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  1. Not yet. There are a few alternative solutions for making this happen, but the cannons won't be entirely pearl dark gray. 2 issues I would face: need to use a jumper plate, and a bar with a round stud at the end. My only concern is the gaps under the bow parts. The old bow and stern were solid structures underneath the ship. I need to investigate how to fill those gaps when the ship is constructed. Looks great sideways, but not so much underneath.
  2. My second and third LEGO B&P order came in. The dark tan, pearl gray, and reddish brown parts finish my pirates order.
  3. Several updates: The Barracuda display tiles are printing this week. I am eager to see how the UV printing comes out. 5 custom printed tan 2x4 tiles. The company sent a digital mockup for approval. They assured me that the blocky image will be smooth. The digital rendering does this. As a tease I took one WIP photo. Some of the figures are missing several body parts. I am taking photos this week of the final crew. A total of 60 pirates. I took many liberties updating the characters outside the Barracuda Bay set. Those original 8 were not altered. Many of the characters were developed for the LEGO Universe game. I would love LEGO to include these torso pieces from the game, but I used what is available. I am waiting on 2 orders that include several hats, bandanas, legs and arms. These should be here any day now. I bought a bunch of various torsos and heads while ordering parts for the ship, but forgot to order the other parts. 2 LEGO Bricks and Pieces orders should also be here any day now. That will finish my ship parts. Crew Names are finalized: Captain Redbeard Quartermaster Rummy Riggings 1st Mate/Helmsman Lady Anne Anchor 2nd Mate Darwin 3rd Mate Slinger Sail Maker Bliss Bo'sun Jack Dark Shark Doubloons Gunner Master Robin Loot Carpenter/Cooper Neal Tatooga Master At Arms Will Cavendish Striker Jake The Snake Blake Helmsman Lady Anne Anchor Powder Monkey/Cabin Boy Jimbo Cook Flashfork Port and Starboard twins Old Percy Parma Sean LaFeet Black Jack Hawkins Gonzo Goldbar George Culverin Hank the Castaway Salty The Sailor Pirate Princess Argenta "Blade Dancer" Pirate Princess Dagger Bill Niels The Scoundrel Dick (Richard) Cannonball Jimmy Jolly Jack Crow Narben Johnney (Renegade Runner helmsmen) Lolbroek Karren Karl the Swindler Ben Raider Michael Raider Pierre LaFitte Harry Hardtack Drake Dagger Scurvy Dog Morty Mizzenmast (lookout) Bonny Belay (rigger) Wally Horswaggle Burt Scurvyburp (former quartermaster) Betty Hatchesbatten Merciless Ned (scout) Brawling Diable Phil Black Hearted Kevin (cannoneer) Robby Jibhanger (spy) Billy Picaroon Fernie LaBoosh Gary Grogowitz (spy) Enrique Tharshebloze (lookout) Georgie Timbershivers (spy) Swabby Bildgebarrel Burky Urchin Swifty McGurk Arthur Arbuckle Ralphy Brig-Eyes Squall Aye Toby Squidbarrel Captain Foul "The Pirate Captain" (original Barracuda Captain) Animals: Monkey Spinoza (original set name) Parrot Popsy (original set name)
  4. I placed 4 separate orders in April. I am working on expanding my Barracuda so most of the parts were cheaper purchasing directly from LEGO than on bricklink. Most of them are commonly used parts, but I definitely added many new elements that came in the 2020-2021 sets. Many of the 2021 parts were purchased for future builds or solving older model problems i created. Those 1x1 bricks with an axle hole will be great for so many ideas. I will now have enough cannons for 16 port holes. I have been buying up various containers (1x3, 2x2, 3x4), treasure chests, old brown, dark brown, reddish brown, and black barrels for the galleon's cargo hold. I could not pass up their availability during this order. The sacks are cheaper as well. I look forward to the other 3 orders. The second order ends my pirate theme necessities, and begins the black falcon theme collection. Order 3 and 4 should complete 20 black falcon knights and accessories as well as 5 horses. Since they announced the 3-in-1 creator castle set I am sure these mini figure parts will be around for some time, but I thought it would be wiser to collect them early since bricklink torsos are about $3 a piece verses the $0.91 price off LEGO.
  5. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    The one place I seem to forget about. Checked and I have 14 messages. I'll handle them all today.
  6. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    did we handle this? If not I will gladly help you out. I do not make instructions. All I offer is my digital file. I have grouped sections of the ship I found helpful when building different areas. I did not have it on bricksafe, but I will gladly offer them to you. I thought the file was on bricksafe, but I could be wrong. I may just post a download link here. For now message me and I'll email you the files. Did the file work? If it's not listed I may just offer a link here for do.
  7. cehnot

