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  1. spotfrog

    Pirates of the Carribean 5 Sets Discussion

    I'd rather we saw a Flying Dutchman with this same level of detail!
  2. Thank you for spending time on the beautiful composition of this review. The summary of this flagship(?) for me is that... there is a lot to see, but in the end, not much to say. It seems that the exterior aesthetic has been nailed down perfectly, but the heart of the model is packed with features that have only marginal benefit. There's irony in having a complex gear box... but with hidden cylinders.. and no Hand of God steering... so we're left with no incentive to experience the shifting mechanism. If this is truly a display model, then surely there was potential to develop "complications" that are more visible; ex. a more realistic chassis, including the unique steering and suspension features you pointed out on the real GT3? I'm curious now if it was Porsche that placed the imperative on including paddle shifters above all else. (On the other hand, I can't wait to see what the Technic pros here will do with the set after they take it for a few laps.)
  3. 42043 was a very interesting build. It took me 12 hours at a leisurely pace, which includes correcting one mistake where I used the wrong length of tubing. I don't think I will do a full review, as most things have already been said. The functions are great, and they all work well for me, but it feels like the model is on the verge of being too large and too heavy for its own good. I am eager to see how Lego surpasses this model in the future... Two things did bother me, though. Difficulty — Routing the hoses is difficult, but rewarding. Attaching modules with multi-step connections is difficult, but fun. What I didn't enjoy was having to snap together sub-assemblies where the one of three or four pins just would not seat gracefully, because they'd catch on the inner edges of the holes. I feel like the instructions should have been adjusted to reduce this frustration. The second thing, I noticed when I made a mistake of linking the rear differentials with a 4x stopped axle instead of a plain one. While taking the differentials back apart, I noticed that the combination of beam-boxes and stopped axles could easily result in permanently locked connections if you're not paying attention. Do people run into this problem often? I haven't seen it mentioned on EB before. All in all this is a great set! Since my last flagship set was 8455, I am happy to have built 42043 as a reintroduction to Technic.
  4. spotfrog

    [MOC] Pull up, Anakin!

    That's an awesome rendition of the scene! The forced perspective background really sells it.
  5. 2: 1 4: 2 11: 1 14: 2 20:1 22: 1 23: 2 A lot of beautiful work to choose from; great job to everyone.
  6. More B-model inspirations on the back of the box would be awesome, and all the better if they were designed by fans! Very cool idea. This Street Rod is absolutely gorgeous too, much more visually interesting than the A-model.
  7. spotfrog

    [MOC] Lady Fett

    I'm not female but I understand where Legogal is coming from. I imagine it would be somewhat alienating when the only way your sex is caricatured in this format is by showing bare skin and T&A... Clever parts use, but there are so many more parts and potential designs, try something different when you move on to Vader? Just my 2¢; I am not trying to knock down your moc.
  8. spotfrog

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    I wasn't aware of the inspiration book, thanks. That might make it quite worthwhile.
  9. spotfrog

    News LEGO Architecture 2013 Discusion

    Architecture student here. I dearly hope that even at 1210 pieces, it won't be as expensive as the rest of the line. It's just a nice mix of simple white pieces... isn't it?
  10. spotfrog

    MF courtyard

    Nice idea. Have you considered adding some columns or pilasters along the walls? Maybe supporting every other knight? The top of the wall sitting entirely over a ribbon of bars doesn't look quite right. Also, more vertical elements -> stronger impression of gothic construction, IMO.
  11. spotfrog

    [MOC] The long dark of Moria

    Fantastic! The forced perspective is beautiful, as well as the effect of the gouged stone... It's a very inspiring piece.
  12. spotfrog

    Power Miners: New Sets for 2009

    I don't see a great emphasis on Technic here except for the beams and Bionicle tools, and I'm afraid that those rollbars are completely pre-fab... And the designs are... well, not that exciting. Not to mention those rock?/sludge?/lava? monsters. Considering the stuff Lego has done to the Agents villians, these guys could have been much more interesting and useful as minifigs. I really hope these aren't the final designs, and that at least Lego gives us some collapsible rock walls to destroy.
  13. spotfrog

    New 2009 Pirates Sets - NEW closeups of the wench & mermaid added

    Ooh, did anyone notice the 1x1 technic brick on the base of the Imperial Fort? Room for expansion, perhaps?
  14. spotfrog

    I wish I could fly....

    Sadly I don't think Luke's escape will work this time :-( ...