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  1. Just a couple of quick images of the connected build Orchard, Produce Garden and House (the best I could do with limited display space). Learned a lot during the build. The comments and tips were and will be very helpful. Already started to dismantle and re-sort. I spend a lot of time with this build, almost 4 months, as i am a slow builder and also had to keep ordering new parts as my collection was (and still is ) very small. There are never enough bricks just lack of space or money . Time to start the next build, which will require new part orders .
  2. The credit for the roof must go to @davee123 and his excellent viking village. It is very part intensive and I probably won't use this technique for such a large house anytime soon . I had that hole in the roof intersection and thought, naturally, to use a shield then I remembered the snitch. It's a part that I thought would have not much use outside the Potterverse but it fit nicely into this build. You are completely right, you can see in the pantry the utensils are hanging down. This was an oversight, in the Kitchen nook they should be too, there is actually space for it. Actually, I did some research and fireplaces and chimneys as we know them are a later middle age feature: "... there were only two ways to keep warm in a medieval winter: fire and the animal heat of other living creatures. We take fireplaces for granted, and indeed fireplaces were a medieval invention. They came in originally during the twelfth century but did not become common until the thirteenth, and were very much something for the elite. Before then, and for peasants throughout most of the rest of the Middle Ages, the normal source of heat was a fire pit in the middle of the room. The smoke found its way out through small holes under the roof..." From This is just one source among many others. One of the images I used as inspiration was this: Thank for the comments and tips @mccoyed, @Grover, @zoth33, @W Navarre.
  3. Bracari

    Kaliphlin at Work Collab

    An impressive collection of works and awesome collab. Really displays the themes and feel for Kaliphlin. Enjoyed viewing each of them as they were posted for the past couple of weeks.
  4. Strongarm Farm House | Mitgardia | Bracari
  5. Bracari

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    My entry for Farm Phase Three consideration:
  6. As Sir Loth Strongarm approaches the House he notices that his grandson, Tarrys, has returned with the goats from the pasture. Soon it will be time to join the herds of the community and move them to the Summer pastures. This year will be the first time Tarrys will spend time as a helper in the high valley shepherding with the older men. The Strongarm's house is divided into the family hall and the animal enclosure with a pantry, dairy and overhead storage. Tarrys is excitedly talking about his first outing alone without the family to his grandfather while his mother Skyra and older sister Yura tend to dinner. Have been sitting on this for awhile, still struggling with scene composition, lighting and photography but have spent too much time with it and post-editing and want to really start a new project. The house is easily detachable and pivots on two hinges. Opinions and criticism are welcome. A few more pictures below.
  7. Bracari

    AoM: House Phase 2: Widow's Cottage

    An great and inspiring build. Love the roof texturing. One of these days I need to buy a cow, just one grazing lazily gives such a nice country atmosphere to the whole (and the chickens too, of course).
  8. Bracari

    Flockwood village

    Nice trees and snowscape. I do like the roof and its angles. The path does seem to have a little too much color variation to me, but that is something I am struggling with also as a novice builder.
  9. Bracari

    The Flying Pony [Varlyrio, HSS]

    Nice build. Simple but effective texture, with the masonry contrasting with the round bricks. Would love to see one of the mini-horses poking its head out of the pen . When combined the building fit very well together.
  10. Thank you for all the comments. Still a lot of experimentation and learning so i tried to incorporate three ways to make the flowers, traditional flower on stem, the lever base and round plates with both 4 and 5 petals (although there are some issues with color availability) and the new 3 leaves plate with friends flowers.(7 petals). The stone wall was assembled, partially disassembled and re-assembled several times . The idea i that the rock outcropping will continue on the next adjacent build, so for now it is only a part of the whole. The one stud gap is meant to be an irrigation ditch but again it will depend on the next build for it to be fully visible (and I don't know if it will work or not yet, so there might be changes). I think it turned out good too and it wasn't even planned. I wanted some different colored vegetable planted, so I used a white open stud round plate with a twig on top on the base. Then when I had the minifig harvesting the garden my first thought went naturally to the usual carrot, however that day I had just received an order with white small horns so i tried it out and the twig and horn actually fit nicely in the open stud and the parsnip was born . Again, thanks for the comments, tips and suggestions.
  11. Bracari

    AoM: Tower Phase 1: Roadside Outpost

    I do like the trees, very nice. Great texture and color pallet on the path and landscape.
  12. My little garden: Thread: Flickr album:
  13. Bracari

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    AoM: Farm Phase 2: Strongarm's Homestead Produce Garden: Now it's time to start the big build, Farmhouse and animal husbandry
  14. The path out of the orchard leads Sir Loth Strongarm by the family's produce garden, lush with crops. There he sees his granddaughter Yura, the middle child of his son Stenon, harvesting vegetables. Hard working, strong-willed and beautiful as her mother. She is of marrying age but, like her older brother, does not seem to give much thought to it yet. Granted, the current small Vale community does not have many potential compatible suitors. Another thing that might change with the return of Lady Eleanor, with the possibility of the return of some of those who left the Vale and the arrival of new settlers.
  15. Bracari

    Farm's Market [Varlyrio, HSS]

    Very nice little build with so many interesting elements. Seems to fit well in the overall city layout, like a small park/plaza surrounded by bigger buildings.