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  1. Pelzer117

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Thank you for the video! I think it is until now the most famous europe train MOC. It was ultimately the reason for buying your book (again). This may be not your Intention, but did you thought about to bring this awesome MOC to Lego ideas?
  2. Pelzer117

    Powered UP to Power Functions adapter

    Just tried one out. Works fine. So if LEGO won‘t do it, there is definetly a market for it.
  3. I fully agree. First thought was "nice model". Second thought as I saw the price, is not friendly to tell But what should I say.. I once paid as teenager 1.000$ for ONE Santa Fa passenger car one amazon...
  4. Not bad. Do you still plan to build it? So this would maybe be a good inspiration too:
  5. Pelzer117

    ÖBB 1040

    Hello everyone, I am searching for a MOC of an ÖBB 1040 (or similar) Electric locomotive. This swedish RC6 has some similar design: Does anybody know such MOC from the ÖBB loco?
  6. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    I tooked now again some time for this (never ending?) project. I am still not satisfied with the chassis, but I think I am on a good way now. I absolute do not want to make the tram wider then 6w. Its a tram, and they should not be bigger then a train. So the chassis has to be smaller, to look more like the original. Also in reality the tram tracks are smaller then train tracks, so the best way may be to go on a 4wide chassis, which is.. very difficult if you want to motorize it also. The best wheels for this, should be the small train wheels from LOWA (thank you for the wheels!). I took a closer look on them, the "drive feeling" is good enough, but it is still tricky to do not waste space, and let the chassis be as slim as possible At the moment I have THIS as start point.. If anyone has suggestions or also experience with such small chassis, please don't hesitate to comment. compared to the original, it is still too high for me
  7. Pelzer117

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Hello Holger, first of all.. wow. Never seen such a perfect LEGO version of the TEE. I personally would prefer the light bluish grey. If you want to look more realistic according to the exhausts dust, then you should try to combine it and create transitions from light to dark grey. However, as exptected, a wonderful train MOC My father was also really excited, the TEE was one of his first Märklin H0 trains
  8. Pelzer117

    Narrow gauge straights and cross track

    Are the wheels still in development? They would be exactly that what we are looking for our tramway!!!
  9. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Interesting but very difficult. I tested the small wheels on a bar (laser sword) and it will need glue for better friction, as you said. It still is an option but I think you will loose a lot of the power between motor then. Maybe it will be easier to drill the wheels for fitting on a technic axle.
  10. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Thank you! I wil check it out. Need to reserve time. Depends on work/familiy. Whoa... I can't afford so much (even because of my budget). Just bought the Ring Tram first and try now to re design it. Step by step.
  11. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    "Da wär ich dabei!" (I am in) But as Nick said, the small wheels are not perfect for smooth drive. We would need wheels between the small and normal ones. If you tell me where to find. My printer is only for A4
  12. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    Hello Lazertron, another LEGO fan from Linz with the Vienna Tram. We should start a suppurt group (Selbsthilfegruppe). But just to be serious, I can share with you my Mecabricks Modell and maybe we will find a good solution for us all? Currently I am working on a new motor concept for the tramway. And I am freaking out. Inspired by the solution of ScotNick for his 4041 I start working, unitl I realize that the "small train wheels" are not made for the technix axle (red on picture). It HAVE TO BE so small when you look at the pictures from the original E1. But I am afraid that there are no better LEGO wheels - so I can't use a motor (the "Der Klassiker" solution with motor looks ugly). Any suggestions?
  13. Pelzer117

    My new MOC Tramways, page 2.

    Thank you for the pictures. Your E1 is similar to them what I am planning
  14. Pelzer117

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    I agree with your critic points, but I personally trying to find a „LEGO“ solution even because most of us won‘t have access to the needed CNC mill Regards from Linz
  15. Pelzer117

    (9V) RED train motor

    I asume LEGO did not name the RAL codes somewhere?