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Found 4 results

  1. Eurobricks Event 2018 Billund Denmark In this topic you can work out the details if you want to share a chalet or room with other people coming to the event. This way you can seriously optimize/reduce the cost of your stay. However, please keep in mind that it might not be possible to have a perfect filling in each chalet/room. For info about the event, please visit the Eurobricks Event 2018 Information Topic. Shared chalet/room overview: Room 1 [FULL] -> pirate room for 5 persons at the Pirates' Inn Motel Bonaparte (room responsible) Martijn Danny Jan Kevin Room 2 [FULL] -> wild west chalet Holodoc (room responsible) Ecclesiastes Snefroe Vaionaut Skalldyr Room 3 [FULL] -> wild west chalet MstrOfPppts (room responsible)AredhelPeppermint_MRedhead1982Ryushi Room 4 [FULL] -> wild west chalet JanetVanD (room responsible) Son of JanetVanD Nate Dias Friend of Nate Dias Calanon Room 5 [FULL] -> wild west chalet BobDeQuatre (room responsible) Denis (Gzy, a friend of Bob) Whitefang Kim (Whitefang's wife) Room 6 [FULL] -> Lalandia chalet Eiker86 (room responsible) L@go Lego Fjotten Quarryman Room 7 [FULL] -> Hotel Svanen Dfenz Bfenz Room 8 [FULL] -> pirate room for 5 persons at the Pirates' Inn Motel CopMike (room responsible) Morten KimT Anders67 mechamike
  2. Eurobricks Event 2018 Billund Denmark This is the Sign-Up topic for the Eurobricks Event 2018, our 14th event! If you are certain you will join our event, this topic is where you should post. By signing up you confirm having read the Event Information Topic and agree with everything in that topic. Please include this info when signing up: - How many are you? (do you come alone, or with your family). - Let us know if you want to share a chalet with other eventees or want one just for your family (or will take care of your own accommodation) - Are you a candidate to be a 'chalet responsible' for a shared chalet/room? (you will know what it means when you've read the information topic) - Tell us any other info you think we should know. For those who like to sharing a room/chalet (to optimize the cost for your stay) you can use the Accommodation Topic to work out the details. People signing up (status 25/12/2017): Bonaparte (Belgium) Martijn (Belgium) Danny (Belgium) Kevin (Belgium) Jan (Belgium) Ace (Norway) Cecilie (Norway) Rolli (Denmark) Whitefang (Singapore) Kim (Singapore) MstrOfPppts (Slovenia) Bfenz (Ireland) Dfenz (Ireland) Peppermint_M (Wales) Redhead1982 (Slovenia) Calanon (England) Aredhel (Germany) CopMike (Sweden) Dragonator (US) JanetVanD (Ireland) Son of JanetVanD (Ireland) Bob De Quatre (France) A friend of Bob De Quatre (France) Jim (The Netherlands) Kitty (The Netherlands) Lasse D (Denmark) Elena (Denmark) Elleana (Singapore) LegoFjotten (Norway) NateDias (UK) Steve (friend of NateDias) (UK) Ryushi (USA) Quarryman (Norway) Eiker86 (Norway) Skalldyr (Germany) L@go (Norway) Holodoc (Germany) Ecclesiastes (The Netherlands) Brickthing (New Zealand) Anders67 (Sweden) -> Comes instead of Ras, name to be relayed to LEGO house Mechamike (Sweden) Snefroe (Belgium) Criosphynx (USA) Henning M. (Denmark) Morten (Denmark) Synbiote (Belgium) Isendra (Belgium) Shurik (Russia) VerSen (Russia) Lazarev N. (Russia) Rufus (UK) Pandora (UK)+ 2 kids julien4599 (France) Keter Keter's wife
  3. Eurobricks Event 2018 Billund Denmark The one stop place for all your event info! 1/ Where, when, what: Get ready for our the 14th Eurobricks event, at the heart of the LEGO universe: Billund, Denmark. The event will be Sunday 27th, Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th of May. We arrive on Saturday 26th (late afternoon in my case) and return on Wednesday 30th of May (after breakfast). The program will be very interesting as always! 2/ Accommodation We stay in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village at 5 min walk from LEGO. Here you can rent a Ninjago Cabin, a Wild West Cabin or a room in the Pirates' Inn Motel. The Motel and the Chalets are all at the same location and we'll have breakfast in the same place. The Pirates Inn' Motel has rooms for 4, 5 and 8 persons, the Wild West Chalets are for 5 persons and a Ninja Chalet has 6 beds. Don't forget to include breakfast and bedlinnen. Make sure you do not book by accident at the Legoland HOTEL, because this one is at a different location in Billund. Booking and payment: We'll do this again in a decentralized way. Per chalet/room one person needs to be the 'chalet responsible'. This person will collect the money from the other people in the chalet and will be responsible for the booking and payment of the chalet to the LEGOLAND® Holiday Village. Payment is to be done 100% at the time of booking (the chalet responsible pays directly to the LEGOLAND® Holiday Village, not to us!). Chalet responsible: We'll work out who'll be the chalet responsibles in the sign-up topic. Please indicated in the sign-up topic if you'd be OK to be a chalet responsible or rather not. We prefer people who already came to past events to take the role of chalet responsible over people who we've never met before. Also in the sign-up topic you can work out with whom you'd like to share a chalet. If you become chalet responsible you should get in touch with the other people in your chalet (by Personal Messenger) and give instructions on how they can send you the money. Once you have collected all the money you can simply book a room/chalet via the website of Legoland Billund. If you come with your wife or entire family and would like a complete chalet you will of course be your own chalet responsible. IMPORTANT: the booking website behaves a bit weird because it only showed me the 5 persons pirate rooms in the Pirates' Inn Motel when I select 3 adults and 2 children. When entering 5 adults the 5 persons room was not listened even though it has 5 normal beds. This seems to be a bug in the website and after calling the Legoland BIllund Village they advised my to simply select 3 adults and 2 children and make the booking like this. Same applies for the chalets, so please keep this in mind when looking for a room or chalet. Address and Contact: LEGOLAND® Holiday Village Ellehammers Allé 2 DK-7190 Billund 3/ Sign-up for the event: You can sign up for the event HERE. 4/ Miscellaneous: To give you a price indication: I just booked a room in the Pirates' In Motel for 5 persons (myself and some friends who'll be joining me). The price per person for our stay is 202 EUR including breakfast and bedlinnen. So a very reasonable price (especially for expensive Denmark). We'll try to make a deal with the Legoland Village to have access to a meeting room. This deal might include that we need to have 1x dinner in the Village with our entire group. By signing up you are agreeing to this.
  4. Hi all, The Eurobricks Event 2018 will be in Billund and the dates are Sunday 27th till Tuesday 29th of May 2018. So travel days are Saturday and Wednesday. We already discussed with LEGO about the program and for sure the new LEGO House will be part of it! More info will follow later, but be sure to already mark these dates in your agenda. This is not a sign-up topic yet, but feel free to already discuss the event and let us know if you consider coming over. EDIT: There's still a small risk because we didn't make arrangements yet for housing for these dates, so please wait with booking flights and stuff till we have that worked out.