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Found 13 results

  1. This model was heavily inspired by the 2014 original eight-studs wide Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (set 21108) and a MOD of that set I found on Rebrickable. Instead of a late-50's Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance, it's now based on the (very similar) '59 Cadillac Eldorado. In the changeover, I added a hardtop (removable) roof, different mirrors, 1/2-stud offset side-by-side seating for two, and opening doors. I also changed around the wheels to be less stressful to assemble compared to the original 2014 set. Rear view, with driver's side door opened up. The opening doors were taken from the Ecto-1 and 2 (set 75828) from 2016. The roof is only connected by two studs, making it easily removable. The car seats two figures easily. I plan on getting one of these in real life in a different color sometime in the near future, probably soon after Emmet's house parts arrive from Bricklink. Got any thoughts comments, or questions? Leave 'em below!
  2. Melvin

    [MOC] My Ecto-1a

    This is my version of the ecto-1a. I bought a second ecto-1 from lego ideas, I changed the roof and put sticker on it. The result is very nice. Now I have the ecto's from the three movies. I really like the result. Please tell me what you think of it. Do you like it or not?
  3. full life scale PKE-meter (psychokinetic energy meter) from Ghostbusters Building Instructions on rebrickable: My version of the psychokinetic energy meter as it apeared in Ghostbusters I (1984), Ghostbusters II (1989) and Ghostbusters Afterlife (aka Legacy, 2020/2021) Yup it's that strange detector, that Phoebe finds. from ghostbusters wiki Next to the Proton Packs and the Ghost Traps this is probably the most iconic of Ray's and Egon's devices from Ghostbusters (I don't count Ecto and the Condamnent Unit). I have been making a lot of MOCs lately including some motorized 76204 Batman Tumbler. And as a kid I was such a Ghostbusters nerd that I just have to MOC some of their equipment. I started with the PKE because it's the smallest. Maybe I will do the ghost trap next (maybe even the new RTV). Feature The wings (antennas or whatever they may be) can be flipped out by pulling a small lever at the back. I was done with the handheld scanner and proudly presented it to my wife. Her very first question: "Is there some mechanic to flip out the antennas?" so I had to figure out a way, which was quite complicated because this build is so weired already with studs going in every direction, and the inside looking like knitted rather than plugged. Anyway I found a stable solution. You have to build very carefully and make sure, no bricks are twisted but then it works. I dont yet have all the parts but I did build a test prototype (look at the left half and ignore the colours) to make sure it works while developing the instructions in bricklink studio. LED-light-ready: I developed this, keeping in mind the option to add those tiny LED lights. So I left some spaces behind the clear bricks, for you to be able to add LEDS, and there is a 15% dicount for as usual. AND have a look at my Invisible 10274 Ecto-1 Motorization (Ghostbusters 3 Legacy / Afterlife)
  4. I got the Ecto for christmas and I felt the urge to squeeze in some remote controlled Motors. The new Powered Up have just the thing (although they are badly documented) One month after christmas I had it up and running. Tell me what you think. • quasi invisible • minimal invasive - all gadgets work • Battery replacement with no dissambling • light and sound kit still fits in • Lego POWERED UP Bluetooth Remote Control • no discontinued Power Functions • complete Instructions on rebrickable I made my first video about that: For this motorization I used LEGO's Powered Up Large Technic Motor for steering. That thing is just made to be used for the steering. It can act like a servo, because it has an internal position sensor. It is slim and dark bluish gray so it replaces that kardan drive below the front seat perfectly. Aditionally I didn't want to take it appart every time I change the batteries, so you can reacht it from the bottom.
