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  1. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I found the set with the pterodactyl and little offroad car at target today, if anyone's interested. I didn't buy it or take note of any special numbers because I'm not actively searching for this line, but it's available to buy some places. I think that's news.
  2. Theatre

    Nice! Theatrical MOCs are always fun.
  3. Imperial Officers Mafia Sign-Ups

    I'm down to play!
  4. Calvin's Alter Egos - Brickheadz

    Amazing! Are you going to make/have already made a normal Calvin an Hobbes?
  5. LEGO Minifigures licensed series - What's next?

    This is such an obscure idea for a lot of countries that I'm completely on board with it just because it would be so niche and confusing to us Americans. I vote for this one.
  6. Does anyone play any musical instruments?

    What is that, like a Marimba? I dabble in Didgeridoo, some percussion stuff, I have a trumpet but I don't know how to play yet. I'm only really decent at Ukulele and that's because it's super simple to learn. Hence why it's so popular. I'd like to get a jaw harp and see what damage I could do with that.
  7. Deadline!

    I really enjoy this. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but my guess is that it's a conglomeration of a bunch of things that have to do with procrastination and last minute projects. Or it's a film reference I'm just unaware of.
  8. Not so fast! I mentioned all three of you mafia as being on my next-to-kill list the night before I was lynched Although I didn't suspect you nearly as much as I did Lady K and Kotz, so good job indeed. I think I was just too quick to kill the first night. The very first time I played mafia I was vigilante, and I was too slow to pull the trigger, I think. This time I went too far in the opposite direction. Oh well. I know better for next time. Great job pulling that lynch around, scum. That was well played indeed.
  9. I really hope I'm pulling your leg, too! it was fun, thanks Kintober!
  10. Last words for you all, from my death bed: Kotz: die, fish-scum. Jluck: you seem to have a good sense about you. Could be scum though. I considered killing you Day 1 just to remove the whole Schrödinger's Miller thing we've got going on. monorailfan: you're doing fine, dude, just fine. Keep the faith and keep the froth. Lady K: die, fish-scum. FlyGuy: Buzz buzz, brother. Medium snowman: haha you're a fish-(scum?) lol what a NERD Kintober: when you kill me tomorrow, please gently lay me down on a pile of studs before gruesomely ripping my head off. I'd like that.
  11. Holy smokes. I been on a road trip all day long. probsbly too late now, cause Ima die, but I'm the Vigilante. I killed Forrester day 1. Oops. I killed Tariq J. Day 2 I think that's good information for the town to know when I die. Or maybe it would have been better to keep my mouth shut. Oh well. I think the day is technically over, but I love you all. Tonight I would have killed Kotz, or MediumSnowman, or Lady K, but I shall not get the chance.
  12. I think the mutant fly is just a relatively new player (someone correct me if I'm wrong one that- I don't know who all the regulars are) and isn't exactly sure HOW to be helpful to the town. For the most part scum doesn't just throw around buzzing noises and hope for the best. They tend to be more Actively "helping" but always calling out other people for little things that are either rookie mistakes or that a vanilla townie does because they don't care. So for now my vote is: Swamp Critter (Kotz) [I'm on mobile and can't bold. Please accept my vote anyway, thanks. @kintober]
  13. I agree with most of what Vampire Woman just said. The thing about "Throwaway" votes is that they're just that. Throwaways.I don't care for a day one lynch. The function of voting for someone you find suspicious is to get them lynched, eventually. I don't like lynching on the first day, so I'm either gonna throw away my vote, or not vote and end up with a penalty. Now on the second day, voting without reason and wasting a vote is highly suspect. I don't like the vibes that Mister Gorgonzola is putting out with his latest attempt at a vote. For the time being, my good buddies: VOTE: Gorgonzola (fhomess)