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  1. Wimmer

    LEGO Trains 2024

    Two things I like to bring up. 1. I bought a few KeyBricks in Germany; and I’m a very big fan of them. If you’re tired of dealing with 🪫 batteries, this is a good (slightly expensive, but it’ll pay back itself !) solution. 2. Jay is mentioning that the 60336 train might retire soon. If this is true, are we getting a replacement freight train then ? And will it still be PUp ?… “…Thats all folks…” 😀
  2. I’m in the US, and found Keybrick “by accident” while looking up something about the old power functions 8878 pack. I have ordered 3 of the Keybrick One’s and have been playing with them in the Crocodile, and the City Freighttrain. Yes, shipping was $38 to Southern California; but I’m already happy I did, and don’t have to go to Costco anymore to buy gigantic packs of batteries 🪫, that then empty out pretty quickly. I have two trains on them, bought three bricks so one of them can charge while I’m using one, or two, of them. I’m happy with them, and the power modes as well. Now I just hope you guys at Keybrick will make something for the battery hub that’s in the Ideas lighthouse ? 👍🏻😊
  3. Ok. Also done with this. A bit tedious at times. But I would love a nice coffee table book to go with the Technic Ferrari book. And I also would want an upscaled Lego “lantern” lamp !!! Probably a few of them to hang in my “pirate 🏴‍☠️ cove”… 😊
  4. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    That one will get sold I think. I’m with you, I look at it and like it, but not enough to order it. I was on the fence for Snack shack and Train Shed, but that decision was made for me… 😜 I have the Fortress to look forward to now as that’s great. And then the station in the next round of course !!!
  5. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    So the Fortress’ bar on the US website is now at “max”, but the order button is still available ? I'm surprised to see that the sets lasted this long ? But it all seems to be working fine now. 😃
  6. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Love the castle, and it would be great to put next to the LKC; and it looks awesome. But it’s too much money I think for what you get. The train shed is lovely too, and I’m debating that one. Parisian street is nice on the outside but the build is plain and too simple in my eyes, no steps inside to different floors, half the depth of a modular building and not all the details. I would buy the new Modular Museum over this one I think. A lot of decisions in the last few days. I know history told us; you only have a few hours to decide come Wednesday, a lot of the other sets didn’t last past a few hours only. 😬
  7. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Winter Chalet arriving Monday, and Studgate arriving Tuesday. I carefully notified the wife that two sets would be arriving over two days… 😉
  8. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Correct. My Venetian Houses has number 23O2 on the tape tabs. I think they are more a packaging date indication then a “serial” number… Here is an explanation I found on other eurobricks forums… The first two numbers are the week of the year… The letter is the Country of packing (O is for Billund, Denmark)… The last number is the last number of the year of production. So a 2 means 2022
  9. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    So far so good. I’m now at the end of bag 9 out of 17; and the smaller building is up and the larger building footprint is started… I’m liking all the detail, with the canals, the birds, the brickwork and the façade details and of course the roof.
  10. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Ok. So tonight I will start building this Venetian Houses set. I got Red Bull set aside to assist me, and I’ll keep an open mind to “missing pieces” maybe being in the next numbered bag ? I did open the set, it comes with an inside box for extra strength (and that obviously didn’t work too well 😉), and bags numbered to 17; most of them having around three bags per number… I’ll let you know how it goes… 🤞…
  11. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Venetian Houses got delivered. The box was famously packed by LEGO, so it did come out of the shipping box with a little damage. No holes (😮‍💨), but the front top left corner slightly pushed in, and a crease in the bottom middle of the box. 🙄 Not surprised by that, because that’s almost always the case with shipped sets from them; especially since the shipping box is from a thinner cardboard than the actual set itself. 😂 But I’m stoked to have it. Now we can start building it… But maybe not tonight because “Survivor” is starting a new season !… 😃
  12. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    I ordered the Venetian Houses, and the set is currently at a FedEx hub about 70 miles from my home. Maybe I get lucky that it will arrive today, but it is planned for tomorrow… 😃
  13. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Maybe some good fortune after all ?… Two days ago I got charged to my credit card for the Venetian Houses set. And yesterday evening an email showed up that my set is shipped. Now my only worry is that it will arrive in one piece and the box not be damaged,… like other sets from LEGO do often when they ship them to you. I’m getting excited, but I still can get let down by the shipping fiasco of a damaged set ?… 🥹
  14. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    I only ordered the Venetian Houses in the second round;… and I don’t have anything yet. 😔
  15. Wimmer

    BrickLink Designer Program Ongoing Discussion Thread

    Yes. Correct. Europe is getting sets first. One of the reasons I guess that I already got about 10 emails telling me “just a bit longer”…. 😡