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  1. BatteryPoweredBricks

    The last guide you will need to repair Lego Train 9v Connectors

    That's kind of the issue, when you snap the connector together is when you find out if you have a good connection. I don't use glue often so I don't have a suggestion except for I wouldn't use something that would seal super quick in case you need to try again.
  2. BatteryPoweredBricks

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    I'm really excited for the electronic offerings. I love the modular approach for the speed regulator. I have a fair amount of 9v track so I've never been able to justify the cost of FX track. But the electronics stuff... I NEED all of it . Anyone who knows of my work knows my obsession with custom Lego control panels . Very excited to see previews of these products, hoping the track contacts will be less than $50 which is what degraded ones on eBay go for .
  3. I remember trying to get Robolab working years ago but was never successful. After using the official Lego DACTA Control Lab software I've never had a reason to look back. If I find any info I'll be sure to pass it along!
  4. In my testing 2, 3 and 5 were the only wires necessary. I'll include a video where I went through the troubleshooting of the RS232 connection (starting at 23:17). They were the only wires connected. Update on my non-functioning unit: One of my units refuses to connect to the official Lego software as well as 3rd party. It kept giving the same error over and over again (I think it just said unable to connect). I figured it wouldn't hurt to replace both capacitors (220uf and 2200uf) since they are so old. Now it just gives a checksum error. Not really sure where to go from here. I vaguely remember leaving one of my control labs on for several days controlling the lights on my Galaxy Explorer display but I can't remember if this was the unit. Also there is a bit of rust / corrosion on some of the screws and a couple places on the board. I didn't even notice at first it was so minor.
  5. @LH4PI I think I've only had a problem with one of my interfaces not communicating, IIRC I just set it to the side and used another I had. So I really don't have much to add to the conversation for fixing the issue. One thing you can try is a test program (LEGOInterfaceB.exe) written by Tom Cook. It will work on modern operating systems (I've tested up to Windows 10) so you can try on another PC just to see if it works. Beyond that I'm really not sure what else to try
  6. @LH4PI Just to make sure the cable is correct here's diagram. It can be very confusing when male and female plugs are used. It took me hours to wrap my head around it when I was using cat5 serial adapters. Very useful for long runs or in my case I had an old POS terminal with RJ50 serial ports. If the cable is correct there could be another problem.
  7. 2 to 3, 3 to 2 and 5 to 5
  8. @LH4PI Actually it uses a male to female null modem cable, the hardest cable to find . I did find some on Amazon after a bit of searching
  9. BatteryPoweredBricks

    Controlling multiple locomotives on the same train with Pybricks

    That's awesome! As far as the limited outputs I ordered PU and PF compatible plugs and made my own adapters. I used two PF connectors so I can have mirrored outputs. I used it in my Amtrak locomotive to have dual motors and a set of lights. I have a tutorial recorded, it should release in the next couple weeks. I will say the PF motors are not quite as smooth with the acceleration as the PU motors, but I think that could be remedied by making adjustments to the PyBricks code.
  10. BatteryPoweredBricks

    Controlling multiple locomotives on the same train with Pybricks

    The updated Metroliner is a MOC I found on ReBrickable by Oninino. It looks fantastic! I don't think I ever posted it here anywhere but I did make a video showing off all of its features like opening doors etc.
  11. BatteryPoweredBricks

    Controlling multiple locomotives on the same train with Pybricks

    Wait your wallet is lightening? I've been wanting something like this for a year and a half. There are probably posts here and elsewhere of me dreaming out loud about such a system back then. The @Pybricks team has done an excellent job, hub to hub communication is a real game changer. Of course @Lok24 and @and_ampersand_and are absolute legends for writing and modifying the program respectively. Programming has never been my strongsuit, it really speaks to the power of the Lego community to see something like this come to fruition! The double / triple headed trains are absolute pulling monsters. I've done some testing with inclines as well and it makes a massive difference. If you do make any more alternate liveries for the 10219 loco I recently bumped the thread here about that. I'd love to see yours @Toxic43!
  12. Thanks so much for putting in all the work to create an English translation! It seems like shipping is quite expensive when trying to acquire the book in the US. I may just pick up the Kindle version to read on my PC along with the PDF. I'm assuming this supports the author about the same as buying a physical version? That's something I'm curious about, I always want to support in the best way possible for works such as this. If I find a good solution for getting the printed book imported I will share a link here. Cheers!
  13. BatteryPoweredBricks

    What's a good alternative color scheme for the 10219 Maersk Train?

    Hoping it's ok to necro this thread, it seemed like the right thing to do to me. I'd be curious if others have any Maersk mod locomotives they've been working on recently. I was able to find BNSF decals from BrickTrainDepot and also ordered Conrail and Union Pacific decals from @zephyr1934 (Trained Bricks). I was very happy they turned out so well and worked with the locomotives I built. The BNSF front decal is a bit too big but it wraps around the 4 wide nose just fine. I have a couple more coming in the future and have been scouring websites looking for decals that will fit this style. I also used a technique I found on an eBay listing of all places to use 2x4 tiles along the sides of the BNSF and UP. It widens the locomotives a bit but I'm ok with it. I want to have a bit of variance between them anyway. Really I'd like to switch it up more, maybe wide cabs here and there, but I still have a lot to learn with Lego MOCing. TLDR: Here's a video
  14. BatteryPoweredBricks

    Control your trains without smart device - with Pybricks

    I'm sure many of the folks here are quite familiar with using PyBricks but I made a tutorial for those that haven't used it before. Sharing this with folks new to PyBricks should prove a lot easier than sending messages back and forth
  15. BatteryPoweredBricks

    10219 Maersk Train in alternate colors guide

    Yep there are no Technic axles in any of my trains. I just build bogies with the metal axle train wheels. When I started looking into your Conrail loco I saw you had the same problem I did and the same solution of just raising the bogie plate by one plate. I haven't looked into ball bearing wheel sets yet but still haven't really had the need. The lead Maersk loco has two Powered Up motors, the two "dummy" locomotives use the metal axle wheels and then 8 wagons behind that (with a few more on the way ). I'm probably pushing the limits before I'll need to look into stronger magnets and ball bearings though. I didn't know that about the 10241, that's interesting. Medium azure was a close second to my final choise dark azure. Less accurate but I just thought they looked great