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Found 10 results

  1. Cecilie

    [MOC] Japanese garden

    I recently competed in a seed part challenge called Duel of Pirates on the french forum The seed part was a modified 1x2 plate with ladder in dark tan I had two ideas for the part that both fit in a Japanese setting, but in different scale, so I went with a bit of forced perspective on this one. Japanese garden by cecilihf, on Flickr
  2. BLueBLue

    [MOC] Island Shrine

    Island Shrine After multiple trips, there's only one place in Japan I went back to on every occasion I had: Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji temple in Kyoto. The garden, the colors, the view from the mountain side, and that lake. This place made me feel so remote and calm... This is my attempt to convey this. This MOC is only inspired by the view I remember, not aiming to be accurate at all and taking only a few details from other shrines elsewhere. Album Island Shrine on Flickr There are a few illegal connections here and there, but I don't care, I was aiming for the looks. For instance, I wanted the torii to have slightly angled pillars. As for the build, it all started with the candle stand and the bridge. I then built and rebuilt the island and shrine multiple times, before moving on to actually setting up the bridge and shore. Work in progress pictures can be found there: It's my very first MOC ever, it took a lot of time, trial and error, but I'm proud of the result and would gladly take some advice if you have some. I submitted it to the Summer Joust 2021, "asian setting" category, as it was still open for entries when I uploaded this to flickr yesterday. I hope you like it and thanks for looking!
  3. Hello, for the Asian category of the Summer Joust competition I made an Inari Shrine. An Inari shrine, located at the edge of the forest, the rice field are nearby as well as the local samurai. Let me know what You think and thanks for watching. I tried to include as much realistic details as possible, such as a correct torii design and foxes (associated with the shrine) to flank the entrance, here are some reference picture of a shrine, torii (red gate) and the city/castle gate:
  4. IMG_20200430_204832 I build this MOC long before the conclusion of the "Hunted"-Season from Ninjago and kinda imagined the Armor being propped up in an old shrine in the middle of rocky wastelands instead of just being placed in the center of a huge dragon`s nest. Oh well, at least it was a reason for me to use that neat raised baseplate from the Bionicles theme. IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204950 IMG_20200430_205035 More pictures can be found here Leave a comment if you like :D
  5. Hi all. This is my first post in this subforum. I'd like to share my first Ninjago themed MOC that I made late last year with you, a raid on a shrine (and defending it!). Overview Ninjago Shrine Raid 1 by Magma X, on Flickr Close up (of bad guys in action!) Ninjago Shrine Raid 2 by Magma X, on Flickr Alternative view Ninjago Shrine Raid 3 by Magma X, on Flickr (Larger versions available on Flickr). I have no idea what the plots of Ninjago are - I just used some of the figs I had acquired to make a little scene based on a variety of Asian inspired influences (like Ninjago itself really). I hadn't bought any Ninjago sets until a few years ago (the Temple of Airjitsu seduced me), and since then I've bought a few more sets - there have been a number of great sets released lately and I quite like the dragons and buildings. This MOC started from an attempt to build a roof using the "cheese" slopes - getting the centre roof section done took the longest part of the build! The rest of it flowed from there and it was an opportunity to use some of the exotic leaf colours I had acquired to see what they looked like in a MOC. This was built for the "Ninjago" monthly build theme for our LUG. Thanks for looking.
  6. soccerkid6

    Tribal Island

    More pictures can be found here. Thanks for looking
  7. Following the Bushido honor code, a disgraced Samurai is carrying out the Seppuku ritual. The Seppuku act consists of the Samurai warrior performing a ceremonial self-disembowelment in front of spectators. After the samurai is finished, he stretches out his neck for his kaishakunin (assistant) to decapitate him. The ritual is extremely violent. Blood is spilled all over the site of the act, even the white flowers have turned red...
  8. -Carson Haupt-

