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  1. I saw a fun lego video It is from a dutch video-site with mostly humor video's. IT seems like none of the parts are broken so thumbs up to lego the most popular comment is: Even if the driver got out of his car without too much pain, he would probably be hurt anyway because he will step on a brick
  2. 14. IRON-SLAMMER-ALPHA CAT B: PF-ir receiver Move: The slammer My robot has 2 functions, both use 2 motors: - Drive. It is track driven. Wheels didn't work well with my weight. One L-motor for left and one L-motor for right. - Hammer. A XL-motor is used for lifting the hammer, an M-motor is used to release a clutch. Thanks to the clutch, the hammer can fall under gravity. The hammer is very heavy because it has a filled battery box at the end. Discussion topic
  3. The bot is good looking but its slowness is a weakness. I read that its supposed to crush its opponent but you would probably not get the chance to come close to an opponent and get torn apart instead. The arm looks very cool though
  4. I present to you with proud: IRON-SLAMMER-ALPHA V2.0 my bot is finished and i'm working on the video. Check the first post in this topic for all the information.
  5. that is a very cool weapon. I also thought of a horizontal hammer with the help of rubber band. But i couldnt figure out a way to make it work so i went with a vertical hammer. Good luck it looks very promising.
  6. woops i gotta make that video fast. But first i need to finish my bot
  7. nice job paul! you should check the page though, there is a 'tiny' mistake
  8. that electromagnet seems funny. How strong can it be? is 9v not a little too low? you probably haven't connected it yet but
  9. I say no to it. 45x45x45 is fine actually. if it is much bigger it's all gonna about the most powerfull weapon. If we leave the rules like this it forces us to use creativity. It also makes this contest a challenge. You have to think about what you are building and not put just a bunch of beams together. I would vote yes for keeping same cubic volume of 45^3=91125 cubic studs where you can have it as long/high as you want. I also think some people are not gonna like it because they already finished their bult and would have build something totally different if they had more space. I personally would be fine with it though.
  10. no matter if it is upright, or facing backwards, bottom of the thing till the top is still 45 studs. and by putting it backwards i don't gain mor lengt. Maybe i can set it diagonal like this but thats for later.
  11. That is one very complex machine. I see you could use a challenge. I got one for ya: make some vehicle of your choice with at least 10 functions by using 6 motors. One for switching and 5 for the functions. Good luck!
  12. Can you tell me more about why it was so hard? I built it but i had no problems. I always make sure to get my parts first before putting it together on each step.
  13. 42043 is a hard one. I think my hardest build was 8043 but maybe that was because it was one of my first builds. It has a really complex gearbox.