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  1. cehnot

    Batman (DC Superheroes) 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    All I see is 67 options for future mocs.
  2. cehnot

    Dune Ornithopter Mod

    Will you supply the Studio file for us to make mods to the set? Or plan to offer instructions? I was thinking of doing something similar since seeing Dune 2.
  3. Great pictures on Instagram. Wolfpack, some great torso printing on civilians, especially the tab shirt. I wish the one building connected to the castle, but I think the amount of stickers are more concerning. Besides that. I'm fine with the set. Great addition to the castle series.
  4. I reworked the entire structual shape over the last year. I took the ship to Brick Fest Live Cleveland in July 2023 with a basic mast setup without sails. Since then I began my massive island expansion project. The sails I had ordered last year were larger custom designed sails based on the Barracuda set sails and rigging design. I didnt like how they looked. New Sail designs The newly designed sails are proportional to the ship and now fit over pins with ball tops. I like how they hang over the gallant yards. This makes it a a nice compromise between custom rigging and lego set rigging. Masts and Rigging starting in June 2023 i began to rework the entire mast and rigging. The idea was to make this a larger set that would be able to exist with LEGO parts without custom rigging with cut string. I used a combination of string and newer flexible hoseswith those clips and holes at the end in Reddish Brown. Mast Design I also disliked the original 2 mast design. Instead of making it with 2 sails per mast like i tried to do for 2 to 3 months in the summer of 2023 I have built a 3 mast galleon with 3 sails per front and middle mast with a top sail over the mizzen sail. The original goal like page 1 and 2 of this thread shared a mast base that was going to combine the set masts into the newer ship, but once i placed them on it I felt that they were out of place. I ordered 3 rounds of various custom printed sails between August and November. I tried making the ship appear to have a Spanish Galleon set of sails. The top sails were almost 2/3 longer than the bottom and frankly the Barracuda's shape didnt look right either. I tried to keep the sameamount of sails on the ship, but like several people mentioned on page 2 the entire height of the masts were too short. I ordered several books about sailmaking, 16th-18th century ships and model ship making books to help me along the way. With that research and knowledge about the various pully systems, rigging lines and how each rope were used for support, keeping the yard masts straight, keeping the masts from breaking, and such i felt that the various strings with studs on the ends would help do those jobs. The great part is LEGO has 11, 22, 30, and 41 stud length string options so I was able to do the rigging without cutting. New sail design I incorporated a spirit sail with 2 jib sails. I also created a set of 2 mast jib sails in-between the front and middle mast. I did not want to update the project until I felt the newly designed ship works with the 7-8lb ship when you pick it up from the center without it breaking apart. As for photos. I am setting up a nice white backdrop next week and taking photos with my slr camera with the finished project. The ship separates into 3 sections but the floors overlap each one of the other sections to keep it sturdy enough and not come apart when lifted up by 1 hand. The photo below is from November before I separated it and began expanding the island. I draw comics for a living so it's been tough finding time to do updates to this project. I have purchased the parts to build a sister ship for the Imperials and call it Camilla. Studio rendering below. This ship is a modified version of The Seven Seas Barracuda. The ship parts were time co suming to order over the winter. Looking forward to building it soon. As for instructions. I will say that the newer files with Camilla are updated with the 2023 parts I used in the new Barracuda. I need to convert the colors back to the ones in my ship since the Camilla uses white interiors instead of reddish brown and black. I guess it really depends on preference. Brittle brown plagued my ordering process over the last few years. The ship is about 6000 pieces and the rigging in the photo above jas over 30-50 various string parts. I may just give people the file to use to create it. I may do it, but it would be later in 2024. UCS Barracuda Bay photos coming soon The New Stand. I reworked the stand. I will share phots of it next week I hope. The new stand is about 2 bricks taller and is built to the lower hull now. It is held on by 8 studs and supports all 8lbs without a lot of stress. The Island What made my updates get lost is because I spent 6 months dismantling and rethinking what the Barracuda Bay could be if built to support and add on the design of my new ship. The great part of my ship it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes to disassemble and reassemble the ship. The separated parts and such are reconfigured into the new island. The island is roughly 4000 parts. I won't know until I rebuild it in Studio. I found it easier to buy way more parts for rocks and structures around the island rather than in the Studio file. The island is about 70x76 studs and separates into 4 assymetical sections. The additional 8 studs added to the front section doesn't make sense to have it angled upward. I wanted a practical island with living quarters. It now sits flat on using the same ball joints, but included a wall with a door and windows to enclose it. The stern is also 8 studs wider so the sheer weight doesn't securely keep it on top. It doesn't have a door like the set does. It's a brick built stern that rese.bles the original molded stern. Instead the entire rear section is flipped 180 degrees around and now has a similar wall, window, door