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  1. ThePhatController

    Lego 12v Layout 8

    Your collection is really starting to grow now! Its looking great. Do you plan to have a permanent layout or keep changing things up? One nice addition to you layouts might be a buffer stop where the track ends in your freight yard. This one is from Page 16 of the 7777 book so it era appropriate.
  2. ThePhatController

    7740 Inter-City Passenger Train: Review

    Great review as always with lots of interesting information. That set is in very nice condition. I have the English, French Dutch box but it's in poor condition. The glue seems to have perished and the sides have separated from the back at the corners. I want to glue it back together to prevent further damage. Would you have any recommendations on the type of glue I should use on it?
  3. ThePhatController

    Check out my 7777 Idea Book layout!

    I want to be like @Jetflap when I grow up. A truly impressive collection, everything looks pristine.
  4. ThePhatController

    Cleaning 12v track - PandaCity of Bricks

    @Arrow No glue! I cut the sponge down so it fits in the hole..
  5. ThePhatController

    Cleaning 12v track - PandaCity of Bricks

    Cleaning Car runningVery Nice @BillytheKid. yours is much prettier than mine! I don't have anything newer than 12v trains, so I went back to 4.5v battery power. I use the battery box as the weight for the cleaning car I use alcohol and non-stick scouring pads cut down to fit @Reker1000000 here is my design its runs slow but is great for getting into hard to reach places without lifting the track. @Sunil766 yes some parts still need a good manual scrub especially the points, but this does a good job of keeping it clean ... here it is in action Running and after about 5 mins around the track:
  6. ThePhatController

    Cleaning 12v rails and motor contacts

    Nice video! I use alcohol for cleanup. The points do seem to be the worst and need regular scrubbing as per @Reker1000000 For the rest I have a 4.5v train with a not very successful cleaning car so I are really interested to see what you are using @BillytheKid
  7. ThePhatController

    Pictures from Torben Plagborg - 9V system

    I think there is a small wheel above the big wheel also with traction tyre. This wheel has a piston rod attached.. is it possible that the big wheels turn the small wheel when the train moves? In general there are some very interesting piston rod configurations on that shelf.
  8. ThePhatController

    [MOC] Lego DB BR80 12v - in Torben Plagborg style (8-wide)

    I too have spent a long time looking at those images. This is a very nice model. As suggested I think bigger wheels and articulation of the buffers would improve its performance.. maybe like the big 7777 steamer. Notwithstanding that, great work.
  9. I usually just wipe these type of elements with a damp cloth as I feel any kind of immersion should be avoided
  10. ThePhatController

    A Layout in Three Eras - 4.5v, 9v and 12v - 1st 12v loop in progress

    Oh.. . I am just setting up my layout and I have made this mistake. I had better fix it before I go any further. Andy, it's looking great 👍 looking forward to seeing it all together!
  11. ThePhatController

    Lego 12v train layout #6

    Nice! I just got my decoupler this week and was thinking how to integrate it into my layout so I will be "borrowing" your switchyard design
  12. ThePhatController

    PandaCity of Bricks

    Inspirational, aspirational and motivational... what a layout
  13. ThePhatController

    TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    I think weight will also affect them. Here is a simple test... Get a circle of track. Separate the tender and locomotive and put them at opposite sides of circle. Start them off at the same time. If they are running at the same speed then they will never catch up with each other. Otherwise you can see which is running faster and tweak to match them. NB: this may also be a little crazy 🤪
  14. ThePhatController

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

  15. ThePhatController

    7810 weights I am in no way affiliated with brickstickershop btw 🤣 That said though I do like the quality of the stickers I have got from them