    The future of Back to the Future?

    I wish they include minifigs from BTTF2 film. Ghostbusters minifigs would have been redundant, but they should have included the different bonds over then last 25 films or offered them in a separate series of micro sets.
  8. I am not 100 percent committed as of yet. I cut the rigging in the parts designer and like the results. Obviously, I wish LEGO did not center the rigging pieces, but I prefer the way it looks now. The use of rope may be decided once I start that process. I designed the ship to accommodate both ideas with little changes. Waiting on my orders from LEGO. All other orders arrived. I can begin ordering my expanded crew pieces. Though I found some parts in my previous orders I have a bunch of torsos and heads from town, castle, etc that work quite well when you mix and match parts. I also want some of these characters to have the molded beards and I forgot to order these, mustaches, and hoods or wraps that surround the neck. I found quite a bit of the prisoner torsos do not have numbers printed on the stripes so those will work well with the theme. Some of the generic castle villager torso also work. I now have 34 crew members assembled. A few more needing heads and hair, banderas, or hats. It's tough finding heads that feel like pirate parts from other themes. I have about 14 torsos and heads to order to complete the 50 man crew. This does not include the 8 figures from the set. Out of 58 crew members, I think a dozen or so will be ranked according to the following: Captain Redbeard Quartermaster Rummy Riggings 1st Mate/Helmsman Lady Anne Anchor 2nd Mate Darwin 3rd Mate Slinger Sail Maker Bliss Bo'sun Jack Dark Shark Doubloons Gunner Master Robin Loot Carpenter/Cooper Neal Tatooga Master At Arms Will Cavendish Striker Jake The Snake Blake Helmsman Lady Anne Anchor Powder Monkey/Cabin Boy Jimbo Cook Flashfork Or Cook Bart the Butcher Other crew Monkey Spinoza (original set name) Parrot Popsy (original set name) Port and Starboard twins Old Percy Tattoo McGoo Parma Sean LaFeet Black Jack Hawkins Gonzo Goldbar George Culverin Hank the Castaway Skip Peter Pirate Princess Argenta and Dagger daughters of redbeard All names are LEGO characters from various sets. I didn't realize how many barrels, 1x3, 2x2, and 3x4 crates I ordered. I know the set came with some of these things, but i wanted to have a full cargo area. Ilove these dark brown wand 1x3 crates. The nueget 2x2 crates are awesome and i have 10 of those. The taller 2x2 crates work well holding weapons and I may have a dozen of these as well. I always loved the 3x4 crates. I have 2 brown and 6 reddish brown pieces. These parts are large and may not all fit in the ship. Dark brown barrells, 26 so far. I would like to have a dozen reddish brown and old brown barrels so I can distinguish gun powder, water, and beer. know I have another dozen barrels and different sized crates from LEGO coming, quick solves most of this. Lastly, those bags or sacks parts. I have a dozen or so of these to pile up. I collected a bunch of various cuts, glasses, mugs, and bottles as well. wWeapons are also well in stock. I have no clue how many knives, cutlasses, axes, rifles, and pistols i have, but i think it will enough for 50 crew members. hen there are the 8 figures from the Barracuda set I need to add in when I open the bags.
  9. LEGO has hammocks, but they are 10 studs long. I am going to buy a few and scan them in and recreate them on the Adobe Illustrator and shorten them to fit 7 to 8 studs. I will supply them to the Ohio laser cut custom sails guy I been in touch with and he said he will get those done on the same fabric he is using for the replacement sails. Shrouds, you.mean the jib sails or other square sails? I am still looking at my options. I have a laser cut company who makes replacement sails and I can provide the custom shapes I need cut and printed as an option. I will make sail decisions after the ship is made and I do moc paper sails to see what sizes look right. I may need to do a full set of custom sails. Right now the masts are built with the set sails in mind and custom jib and mizzen mast sails.
  10. cehnot

