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Found 8 results

  1. Some Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Marines explore new and uncharted lands in Stormhaven, Corrington. Their grueling hike through the mangrove forests is not without danger! An abandoned canoe... a floating tree trunk... oh no it's an alligator! --- Will not be licensed. Completing GoC task 1.2 Redcoats Rules! with this build. Property type: None Dimensions: 27 x 63 studs Total parts: ~2,100 Credits: - Royal Society of Navigation and Discovery Marines @LM71Blackbird - Mangrove tree technique: @ Widelego (Jonas Wide) (Instagram)
  2. ETTC Warehouse, Stormhaven In early 622, Major Brickford landed in Stormhaven after being blown off course in a storm while on his way to Spudkirk from Terraversa. While there he setup a headquarters for the ETTC (East Terran Trade Company) and left behind a few Sepoys that volunteered to set up the ETTC with a presence in the settlement. Warehouse 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Since that first landing, a company of ETTC Marines have been sent in to assist the setup process. Not far from the ETTC office, a warehouse has been procured for storing goods before they head inland. Warehouse 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ----------------------------------- My second entry for GOC task 12: Mangrove Madness. Building to be licensed as a small commerce by the ETTC. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! @Ayrlego @Bregir @evancelt @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  3. Delayed in Stormhaven After departing Terraversa, the HMS Queen hit a storm and was blown off of their southernly course to Quinnsville. Looking for a friendly port, the Captain of the ship opted to pull into to Stormhaven for supplies and repairs before heading to Quinnsville. While there, Major Brickford decided to stretch his legs on the lengthy docks connecting the many properties of Stormhaven. One thing led to another and before long Nathaniel had struck a deal on a vacant piece of property. Noticing the a lack of ETTC presence and the potential for sugarcane profits, the flag was hoisted and a few volunteer ETTC Sepoys agreed to stay and set up a base of operations. Mangrove building 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr While not nearly as large as some of the ETTC's HQ's around the Brick Seas, it would suffice for the time being until more focus could be dedicated to the settlement. Mangrove Building 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr However, no time could be wasted, the HMS Queen was repaired and on to Quinnsville! ------------------------------------- My first entry for GOC task 12: Mangrove Madness. Building to be licensed as a small commerce by the ETTC. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  4. Location: Stormhaven Type: MCRA Outcome / GOC Task (12-A) The Sea Rat Fleet was swift, firing into the wooden frame of Fort Coyle. In moments, it was ablaze, and the raiders upon the town. But that did not stop Stormhaven's brave defenders. Quickly, they readied arms, and rushed to the Town's defense. And by there brave actions, they managed to save* the town of Stormhaven FIN *some of Just a small build to count for reactivating the Fort in Stormhaven. I always like building for the settlement, and I'm mostly happy with how this one turned out. I don't plan to license it, as it as a MCRA build (unless the crown thinks it can / should be) The OOC is that it is a small barracks that the off duty soldiers were hanging out in before Stormhaven was attacked, and that they are rushing out to defend the settlement. If it were EGS it would be small residence, at 16x22. The Storefront is a simple 8x8. The biggest Issue I had was the roof, due to some parts limitations I have for my collection currently. I tried several different techniques, before just deciding to use slopes for the front of the build, and just not having any shots of the entire build. I would have liked to have had a full roof, but it would have sacrificed build quality, and I figured I'd rather have a simple solution that doesn't detract from the build, than a complicated one that does. I did use what my original plan for the roof was in the store front build, and it does look way better, but I just didn't have the pieces to make it for the entire build. I did consider doing an 'action build' of the Sea Rats fighting Corrington, but I ended up deciding to do a build of the fort being repaired... until I realized I couldn't match the style of Fort Coyle well enough, and a different build would be a better option. This went through a few iterations, first i had a scene of workers digging out the mangroves to build a foundation for a new fort, but it ended up basically just being 2 minifigs next to a dock. Then was a very mediocre watchtower build ( @Darnok can attest to) that looked like a pile of brown with a second pile of brown on it. I finally decided to do a cabin design as a barracks, and I think it's a solid build. The Storefront was to mostly round out the build, and hit the 20x20 (400) stud count. I realized very late building it that I was short. (22x16 is only 352) so I made a small build to round out the story, and meet the stud count. I think the only real change I would have made, is perhaps having it have a bigger interior. I used a technique that went well with some other builds (having a layer of white tiles inside of the build, so it has a more clean interior), but it did take away most of the space of the interior, to the point I couldn't fit more in than the box and the minifigs. I also was on the fence about mixing fleshy and yellows, but I didn't think it detracted from the build having both. Anyways, C&C appreciated. @Bregir @Ayrlego @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf please make sure you add your or as to this build. EDIT: So rereading the description of Stormhaven and reviewing more pictures, I can see how these builds don't fit the task as well, as they're not 'properly' suspended over mangroves. This was kinda clear more from the side angles, but having looked at it more, I'd say that it doesn't show it to a point as well was the other builds, and if that is the point of the task to a point of enough to disqualify these, I understand. (I do stand by it repairing the fort though! )
  5. Location: Stormhaven Type: Small Commercial Stormhaven was a small settlement, and for a long time goods had been brought directly in by Corrington. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr That had changed when the WTC set up a Waymart in the settlement, forcing the settlement's locals to buy from them. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr Today, a Nameren Businessman had arrived to do business with the WTC. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr "No, I don't want a #&$#ing loyalty card!" muttered a disgruntled Marine. "But it gets you discounts!" Said a WTC lackey who was loitering in the store. Stormhaven Waymart by North White, on Flickr The Marine stormed out, as the Businessman entered. Certainly, there was something to discuss.... FIN Thanks for viewing my build! I stole a technique from @Ayrlego for the siding, which I think turned out very nicely. I wish I could of done the design for the mangroves that the other builders in Stormhaven did, but alas I did not have the pieces. I hope they look alright. C&C appreciated!
