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    Lord of the Rings, History, Lego pirates and castle, Star Wars, mountain biking and whitewater kayaking, philosophy and theology, culture and history of the British Isles


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  1. Beleg the Ranger

    [SR - FB] Introductory MOC: The Stash

    Welcome to BoBs, @Corweena!
  2. Beleg the Ranger

    Stormholme Castle

    Incredible! Absolutely stunning! That is probably 2 times the bricks I have in my collection, but size is not everything, and detail is great too. You have overloaded (in a good way) on both!
  3. Beleg the Ranger

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    Barracks stage 2:Thorshaven training ground I am going to make Thorshaven my main "base". I'm also going to document the adventures of Beleg and his merry band in some builds that I will post after I finish moving.
  4. http://[url/][/url]20200514_101038 by pope.dt06 , on Flickr Beleg the Ranger, after returning from a long trip, finds the Mitgardian peasants around Thorshaven severely lacking in training. He brings several of the young ones who dream of fighting to his private sparring ground, centered on an ancient shrine to the War God. He aims to train them into a professional mercenary force that might eventually be hired in the rapidly developing Nocturnian Civil War... I am going to document the adventures of Beleg and his band of mercenaries, who you will get to know better, after I finish moving. This is a build that I made a while ago, and the story was a little hasty, but I hope you will enjoy it! Click on the photo, and you will see a pic of the shrine in the corner. I am moving, so you'll not see a lot of me on the Forums. I hope to get back into building in a month or two.
  5. Beleg the Ranger

    Building the Tantive IV movie-sequence in LEGO

    Great job, all of these builds are excellent quality! Yes, it would be great to continue with your other MOCs in my opinion!
  6. Beleg the Ranger

    [MOC] MINIs from Rogue One

    Thanks! That is a whole lot lot of micros, more than I thought there would be.
  7. Beleg the Ranger

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone ambush

    (Darth Vader voice synthesizer sound effects) "Impressive. Most impressive." Great job, @Gubi0222! Other people have said lots about it, but I shall stop here. Congratulations on making such a great but small build!
  8. Beleg the Ranger

    [MOC] MINIs from Star Wars Rebels

    I am not a huge fan of Rebels (Too much plot armor in the first season, and how most of the Imperials are sort of clowned), but that doesn't mean I don't like these! I, being an Imperial myself, like the Imperial models, but my favorite is probably the Mining Guild TIE. I think that that design was really cool, and your model has done it justice.
  9. Beleg the Ranger

    [MOC] MINIs from Rogue One

    Wow. These are really good! My favorites are the Eta class transport and the TIE Reaper. Would you mind maybe taking a pic of all of models together?
  10. Beleg the Ranger

    [MOC] Droideka

    Minifig scale, I mean. In the movies, if I remember correctly, they are a bit bigger than a tall human (Qui Gon), thus making this about minifig scale. If I am wrong, correct me.
  11. Beleg the Ranger

    Snowy Hike

    Small but stunning! I like how the path and the snow mound up a bit and slope into the creek, and also the scraggly evergreen. Excellent work, fellow Mitgardian!
  12. Beleg the Ranger

    [MOC] Droideka

    This Droideka is very good! It is to scale, and looks better than most Lego Droidekas. The abundance of greebles also gives it that sort of hi-tech appearance with all the different wires and such that it gets in the movies.
  13. Beleg the Ranger

    [OL - FB - Astrapi] Seminary of Axel the Martyr

    Ah, I did remember the centerpiece tower from somewhere...
  14. Beleg the Ranger

    [OL - FB - Astrapi] Seminary of Axel the Martyr

    The architecture and story make your build excellent, @Ross Fisher! As @Professor Thaum said, the dome is great, too.