    Countryside Shrine

    Dotted across southwest Avalonia are stone shrines, built by the wandering orders in sites of beauty, need, or miracles. These shrines are ignored by the majority if Historicans traveling through, but in Burnby and a few other places, it isn't uncommon to see small offerings of flowers or gold laid on the statue bases. Due to their reputation as holy sites, many have small cemeteries nearby where the faithful can be buried. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I've had this built for quite awhile (as you can probably tell by the dust- oops), and just got around to taking pictures of it. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, even if it is rather simple. I'd also like to claim the fI'll owing credits: Roof rakes Countryside scene
  9. Bloodleaf shrine lies near the edges of the mighty forests of Avalonia, built in honour of a famous elf warrior who fell there centuries ago, fighting in the first drow wars. It is said that when his blood stained the heath, the undergrowth grew up and strangled his foes. The area is famed for the red heath that now grows around the shrine, which has been used by the priests and priestesses there to make their special incense, which they burn day and night in the shrine’s braziers. Researchers from Kaliphlin’s University of Petraea have long been interested in the healing properties of these and other herbs that grow around the area. Medical lecturer Dishan Rubati and her centaur research assistant were already deep in study there when the plague struck Avalonia. As refugees from the surrounding villages began to arrive, they used what they had learnt so far to start producing not only healing pastes and potions, but also disinfectant from the volatile plant oils. Previous chapter Next chapter Note: the above are revised photos after Z convinced me of the need to spruce up the staircase - thanks Z for the good suggestion! I made a few other tweaks here and there as well. The photo below is of the original version, for comparison. Anne and Edith, exhausted from fleeing Brevis, managed at last to find their way to the sanctuary. The shrine guards, whilst overwhelmed by the constant stream of refugees, do their best to offer what small comforts they can. While relieved to have found a safe place to rest and regather their strength, Anne still frets about her missing family and is keen to move on soon. Young Edith worries too, but is momentarily distracted by the tall elf who leads them to spare beds and offers them some food. "You don't see beauty like that in Brevis!" she muses to herself. Secretly she schemes to find a way to talk to him alone, but he seems preoccupied dealing with the current influx of people to the sanctuary. Dishan Rubati impatiently waits for Brix, her centaur research assistant; "Brix, how are those bindweed samples drying out? Also, do you have any more hedgehog pine needles, i need more for this batch of disinfectant!" Although Dr. Rubati is a hard taskmaster, Brix wouldn't be anywhere else - the work is fascinating and his botanical knowledge has increased markedly since coming to the shrine. Above the bustle of the ground floor, preistess Dryadelindas performs her daily offerings of fresh incense whilst the rangers keep watch. A bonus shot of the furniture from Dr. Rubati's laboratory on the ground floor - it was a bit cramped in there to see properly, so i thought i'd take a separate pic. The bench is set up with a custom press for extracting plant oils. As the plants are crushed, the oil seeps out of a hole in the base of the table and into the bucket below. Of course, it's a bit tall for Dr. Rubati to operate, so she has a step ladder to reach the crushing mechanism and lever. Safety first! ~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for looking everyone! Best of luck to all in the challenge! Ps: I am seeking UoP certification of the following credits for this build please: Architecture - 1x Roof technique Architecture - Advanced SNOT (for the circular 1st floor balcony) Landscape Design - 1x Tree Anthropology - Life in Avalonia
  10. Wonders of Historica: Nocturnus Shrine of Immortality Located far to the East, over the highest of peaks, past the deepest and darkest swamps in Nocturnus, placed in the middle of an oil lake, sitting on top one of the oldest shrines of Historica, rests the single key to immortality---Green flames; not burning to the touch but magical, rest in a bowl under a blood red Cyprus tree…any person from the lowliest peasants to highest of kings may come to drink the flames, and gain their immortality…but it is not a journey free of peril… Devious souls. People who at heart are evil; and even those who may in the future do such evil deeds will be punished when attempting to drink the flames. The shrine cannot risk opening Historica to an eternity of evil men…and so…any monstrous person at heart would be burned by the flames; engulfed in emerald fire; thrown from the shrine of immortality, and into their oily tomb…the Goblet Graveyard. Miles and miles; hundreds of thousands of goblets all rest above the oil lake, with their master’s charred hands still holding on to them…their corpses trapped forever, and their souls destroyed. Then why, do you ask, why is this deadly temptress here? Do so many evil men risk their lives for the chance to live forever? Why was it constructed in the first place—to lure devious men to their deaths? And why was it built in a place of such evil as Nocturnus? Perhaps it was done because those who built it knew…while there would always be millions of evil men who wanted to abuse that power; it would only take one good soul to share that power...forever. Nocturnus Wonder of Historica Enjoy? ~Nemo