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  1. I’m planning on putting together the Ferrari F1 truck and F1 car later today. Then I’ll make a picture with it and the new Lamborghini Urus; so we can see size comparisons. Would be fun to see how the Urus is making the truck look tinier...
  2. Correct. But the old Ferrari truck set was $100.00 here in the US. I spent a lot of time here, besides the Netherlands; and I’m willing to pay 25% more for a better, matching truck to go with the F1 cars. I don’t think the Ferrari truck was too expensive then; and I had to look around a lot to find a couple, so they were selling good enough then too ?... But think of it; wouldn’t it be great to get a nice Dark Blue and Yellow truck with Red Bull logo’s on it; and have the 8 stud wide Red Bull car of Max Verstappen inside of it ?... 😃
  3. I wasn’t attacking you on your reply. I actually think that having an open car transporter could be very useful. Think of it as a ‘shelf-on-wheels’ to show off all the other cars; that way we need less real time shelf space to show the (now bigger) cars as well ! 👍🏻 You hearing this LEGO ? Let’s have both of them ?! 👍🏻 😉
  4. Yes. But in case of F1 you can’t have open transporters. I guess if the cars are now 25% bigger, that would mean making the trucks 25% bigger as well. That would not be too bad; close to two studs wider, and more length... They would look massive and impressive; but so do the real life trucks when you see them. And if the scale is right with the cars then it would be fine ? Just keep them away from the older 6 stud F1 cars... 😉
  5. On second thought; not only do I wish for a Red Bull F1 car, it would be awesome to have them make a transporter with it as well. Just like the F1 truck they made for Ferrari a couple of years back. 🤔,... Or even better; make one of those sets for the top 4 teams: Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren... Mercedes in Silver and teal, Ferrari in Red and black, Red Bull in Dark Blue and yellow and McLaren in Orange and blue... How awesome would that be; and then park them side by side like they are on F1 weekends !...
  6. I sure hope it’s Red Bull. We already had enough Mercedes and Ferrari F1 for now...
  7. Hmm. Just bought the Lamborghini set and love the size of both cars. now I’m really hoping that they will do a Red Bull F1 truck. Like they did a couple of years ago with the Ferrari truck. That would look awesome in the new width-size... 🤩
  8. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    If this is number 13, what are the other 12 cars/vehicles you have in this scale ? Lego didn’t make this many models in this 1:8 scale, didn’t they ? 🤔
  9. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    Yay ! Even though these are from a while back; but now there’s hope after all. Thanks for sharing that... 😃
  10. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    Yup. Definitely not for the suspension. Probably not strong enough. They have to come out with some new, or much stronger, suspension shocks as well. Unless they are going to use more than two per wheel, which is unlikely. And if they are true to real life; there is a good chance this Lambo has push rod suspension. So they better have a stronger shock for all this then.... Please LEGO ?...
  11. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    I think that would be great too. They also have a nice blue metallic like that, but that would be too close to the Bugatti. What we can see is that LEGO likes to pick colors that make sense with the brand name. Orange for Porsche because it’s their typical prototype color. Two-tone blue for the Bugatti because that’s what they do normally... So for Lamborghini it’s known (?) that they like the loud colors, or their customers do, so I think the bright (non red) are the most likely,... but I would love the green metallic personally !!!
  12. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    So here is what it could look like in Lime Green. I think that would match the other two like a glove. And the Orange is out because of the Porsche color.
  13. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    So, over the weekend, I bought the latest Speed Champions Lamborghini set. I don’t know why it’s twice as expensive as the Jaguar set; it must be because the Italians are much better at squeezing LEGO to get more royalties out of it I guess... Either way, I liked the set, the car are better now they are bigger, but here’s the interesting bit... The Urus in that set is made of lime green LEGO, which is one of Lamborghini’s most favorite customer colors. I would be totally ok with that being the color of our new big friend; although in that bigger 1:8 size, it might get really “into your face”... And then there is this beautiful color as well:...
  14. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    So the release to VIP is June 1st. How long before that will we see some imagery, and information, you think ?...
  15. Wimmer

    42115 Lamborghini

    I’m also not worried about functions, but they better get the shape and profile of the car right; and make it look good and sharp. The Porsche’s nose was a little off with the hood not very pretty and lots of holes everywhere. The Bugatti was a little better with the holes, but the nose was still weird. If they don’t get the nose of the Lambo ‘clean’ it’s really going to hurt the overall look of the car I think. I hope they come up with maybe new panels to fix that problem, and not trying to ‘shape’ things too much using flex axles, etc.