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  1. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I never built one before and since there are so many wonderful designs I may try my two favorite designs and recreate them to see how they match up to my x-wing. I saw a few new elements come out in 2017 and 2018 sets that are now available on brick link. I am particularly fond of Part 32828. I bought a dozen of these and already came up with a great solution for another LEGO creation I will share soon. This part could be great as legs, joints or even landing gear. This might be a helpful solution to the harpoon gun or some other internal part. I know I plan on doing speeder bikes and may use this part there. Thank you. I am glad. This was more of a love of mine and this ship is particularly a favorite to design. I crafted the ship the way I wanted to, and offered a nice solution for purists. If LEGO developed a part I feel is good enough for the cannons I will use that in the future. For now, I have not figured out how or what I want to do with the "painted" blue stripes on Luke's X-wing cannons. Some people used technic connectors, dmaclego simplified the 4mm hose by cutting a gray and light bluish gray hose up and sliding them on next to each other. I love this idea, and understand why he chose not to use the bright blue since we really need a sand blue hose for it.
  2. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    They must have taken it down because I cannot find them anywhere.
  3. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Thanks. I think this is the only ship I felt the need to design. There are so many wonderful T-47 snowspeeders and Y-wing designs. I think I need a snowspeeder with a body approximately 17 to 19 studs long to match re X-wing. I have been studying so many production set photos and taken a ton of still photos from Battlefront for Hangar 7 I believe that I should keep that proportion for the other ships.
  4. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I appreciate the wait. I don't have a lot of time to build anymore. I'll start using Flickr for final photos and bricksafe for my WIP and LED files. I have 14,000 pieces waiting for me to build a firehouse on top of all the smaller models I designed. Now that the LDD had an update I been updating my files before I build them.
  5. Has anybody tried removing the 6brick tall panel walls and continued the hallways inside the structure? I am just curious how this would affect the strength.
  6. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I designed the ship in the file to not use custom parts because I know people frown on this stuff. If I entered this into a completion I would swap out the parts. The great part about this model is the easy ability to quickly replace the custom parts. The ion cannons are the only major visual difference and could be achieved without drilling or cutting parts (other than hoses). I would simply follow dmaclego's instructions and use a hockey mask and train axles for the end tip. Imostly did these changes for myself. I didn't mean to offend anybody. I thought that it should be posted in my topic what items were altered for clarification. If I knew more about casting parts I would design the cannon tips in a 3d program and have them professionally made as 1 part. I am not sure how that concept is taken by purists either. My canopy design is something I will pursue in the future as well. I appreciate the criticism and was happy to make this version for people to see and build. I know a few people are already altering my file to accommodate a brick canopy structure and alternative squadron colors. That is what I am excited to see. I'll be making 3 more x-wings to match the Hanger 7 diorama I plan on developing. The LDD file is beginning to take shape. I found the blue prints used for the full size hangar set for ESB and look forward to recreating it entirely to scale and accuracy with all the production photos and stills I collected. The Battlefront games help with details, but not scale. They left out a lot of detail and modified the size of the hangar in Battlefront two years ago and now included it in the newest Battlefront, but again made it twice as long as it should be. The one thing they did modify that made complete sense was extending the width of the hangar bay doors to allow the Falcon to fly through it. I think this will be a modular build set on 48x48 baseplates. The size I laid out fits 5 baseplates across x 3 down. That is roughly 6 ft by 3.75 feet. Of all the hangar I seen built nobody tried to recreate the hangar 7 with the rotunda cone above the Falcon. That would be a difficult challenge to figure out. I will start small and design Luke's xwing area first since it has a nice maintenance bridge. I designed the bridge and good lord this thing is huge. That bridge based on above shots has a 5stud wide by 31 stud long platform with about a 35 stud wide footprint. I will be sharing my progress soon as i can. I have not decided if i want to design a roof that lifts off. The Battlefront games are great reference as to how the mountain looks from outside. It also would allow me to design the adjacent hangers where they store the snowspeeders on one side and repair the swings on the other side. If I won the lottery I would move forward and design the entire echo base which would be about 15ft by 22 ft (not including the battlefield)
  7. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Looks like the photos and my update wasn't loaded yet. The images should be visible in the post above yours. I am guessing that the uploading process took a bit longer than normal. The brick build canopy should be easy to add. What nose design are you referring to? Your file had a few designs. I forgot about those. I may look into it, but for now I am moving onto the maintenance bridge and hanger equipment.
