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  1. Pelzer117

    LEGO Trains 2022

    You are absolutely right. And yup, as Tube Map shared, THAT'S a station I would buy! But to be honest, the last stations were also "OK". For example 7997 or 60050. But the new one is, ahm, ugly.
  2. Pelzer117

    LEGO Trains 2022

    OK, good to see, that some of you like the passenger train. Hopefully this will LEGO motivate to keep the good things. My personal oppinion: Freight train Brick built cockpit "fresh" design realistic details low-floor platform trailer For me, the freight train is the favourite. I like the design, because it reminds me of a Siemens Taurus. Yes the windscreen is crap. Here I personal would prefer the solution like many other MOCs have done it. For example. But I think TLG had this as inspiration for the front So for me the front screen is the only bad thing on the freight train. And I only say this, because I ignore the trailers. The only trailer, that I like is low-floor platform trailer. Passenger train We finally don't have a molded part cockpit anymore We finally have doors and we finally have low-floor platforms again But then how the heck can you design such a wasabi green monstrosity!!!! 😱🤢 I hope in Asia and for all who love Shinkansen like trains, this set goes well. But for me, even the original 4560 looks better! Even if it had no doors! I will definitely look for MOCs which will create the front more like the 4560 or the 10233 Horizon Express. At least, finally new trains.
  3. Pelzer117

    4560 Railway Express (Passenger Train) Extreme MOD

    Thank you all for the very positve feedback! OMG. My topic was on the Eurobricks frontpage! THANK YOU! @Toastie: it almost took me over 2 years to finish it. You can see it on the history trials, this really was my first - more serious - try for a train MOC/MOD after the dark ages. So thank you for the flowers. @zephyr1934: thank you for your comments. I edited my topic and I hope it is now easier to see the main theme.
  4. Dear all, to make it clar, that's not a MOD. THAT'S a MOD. For all of you who want to skip the story of this "Mod" (if you can call it still a Mod), there it goes on >>>. >>> Below are the results of my first serious try of a train MOC. Lower Deck Inside (on the left side a toilett, according to the TGV Duplex). The Bistro inside: Just for history, some older design trials: Thanks for all the inspiration, instructions and also help from you master builders. I hope to have delivered a worthy (more or less 1st) MOC here. I look forward to your feedback and have deliberately first presented the digital design before I build it in real, in the hope of constructive feedback 😊
  5. I fully agree. I never thought that it would be that simple! I hope Lego will pick up the idea for future sets. We need more RC sets! And you showed the world how easy it could be. Congrats! PS: know I want an RC Batbike
  6. Pelzer117

    (9V) RED train motor

    Just updating, because there is now a "ready to buy" solution from China
  7. Pelzer117

    Type E Coupler for LEGO Trains

    It is sad that this project is dead. For all who are looking at alternates or reading about the Kadee couplers: There they are.
  8. Pelzer117

    E 194

    You first create a good crocodil, now Lego brings the 10277 crocodil. Can someone tell LEGO we want THIS BR 194 as rebrickable model of the 10277?
  9. oooooh. Never saw it before. The model itself is very accurate to the original. But the Silberlinge looks still strange for me.
  10. Pelzer117

    [MOC] DB Class 111

    Which rod length do you use on the top? By the way, for this trains I would prefer a train buffer beam with a plow. I know the have no plow in real, but the lego version looks more like the original on the european trains.
  11. Hello Holger, as usual, amazing work! The colour scheme of the "Silberlinge" doesn't fit in my opinion. If the grey parts would be beige too, it may look better. But maybe this is because I have only the picture of the ÖBB 5145 in mind?.. To compare: Best Regards from Austria Patrick
  12. Pelzer117

    E 194

    Wow... absolute realistic. Well done! ?? This are the trains, where I know why I prefere LEGO instead of H0 trains.
  13. Pelzer117

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Thank you for the video! I think it is until now the most famous europe train MOC. It was ultimately the reason for buying your book (again). This may be not your Intention, but did you thought about to bring this awesome MOC to Lego ideas?
  14. Pelzer117

    Powered UP to Power Functions adapter

    Just tried one out. Works fine. So if LEGO won‘t do it, there is definetly a market for it.