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Found 3 results

  1. =========================================== THE THRONE OF GONDA =========================================== Resources: Characters: Maps Goals Chapter 1: Homecoming In gonda by North White, on Flickr The ships had been anchored in the bay of Gonda, since the port was officially closed to all traffic. Scratches, their rower, guided them towards the docks. "The Great whaling ships of Gonda sail no more." Remarked Delilah, seeing the wreck of a ship against the dock. In gonda by North White, on Flickr "Things have gotten worse since we left." Said Isabella "Well, the WTC is here to fix things!" Said Agnes In gonda by North White, on Flickr The crew disembarked onto the remains of the pier. Old crates and bottles were scattered everywhere. "They're late." Said Delilah In gonda by North White, on Flickr They waited in silence for a few minutes before the carriage arrived. In gonda by North White, on Flickr They loaded in, and were off, leaving the docks behind. The Palace awaited! In gonda by North White, on Flickr To Be Continued... Thanks for viewing my build! This launches my new AMCRA, which will attempt to flesh out Namere, and tell a new story in the old world. C&C appreciated!
  2. "Grump, how isolated could a lighthouse be?" Ed Spill didn't know wether he should be happy or weeping. His great evaluation of the Pine Sol factory had given him a chance on promotion, and he had been glad to accept. Had, past perfect. He hadn't known that the promotion was from evaluating factories to evaluating lighthouses. See wether they were guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards. In se, that wouldn't have been so bad (everything but having to see that awful Lord Damaximus again!) he had even bought a new costum (freshly ironed by his mum), but well... Noone had told him to expect this: he was standing on probably the smallest isle in the (un)known world looking to the oldest lighthouse in that same (un)known world. And not only the oldest, also the dirtiest. He was afraid his costum would be rubbish after this visit... And his mum certainly wouldn't like that. Anyway, time to inspect the lighthouse... "Have you lost anything?" Yup, failed in the category warm welcome to strangers. Spill: "Yes, that is no, I've come here to inspect this lighthouse. See wether it is guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards, you know." A sudden tought ocurred to him: "Wait, your boss isn't called Damaximus is he?" Guard: "Nope. I'll call the boss, t-he's doing a tucky." Aaand failed in the category boss helping workers. Boss: "You there? Who are you? Make you known or you'll get it in the neck!" Spill, afraid the boss might be some hippykicking relative of Damaximus: "Hello Sir, I'm Inspector Ed Spill, and I'm here to see wether the lighthouse is guarded in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and wellbeing of the coast guards, you know." Boss: "Hmmm. I'll give you a tour then. Don't want bad relations with the Commission for Maintanance, Repair and Erection of Lighthouse in the Royal Region of Islands Known By Absolutely Noone. But not like we care about safety-regulations ot he environmental blabla here, you see?." Spill: "True story." The boss stenched like pigs. Spoiled pigs. Boss: "Actually, your quite lucky: we have just gotten a cargo of about three tons of cleaning detergent, you see." Spill did more smell than see it: "Yes, I know that. Pine Sol, isn't it? I hate that thing!" He was sure his theory of Damaximus and the Boss of the lighthouse being in league against him was confirmed. "Let's see..." Spill took up the bill. 3 tons of Pine Sol, these men were crazy! Why on earth (if they were still on earth, this island was so isolated he wasn't sure anymore) would someone need so much cleaning detergent? Well, it was not his problem, and he wanted to be gone from this godforsaken lighthouse. Next thing on his list: insurances. Spill: "May I see your insurance please?" Boss: "Here here, we're very ensured, you see?" While handing over some sandy papers. Insurance: this Pine Sol was made with respect for the environmental blabla -Spill didn't believe a word of that - and safety regulations for it's workers. That was true, if you didn't see pinguins as workers. If it doesn't remove all traces left by your latest crime, you can ask for a refund here:... Now, that was interesting! Spill: "Boss, what does th..." He is interrupted by a large thunderclap. Spill: "What was that? That wasn't the thunder; it were firing cannons! Take me up to the top, boss!" ---------------------------------- So, here my build finally is! I hope you like it, and it will also be used in the Faction Action category of the Summer Joust, now guess wich faction I'm not totally satisfied with the result, so CC is very welcome!
