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    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Captain Flint - 1 point Aurore - 1 point soccerkid6 - 1 point
  2. The city of Barqa is one of the most significant trade hubs in Historica. It is located where the mighty Arkbri river meets the sea, after providing an artery of trade from the mountains of Mitgardia through much of central Historica. Barqa sits in the middle of the southwest coast, also making it a great place for seaborne trade between Avalonia, Varlyrio, and the southern parts of Historica. Sometimes, traders from the eastern side of the continent or the islands in the Great Southern Ocean also bring their goods here. All this trade passing through the city gives Barqa's authorities a chance to collect a small portion of the wealth. They do this at the city's grand toll houses, designed to impress travelers used to more modest towns. This building was recently rebuilt and extended, as much of the city of Barqa has been in this current era of peace out of the ruins and neglect from the Elemental and Civil Wars. Every morning, merchants queue up, anticipating the bell that signals the beginning of the day's trade at sunrise. Before long, the initial toll of the day will be gathered, and the coastal breeze will carry the distinctive sound of gold, silver, and copper coins—the quintessential commodities of Kaliphlin. Lines of merchants in front of the toll booths. To be bestowed with the duty of tolling the commerce bell is a noble distinction for a junior guardsman of the City Watch. They reassured him that the hearing loss is typically temporary, for most guardsmen. In the bustling crowd waiting for the toll booths to open, some merchants, instead of holding their place in line, are drawn to the street musician's melodies, perhaps seizing a moment for flirtation. Chancellor Gideon, chairman of the City Council, halts during his morning stroll to exchange greetings with the toll master. The toll master, on the balcony outside of the fiscal hall. One of Barqa's numerous alchemists, deeply engrossed in his arcane pursuits, goes about his own business. As crucial as the City Watch for order in the city, the renowned black cats of Barqa play a vital role in keeping the rodent population in check. More pictures:
  3. Gideon

    GoH 11: Toll House in Barqa

    Thanks! 😊 Yes, so far I have most of these builds in one piece and I have some idea to display them together as a large harbor layout at some point! I'm however a bit uncertain if this build turned out to be a bit out of scale with the older builds (the temple etc), but next to the lighthouse it will still look small 😁 I had some thought about that it should be in order to be able to do their business (or else get on the wrong side with the City Watch! 👮‍♂️)
  4. Gideon

    GoH 11: The herbalist’s cart

    Nice little build, I particularly like the use of the curved panel piece and the dragon heads on the shafts
  5. Another great piece of worldbuilding from this challenge! It really makes me want to see more of the city of Meborin
  6. Gideon

    GoH 11: Elven Trading Post

    Excellent almost cartoonish look, in a very suitable theme for Avalonia 🧚 Best use I think I've ever seen of those "tree trunk costume" pieces.
  7. Gideon

    GoH 11: Batuhan Trading Post

    Nice bustling feel in the entire build, with lots of details to discover! The overall immersive feeling is strengthened by the "all Lego" photography/presentation Good job incorporating all the animals 🐐🐑 Only nitpick is probably that the ground and the roofs are a bit too similar.
  8. Gideon

    GoH 11 - The trading post near Owhur

    Lots of great detailing! I see something new everytime I look at the pictures Good job incorporating some nice vintage minifig parts in there too 👍 What is that printed window(?) piece with bottles...? (A nitpick on the presentation side however is that I think the black roof would have looked better if it would have gotten a few blasts of air or a brush prior to the photos)
  9. Gideon

    GoH 11: Nordheim Lumberyard

    Great entry! This is in my opinion the kind of "world building" that has made GoH what it is over the years Old techniques that worked well back in the days are still good, especially when used in a well-balanced way like this. A small detail I really like is the use of both (medium?) nougat and tan for the fresh wood, just as in reality different kinds of wood have different hues. I was about to write the same thing!
  10. Gideon

    GoH 11: Katoren Trading Post

    Beautiful! I especially love the awnings and the colorful goods (lots of Scala pieces?) Still can't really get my head around how you've done the ground too 🤔 Great to see more Kaliphlin builders taking on this "world-building" challenge
  11. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    My entry to this challenge:
  12. Gideon

    GoH 11: Blueberry Liquor

    Lovely color choices, and especially great job with integrating the lights
  13. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Things have been a bit crazy on both the work side and family side until Christmas unfortunately, so I've not had any opportunity to start a build yet. Still planning to make an entry however (I have another 130 hours or so to go ), but it will rather be a part of the harbor than the full harbor of Barqa this time. (I've never been one to ask for deadline extensions, so I won't start now.... but I would appreciate one very much )
  14. Aha, then I think the problem of course was that Discord is blocked from my work computer... I'll download them and upload to Flickr just in case then.
  15. As I expected, the links to these concept art pictures from Midjourney are broken now... I'll check if I have some of them saved somewhere to be able to upload some to Flickr. ...or I'll pay for a subscription for it again in January, after the challenge deadline, and generate some new concept art with one more year of AI development behind it
  16. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    It was great to meet you again there This type of challenge is exactly in line with the discussions I participated in there (Now I just need to decide if I’m going to build something small and hope to finish it in time, or give the harbor of Barqa a chance…?)
  17. Gideon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Great news! I’m happy to see a Challenge of the classic GoH kind, where one can focus on the unique character of a guild 🥰
  18. Lovely little build, great details in such a small footprint Photo presentation is also good, although a small suggestion for improvement (in the GoH spirit of continous improvement as a builder ) in the future would be to have the camera further back and zoom in a little bit more instead, in order to not "magnify" the front of the build so much at the expense of the great details further back.
  19. Gideon

