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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone: I am glad to share this project, the mining excavator, based on Cat 6090. Phisycal Configuration: The Lego Cat6090 is a motorized digger on tracked wheels, 2 XL motors provided enough torque. On the track frame is placed the main structure, and a heavy duty turntable allows good rotations, without fricctions. The turntable is rotated by means of 1 XL motor. The main structure contains: the XL motor for turntable, the air compressor, 4 servos for pneumatic valves and the controller. The design is ultra compact in order to meet the requierement of size/scale. The tracked whell is ultra rigid structure, designed to resist extreme load. The air compressor has 4 XL motor and 2 pneumatic pumps, in order to provide a constant air flow and high pressure, both pumps are de-phased 180° in order to reduce vibrations. 4 PF-servos open/close 2 way air valves, to command all pneumatic actuators. The boom has 2 large pneumatic actuator. Due to heavy height of the boom, 4 spring supply extra force during the elevation. 2 large pneumatics actuators push/pull the arm, those actuators are placed below the arm. 2 large penumatics actuators dedicate to rotate the bucket. 1 medium pneumatic actuator, open/close the bucket. Electrical configuration: Three 18650 batteries provide an average of 11.1 V, the compressor are suplied with 11.1 V, and the servos, lights and turntable motor are suplied with 9V. A BMS (Battery Managment System) manages the charge and the discharge durgin the operation. The tracked frame is steering by the use of 11.1 V, and as well is manage by the use of a BMS. On Board System (OBS): The name given to the controller. There are two systems, one for the main structure, and the secund is used to move the tracked well. The main controller, is a server TCP/IP protocol. The controller has a ESP8266 microcontroller with a TCP/IP stack, this controller is able to be programmed in arduino languaje (also micropython) - Teh ESP8266 is used as a sever, Motor driver: used to control the compressor The 4 PF servos are controlled by means of digital outputs, and the lights. ld293d, this is a H-bridge used to control the turntable motor. The second controller, is a ESP8266 as a client, and controls the speed of the tracks. Also, it has a BMS in order to regulates the charges/discharge of the batteries Accessories: 1) Josyticks: Two joysticks, with 4 dof (degrees of freedom) each of one plus a on/off button, are connected to the server module. 2) App: An application developmented under Android studio is used to visualizate the air pressure and electrical current, this app is WIP (work in progress). Conectivity: The comunication used is socket TCP/IP- Main features: maximun pressure reached: 52 psi (358 Kpa) Voltage bus: 11.1 V Compressor electrical consuption: 23 W Weight: 6 kg Length: 30 cm width: 20 cm height: 30 cm Here some pictures, during the construction and commissioning Note: my apologies for my primitive english
  2. Play TicTacToe against this LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot. It uses three motors to drop its balls into the right field and a NXTCam to view the board. It then calculates the best move using a MiniMax Algorithm. All future moves are explored and rated according to their winning chances. An IR sensor detects your hand when you drop your ball. The robot is using red balls and the human player uses blue balls. The java code is available at Github and the building instructions are available for LEGO Digital Designer on my website show in the description. I used the MinuteBot baseplate, which is useful for building static Mindstorms models. I also used a LED lamp to provide consistent lighting that is powered through the USB port of the EV3. The position of the camera can be centered on the board using the wrench and through sliding along the axles. I hope you enjoy this robot. More information at
  3. The other day I built a coffee stand I named "Cup o' Java". I didn't think it would get so much attention, and to my surprise it was picked up by The Brothers Brick and on Reddit today. It's a fairly straight forward build, and if anyone is interested in building one, you can download the LDD download link below: LDD file: Rebrickable page: The LDD is of the mug shaped stand only with coffee machine and steam on top. Feel free to swap out colors as you see fit. I used what I had on hand. Miro Cup o' Java by Miro Dudas, on Flickr
  4. Papercube is a fully automated Lego "factory" created by students and me Germany's Jade Hochschule. It is a scale model of an actual production line. The machine takes a piece of paper and runs it through a series of processes that manipulate it into a paper cube. The paper is then perforated by a laser to outline the shape the cube will eventually take. The laser is enclosed in a protective, orange casing to protect the eyes of anyone watching this process. Enjoy our video :-) Andreas
  5. Hi ! Some students and me create a new exercise for other students. This time we constructed a robot using mecanum wheels. Students should learn how to control this robot using mathematical equations and implement them in Java leJOS. Have fun! Andreas
  6. I've been testing leJos with my old NXT brick and something seems to be wrong.When I flash the brick with latest leJos firmware, it works fine. After some time, it starts spewing some garbage onscreen: The only thing I can do is press Off button, but then it doesn't boot up again and I need to try multiple leJos/official firmware reflashes to get it to work. Has anyone encountered anything like that? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. NB: starting from october, 2015, this software become unmaintained. It will not receive updates nor bugfixes. My time is limited and I lost any interest in this project. Sorry. ------------------------ Hi all. I'm pleased to announce: JBrickBuilder a LEGO builder in Java for LDraw part library. JBrickBuilder at work. Some feature: simple building, like LEGO® Digital Designer™ Useful for small-to-medium models (up to 2000 parts with old low-profile PC, over 3500 parts with newer PC) In Java, fast and cross platform Requires OpenGL, but can use entry level video card. Use connection "snap" for easy building Uses standard LDraw library Update checks and notifications for program and connection database Can load DAT, LDR, MPD and some other LDraw-compliant file formats (LCD, L3B, ...) Can save in LDR and export to MPD, including all custom blocks and unofficial parts Support for flexible parts (experimental) Support for building steps and player (experimental) Program is in beta, some functions are planned. Current release: 0.4.1b (2015-06-12) Program is on Sourceforge: - Program - Manual (english, PDF) - Other information (connection model, development docs) Short video with flexible part editing demo: Please read the manual, program is easy to use, but some functions requires a bit of practice. Thank you. Mario
  8. Hi people. If you need a quick and dirty LDraw model viewer that works on any platform, JLDraw is for you. Small, fast, portable, with some interesting functions. Some features: Uses 3D acceleration if supported by your graphic card Works fast on aged computers (tested on: 2007 notebook with integrated Intel video card; 2008 Mac PowerBook; 2010 desktop with entry-level ATI Radeon card; many others) Uses standard LDraw part library without uncompressing the "" part library file (put downloaded library in same folder where is the program and "it works™") Support for both unzipped LDraw library and zipped library without reload program Rotate, pan and zoom with buttons or with mouse Center view right-clicking on a brick (as LDD) Select parts to view part type and color Hide parts to see internal structure Orthogonal or perspective view Lighting or flat shading Polygons, lines or both displayed Can save a screenshot of "what you see" (PNG format) Checks model and parts for invalid part/colors/sub-parts/sub-models Requires: Java Runtime 6 or later 3D capable video card (work with integrated cards. With entry-level 3D cards is FAST!) LDraw part library "" in same folder where is the program or your LDraw folder 1Gb RAM Some numbers: Loads and render a 1300 parts Technic model in few seconds Rotation and zoom performs at minimum 40fps with an entry level 3D card (ATI Radeon HD5450). Try it: Latest release (2014-09-14) SourceForge Project Page
  9. Legopard

    [MOC] KV9T9-B Wasp Podracer

    Hello I have some new Star Wars stuff for you. It's one of these non-known Podracers from the big Boonta-Eve-Classic. The KV9T9-B Wasp by Clegg Holdfast: Want more? Enjoy the details on flickr and MOCpages! Stay crætive! Jonas