  6. The log of Governor Aiden Coyle. 30th June 617: Vernon Cloggs, while in my employment, found two mining areas of potential north of Stormhaven; one, a stretch along the banks of the Marion River that he said was brimming with gold and the second inland, in a region of rocky hills and pits. Tutut calls the pits ts'onot. Erosion has washed away the loose sediment and soil leaving large bare walls of rock for my men to cut. I have begun my efforts there and set up a stone quarry as I find it imperative to build a stronger foundation for our little town of Stormhaven. Even with the rock bared from soil, it is hard labor, so I make sure the crews of former criminals are rotated between laboring and guarding. I do not have my soldiers guard them anymore but instead seek to instill in them a sense of self worth by giving them the freedom to escape. Each crew elects their own foreman who reports directly to me and I hope that by treating them with the respect and decency of fellow human beings as well as paying them ample wages for their labor, that they will in turn become law abiding citizens as their neighbors in Stormhaven. It is a precarious task as I must continually monitor the disposition of the crews so as to keep their spirits high so that they are not tempted to fall back into their old ways. In any event all goes well and my supply of stone increases with each passing day. END OF ENTRY
  7. After leaving Mooreton Bay on his voyage of discovery to the west, Major Dirk Allcock makes a brief stop in the Corlander settlement of Stormhaven. His visit is to pay his respects to the mayor, Jack Bain, satisfy his curiosity regarding the island (Serentia was his intended destination before he was asked to supervise the settlement of Alicentia) and visit one of his business investments, a medium artesian which was producing quality head wear for the discerning gentlemen. As you may well recall, Stormhaven is unique in that it is situated in a mangrove tidal flat and buildings are built on stilts and connected by boardwalks. A few months ago, Dirk was approached by a women named Martha Harris. Mrs Harris was a widow who wanted to settle in Stormhaven to be close to her son, who served their as a minor civil servant in the administration. She wished to buy a plot of land and set up a hattery to fund her self. Thus Dirk provided the capital, and now he is here to see his investment first hand. The widow Harris already has gained a formidable reputation, producing quality hats and even winning the contract to supply Corlander troops in the region with replacement tricornes. To keep up with the demand, she now has three ladies working for her. Here she can be seen greeting Dirk at the front door of her establishment. Licensed as a medium artesian in Stormhaven. Well, it's been a while in the making, but I finally have finished (sort off) my Stormhaven project (I had planned an interior, but didn't actually finish it - I ran out of tan bricks!). I had ordered the mangrove parts for the Stormhaven minichallenge, but they arrived slightly too late to submit anything. I've tried to match the style set by Mike S in his settlement - Hopefully this should blend in well! Also a smaller version of his and Gideon's mangroves. The slanted panel technique I found on Flickr here. Anyway I really like this build, I think it's probably one of my better ones! Hopefully you agree! C&C are always welcome!
  8. As you might remember, Akatu a member of the Berellian Ténotclaxcan tribe was recruited by Sir James to aid him in the establishment of a series of plantations in the new world. And this move, it turned out was rather prudent, for it took much longer than anyone could have anticipated to tame the dense forests of Serentia. The climate was perfect for the sugar crop Sir James so desired, but the terrain was rather hostile, the mangroves at the perimeter of island were flat, but much of the water supply was saline and the land was not suited to farming, The interior jungles seemed to resist all attempts to clear them and once removed pushed back almost immediately, giving the Corlander labourers and Akatu’s Ténotclaxcans no rest in the war against the vegetation. IrrigationOfTheSugar, on Flickr The freshwater problems were soon solved by Akatu and his people, who were experts in irrigation techniques and before long terraces like those Sir James admired and observed on Berelli had been constructed just beyond the mangroves of Serentia, not far outside of the harbour of Stormhaven. PloughingThePlantation, on Flickr It was Gibson who had been charged with inspecting the first crops of the sugar cane. He came in his usual business manner, appearing to not notice the dense jungle and swamps of the island pressing in around them, he did not even remove his top hat. Quill in hand and papers at the ready, he began scribbling notes, numbers and quantities mostly transcribed from the broken Corlandish Akatu spoke. His grim expression never left his face, with Gibson it was always hard to tell if he was actually displeased or whether he just looked that way. AkatuAndGibsonDiscuss, on Flickr The Ténotclaxcans who came with Akatu seemed to be totally at ease in Serentia, the humid climate and abundant flora of the island seemed not phase them. The Corlanders on the other hand appeared to be suffering a little in the humidity, but their spirits were high all them same. “Well everything seems to be in order here”, Gibson finally spoke up as he returned the papers to his pocket, “We’ll arrange a ship to pick up the first harvest and then we’re in business. I trust your accommodation on the island is suitable, do you have enough supplies?” Akatu merely nodded, Gibson noted his new white breeches, he had already started to change his Ténotclaxcan garb and adopt a more civilised attire. ‘One to watch out for, this chap’, he thought, ‘I hope Sir James has knows what he is doing, dealing with these natives’. PlanviewPlantation, on Flickr A slightly hastily (read lazily) edited planview shot