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  1. >>So you can drive it any shaped path? That looks great Yes. That's possible. If you have the mathematical function. >>P.S.Please credit the wheels creator. Yes. You are right! I will do :-) But it is not this creation. The shown wheels are more stable. I used a modificated version. Thanks to Eric Steenstra for the wheel creation. I know, that he developed it with another one but I haven't the name.
  2. Hi! I will show you two photos of my new project: The EV3MathBuggy with the following functions: controlled via iPad or iPhone (Using the Gyroscope). Integrated web service. selecting some defaults or typing any kind of mathematical functions. The EV3 MathBot will drive the function. Using mecanum wheels. A video is coming soon. Andreas
  3. I programmed the eyes with LeJOS in Java. There is a method for the Ultrasonic sensor for switching the lights on or off. See the line 40 and 57 in the following code: Andreas
  4. Hey @AkiyamaWataru: Thank you! Yes! I also read it :-) Very funny to see my own project this website.
  5. Thanks and yes! I think it is very meditative ;-) Also relaxing to program the pattern :-)
  6. Thank you ! :-) Build and try it Thank you !
  7. Hi! The Billund table in action! Enjoy :-)
  8. The programming is not the problem. It took even longer to get the result or changing the parameters for a creative design. I made a video the last days. That took a terrible long time. It will be published on YT the next days. But here is a picture of my "Billund table". The shown spiral needs nearly 15 minutes to be finished. But you can't hear nearly nothing. No motor and no steel ball. If you hear the ball, it sounds like foot steps in the snow :-)
  9. :-) Thanks! Build Cr3amRoulette and enjoy! We are looking forward to see your pictures ;-)
  10. Thanks! Yes. But I did the first test on myself (without a cam) ;-)
  11. Hi ! This is the introduction to my RobotRemix Cr3amRoulette (CR), which was created from the LEGO MINDSTORMS 31313 and Technic Airplane Jet 42066 sets. CR is pure fun and you will wish but one thing during this game: "Please, not me!" I had the idea when I saw a video of the game "PieFace" on YT. I thought: I have to do this with LEGO MINDSTORMS! The game’s goal is simple: belong with those who do not get cream catapulted into their faces. You start the game by cocking the catapult and pressing Enter on the EV3 Brick. The catapult is now locked. Then, you place a nice large portion of cream on the catapult. Then, CR generates a random number at which the catapult triggers. This number corresponds with a certain degree of engine rotation. The loudmouth starts. S/he pushes the touch button and rolls his/her number of moves between 1 and 6. Then, s/he has to place his face in the frame and turn the wheels slowly in his/her direction with both hands. 50 degrees correspond with a turn. The end of each 50 degree rotation is announced with a tone. For example, if the player rolls a 5, s/he has to turn the wheels by 50 degrees 5 times. CR counts the turns and compares this with its previously generated random number. When the number is reached, the catapult releases! If not, it’s the next player’s turn. S/he, too, rolls the number of his moves by pushing the touch button, places his/her head in the frame, and turns the wheels according to the moves. This goes on and on. But believe me: It’s someone’s turn eventually and the catapult will strike! CR is relatively easy to assemble. During the design phase, the biggest challenge was a construction that was stable and compact at the same time. The parts of the 42066 set are quite suitable for this purpose. You can download the LDD-File and the program from my website:
  12. Hi ! Thanks a lot ! Yes. I have this plans :-) Andreas Thank you :-)