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  1. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Since B1s are less expensive to produce (for TLG) than minifigs, then the battle pack could contain more battle droids, or else be cheaper. The Battle droids battle pack could contain 2 B2s, 4 B1s, a STAP, or a small transport. I probably would not buy it, but I know that many others would, and in massive quantities. We are getting an CIS AAT with two B1 pilots this August, and people could get a few of those to help build a droid army. It is time for a new Star Destroyer, and I agree with a few others that an Interdictor-class would be quite interesting.
  2. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I really like these ideas, and think most of them have a decent likelihood of becoming sets. I honestly would not like another Rebels wave, as I strongly dislike the show and most of it's characters. Also, it Rebels' plot for the first season is like "Good guys blow up thousands of incompetent bad guys". I will pause my rant there, as this a Lego forum. We need more sets from the prequels, as there have not been many in the past few years. I think that the Republic gunship would be a big hit, but more so if the price point was more like $199.
  3. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I think that it is about time for another Endor bunker, like @ARC2149Nova said. Having it in the 50-100 dollar range would be about right. It would contain 2 scout troopers, 1 Stormtrooper, 1Imperial crewer 2 Rebel commandos, Leia, Han, Wicket, 2 generic Ewoks, the bunker with blast out wall, an Ewok trap and catapult, C3PO, R2, 2 speeders, and maybe an AT-ST and small tree build.
  4. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    That is fine! I have known plenty of kids who don't care a thing about action features, and just get a set for the figures or ship in it. I've not met a single person who says they are a fan of stud shooters, everybody just wants the classic blaster rifle, pistol, or medium rifle.
  5. Beleg the Ranger

    "The Empire Strikes Back" in LEGO

    Excellent! Can't wait to see the next installments!
  6. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    @Omand, more Imperials would always be great (and popular) Also, we have not had a Fleet Trooper battle pack in quite a while. I feel that young kids would not be into a few of the more of the less"action based" scene sets above. I can imagine Lego adding some exploding function to make the set "playable" that would be pretty strange to AFOLs. I really find OT sets a lot more appealing to buy, and so do most SW Lego fans who watched ANH in theaters in 1977, and also Empire and ROTJ. Those sets also appeal to younger fans who are disappointed (like me) about the "sequels". Anyway, most OT sets would probably meet with success. Sorry about the heavy acronym use, it feels unavoidable in Star Wars fandom.
  7. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Yes! A Legends wave! Man. That would be awesome, especially the Yuuzhan Vong. One of those bio-ships would be really cool too. There is so much Legends stuff just waiting to be built. I would include in my ideal Legends wave would also be the Abeloth. You know, the one that looks like she is from some R-rated horror movie. Also, Darth Nihilus and Revan would be successes.
  8. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I honestly doubt if Lego is going to release many, if any, more Solo sets. Solo is sort of remembered as "Solo: a Star Wars flop", so sets from it probably wouldn't be in Lego's best interests. Nevertheless, the sets @Mandalorianknight has listed above would make sense, and hopefully provide us with useful parts and minifigures. As for me, I would like to see more Rogue One sets, as Rogue One is my favorite of Disney SW. Eadu Attack: $70- 2 stormtroopers, Krennic, Death Trooper, Galen Erso, Jyn (with poncho), and Cassian. Landing platform build with exploding function and blast door, past blast door would be a interior with a control room. Also included would be 2 orange Kyber crystal crates. Another "Battle on Scarif" set, but this time more substantial. $60- 2 Shoretroopers, (1 grunt, 1 squad leader) 2 Stormtroopers, 3 Rebel Pathfinders, jungle and blast door entrance build (with exploding function, of course) The Scarif land battle is my favorite SW battle (other than Hoth), and is a lot of other people's too, so a UCS might be a success. Battle of Scarif: $299- AT-ACT driver, 2 Shoretroopers, 1 Death Trooper, 3 Stormtroopers, U-Wing pilot, TIE pilot, 4 Pathfinders, various palm tree builds to be modular, blast door entrance (Also modular), modular gun turret, 2 crates, modular control panel, U-Wing, TIE Striker, and AT-ACT. The price point for that might be a bit low. As I thought more about this set, the more I liked it, so tell me your thoughts!
  9. Beleg the Ranger

    Future Star Wars Sets

    @Mandalorianknight, most of the set ideas you've suggested above would be great for all of the OT fans out there (especially the Imperial ones for me). Yavin 4 as a UCS might be a stretch, but at least a set that grasps it's feel. It is so strange TLG hasn't made one yet. @ARC2149Nova's idea about "The iconic moments of SW" would be really great, but maybe adding a few things from the sequels (not that I like them, I don't, but other people do) In general, more battle packs without stud shooters would be a safe idea. They tend to sell well and provide us with great minifigures.
  10. Beleg the Ranger

    Official UCS set versions of popular MOCs?

    I think UCS sets from current mocs is a good idea, but probably wouldn't fly with TLG's current marketing strategy. A U-wing would make a great UCS, as it was an awesome ship, and we have gotten 0 UCS from RO. RO is my favorite of the Disney SW movies, as Imperials were pretty great in it. Some sort of larger Scarif battle set would also have been nice, but too late for that. I wonder if anything else from RO would make a good UCS...
  11. As others have remarked, the Totenkopfe are excellent, appearing in this build as elite troops, or so I think. Is that right? The build is also superb, and alludes to being long lost. I also like seeing pikemen in the ranks.
  12. Beleg the Ranger

    [SR - Ch III - cat. D(1)] Privateering

    Great microscale ships! Seems like Ned and Ted have forgotten about the battle.
  13. Beleg the Ranger

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - TT] Dr. Cornelius Evazan's Lab

    Dr. Cornelius Evazan strikes again! It seems like he is renowned in SW despite just two, somewhat minor appearances.
  14. Beleg the Ranger

    [SR - FB] Introductory MOC: The Stash

    Welcome to BoBs, @Corweena!
  15. Beleg the Ranger

    Stormholme Castle

    Incredible! Absolutely stunning! That is probably 2 times the bricks I have in my collection, but size is not everything, and detail is great too. You have overloaded (in a good way) on both!