  5. Hi, First and foremost, i'm French. I do my best to avoid grammatical and spelling error but some (a lot in fact) may subsist. I'm sorry for that by advance. Second, it's my first post here! Hopefully not the last. So here is my mod based on the set 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car. It's a fully custom made light mod. Key feature of this is: - NO modification of ANY Lego bricks. - NO kragle or drilling or any other funky stuff. - Everything must fit inside. - Hide the mod as much as it can be. - All should work as expected (the strobes strobe, the rotating beacon rotate, etc). The mod is made of 28 LEDs, all controlled by an Arduino board. All wire are INSIDE the car. // All images are clickable for a bigger version. Here is the exterior shots, everything is exactly like every set: The roof portion is still detachable without any hanging wire, it's also clean underneath. Nothing cheap to hide a messy mod: Everything is controlled by an Arduino Pro Mini (Not really a choice, it was the smallest Arduino board I had in home) that is hidden under a 4x2 plates: Same apply for the battery, that was what I had at the time of building. A smaller lipo can be fit so it's not a choice. Run time is... Well I don't know. It fit in the trunk of the car and it's the ideal size to be held by the window mounting point after a small change in the design. Neat! The roof is attached by a very thin wire and connectedto it via a small 45° home made adapter: To start the Arduino, there's a hidden Reed sensor which is (for who don't know) triggered by a magnet. I put a neodyme magnet in a small Lego round piece and when it's in place underneath, the controller is powered on. Yup, the Ecto-1 keyfob is a Lego piece with a magnet in it. Then the magic begin: Pictures don't do justice for the lighting sequence so here is a small video: For those of you where Youtube cry for a copyright infringement (soundtrack to match the car....), here is one that work (it was an earlier version without the embedded electronique like on these photos: If you have question, i'll be glad to answer them. Troll included.
  6. From days of long ago, from the uncharted regions of the nerdy-verse, comes a legend, the legend of Nerdtron: Defender of the 80's! A mighty robot loved by good, feared by evil! This totally tubular titan is comprised of some of the most iconic pop culture vehicles of the 80's, such as the Ecto-1, Delorean time machine, A-Team Van, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Wagon, and Nerdly forms the head. Sporting a glorious mullet, shoulder pads, and a walkman, our heroic 80's icons are ready to take on the Shredder, Biff, ghosts, or any other evil foe that threatens our nostalgia! This is my entry for the Nerdvember contest on Bricknerd. It was inspired by an illustration that I came across in an image search. If this isn't the nerdiest, most 80's thing you've ever seen, I don't know what is! Nerdtron: Defender of the 80's by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Here he is, ready to spring into action! Nerdtron action pose by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Behold the glory of the back of Nerdly's mullet! Nerdtron back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr When he's not fighting crime, Nerdtron likes to relax and listen to some rad 80's tunes on his walkman. Even giant robots need a break sometimes. Nerdtron resting by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Here are Nerdly and the vehicles when they haven't formed Nerdtron. Some assembly required. Nerdtron disassembled by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr I had a lot of fun designing 6-wide versions of these iconic vehicles, so let's take a closer look at them. First up we have the DeLorean time machine from Back to the Future. Nerdtron DeLorean front by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Nerdtron Delorean back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? The 6-wide Ghostbusters Ecto-1 of course! This one was the most detailed and most challenging one to build at this scale. Nerdtron Ecto-1 front by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Nerdtron Ecto-1 back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Cowabunga! Here come the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their Party Wagon! Nerdtron TMNT Party Wagon front by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr The two Technic holes in the back are where the legs slot into. Nerdtron TMNT Party Wagon back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr I love it when a MOC comes together. Such as this A-Team van. Nerdtron A-Team Van front by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Nerdtron A-Team Van back by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr I apologize for the poor quality of the pictures as I had to take them last minute. I hope you like it nonetheless.