structure as the entrance to Jose's Inn. It sits about 5 studs higher as well. The middle section is also 8 studs longer so it felt best to make the front of the island walkways 4 to 6 studs longer. The original rear section of the island had stairs going down to the water with a wooden structure holding the stern up on top. The new island is basically 1 large rock structure with a massive cave the wraps around 3 of the 4 sections. To justify a shipwreck I designed the entire island to be a massive Skull Island set. The front two sections house the 3 ship parts. The stern sits on top of the island rock cave which I think is about 12 to 13 studs tall. The rocks wrap around d the shape of the stern in a way like it's nested between rocks. The rear of the stern where the captains quarters are. The stern around the rudder is enclosed with a door and windows that makes a nice large living quarters for people. The entrance to the cave is below the stern where the front wooden dock is like the set. Instead of gijg. Down the stairs to am open area behind the stern like the set, it actually is a wooden house structure with 2 windows on the side where the middle section sits up against. It becomes a storage room that is built in front of the cave entrance. The inside of the cave has 4 different piers where you can unload cargo and use it as a large secure bunker. The front of Barracuda Bay set has stair case that leads up to the stern. Because of the way my floors overlay the front and middle section to keep it locked together I created a rock archway between the front section and the dock. It also supports the top floor resting above it. That long deck leads to the stern and a fun angle. The since my shop has 4 floors the front of the new expanbed set has an awesome combination of stairs scattered on each level to get you access to each of the 4 floors. I cannot wait to share how much this island easily looks like a well lived in used shipwreck home. Joses Inn. Similar entrance as the set, but due to my extra cargo floor you enter and go up 2 steps to the room. My ship is 4 bricks tall in the cannon level, but because I removed the floors in various sections like the middle section. I created removable roofs that make the Canon room now 6 studs high and easier to walk around towards the front half of that middle section. This gives it a proper touch to help make the interior feel like it's a new bar/kitchen area. 2 Rear sections These were by far my favorite parts to develop. SKULL ISLAND THE LEFT SIDE 32x32 stud space with my version of an UCS skull island that is about just as tall as the stern sitting on top of the cave system. That makes the 32x32 skull island remake about a 15 or so inches tall. The entrance to skull island is through the mouth. You can fit a row boat with people on it in the mouth The skull entrance is actually 45 degrees. I didn't want the island to be entirely based on perpendicular architecture. The e trance is set at. 45 degree angle. The water line level has 2 piers inside. 1 to the left and on in the back with stairs leading up to the middle section with a cave exit. The rear of the middle section sits up against the cave. The cave continues to the right into the right island section. It contains s Nother pier on the far right wall, but also the cave curves slightly left to the pier that leads up the stairs to the front dock below the stern. Rear island second level. Behind the eyes to the skupp shaped cve has an aged dark red/dark blue throne caved into the skull. The skull is removable with 3 technic pins. That level also is a wooden/rock combination area that you can see down to the water level below. It is currently the pirates storage room. There is cave exit leading towards the front section on the left side. There is also a right cave entrance that wrps the island with a wooden and rock carved path that leads to the rudder area that was converted into a cabin like structure. From the middle section you can access the deck level from a bridge from the stern section and front section. The deck above joses inn is the last piece I'm still finishing. It's going to be another small apartment built behind the Canon. On the back half of the middle ship section deck level is stairs that lead to to the skull island 2bd level. That enters a door to a Aston built cabin on top of skull island. That cabin has 2 rooms. The first room has 2 door. 1 leads to the rest of the cabin and the other enders the wooden shipwreck entrance to the captains quarters. Seems odd to enter where the side window is, but the removal shop sections I built actually include a removable side walls on those angled walls that taper to the cabin. Thos was replaced with another wooden structure that lines up to the skull island cabin making it one large housing area. I wanted a secure entrance for the captain and first mate, quartermaster quarters. Nobody can access that deck without entering the 2 doors in the stone cabin. This makes the top of the stern. The second room in the stone cabin is about 11 8 studs and supports a bunk bed for more officers. The officers cabin also has a door that leads to the top of skull island where they can a cess the large wooden crane to house heavy supplies off row boats. Forgot to mention that the second level of skull island where the throne room is location leads outside to the stone cabins basement door where they keep food. There is a prison built into the side of the island between the stern and front ship section under the rock archway. The stone cabin where the officers quarters also has a ladder leading up to the roof. This also accesss the poop deck above the stern. The 4 quarters of the island attach like the new Eldorado set using those clips. The point of this delay was the island. Once I built the ship i felt that the island needed to be equally impressive. The project isn't complete. Maybe in a week I will have the final structure finished and take photos of the massive island.
  5. cehnot