  3. "Grump, how isolated can a factory be? Such a long journey... I hope I finally get that promotion so I can sit on my lazy "behind", enjoying my cup of tea every morning instead of travelling allover the world inspecting factories..." With these words, Inspector Ed Spill entered the lighthouse factory. This time he had to check if the world famous Pine Sol they made here, is made in all safety, with respect for environmental blabla and the wellbeing of the workers. How long would it take before the owner of this factory kicks his megablocks and throws him out. The record is 15 seconds... That was at a time he visited a factory in Stedor. Too bad for Ed Spill, it was Lord Damaximus, the big boss of that factory who welcomed him. The moment he said "wellbeing of workers", Lord Damaximus kicked him out of the factory, yelling something about "hating hippies". It was indeed time for that well deserved promotion of Spill. Now he thinks about it, he better should buy a soft cushion for under his behind as his behind hurts a lot due all that hippykicking. Anyway, time to inspect this factory... "Velcome, noble stranger. How can ich help you?" A voice said above him. Ed looked to the balcony, seeing a weirdly dressed guy commanding all the workers. Already failed in the category "boss helping his workers". "Hello sir, I am Inspector Spill, Ed Spill. I am here to rate your factory considering environmental blablabla and safety for your workers." "Hahaha Spill-Ed, Dat iz very funny accurate in my factory!" - the boss replied - "Ich am dr. Pine Sol von Lichtenhouse" "Never heard that joke before..." [drPSvL] Az you can seeh, we have de most innovative equipment in here. We have a crane, pinguins, workers, a fire-pit, some barrels and a Hocuzpocuz-bottle-filler. [spill] Pinguins? [drPSvL] Jawol! Dey got de perfect body-mass-index to pulverize de Pine-Leaves. Das is de ruse of our Pine Sol! [spill] So pinguins, who basically live in the coldest places on earth, are working in a factory, next to a fire pit? [drPSvL] Jawol! Very true! Ich have to admit, dey are very expensive upkeep. [spill] Seriously? Do tell me why... [drPSvL] We have to send dem on vacation every 2 weeks to de very far Nord. Oderwise dey are striking too much. Striking pinguins are never fun working with. [spill] So every two weeks your factory has to close for 2 weeks? [drPSvL] Oh noo, we got plenty enough pinguins. One pair of pinguins on holiday, oder pair is working here. [spill] Allright, and what happens with the pulverized and stamped Pine leaves? [drPSvLH] Dey are added in a big barrel soo dere can be red Corrie Chemical Company Alchemist cubes added. De rezult is bleu Pine Sol! Az said, we got de most innovative technology here... [spill] So those are dangerous Alchemist cubes, and that guy touches them with his skin? [drPSvLH] Oh no! After he lost hiz eye due a chemical aczident, we gave him bandana. He still haz his hair thanks to our precious care! [spill] I was talking about his hands, but thanks for the info! [drPSvLH] Aaah but he haz yellow gloves. True story! [spill] What is the guy with white bandana doing around the big barrel? [drPSvLH] Once de ingredients all turned to blue Pine Sol cubes, he throws dem into de big barrel. Sehr efficient! Now de craneguy fills a grey box with Pine Sol cubes and makes it hang above de firepit. [spill] And the completely red guy with red bandana? What is his job? [drPSvLH] He haz to navigate the box... True Story! [drPSvLH] Und once de cubes are fluid, de box is placed above the HocuzPocuz-Bottle-Filler. Top Notch! [spill] I see... And the grey rat on this floor, what is his meaning in the whole process? [drPSvLH] No idea, nein. But what about your banana in your handz? It haz no meaning neither, haz it? [spill] Point taken... Thanks for the quick tour, I am going now back home. [drPSvLH] You are velcome! Take care, becauze I hear thunder in de distance... Is it thunder? --- Thanks for watching!! C&C welcome :)