  7. Presenting my LEGO Mighty Micro interpretation of the Ghostbusters (1984) Ecto-1! Ghostbusters, Ecto-1 (Mighty Micro) by Adeel Zubair This recreation of the Ecto-1 as a Mighty Micro was quite simple to design. It's ironic that the back of the model is the highlight of the whole model. I'm pretty sure you can guess what pieces were used at the front. NB - I didn't post a main photo of this MOC as it was a rather dull photograph, I attempted it several times and it just wasn't working. Thankfully the back came out perfectly! It's perspective and angle looks quite Chibi and comical with the right side wheels getting pressed into the ground as the Ecto-1 comes in to action! More Mighty Micros: Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  8. I felt this warranted a separate topic since I have completed my Ecto-1 modification. When I first bought Ecto-1 I was excited that it became an official set, but lacked many of the qualities I remember from the film. Flails did a beautiful rendition of the car in June 2014 and gave away the LDD file on his site. I rebuilt the interior and heavily modified his file to suite my needs. From his interior appearance I would say its about 70% his design, but I wanted several things shown from the film inside this car. Major Improvements: 1. Roof rack. I used Brickarms' Monopod, two U-Clips, Brick Train's 1-N Ladder, and a cut down LEGO bar to achieve a more accurate depiction. I wish the Ladder was smoother and not 3d Printed. Maybe I will find time to cut LEGO Ladders and glue them together to make this better. 2. The front driver's seat includes a nice slope bench seat as did the old cadillac. 3. I also reworked the floor and computer terminal in the back seat area to fit the actual echo-1. 4. All new front headlights build. I wanted the tires and lights sit the way you see them in the film. Closer to the front. 5. The structure inside the car underneath the seats and trunk were completely reworked so it was stronger. 6. One of the most notable differences are on the rear tail fins. I am quite proud of making these 4 studs long instead of 3 studs. I understand why LEGO did it since there are tires behind them, but with slight changes on the structure, the 4 stud wedge plates look much closer to the sleek ambulance. 7. Blue hose modification. I use two white Brickarms U-Clips and a cut down flex cable. 8. Everything is now Chromed What I may do now that I have all my parts, cut down the red bars on the roof and make it 2 studs long. You can download the final LDD file here http://www.chrisehno...cto1_051016.lxf You can see the rest of the album here on my new flickr page: LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr LEGO Echo-1 Mod by Chris Ehnot, on Flickr
  9. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 75828 Ecto-1 & 2

    Rolling right out of a Danish plastic Chinese restaurant near you, it's… Set Name: Ecto-1 & 2 Set #: 75828 Theme: Ghostbusters (2016 Movie!) Pieces: ? Minifigures: 6 Year of Release: 2016 Price at Release: USD 60 Check out the Flickr set for more and bigger versions of all pictures! Stacking up as perhaps nobody's most anticipated IP ever (besides Angry Birds, right? Please?), the Ghostbusters 2016 reboot/make/run/thing movie has sure caused quite a firestorm way before almost anyone has seen the film. Guess what this review is NOT going to focus on? That. I've said it before and I'll say it again literally right now: sets to me stand on their own merit, not the merit of their IP. I've seen great sets based on of IPs that suck and terrible sets I'd never want based on IPs that love. So if anyone has any, errr, 'comments' about the film - howabout don't. This review is about the LEGO stuff. This set actually looked quite attractive to me for two reasons: cool car and so many cool female minifig heads and hairpieces. In this set that basically boils down to "everything" because there's nothing extraneous in this set. Sure, there's a motorbike, but who doesn't love ridiculously out-of-proportion motorbikes? Nobody, amiright? So, come with me as I see if this set, or at least those awesome-looking new hairpieces, live up to my expectations. (NOTE: This set was given to me as a gift at LEGO Fan Media Day in Billund, but the opinions are all my own and will not stem from the sense of giddiness I experienced being at LEGO Fan Media Day in Billund. At least, probably they won't. No complete guarantees.) INSTRUCTIONS (I ditched the box in Billund and my photos of it were a bit lousy, so I'm starting with the instructions.) The front art is nothing amazing, just some ghost-busting action and Chris Hemsworth looking like he may be about to ram into the car. His character is supposed to be a bit daft I guess. Though this instruction booklet is bound in 'normal-set' fashion as opposed to 'premium-badly-glued-original-Ghostbusters-set' fashion, it still contains several pages of movie/character info. Maybe to get you hyped for the movie because you're probably not? But that's none of my business. I'll spare you from all of the pages (check the Flickr set for the rest), but I found it interesting that the bad guy minifig in this set is apparently based on a green furry ghost. Does it look green and furry to you? Hmm.... I'm not complaining though since it's a cool figure with great parts. The actual instructions themselves are straightforward as always, and set on a serviceable plain black background. PARTS and BUILD In this section I'll go through the four bags bag by bag, pointing out any cool parts and anything particularly