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    I can confirm at least in Northeast Ohio the LEGO store has all new 2024 BAM parts. I picked up 6 pirate torsos, new printed legs, duel molded hair and tricorn hats, 3 lion knight queen torsos, 3 duel molded dark tan and reddish brown legs, and 9 lion knight shields. In the past they let me just get 15 pants or torsos, but the new employees are young and playing by the book. Last major BAM spree was 18 BAM silver/red falcon torsos. Oh well. The pirate printed legs are really nice.
  6. This is inspiring. I did a complete rebuild of the car after the set was released and and i may need to open a second set to build your model. This has so many different part usage techniques. I love the hood and curves on the side. I like how you used the new 1x3 inverted arch for the wheel well.
  7. cehnot

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    That is wonderful. I'll need to check out the local BAM bins. I have been buying a lot of duel molded legs for castle and pirate minifigs. I wish we would get more duel legs with prints on them.
  8. cehnot

    Tim Burton Batmobile V3.

    All my Batman models are now up on rebrickable.com as free instructions. https://rebrickable.com/users/cehnot/mocs/
  9. cehnot

    Tim Burton's 1989 Batwing

    The rebrickable instructions for the batwing, Duck car, batskiboat and batmobile are all on rebrickable. I didn't realize they were set to free, oh well. They all have been updated, revised and finalized with new winter 2023/2024 parts. https://rebrickable.com/users/cehnot/mocs/
  10. cehnot

    Doc Brown's 1985 Garage

    Yes. PM an email to me and I'll get those to you.
  11. cehnot

    Tim Burton's 1989 Batwing

    I have all 4 instructions done. I will do some 3d rendering on the various vehicles for rebrickable. I should have r those done I. The next day.
  12. cehnot

    Tim Burton's 1989 Batwing

    Thank you for your interest. I did make instructions for my revamped batmobile. It contains new 2023 parts. Free on rebrickable. I have finished recently a modified batwing with 2023 parts. I'll make that instructions during the holidays. I have the old studio file and new files if you feel like you want to take them and build it without instructions. The batskiboat has not changed and will not likely change since it already was sturdy. If you want the file PM. 89 batmobile instructions
  13. cehnot

    2023 Majisto GWP

    Check out instagram @peter.g.keith He did one.
  14. cehnot

    [OFFICIAL] 10320 Eldorado Fortress - Available NOW

    I will be adding him to the same ship later, but that torso inspired me to make a new pirate minifigure for my Seven Seas Barracuda.