    Dandelume [Avalonia]

    I'm even more late to read about this... Great job so far, I really like the style you have established here and the story fits very well into the overall GoH setting! The photos look stunning too What kind of backgrounds have you been using and what post-processing have you done to get the nice vignetting...?
  20. Gideon

    [freebuild] Avalonian Wizard's Tower

    Excellent overall design, and superb roof on the round tower!
  21. Gideon

    [Freebuild] The Black Goblet

    Great build overall, especially the various brickbuilt detailing
  22. Very nice keep, especially the angeled section! But it is the rock below it and the vegetation on it that really stands out for me Great to have you back in GoH too!
  23. Lovely build! I especially like the vibrant houses inside Once again in this category a great example of how GoH participation has honed your skills!
  24. Gideon

    GoH 10C: Aslanic Chapel

    Great job putting so much details into that tiny footprint I also love the idea to flesh out the Aslanic faith with different traditions, already gives me some ideas for future builds
  25. Great Lighthouse of Barqa The Arkbri River has been a major trade route through the heart of Historica since ancient times. Where the great river meets the sea, the port city of Barqa is ideally positioned to connect the inland river shipping with the sea traders, making Barqa a major hub for trade between all corners of Historica. To ensure a safe haven for the valuable shipping, fortifications have been guarding the harbor of Barqa for centuries. Over time this has grown into a strong harbor citadel. To guide seafarers into the port, it has been a long tradition to keep a fire burning on the top of the citadel and this platform has been built higher and higher over the years, becoming one of Historica’s most prominent lighthouses. This lighthouse was however heavily damaged in the elemental attacks at the culmination of the Revolword war, and it also fell further into disrepair when the trade along the Arkbri river was disrupted by the Kaliphlin civil war. As the trade resumed when the hostilities ceased the prosperity returned to the city. The city council, led by chancellor Gideon, could therefore commission a major restoration and expansion of the lighthouse. Its peak now soars higher than ever before, dominating the Barqan skyline. In daytime, the new whitewashed upper section is the first thing seafarers spot sailing into the Arkbri estuary. When darkness falls, the fire - burning bright thanks to being fueled by Kaliphlin naphta - is now visible farther out to sea than ever before. Great Lighthouse of Barqa, as seen from the Arkbri estuary. Great Lighthouse of Barqa, as seen from inside the city. (To be continued...) The upper balcony of the lighthouse is an excellent platform to keep an eye on all maritime traffic passing in or out of the Arkbri estuary. The harbor side of the lighthouse, with some roofed stalls for storage or fishmongers, next to the docks. One of the main offices for the tax collectors of the port of Barqa is in this fortress, protecting the not insignificant share of the wealth passing through Barqa which is mandated to remain in the city. Chancellor Gideon, always in a hurry, has visited the fort. Probably for a meeting with some tax inspector manager or some other bureaucratic duties, quite far from the life of a wandering warrior he lived 10 years ago… As the citadel has been expanded over time, only some small portions of the original rock it is built on is still visible. Some persistent seagulls however still try to claim their ancestral home. This is a re-interpretation of the lighthouse I built for Challenge II of Book II: I also built the orginal lighthouse to display at Brickworld Chicago 2014, but since I had to dismantle it (to keep the bricks safe from losing clutch power in a hot parked car during our 2 week roadtrip following Brickworld ), it was one of my shortest-lived builds. However, that build is also one of the most special in my AFOL journey, since Brickworld 2014 was my first convention abroad and the first time I got to meet some other GoH builders in real life. Special thanks to @Rogue Angel who helped get my build a spot at the EB tables, where I had a great time haning out with the EB people there over the weekend! One of the reasons I chose to revisit this build was that I wanted to improve on the blocky “brick” arches over the windows. I also really wanted to try my hand at more advanced water building at a large scale, which I hope is an improvement over the original build’s poured round plate technique. The water in the new build is based on a 3-layered technique, with different shades of blue in the bottom layer, trans-dark blue/trans-light blue/trans-clear in a middle layer and finally trans-light blue on top. This enables both a better sense of depth of the water and mixing “new” colors, to achieve a better gradient. I also added some waves at the end, with trans-clear plates as foaming water next to the shore and a pattern of waves out on the open water, at an angle against the “grid”. Building several layers of small pieces creates quite a lot of stress on the plate, so as only building it on a baseplate creates a quite substantial “banana effect”. This was counteracted by having a full Moduverse plate underneath the water to provide additional rigidity to keep the water flat. The corner turrets were a particularly challenging part of this build, especially the domes. I borrowed the concept of using the dinosaur tails for a dome from @adde51, but figured out myself that if I staggered their mounting points it was possible to create such a dome with only 8 studs diameter. Thanks to the tile revolution in recent years (particularly the 3x3 curved tile finally filling the gap in the rounded tile lineup!) I also managed to completely tile the interior. Not that anyone will notice when exhibiting the build, but I know that it is there Interior of one of the corner turrets. This is also intended to be the first section of a long-term project with more parts of the maritime side of Barqa being built - and hopefully also being able to be integrated with some of my older builds for future exhibitions. While the original lighthouse basically exhausted my supply of tan and medium nougat, this only scratched the top of the tan bins in 2023… Lighting by LifeLites, “candle flicker” diodes by the entrance and a eLite Advanced kit (the size of a 2x4 brick) controlling 8 individual diodes in a fire pattern at the top. Film of the fire at the top of the lighthouse. The battery box is hidden inside the city wall for ease of access: