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  1. Hi Philo. Cause my really limited time and my loss of interest in this project, I do not maintain anymore this software. Sorry.
  2. It's a bit complex to explain. Connection database is splitted in two categories: connection that working with autodetection and connection that needs a description file (XML) in connection database. Program logic is: 1- if there is a connection description file GOTO 3 2- do connection autodetect - GOTO END 3- read connection description from file - GOTO END 4- END So connection autodetect can be perfect, almost working, totally broken, giving the way it works. To see if a part has correct autodetection, I use a program to see "visually" how and what connections are autodetected. If connections are perfectly detected, I mark that part to become "verified" in part list (cyan background). If connection autodetect is broken for a part, a file with correct connections is needed, so I design connections and write a file. In part list these parts are marked with green background. Parts with white backround are "not verified", or, I've not checked if autodetect works. So program do *always* autodetection for these parts, but probably autodetected connections are wrong or (in best case) incomplete. More informations:
  3. If part is in database then is "working and verified". Not in database->not verified, probably not working.
  4. Hi all. New release with experimental building step editor and player. I'm not completely sure that it is the best interface and controls for building step editing, but consider it as a first try to a visual approach. Also, 1260 parts in connection database. See top post for links and details.
  5. Quite impressive! Really a good work
  6. @agadoijo I don't know the exact reason. It is outside my code, it is an error related to OpenGL Java library JOGL: I tried a workaround, but I can't test if it works. I uploaded a modified version to sourceforge with version number, so try to download again. It is a minor patch, so users that doesn't experiment same problem don't need any upgrade. Let me know if this solve the problem. Thanks for feedback Mario
  7. Hi all. New release with: - experimental flexible parts support (axel, rigid hose, pneumatic hose, string with stud ends, ribbed hose 7mm dia). - Cut/copy/paste - Undo/redo - 850 verified parts in connection database A short screencast video on flexible parts editor: See top post for links and details.
  8. @bublible Catalog function in Brickutils is only one of the functions, and not the main goal. But if you want to know if you can build your MOC, designed with LDD or LDraw, using the parts of (to say) two Town Hall, and with program reporting what parts you need to buy on BrickLink, a little catalog is needed, don't you? :D BrickUtils can read digital models (LDD or LDraw), import set inventory, order inventory and store inventory generated by BrickLink, checks your MOC against these inventories, list missing parts, export a "wanted list mass upload" file to buy bricks on BrickLink. @backbencher Sounds as you have some network configuration that prevent BrickUtils to get files from Internet. What to check: -Windows firewall (BrickUtils must access Internet to do his work) -If you connect through a proxy, Java needs some configuration to use it. BrickUtils does not handle proxy itself. -sometime is under heavy load, BrickUtils gets all its files from there, so downloads fails.
  9. I quickly look into file, and I have bad news for you: - file starts with (hexadecimal notation) 0xef 0xbb 0xbf, that is an UTF-8 Byte order mark - fourth and fifth byte are "PK" signature of a normal ZIP file - but lots of bytes inside ZIP was replaced by a sequence of three bytes 0xef 0xbf 0xbd that is an UTF character called "replacement character" used to replace an unknown or unrepresentable character in UTF-8 coding (a black diamond with question mark inside). - almost 20% of your file was replaced by this three-byte sequence. So, briefly (and sadly), your file is gone .
  10. HI all. New release with: - antialias (disabled by default) - spatial index for connections - lots of bug fixed - 50 new part conneciton in database - 12 new autodetected connection by primitives Enjoy!
  11. It could be a nice thing. If you need more details, look to my development documents, or ask freely Mario
  12. Hi people. Some progress update before next release: - added antialias settings (disabled by default). Appeareance is really good, but requires a bit more graphic power. Below you can see the difference: No AA With AA - improved memory usage and general performance. I tested with a LDraw model of 10221 Super Star Destroyer on a Core2 Duo E5700 @2.9GHz (a 2011 desktop PC) with ATI HD5450 (a 2010 entry-level card). This is the result: (sorry for graphic-intesive page ) - new connectivity search algoritm, using spatial index structures and ray-to-bounding-box collision. Speed is over ten time with models with over 2000 parts and grows very slow with model complexity. New JBrickBulder release coming in few days. Mario
  13. Forget that. There is a bug in JBrickBuilder triggered by last changes to normal calculation... Sorry for "barking up the wrong tree"...
  14. Hi Lasse D. I don't know. Surely, connection database is a huge work, and LDraw people haven't chose any strategy, best practice nor guidelines for that. There was some discussion days ago, but nothing was coming out. Crowdsourcing requires a quality control team, and a process to verify connection submitted before accept a new definition in database, so we need some kind of organization. But this is exactly how the LDraw people work, so I don't think it is a good idea a duplicate of LDraw organization. The best choice (IMHO) is that LDraw starts some work on connectivity database, inside his own organization. Mario
  15. Thank you bbqqq! Next release will look better: program will have a new setting for antialias. General settings like you do works on full scene antialias, but program does not enable antialias for primitives, so lines appears aliased. Yes, some parts appears to have incorrect winding (used to define surface normals for lighting). Mario