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  1. Ginger Ninja

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It’s cool to see that people like my Corner Garage mod. After “tidying it up” to better match my tastes, I can say that it’s one of my favourite modulars, along with FB, DO, and the Police Station. (I prefer the old-industrial-brick-style buildings) Super excited to see next years’!!
  2. Ginger Ninja

    10264 Corner Garage

    Hi fordtruckin, Thank you, and yes, I have some more pictures. Below is the Corner Garage without the pieces that usually hide the gaps (also below). I wanted to have as many connection points as possible, especially around the transitions between the floors and roof, as the final result looks smoother. The downside is that I had to make some changes to the plate structure that each floor is built on in order to make room for the stud-on-the-side bricks (hopefully that makes sense). Doing this does affect the structure of the building (mainly in that the floors are now harder to seperate, although that is not a big deal for me). Here are some close-ups of each floor. The white pieces are headlight bricks on their backs, they did not show up well on camera. Here is a close up of the roof. Again, I've used a headlight brick on its back. One more thing worth noting: I added a layer of dark oragne tiles to the top of the ground floor walls. This not only acts to border off the facade of the floor above but also it partially removes the overhang of the SNOT work that would otherwise be far more noticeable. (I placed my stud-on-the-side bricks so that the SNOT pieces would be flush with the wall at the top, not the bottom.) Hopefully this helps. Also I am happy to answer any further questions and provide any more pictures if you need them.
  3. Ginger Ninja

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hi guys, Check out my modified Corner Garage. Full post and detailed description is at Eurobricks Corner Garage topic.
  4. Ginger Ninja

    10264 Corner Garage

    Hi guys, I know that this forum/topic is a bit old now but I think this is where I should post this. This is my modified Corner Garage. The main problem that I wanted to fix was the gaps on either side of the angled wall. I used 2x2 curved slopes attached with SNOT building to fill the gap. I also changed a few design features on the facade of the upper two floors and roof (I removed the curved corner tiles, removed the grey slopes under the windows, changed some of the window sills so that they were all uniform, etc.). Notice that I made the awning wider and that I also centered it to the building (this means that the two entrances/exits of the drive-through are now the same width). In the photo below you can see how I have tidied up the ground floor exterior. I replaced the white 1x1 round bricks (at the joins between the walls) with technic pin connectors and 1x1 round plates with bars to give a smoother finish. I also moved the control knob for the garage door to the other side and then used some white 2x4 tiles to cover the grey area. Other ares that I have changes here include the steps below the blue door and the bottom of the angled wall (it used to be white but now it is solid green). I laid some tiles down on in the ground floor (still need to wall off those stairs) and also renovated the kitchen in the apartment. Also, how could i forget the truck! There are still some changes I wish to make yet (I think I will remove the veterinary clinic and then enlarge the apartment so that it spans both upper floors). Thank you for reading.
  5. Practicing again, it worked.
  6. Ginger Ninja

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Hi everyone, I love this year's modular building, really glad that the desingners haven't stuck to the 50's style of the last two. I am considering slightly modding the town house and moving the veterinary clinic from corner garage into it. The colours should complement the business well I think. Also this is my first official post on Eurobricks!
  7. Hi there, Just practicing with some images. This is something that I built for a competition a few years back. Hopefully this works.