interesting I noted in the build. Since this is a review and not a True Build Experience ™ I'll just say now that the build of this feels much more like that of an adult/high end set than that of a kid-oriented set - tons of SNOT, sub assemblies, little bits, great color detail, etc. Really quite a pleasurable experience watching the car come together. Bag 1 The first bag provides the most drab parts selection and also the most samey, as it has you build literally four of the exact same thing (proton pack). Nonetheless, we get straight to some minifigure goodies, so that's cool. The ingot piece new in black stands out to me as the most pleasantly surprising re-color, but some other parts are quite cool too like the trans-clear stud-with-bar piece, recolored skellie parts, apollo stud, and that SNOT piece (which maybe has been around, but I wasn't familiar with having droves of them). I included the 3L bar just because it's still a bit more rare to get. Finally, the printed boat-bottom pieces (four in total) have quite a nice print that I could see being used outside of this particular context. Bag 1 builds Kristen Wiig, Chris Hemsworth, the Ecto-2 bike, four proton packs, two containment units, and the skellie/ghost/Mayhem thingy. Fear not, I'll be taking a closer look at everything further on in this review. Bag 2 Things get a bit more colorful immediately with Bag 2, though not necessarily more interesting. Tons of brown jumper plates must jump out at you though. Two printed license plates may be cool, but most exciting are the trans-clear headlight bricks, which are still rather rare (they come in 12 other sets according to Bricklink, but really 10 since two of those are rare non-regular-retail sets). By step 25 you'll just have a build a blob the beginning of the seating area. There's something I find very pleasing about putting down tons os jumper plates. No idea why, though I get the same sensation with total tileage. Another SNOT-y blob thing for the front end of the car at step 43. Kudos to the designer for this clever headlight assembly utilizing headlight bricks plugged-in sideways to headlight bricks. (Step 53.) By the end of Bag 2 (step 55), the lumps of LEGO almost start to resemble a car. Bag 3 Bag 3 moves us into the color palette that you'll actually see when all is said and built. Also, cool new hairpiece alert. Those small wedge plates are still pretty new, so they're welcome. Despite this set having some stickers, all the curved slopes on the side of the car are prints! Woohoo! Thank you LEGO Overlords! All the comfy leather seating gets installed by step 70, but the back of the hearse still looks a bit bare. By step 107, it just lacks wheels and a roof (not like cars really need either of those things, though. Right? I'm no automotive expert). Bag 4 Now we get into more bits and bobs, since all of the 'equipment' on the roof of the car gets constructed from bits and bobs. I was surprised by the jail cell bars and door, but I admit I had not looked at pictures of the set too closely. Not a ton of interesting parts here, though I always like trans-tiles and that particular wheel piece is still pretty rare in white. Also, the toolbox piece looks pretty in dark blue. At step 110 we've got wheels and axles, but the hearse is still going topless. Et voila, step 139 finishes it up. Spares One of the perks of a set that includes a lot of small parts is that it will have a lot of spares. In this case, extra skellie parts and an extra one of those trans-clear stud-with-bar parts! Woohoo! Thought I might as well try and whip up some homemade accessories, what with all of the minifigure-related parts on offer. It was a quick and dirty attempt. MINIFIGURES Like I said way up in the intro (which even I can barely remember by this point), the minifigures are a significant draw of this set, and boy do they deliver. Or maybe girl do they deliver. They're all terrifically detailed, and even if you don't care for the uniforms everything besides the torsos can be useful for minifig customs. Really I've got nothing but praise for these - the care that went into designing them is quite evident, and three new hairpieces plus amazing new heads are beyond wonderful. All five humans get alternate expressions. Luckily Chris Hemsworth getting possessed isn't a spoiler, since it happens in one of the (really awesome?) trailers. I especially like the 'blehh??' face on Kristen Wiig's minifigure and the goggles face on Holtzmann. Everybody gets subtly different back printing too, which successfully conveys different body types. Really well done. Super-cool details on the bad guy's wings too. Closer look at those two glorious new hairpieces and one cool but not as wow new hairpiece. It's great to have a new fairly-African-descent specific hairpiece, and I love the eccentricity of the middle one. See more closeup angle here, here, and here. The use of parts for the bad guy thing made me think that it's some type of evil soul version of the collectible minifigure gargoyle. They look cool together. MINIFIGURES - with Accessories Most of the accessories are brickbuilt, and look pretty cool. I like the canister builds, though it's a bit awkward that they don't fit straight down in a minifigure's hand since they're so tall. Holtzmann's gun also is a bit weak of a build, honestly. Everything else is good. The proton packs look pretty good from all angles, and by my estimation are as small as they could possibly be. I love that each one uses two black ingots because... black ingots! The minifigures do have to bend forward a