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  1. Legogal

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    Wow! What a wonderful contest! Congrats to Peppermint_M for running this.
  2. Legogal

    Un Mouton Anglo-Français Baa-aa Baa-aa

    OMG! That is beyond lovely! I just want to hug it, it is so cute! Congrats on a fine build of a lovely animal!
  3. Legogal

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    Pepp, First class build again! Glad to see the Welsh input and background as my family is Welsh, too. 375 was such an iconic set that it is wonderful seeing your redo of it. The setting is perfect on the plates you selected. Thanks for such an entertaining build! Change in plans...had to cancel Amsterdam visit this week due to a family member's medical emergency in California. Looks like I will be around here for several months helping with the recuperation. If anyone is visiting the Bay Area, feel free to holler. We are just six miles from SFO in San Mateo. At least I'll get to build some with my granddaughter again, and that always is fun.
  4. Legogal

    Lowlug Open Meeting 26-8

    Hi! Any meetings near/in Amsterdam in late October by chance? Thanks, Legogal
  5. Legogal

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Gideon, Wow! This is eye candy for sure! The design and story are outstanding! The focus on the role of water is crucial to the story. Congrats on such a magical build! (On a side note, I've never met a Gideon, but a good friend became a grandma for the first time this week, and they named her grandson Gideon. His nickname is Giddy, which means feeling crazy happy in the US. So now we all are Giddy About Giddy!)
  6. Legogal

    Odd pricing on the Lego store

    Hahaha! Good strategy, but I would not buy a lot and try to make a fortune on them! Seems that has been tried too often, and now there are too many sellers and few buyers.
  7. Huge fan of Legoland Parks and can't wait to visit the latest two in Dubai and Japan. Enjoying Duplo and LEGO with my granddaughter now and can't wait for my new grandson to reach the building stage.

  8. Legogal

    [MOC] Art Nouveau Modular Corner Building

    A wonderful discussion of an off the chart MOC! Like to see how folks approach such a creative work, and how differences of opinion are handled in a non-threatening manner. Gaudi brought such joy to architecture that it is thrilling to see interpretations of his work in LEGO. Congratulations on a mind-blowing build!
  9. Legogal

    MOC: Elves, Ragana's Shadow Tower

    The striking colors just pull you in.....holy cow! They make the entire build jump off the table! Congrats on such a fine design! Long live the least in our memories.
  10. Seems to be the Year of the Tree (and the Dog) with the Tree of Life in the new Lego House followed by this and the new Cherry Tree at Legoland Japan. It is so entertaining to watch how trees grow and amazing builds just land on those branches. Congrats on such an amazing creation and wonderful commentary as to what the heck all those bricks represented. It is a major miracle that the whole tree did not collapse! You all did it again, and I'm not surprised in the least by all the stunning creativity. Cheers to all!
  11. Legogal

    MOC The Rainbow Park

    Red, Wow! So much lovely texture in the details! I wanna go to this park...sorry you only have ONE kitchen table. (Maybe TLC should buy you a few more tables!) Building LEGO parks is such a hoot because there are so many newer pieces that really open the door to new designs. Your fences are just lovely. I am on the fence about the new flowers, too, but have oodles of old flowers and plants. And love building parks in Duplo as well because it encourages children to spend more time in nature. This must have been a lot of fun to build! What a wonderful place for new moms to push their strollers and walk off those frustrations of caring for a baby on so little sleep. And for the elderly to meet was delightful to see Chinese elders ballroom dancing, tai chi-ing and having a great time in their beautiful parks. Parks are an afterthought in most of the US; Americans prefer their backyards in most cases. It makes much more sense to have more dense housing and larger public parks like they do so well in China and other countries. My son has a small apartment near San Francisco, and my granddaughter plays in an amazing park three blocks away almost every day. Central Park in San Mateo. This is much better than large, empty backyards. We had no public parks where I grew up in West Texas, so the only alternative to playing in the yard or street was at the public school playgrounds. So glad to see the change toward the use of well maintained public parks.
  12. Legogal

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Staring at this crooked creation for a few minutes made me dizzy...a first for LEGO! What a stunning build with off the wall techniques. The trees look magnificent to me! Constant winds can turn many trees into the weirdest shapes. So the leaning trees did not bother me. Can’t wait to see your second MOC!
  13. That new bunkbed position looks SCARY! I feel sorry for whomever is TRYING to sleep in the bed below. Are the owners insane? I would never sleep below my own child much less an adult. It might be more comfortable and less expensive for a guy to rent a car and sleep in it than to try to sleep in one of these rooms. In 2014 we seemed to spend very little time in the rooms anyway, which were almost as crowded as a tent. (And I think not that most of the EB-ers are lightweights on the scale!)
  14. Ditto all of the above. My jaw is still dropping! TLG needs to sell this set. Period. Thanks for sharing it with us dumbtards who can only admire a work of art this fine.
  15. Does anyone know who won this contest? And the details of their entry project? Thanks