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  1. Hi Michael;... Not trying to corner you here, but are you implying that prices might be higher than they were for the first round ? Don't get me wrong, I understand what you're saying, and I get that you will "forward" the costs over the items, but you are now making larger batches ? But it sounds to me that buying a box of S32 might now be more than the original price was ? Either way, I'm still very interested, and I guess that if you are slightly more expensive this round, then I'll have to cut some of my money that otherwise would go to Lego sets...
  2. @michaelgale : I second this question; since you're pretty sure about releasing some of these for pre-sale soon, do you have any idea what these items will cost in their respective box-sets ? I guess we're talking about the S8, S32 (maybe price changed with a larger fabricated amount ?), R72 and R88 pieces here ? I can't wait to make a nice loop for the christmas tree this year and not have to worry about batteries anymore...
  3. @michaelgale : Hi Michael,... just a few more questions about your track and your store. Is there an explanation why a lot of your track items in your store state “coming soon”, but are already sold out ? How far out are you with a replenish of straight track, and the 72 and 56 curves ? Will the switch make it as well, and do you have any updates about those ? Is there any way I can make sure that in the next releases from the R56 and R72, and the straight tracks;... I can make sure I have a chance for purchasing them before it says “Sold Out” in the store. Thank you for answering....
  4. I love it. The engine doesn’t even slow down in the curves !... Also, I’m in love with that engine and the hopper car right behind it... I need building plans, please ?...
  5. @michaelgale : Received my three boxes of S32 Straight Track. Just unwrapped them and they look very shiny and pretty. Just one problem now;... I don’t have a motor, feeding cables, speed controller and enough track to make anything working now... 😉 So I’m hoping that the missing pieces will be announced soon ? But I have lots of patience 😃 For now: Job well done, Sir. Gorgeous track, pretty shiny rails and sleek packaging !... 👍🏻
  6. Are we continuing the Fx tracks discussions in here ?... I just want to make sure ?... Thanks !
  7. Thank you Sir,... much appreciated !...
  8. @michaelgale Hi there Michael. I just ordered three sets of the straight track, to support the continuation of this project ! And also because I would like to make a switch to 9V tracks when everything is there later, like controller and motors. I hope the order came through, because I saw a little error appear on the store site of Fx track; but Paypal payed it anyways ? I know you're a busy man, but please confirm when you have a moment... I can't wait to see them in real life !!! So excited for this to come true...
  9. I’m following all this very closely. I have trains that are PF and am very sick of the battery “woes”;... not having enough power and/or not lasting. But is is quite costly to switch to this track if you need it all. Motor boogies, track, power and speed controller at a minimum. I am though really excited and would love to see the tracks myself, so maybe soon I will buy a set of the S32 tracks. Please make the speed controller and two axle power boogie soon ? Oh, and I want to add, I’m absolutely drooling over your P40 switches so it actually looks like a normal railroad layout instead of a toy; nice smooth take offs instead of the lego “jumps” to the left or right... 😃 Thank you so much !
  10. Just finished 42114. It's a tricky build but I like it. Not very fast obviously, but it all works great... And it goes very well with the PF controlled Volvo Loader from a few years back... I recommend this one !...
  11. Not really interested in the CAT D11T, but I'll wait for the reviews. If they are not "over-the-moon", then the price will make that an easy decision to pass on. The Mercedes truck I might like;... but I don't need another truck with a crane on the bed. It would be nice if it was an "off-road" truck;... maybe with different motors powering different axles/wheels ?... If that was the case I might sign on, even for that price...
  12. You got very lucky ! They are now on backorder almost everywhere, including Belgium;... and you got the mother load of free gifts with it !!! I'm happy for you
  13. Wimmer

    Broken pieces in new sets

    I find that calling their service is working good. It might take a little longer for them to pick up, after you’re on hold, but they are very understanding and will send you the replacement pieces for the ones that are broken... Of course I’m in the USA, but I don’t think that should make a big difference ?...
  14. Well, that pretty much sucks !... The news is spreading online that it is actually true that the North America’s is not getting this promotion now. Now I’m also wondering if “shipping issues” is the real reason for this; not to speculate but I wouldn’t count out LEGO to be lying about the real reason... If you know when the sets for sale, what date you are starting with VIP promotions, and that America is probably LEGO’s, and definitely Porsche’s biggest market;... you would get organized on time, right ? I guess now I’ll wait for double points or something ?... Definitely not in a hurry now to give LEGO another $150.00 for “nothing” in return. They are dropping the ball left and right lately with new product releases; get your act together !...
  15. I’m very much interested in that as well ! I took the day off (February 16th) to get it in store, but it reads on the lego site that the offer is only valid by phone orders maybe ?...