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  1. Fantastic! Well done.
  2. ThePhatController

    7727 Freight Steam Train box repair

    Nice work!
  3. ThePhatController

    Irish Rail/CIE Class 601 Shunter

    You really captured the 601 there Andy. Great job!
  4. ThePhatController

    Set 10020 Santa Fe originally also in light bluish gray?

    Are the stickers originals? you can get replicas here
  5. ThePhatController

    12V level crossing 7866 - lights don't flash

    Its most probably the buttons. When they get old the springs can get a little slack. I had a similar issue with a signal bitton. There is an excellent guide to fixing them posted here.
  6. ThePhatController

    [MOC] Nickel Plate Road S-2 2-8-4 763

    Truly inspirational. Outstanding work.
  7. ThePhatController

    [MOC] [WIP] Doom train for Spooktober 2022

    This is fantastic! 👍 👌
  8. ThePhatController

    lego magnetic presence detector

    Very clever! I might use this trick on my 12v layout.
  9. ThePhatController

    Octrainber 2022: Atg-1 deicing with a jet engine

    Fantastic! I have really enjoyed following along with the progress of your build.
  10. ThePhatController

    [MOC} CIE E428 Shunter in 12v

    I present my 12v recreation of the Coras Iompar Eireann (old name for Irish Rail) E428 diesel shunter. The E class (also called 421 class) was built in the Inchicore Works in the early 1960s and were retired in the early 1980s. This particular engine is located at a station in private ownership not far from where I live. The model is 6 wide and I tried to keep it as true to the 12v era as possible, including the full size train doors, no snots and all parts available in the 1980s up to the very early 1990s. (The orange colour arrived in 1993. I did try red originally but it need the orange for the iconic CIE colour scheme.) here is the photo I took of the original the shunter ran in both directions I added some engine detail... the 1 weight brick included is behind the first door so the grey brick is hiding it and the technic brick is on top of it. That's a technic cylinder at the back. i added some cab detail (based on some pictures I found online that I don't have a link to any more It runs well on my 12v R40 curves and switches. (No video yet as I had to move my layout) The front wheel is fixed and the motor pivots the back section also pivots to help keep the carriages connect through the switches. The carriage was also built to complete the display as per the real thing. Green train windows don't exist so I just used regular 1 x 4 x 3 windows and kept it 28 studs long. Comments and suggestions welcome!
  11. ThePhatController

    River Canyon Railroad

    Just wow incredible detail. Its fantastic!
  12. ThePhatController

    Lego 12v Layout 8

    Your collection is really starting to grow now! Its looking great. Do you plan to have a permanent layout or keep changing things up? One nice addition to you layouts might be a buffer stop where the track ends in your freight yard. This one is from Page 16 of the 7777 book so it era appropriate.
  13. ThePhatController

    7740 Inter-City Passenger Train: Review

    Great review as always with lots of interesting information. That set is in very nice condition. I have the English, French Dutch box but it's in poor condition. The glue seems to have perished and the sides have separated from the back at the corners. I want to glue it back together to prevent further damage. Would you have any recommendations on the type of glue I should use on it?
  14. ThePhatController

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    I want to be like @Jetflap when I grow up. A truly impressive collection, everything looks pristine.
  15. ThePhatController

    Cleaning 12v track - PandaCity of Bricks

    @Arrow No glue! I cut the sponge down so it fits in the hole..