little to stand without falling over, and holding an accessory helps for counterbalance. Still, quite nicely done. Having to bend a bit at the waist works just fine for the classic Ghostbusting pose! ECTO-2 I do love the old-school motorcycle mould, but adding builds to it just accentuates how ridiculously large it is compared to minifigures. It's like the size of a horse! In any case, it looks simple but cool. Through the magic of perspective, somehow the bike looks reasonable once you put the minifigure on top. That's the human brain for you. ECTO-1 Finally here, the meat of the set. I took a crap ton of pictures, so this will be just a key selection. I hate gushing about a set, and I feel like 99% of what I've said thus far has been positive, but… this car is really lovely people. It isn't huge but it feels substantial, and from all front angles just feels right. Clean, streamlined, well done. Of course it is a bit huge compared directly to minifigures, but as a model it feels like a good size. LEGO models do skew 'larger than life' in general, especially because minifigure proportions are so strange. One small issue that muddles the appearance just a little is that the printing on the side curved slopes is not quite accurate enough, so they don't line up into clean lines. The two sides are pretty similar, besides for the one having a ladder, which accurately matches the source material. Overall, despite the printing issue, still looking quite good. The top has a bunch of cool little builds, one of which includes a white fez which I neglected to mention in my parts breakdowns. Who knows what any of these things should represent, but I think that applies to the source material as well. It's got a nice mishmash variety. Of course the top can be removed, providing access to the interior that manages to have plenty of space for four minifigures and still have details like a break or gear stick, steering wheel, and nicely stickered dashboard. Especially compared to the original Ecto-1 set, which could not fit all four, this is wonderful. Also note that the doors open, though you really need to remove the roof to get the minifigures in and out. I've been saving discussing the back for last, since the back is actually one of the most awkward sections. From a straight-on angle (which I have), it doesn't look too bad, but usually you'd be looking at it beneath you and from that sort of angle the transition from a 6/8-wide car to rear lights and a 4-wide door just looks a bit strange. Not terrible, but the shaping definitely falls down here somewhat. Another slightly awkward or less than stellar aspect of it is that the back can barely fit one proton pack, meaning that if you have all four ladies in the car, you'll have to just dump their packs somewhere else. On the plus side, you can fit all of the other accessories! ....or possessed Kevin. Kevin gets his revenge for being treated this way by absconding with some of his other wavy-haired friends. But then he probably feels bad and returns to his Ghostbusting duties. CONCLUSION Like what you see? I certainly do. There are a couple minor flaws in this set, like the printing on the slopes not being aligned well enough and the back being a little strange, but all in all it's a lovely model that fun to roll around and put minifigures into. It comes with amazing minifigures with amazing new minifigure parts and prints. It packs a lot of exciting an/or rare and/or new parts, should you happen to want it for parts. It even seems roughly worth it's (US) value, which I don't think you'll have heard this review say for quite some time. Even if you don't care for the source material, it's a splendid car design in its own right, and I think anybody could get something out of this set. Unless of course you hate the IP with such passion that you wouldn't touch anything related to it with a three meter pole. If that's the case.... maybe you need to cheer up.
  10. mtrkustoms


    Hi to all EB users, I have the pleasure to present the first collaboration AITORUCO/MTRkustoms We are a spanish train builders and the better way to make a collaborative MOC is to design and build a Ghostbuster Headquarter . This Headquarter is completed with the Ecto-1 with custom leds of MTRkustoms and the 8w American cars of AITORUCO There is no need to talk about this building so lets see the pictures, so..... who you gonna call? More Pictures and all full resolution pics here
  11. Oky

    MOD: Bat-Ecto-1

    When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? BATMAN! Bat-Ecto-1 by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr In order to allow Batman to fight ghosts, I have modified the Ecto-1 to look like the Batmobile that Adam West drove in the 60's. It has the same black and red color scheme and features the Batman logo on the side instead of the Ghostbusters one. Bat-Ecto-1 side by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr And in the back, there is the obligatory jet exhaust again, plus those two black boxes that are next to it, whatever they are which contain the parachutes. Bat-Ecto-1 back by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr As always, comments and criticisms are welcome. To the Bat-Ecto!
  12. Don't Cross the Streams! Today (August 28) is Ghostbusters day! Warm up the proton packs and watch the trailer for an ongoing LEGO Ghostbusters collaboration with Titan Pictures. Enjoy!
  13. The new Ecto-1 Ghostbusters car is pretty awesome so I wanted to make a video of it. You'll recognise Frankie the mechanic from the 60056 Tow Truck set.