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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Here is my entry to Swebrick's Christmas contest! Comments and criticism is welcomed.
  2. Great build Mountain Master! I especially like the pile of stones! (which may have inspired my build ;) )
  3. Wineyard

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    Thanks @Gideon! Couldn’t do it without your help! Ah! Yeah, that is a good suggestion! I always find the photography part of a Lego project the hardest! It seems like that at least
  4. Wineyard

    CHALLENGE I: Rebuilding the City Wall

    Great model! I find it fascinating how different people have tried to render medieval cranes for this challenge.
  5. Wineyard

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey! I been off for a few week - but thanks a lot for the warm welcome! I think I have chosen the right Guild! I have just completed an entry for Challenge I, a part of my future town Schwarzburg.
  6. The small town of Schwarzburg was in a terrible state when Lord Wineyard took power in the area. The town was almost abandoned egen before the Great War and was to a large extent demolished during the war. But the few families that still resides within the walls of Schwarzburg needs protection and therefore Lord Wineyard has begun rebuilding the outer fortifications. Lord Wineyard listens closely to his architect, who describes the next step in the building process. The young squire and the old general watch closely. Outside the castle, workers dig a moat around the castle. Lord Wineyard uses the few soldiers he has to guard the most important parts of the wall. The stonecutters and mansons have worked day and night to rebuild the wall. The crane operator on the other hand needs to speed up. Some local woodcutters have joined the effort to rebuild the town. They have cut down a few mighty Avalonian oaks to build wooden hoardings. In the near future the town will hopefully regain some of its former glory! Thanks to @adde51, @Gideon , @Zilmrud, @Peter S and @dalle for all feedback! #swedishlegomafia Comments and criticism are welcomed!
  7. Wineyard

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Lord Wineyard is pledging allegiance to Avalonia. Little is known about the man whocalls himself “Lord Wineyard”. Some say that he is a secret bastard of a highly regarded nobleman. Others say that he is an orphan raised in the streets of Albion, Avalonia’s capital. Regardless of his earlier background, he has now made a name for himself by being a skillful assassin and a ruthless mercenary. Throughout his adventures he has made a fortune trough killing and looting. Now he plans to settle down and live a more peaceful life, in harsh contrast to his dark and questionable past.
  8. Wineyard

    Grand Lodge

    Thanks again! Well, the future will tell ;) I totally agree! Especially since it's such a typical element for 19th century architecture. I might got you covered ;)
  9. Wineyard

    Grand Lodge

    Thanks guys! I kind of agree. I'm not really pleased with the proportions of the building. But a second floor would make the builing ridiculously tall, in comparison with the 32x32 baseplate. What is the third one? (Looking for a hat trick ;) ) Do you mean the top of the niche? The semi-round shape is created with 6005s (Brick, Arch 1 x 3 x 2 Curved Top) and 87620s (Brick, Modified Facet 2 x 2). Does that make sense?
  10. Wineyard

    Grand Lodge

    Hi! Here is my entry to Brixtar's Modular Building Challenge! This build was quite a challenge! I often build larger buildings, but this time I was restricted to a 32 x 32 stud footprint. Another challenge was to design a sturdy dome. Anyway, I hope you like it! Comments and criticism are welcomed!
  11. Wineyard

    Gothic Cathedral

    Thank you very much! Thanks! Yes, you can remove the roof. You can actually split up the church in 10 pieces, but is only for pratical reasons. The interior is very colorful and is not really meant to be seen :P
  12. Wineyard

    Gothic Cathedral

    Thank you guys! I really appreciate your comments! Thank you! It's never too late to try! Since I started buiding with Lego again, about seven years ago, I have wanted to build a gothic chuch like this one! And I finally did it when the Swebrick contest came up. I choose to build a church mainly because "I had so many grey bricks". (an assumption that proved wrong, I ended up buying grey pieces for like $500) The church is actually quite sturdy! The buttresses are, just like real gothic architecture, thick, which makes the walls very sturdy. Some of interior structure could have been less fragile though :P I haven't weighed it, but I would quess that it weighs around 15 kg.