  8. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    For more photos please feel free to visit My X-Wing Flickr Page I am quite Proud to present my final T-65 X-Wing. I look forward to building a hanger and a mounting stand to display it. Personally, I think it needs more stickers. Custom Parts: 1. Took hinge tops and cut off the hinge part and kept the flat panels with studs. Used the 1x2 and 2x2 panels inside the wings to show off a lower panel. The LDD file has other LEGO parts replacing this as an alternative. I used a 1x2 hinge plate cut part inside the nose as well to fill a gap. 2. Ion Cannons. I used dmaclego design and modified it. I found that the mounting area was fragile due to its length and weight. I cheated and drilled holes side all those wheel hubs to allow the 3mm rigid hose to slide through. I used his method of installing train metal rods inside the rigid tube to maintain the shape and keep the cannons straight. 3. The Ion Cannons have half circle magnetic flashback suppressors. I made these by drilling out a 2x2 round brick and polishing the inside walls. I then cut them in half and drilled out a hole at the center. This allowed me to attach the 1x1 round plate with hole inside the part. I then cut off the stick end of the antenna and slid it down the rigid 3mm hose. I kept the round tips because it felt more LEGO rather than sanding off the end at a straight end. Frankly it looks better without the ball tip, but there are no other parts this diameter with a blocked end that long. I would love to see LEGo build a part like this, or at least the suppressor part I did. That would be quite helpful. 4. 2x2 gray square tile with a hole in the center. The non working gears have a 2x2 square place holding a 2x2 round tile. I wanted the same effect with my gears. I drilled out a hole in the center like the 2x2 round tiles LEGo produces. I polished the hole and looks like a LEGO part. 5. 4mm hose. I cut off a black host to fit inside the cockpit. I have seen this done before and looks nice. 6. Gray and Black Hoses were cut down to fit in and around the engines. Stickers: Waiting for a few custom stickers to be made, to enhance the ship and add to the Red 5 markings, but for now I have only added official LEGO brand stickers. I cut down the UCS x-wing sticker with diagonal gray and yellow lines for the 2x3 tan part in front of the canopy. I needed the proportions much smaller so I cut it almost into a 1/3 the size. Non LEGO Brand Parts: I cannot thank Brickarms enough. I used their mono clips and u-clips to hold the hoses inside the engines. You can see them sticking out of the front engines. I love how small they are and fit with LEGO parts. Why the LDD file took so long to arrive. I have been using 2017 parts on my build for quite some time and heard months ago that LEGO was updating the program. I am glad I waited because every new part I used was included in the program so you guys can enjoy the build I intended it to be. The final LDD file contains Grey Mouser's ion cannons. I felt this was a good way to keep the purists happy. I made several changes to accommodate this request and happy that people can build or modify their own versions.
  9. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I am cleaning up the photos and should be uploading them later this evening on Flickr. I'll post a few glory photoshopped shots on here and link out for the rest.
  10. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    UPDATE: 01/10/18 I have successfully updated my X-Wing on the new version of LDD (Version 4.3.11). I am pleased to announce that this is my final version of the file. I will be uploading all the final photos tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon so I can move onto my other builds. After many different attempts to designing the x-wing to my personal liking, I am proud to achieved my main goal, keeping the original shape and design as close to the same proportions as the ILM models. New Parts: New parts kept popping up in 2017 and I adjusted my design accordingly. One of the greatest elements to come to my table was the 2x3 tile and the 1x3 plate jumper. My third favorite element was the 2x2 plate wedge, which I hid nicely inside the wings. The Design: The Fuselage design was an undertaking I never imagined. I added and subtracted parts to get the bulk and strength right. I also deleted my earlier custom parts inside the body. I am sure there is a better way, but I am happy with how it turned out. I kept the ion canons the same as before since I brought back my internal structure. I will go into further details tomorrow once I upload final photos. Cross Section Interior: As you can see in the render I installed an cross section interior. Detailed photos coming Thursday. I also left room for rubber bands for wires and such. I redesigned the interior to make room for the needed strength and was surprised how strong it was even when i took away stuff inside. If you want the whole project stronger I recommend removing the interior and using bricks and plates to reinforce it. I will share my review of it as well tomorrow. The X-Wing Strikes Back Final LDD Dated 011018 Feel free to share your thoughts on this file and have fun building.
  11. [MOC] Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

    I am sure other people would be interested in it as well. I think you should link it through brick safe or rebrickable for people.
  12. [MOC] Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine

    Do you have instructions for this build?
  13. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    They released a video thanking everybody. They knew since August and spent rounds of discussion meetings with the designer since then. Considering the size of the box in the official reveal video I would say they already know the final piece count and design. The 2 guys talked about out finalizing the design with the designer so we will probably have Tron news in the next few months.
  14. 21314 - LEGO® TRON: Legacy

    Based on the fact that most Idea sets average the $60 range I am sure they will include multiple characters and several light cycles. The people who designed the set also submitted a Rinzler Light Cycle option. I expect them to create a Sam, Flynn, Quorra and Tron minifig set as well as 2 light cycles. They may surprise us with classic torn minifigs. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8fca2a84-b3c3-4a95-92c2-2a2c85310a1a
  15. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    I am curious if you know how easy it would be to build the larger pylon wings and fix them onto this model. Do you think the weight will cause the ship to buckle? I am sure there has to be a way to modify your design to support the weight.