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  1. ravescat

    [moc] Dora's WW2 Diorama

    Thanks to all friends. If you've any suggestion or comment to complete this section please write me ok? Thanks again to all
  2. Hi all, It has been a long time since I presented my project Dora: German railway gun 800mm. I have now completed the diorama (or at least the first section), I hope you like the result. E 'it completed by 2 SDKF-Z, 1 panzer TIGER, 1 Raupenschlepper. I really like the final outcome, and I hope it's the same for you Full View: Front view: Panzer Tiger 1: Raupenschlepper: Opel Blitz destroyed by aviation: SDKF-z Units:
  3. ravescat

    [MOC] Leonardo da Vinci Machines

    Thank Young soccerkid.
  4. ravescat

    [MOC] Leonardo da Vinci Machines

    Thanks a lot, i like the result
  5. Who does not know Leonardo da Vinci? Probably the greatest genius of all time. Passionate about everything from astrology to painting, writing to weapons, invented and built the most diverse machines. He was responsible for the most incredible inventions and genius of history. I present these are the summary of the passions that characterized Leonardo: the technological innovations in the military and civilian spheres The Hammer, the Tank and the Ornithopter The hammer was created as an aid to the blacksmiths of the time, thanks to a rotating mechanism, he was able to deliver powerful blows with the hammer that rose and fell on the workpiece The tank is on top of my preferences regarding Leonardo's machines... together the helicopter ... Pushed (manually) from 4 independent wheels positioned inside that allowed to rotate on its axis, was equipped with cannons on 360 °, was equipped also have an observation tower and accessible by stairs. As regards the model the wheels are functioning and are equipped with handles for easy rotation. Protection is totally removable to find out what is hidden inside. In the Ornithoper model you can move the wings up and down as you want. Here you can find the complete album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskAzngrZ
  6. ravescat

    [Maze] Cat A - Benny Save the Space

    Yes, i wanna to build an Hardcore Version
  7. ravescat

    [Maze] Cat A - Benny Save the Space

    :) Thanks a lot to all
  8. Please help Benny to destroy the mega robot that wants to conquer the world.
  9. ravescat

    [MOC] Mississippi Princess

    Really thanks for your supports
  10. ravescat

    [MOC] Mississippi Princess

    Sure, i finish the crew, if you want to know them check this: - Captain; Mc.tire John, 35 years sea experience, 25 as captain - First Mate; Douglas Jacob, 29 years sea experience - Ship's boys: Smith Lucas 18 Years old Brown Liam Jr. 19 years old - Mechanics: The Twins Davemport : Jackson 20 yo & Ethan 20 yo and 2 minutes :) I can't upload the passengers and singer image 'cause " You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments" error
  11. ravescat

    Luke Skywalker Lightsabre

    Thanks for your comment strider, i found this image in net and i base my project by this: http://www.rebelscum.com/toys2004/mr-lukeelite-right-front.jpg Maybe i've to resize a little bit the emitter
  12. ravescat

    [MOC] Mississippi Princess

    Really thanks to you I'm so happy to know you like my works. Thanks again
  13. Ready for an incredible journey on the Mississippi aboard the vessel "Mississippi Princess"? The paddlewheel steamboat has 4 bridges: -The lowest includes sessions for passengers, a sofa and the engine room with the 10-cylinder diesel engine 20000HP -The first deck includes 1 suite, 1 double, 1 twin bedroom, 1 shared bathroom and the emergency room and service. All cabins have windows with portholes. The bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower. The second deck is home to the central control of the funnels and the terrace He sees the presence of a service area equipped with 2 high power LED headlamp for lighting at night and "the BELL ". The last deck on the other hand has a small rooftop and the cockpit. The control center is equipped with radar, sonar and computer. The vessel is equipped with two drawbridges for the boarding and alighting of passengers, both controlled by articulating arms and driven by pulleys. In navigation access to drawbridges it is controlled by gates. The paddlewheel is equipped with 8 blades for pushing. I published this project on LEGO Ideas, where you can find more detailed picts.<p>I used LDD to build and Bluerender for rendering. I hope you like it <span style="color: #76787A"><span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif"><span style="color: #222222">
  14. ravescat

    Luke Skywalker Lightsabre

    Hi all, This is my Luke Skywalker lightsabre project: the copy of lightsabre used in StarWars ep.VI ( my favourite episode of the series ). I published this in Lego ideas with two version of the stand: white/tan and black/light green: this is my favourite version. I made it with LDD and rendered with blurender so i don't know if this is the right place where to post. I hope you Like it: