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  1. great job. That is working out quite well.
  2. cehnot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Here is the original Studio file I did on previous pages. You will see that i tried to group sections together for you to build it better. For reference, you cans ee many of the photos for the file in my bricksafe page. Barracuda Galleon Studio Download The one thing I did that isnt historically accurate was do the main deck cannon ports above the bracers. The ship felt better at this scale to have them inserted here and it hides them well. The are where the rigging attaches are easy to subtract and modify that area to fit the standard LEGO plastic rigging. I wish LEGO created a newer stern part or split it into a top and base like the front boat hull pieces. I keep going back and forth on so many issues with the ship. I like the ship I build above, it fits well with the other system ships, but I keep trying to build a full ship with 3 to 4 decks and still fit within the same scale. I am struggling with making hard decisions. I decided to make the ship a small-medium size galleon ship. 1. Pre-fab stern hull or brick-built stern hull. I widened the ship by 2 bricks on the lower sides. I used the curved sloped to help establish that curve effect. They raise the ship almost 2 studs higher. The water line should be where the curved slopes begin and if I wanted to display the ship "sitting above water" i would probably need to create a baseplate design so the ship would sit on the table at the correct height above water. The newer prefab hull pieces make this work perfectly, except we do not have a new stern piece that splits. I like this brick-built stern shape if I were to not use the older bow and stern pieces. It would also allow me to use all new reddish brown parts and keep the color consistent. The shape of the brick-built stern looks fine at most angles. I am not sure if wedge plates and tiles will, have not focused on finishing it yet. 2. The rear half of the ship profile bugs me to death. I never liked the older design I did because it was too tall in the back. Every blueprint I have of 17th century galleon ships Almost every single cross section shows the interior height about 5 to 6 ft tall. The quarter deck area usually is shoulder length so around 4-5 ft tall. With this said, I gutted the entire ship to work with this idea and i struggle with adding a navigation room above the great cabin area since it would be tall enough. That is why the yellow sticks out further above the cabin. Suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. cehnot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I have retooled the entire ship since that model was designed. I gave up on widening the ship the way i talked about. I am on Version 44 now. I save a new file each time the program crashes and auto recovery occurs. I will gladly give away the Studio File for that model since I abandoned it. Anybody who wants the model I designed earlier this last year just let me know.
  4. cehnot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    You can find plain white replacement sails on eBay for the ship if you want. Several vendors have them for this set. I am purchasing a few double sided set of sails got my upcoming mod.
  5. That is one crazy cross section. I guess when I built this model I would have to play around with it. The only way to figure it out would test your structural frame. Thanks for the reply. The ship is amazing in design and I wouldn't even try to build my own version. This will be my definitive version. I still have not built the Millennium Falcon because people keep improving it and soon the Marshal Banana version will have instructions. I love how everything on this model is built without stickers. I saw those yellow stripes on the ship and am glad you did this with bricks.
  6. Based on the design and internal structure, does this ship have the ability to be modified to accomidate room behind the cockpit with a ladder going down to the area? Not a huge deal, but I did purchase the canopy now that LEGO restocked the set and a bricklink seller had it for $8.
  7. He posted the how to on the dock rings for a few months then took it down. I wish i saved them on the computer.
  8. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    My X-wing design is about 42 bricks long, minifigs scale to 1:35. The build is slightly longer than the Official set, but scaled to match my other vehicle collection. It looks great next to the Falcon. I plan on doing a modified falcon like the forums or take the parts and make something closer to Marshal Bananas design. If you have any other questions feel free to ask or message me. If anybody needs the file private message me. I'll be sharing them thos week. For all other customizations I did in this thread, such as ion cannons, you can message me if you plan on doing this and I can share my experience with you.
  9. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Private message me your email
  10. cehnot

    Tron Legacy Display

    If anybody wants the digital file let me know. I may not have time to make instructions.
  11. cehnot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    Once the ship is complete may ve I'll have both options for people. The masts are easy to convert.
  12. cehnot

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I will once I figure out the final ship. I have wanted to do a full set of rigging, but I may do it in 2 stages. The file was completed, but I am not sure how to separate out the parts from the original set. If anybody can tell me how to do this I will gladly offer this list. I was planning on doing the sails as if they were different fabric so wasn't sure how to get the sails a different color. I think I will use waterproof ink. Would you rather see rigging or lego style masts? I'll try to show the while ship. I just purchased 2 Pirates of Barracuda Bay sets from the official website. The second is for my stepson. I'm putting together a bricklink order for other pieces.
  13. cehnot

    Tron Legacy Display

    greatly appreciated. I'll probably start making instructions to thos model and offer it up for sale.
  14. cehnot

    Tron Legacy Display

    Thanks. I guess the download page is gone now. I need to fond a better place for people to do that. Or make instructions.
  15. I get a lot of requests for my models I render in Stud.io and people tend to be upset because i do not provide instructions for these files. I do not have a lot of free time and I was wondering if there are people in the community who enjoy doing this and would offer these services? I would rather partner up with people on this and continue designing models. In the past i gave the model files away for free, but I understand that a person who would spend the time building instructions would want to profit on their time. I just want to make sure people have a fun time building the models.