    Doc Brown's 1985 Garage

    I do not have the time to do instructions. As with all my models, I gladly will give away the files. If somebody wanted to do instructions and sell them for me, I have no issue with that, but I would rather spent that time building new models. I have the van, delorean, and VW van models available for anybody willing to build them from the models. I generally try to group sections in the model to make it easier to build. I have built the delorean and have Studio renders as well as real photos in the bricksafe account. I also built the VW van and plan to take photos of it as well. Part of the reason I have not built the van is because the 6x16 stud tile is not available. I would love a tile without studs. I also noticed a few new parts in 2020 as well as 2021 that may help with the walls, such as the new bracket parts recently made. I do not know how strong the walls and roof are so I would like to get these parts in the next few months and build the model and modify it as needed. As for now, it looks great on the renders. The 2x6 tiles and 6x6 tiles could work, but I need to try these first. For those who want to see the other models: Bricksafe Back to the Future Collection I have been focused on purchasing all the parts for my 14,000 piece ghostbuster firehouse, custom galleon Barracuda ship, and a few smaller models I designed in studio. The garage will likely be my next large purchase.
  11. My wife now knows I placed a bunch of LEGO orders for this as she handed me the mail. Waiting for a bricklink vendor to ship my last order so I can build the display stand. 4 other bricklink orders in route to the house and 3 huge Bricks and Pieces orders I placed while securing several newer parts from the latest 2021 models. Those will probably take forever. I ordered a bunch of the reddish brown, black, and other rare parts on LEGO replacement program when I noticed most of them were the same price as the vendors scattered on bricklink. I also picked up extra green plant parts, black falcon torsos, legs, armor and horses from the blacksmiths set because those were my second favorite collections growing up. So far I have 30 additional crew members enlisted aboard. Waiting for more parts to make up the last 20 crew members. I may need to take a few photos of the crew building the display stand. I still need to get the custom nameplate created, buy a ton of string from a craft store, and continue buying random torsos, legs, and heads from bricklink to build my crew.
  12. cehnot

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    This would look great connected to the Barracuda Bay. I love the whole design and works quite well. I will definitely use some of these ideas expanding the set. The bridge and shack are fantastic.
  13. that was quick. I grabbed ten sets of shields, torsos, legs, heads, and armor. I am glad i didn't miss out on this opportunity. I should have done more for future army building.
  14. Cannons are back. Grabbed 16 for my pirates moc. Missed out on the falcon torso and legs, but grabbed a few older knight head. I may be too focused on building pirate stuff, but I love those new horses.
  15. Parts are slowly arriving. I still need to place a few more orders, but this is expensive. I placed an order on bricks and pieces because they had some of the newer parts I needed. Looking forward to getting all my orders by June. Started to swap out colors and make several modifications to the ship because of cost. Changed my smaller cannons because I wanted them to have dark pearl gray parts instead of all Dark Bluish Gray. At least I'll have the option for both designs. The stand will be built first since that only took 3 different orders. I didn't realize the 2x2 curved tile isn't available in reddish brown yet. I may substitute the doors for black until that part is available in the color I want. I need to buy string or cord. Anybody know where I can find several different sizes that look similar to the official brand options. I am also building my pirate army. I have a bunch of stuff in a wanted list. I would like to have a crew of 50 or more.