. Not great at all at building a house of any sort so this will be a fun challenge. I assume there is no end date? except maybe the end of book lll?
  9. Welcome to Mitgardia! Hope you'll like it here. And speaking with a goat. You sure that's magic and not some weird mushrooms you found?
  10. Right, thanks :) Titles and profession: Rigr Alfadas Mandredson, Frost Berserker, Eagle Eyed Danger, Shadow Rider, Watchmen, Gatekeeper, Protector and Farmer from the North! Short Bio: Hailing from a small village near the Winter lakes in the south of Mitgardia, Alfadas grew up as the oldest son of the leader of said village. The village thrived in fishing (as they are close to the winter lakes) and the export of said fish to nearby towns. Alfadas didn't much feel like becoming the leader of a small boring village, so he took a couple of friends and together, with Alfadas as their captain, they traveled all across Mitgardia, aiding people and Mitgardia itself. Slowly coming to the conclusion he isn't invulnerable (mostly because he got one of his legs chopped off by a Cyclops) Alfadas grew up to become a more responsible person. When he gets tired of fighting, he will have a village to govern. Hometown: The Winter Lakes Parts: Hair, head, torso, cape (brown), sword, shield, legs (aren't official legs, they are regular green legs with a peg leg)
  11. Can't wait to get this chapter started! To see all those new MOCs, new challenges and to see where to story goes. Edit: I looked at my back story in Book ll and it's, gently put, garbage. Can I rewrite my back story for the same character? Still plan to use Alfadas Mandredson, but with a different story if that's allowed. For now this is my picture:
  12. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Almost there! Torald shouts as he releases another blast of wind energy. Torald repeats.
  13. Alfadas

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    yeah, those figures are amazing looking
  14. Alfadas

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    Torald uses the sapphire again to propel the ship forwards.