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Found 10 results

  1. Hitori Gotou or 'Bocchi' from the anime Bocchi the Rock. -- I always wanted to make some Chibi figures with Lego like those made by Javier Soravilla or Mike Dung, but seeing that Ted Andes also made some, Chisato and Takina, recently made me want to also finally give it a try. I borrowed some building techniques of those mentioned earlier and used the instructions of Javier Soravilla: for the frame of the figure. -- For this Chibi figure I had to get creative, I wanted to make Hitori Gotou, but in the show she's mostly wearing pink and her hair is also pink. I wanted to distinguish between the two. So I used "Paradisa" Pink for her body, which severely limits the available pieces and Bright Pink for her hair. Ofcourse I can't forget to include the guitar and an amplifier, I even included a distortion ds2, if you where wondering what that orange thing was. Bocchi by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Thanks for looking, C&C always welcome.
  2. Horlack Bricks

    [Chibi] Emeraldas from Leiji Matsumoto

    Chibi, from Emeraldas. Gravity Saber with NPU part N°2614 Fishing Rod, Cosmo Gun/Cosmo Dragoon with NPU part N°36752a Wand, & Leiji Matsumoto Chibi - Emeraldas by Horlack, sur Flickr
  3. Horlack Bricks

    Chibi Mavis Vermillion

    Little work of my day Inspiration from Mavis Vermillion, in the Manga Fairy Tail. Made with LDD and Failed to make the hair that long, curly and half-tapered back. Just a horror to do! So I'd settle for short hair Chibi by Horlack, sur Flickr
  4. Presenting my LEGO Mighty Micro interpretation of the Ghostbusters (1984) Ecto-1! Ghostbusters, Ecto-1 (Mighty Micro) by Adeel Zubair This recreation of the Ecto-1 as a Mighty Micro was quite simple to design. It's ironic that the back of the model is the highlight of the whole model. I'm pretty sure you can guess what pieces were used at the front. NB - I didn't post a main photo of this MOC as it was a rather dull photograph, I attempted it several times and it just wasn't working. Thankfully the back came out perfectly! It's perspective and angle looks quite Chibi and comical with the right side wheels getting pressed into the ground as the Ecto-1 comes in to action! More Mighty Micros: Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. Adeel
  5. Introducing my most popular MOC to date! Chibimus Prime! Featuring - 32 points of articulation - Facial Expressions!!! - Transforms!!! This MOC took me around a week from conceptualisation to completion. The reason to go Chibi (cute in Japanese) style for Prime was to capture the essence and look of Optimus Prime and keeping the transformation simple. As such much emphasis is placed on the retaining as much key aesthetics on Prime with a bit of artistic liberties and personal input. Please visit my Flickr album for Chibimus Prime for more pictures and detailed description! Thank you! (PS: Somehow I can't add more than one picture on the thread, not sure why)
  6. Hi All, My LUG is having a Chibi building competition. This is the first time I've built Chibi and also the first time I've made a non-castle based MOC. I decided to build Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. My limited trans collection made it an interesting build and to help improve the build I decided to build a hanger for it with her Justice League friends. C&C welcome. I may actually have to do some more superhero builds as this was fun.
  7. ultron32

    [MOC] Chibi Dark Aster

    Chibi Dark Aster by Ultron32, on Flickr Based on Ronan the Accuser's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy, here is one of my entries for The Brother's Brick's Chibi Vehicle Contest: Comments appreciated! :)
  8. gavralcraw

    Chibi Gulley Speeder Race

    A bit of a pop culture mashup to please the kids for Brickvention 2015. A Beggars Canyon race with some threading of the Stone Needle on Tatooine using SDCC speeder model derivatives. More pictures on flickr.
  9. Built for the Chibi Micro Contest, hosted by Simon and The Brother's Brick , with the first place prize being a FAN EXPO CANADA EXCLUSIVE STAR WARS SET that I had to literally fight a hundred other people for to secure it for the contest. ;D Last week my dad lent me some Thunderbirds episodes. Can't stop watching, such a good series! A collaborative build between myself and the amazingly talented Dr. Spock. This build is one of two parts, built for the Fairview LEGO®-Brand retail store in Toronto. It's a micro version of Thunderbird 2's Hangar, with a reference image here. The other part (Spoiler: Thunderbird 1's hangar) can be found here. Inspired by The Brother's Brick Micro Chibi contest and The Thunderbird's 50th Anniversary this year (2015). Logo found here. Keep in mind that the ones below were done before the base, which is why some of them may appear different (were "upgraded") in the photo above. The ones in the photo above are the updated versions. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 1 Really wish I had some fishing wire so I could've hung it for extra puppet-like effect. I even made a Scott Tracy minifig! Reference images for Thunderbird 1. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 2 My absolute favourite of all 5 Thunderbirds. Reference image here. Virgil Tracy figure included! Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 3 Didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but hey, Happy New Year! Ow this hangover sucks... Reference images here and here. Includes Alan Tracy minifigure. Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 4 Underwater rescue! Reference image here. Gordon Tracy figure included! Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 5 I finally found a use for the croissant piece! Reference images here and here! John Tracy Minifigure included! Micro-birds: Pod 3, The Mole What's the Thunderbirds without my favourite rescue vehicle, the Mole? *<i>Thunderbirds</i> and all related names, images, etc. are property of ITV PLC. All rights reserved.
  10. (Chibi + LEGO = Chibo) At least according to Darth Ky, who has constructed three sets of impressively shaped and articulated figures: Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Yoda, Dooku, Ahsoka, and Ventress, and clones in red, blue, and orange. The chibi and sort of manga styles are combined with some incredible shaping. (Dooku’s hair does look a bit strange, but remember that that’s the same way his CW minifig has the hair done.) And every figure is fully articulated, too. All three models are also on CUUSOO. Blog Note: I hope you're all enjoying the finds. As a reminder, I only post the exceptional finds in this forum, so there're still some builds to be seen on the blog that aren't also posted here.