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  1. T-86(swe)

    Tower of the nameless seer [Avalonia]

    Hey! (I didnt notice you commented on this build at first) Glad you liked it, especially the colors since I took a chance with them and went out of my normal choices/comfort zone.
  2. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Tranquil tasting [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Thanks! Yellow is a new favourite of mine, I will be sure to use it in upcoming builds 😀 glad you liked rockwork and details. Take care and keep building!
  3. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Tranquil tasting [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Thanks Simon for the positive feedback. I totally agree and Im aware of the rather poor photo-quality! Which indeed is sad because, like you mention, details easily can be missed. Might sound arrogant but I think the photography makes a pretty decent build look bad in this case. Skills that can be improved through trial and error though, as the actual building skills always can too 😀 Keep up your own great work buddy!
  4. T-86(swe)

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Aurore 1p Gideon 1p Captain Flint 1p
  5. T-86(swe)

    Sanctuary of light [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Thanks man!
  6. T-86(swe)

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    I think you missed out on some entries in the voting thread? I dont see MrLinds, mine and Simons for example. Perhaps we messed up by only posting in the sub forum only and not in this thread?
  7. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Nordheim Lumberyard

    Like Navarre mentioned on flickr I too like the puddles with the trans-tiles. They give an awesome melted snow impression, which I certainly can relate to due to the current weather here in Sweden Also the different kinds of timber and the snow-piles on the roofs are very realistic, a great build!!
  8. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Tranquil tasting [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Im really glad you like it @Aurore, and also for you to take your time to comment the build. Especially since you obviously viewed it carefully to be able to give feedback on a detailed level! Take care and keep up your own fantastic work building =)
  9. T-86(swe)

    [MOC] Homeward bound, Hamajuzi estate

    Thanks for an elaborate feedback yperio!
  10. T-86(swe)

    [MOC] Homeward bound, Hamajuzi estate

    Thanks! Yeah some imperfections can be perfect in a build sometimes. Not sure exactly which ones you refer too in this case though? 😀 Thanks! I love building them that way, perhaps I should evolve in that area either way!
  11. This is one of my four submissions for Brickscalibur. This one is for the ’Far East Elegance’-category. “It was a day of normal harmony at the Hamajuzi estate. The labourers were tending to the small rice terraces and the lord was taking a short stroll beneath the falling leaves with his daughter. However, a loud scream from his wife disturbed the serenity. ‘I see him, I see him!’ she yelled across the stone floors in the direction of the stairs leading up their living quarters. And soon the lord could see for himself, the helmet of his son appearing over the steps. He was returning from his service in the war. The lord hurried the best he could supported by his daughter. His wife stood frozen, stretching her arm towards the long gone son. He was home.”
  12. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Tranquil tasting [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Thank you Mattias, Im glad you took your time to comment on the build!
  13. T-86(swe)

    GoH 11: Tranquil tasting [Dandelume, Avalonia]

    Thanks a lot dude, I really appreciate it!
  14. I used my entry for this book III- challenge in the ‘Fantastic feasts’-category for Brickscalibur as well! “For years and years small domestic commerce and trades simply took place by the cliffs on the riverside. In time, Wifgrir, the duke of Dandelume, saw a great potential in the location in this riverside part of his municipality. Mostly due to its availability from water and nearby larger roads. He therefore ordered a completion of a small fortification and garrisoned soldiers within. With time of relative peace and stability the trading routes brought goods and merchants from near and far. The dandelumians could storage and bargain their notorious avalonian wine and earthenware for merchandise from all over Historica. It was common for the garrisoned soldiers to have their meals, large or small, outside the eastern walls of the fortification, to have a moments peace and quiet from the noisy commerce going on inside. This also gave them time to check the stored wine and see to the earthenware in an enclosed space.”