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    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    Wow! What a wonderful contest! Congrats to Peppermint_M for running this.
  2. Legogal

    Un Mouton Anglo-Français Baa-aa Baa-aa

    OMG! That is beyond lovely! I just want to hug it, it is so cute! Congrats on a fine build of a lovely animal!
  3. Legogal

    MOC: The Yellow Castle

    Pepp, First class build again! Glad to see the Welsh input and background as my family is Welsh, too. 375 was such an iconic set that it is wonderful seeing your redo of it. The setting is perfect on the plates you selected. Thanks for such an entertaining build! Change in plans...had to cancel Amsterdam visit this week due to a family member's medical emergency in California. Looks like I will be around here for several months helping with the recuperation. If anyone is visiting the Bay Area, feel free to holler. We are just six miles from SFO in San Mateo. At least I'll get to build some with my granddaughter again, and that always is fun.
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    Lowlug Open Meeting 26-8

    Hi! Any meetings near/in Amsterdam in late October by chance? Thanks, Legogal
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    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Gideon, Wow! This is eye candy for sure! The design and story are outstanding! The focus on the role of water is crucial to the story. Congrats on such a magical build! (On a side note, I've never met a Gideon, but a good friend became a grandma for the first time this week, and they named her grandson Gideon. His nickname is Giddy, which means feeling crazy happy in the US. So now we all are Giddy About Giddy!)
  6. Legogal

    Odd pricing on the Lego store

    Hahaha! Good strategy, but I would not buy a lot and try to make a fortune on them! Seems that has been tried too often, and now there are too many sellers and few buyers.
  7. Huge fan of Legoland Parks and can't wait to visit the latest two in Dubai and Japan. Enjoying Duplo and LEGO with my granddaughter now and can't wait for my new grandson to reach the building stage.

  8. Legogal

    [MOC] Art Nouveau Modular Corner Building

    A wonderful discussion of an off the chart MOC! Like to see how folks approach such a creative work, and how differences of opinion are handled in a non-threatening manner. Gaudi brought such joy to architecture that it is thrilling to see interpretations of his work in LEGO. Congratulations on a mind-blowing build!
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    MOC: Elves, Ragana's Shadow Tower

    The striking colors just pull you in.....holy cow! They make the entire build jump off the table! Congrats on such a fine design! Long live the least in our memories.
  10. Seems to be the Year of the Tree (and the Dog) with the Tree of Life in the new Lego House followed by this and the new Cherry Tree at Legoland Japan. It is so entertaining to watch how trees grow and amazing builds just land on those branches. Congrats on such an amazing creation and wonderful commentary as to what the heck all those bricks represented. It is a major miracle that the whole tree did not collapse! You all did it again, and I'm not surprised in the least by all the stunning creativity. Cheers to all!
  11. Legogal

    MOC The Rainbow Park

    Red, Wow! So much lovely texture in the details! I wanna go to this park...sorry you only have ONE kitchen table. (Maybe TLC should buy you a few more tables!) Building LEGO parks is such a hoot because there are so many newer pieces that really open the door to new designs. Your fences are just lovely. I am on the fence about the new flowers, too, but have oodles of old flowers and plants. And love building parks in Duplo as well because it encourages children to spend more time in nature. This must have been a lot of fun to build! What a wonderful place for new moms to push their strollers and walk off those frustrations of caring for a baby on so little sleep. And for the elderly to meet was delightful to see Chinese elders ballroom dancing, tai chi-ing and having a great time in their beautiful parks. Parks are an afterthought in most of the US; Americans prefer their backyards in most cases. It makes much more sense to have more dense housing and larger public parks like they do so well in China and other countries. My son has a small apartment near San Francisco, and my granddaughter plays in an amazing park three blocks away almost every day. Central Park in San Mateo. This is much better than large, empty backyards. We had no public parks where I grew up in West Texas, so the only alternative to playing in the yard or street was at the public school playgrounds. So glad to see the change toward the use of well maintained public parks.
  12. Legogal

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Staring at this crooked creation for a few minutes made me dizzy...a first for LEGO! What a stunning build with off the wall techniques. The trees look magnificent to me! Constant winds can turn many trees into the weirdest shapes. So the leaning trees did not bother me. Can’t wait to see your second MOC!
  13. That new bunkbed position looks SCARY! I feel sorry for whomever is TRYING to sleep in the bed below. Are the owners insane? I would never sleep below my own child much less an adult. It might be more comfortable and less expensive for a guy to rent a car and sleep in it than to try to sleep in one of these rooms. In 2014 we seemed to spend very little time in the rooms anyway, which were almost as crowded as a tent. (And I think not that most of the EB-ers are lightweights on the scale!)
  14. Ditto all of the above. My jaw is still dropping! TLG needs to sell this set. Period. Thanks for sharing it with us dumbtards who can only admire a work of art this fine.
  15. Does anyone know who won this contest? And the details of their entry project? Thanks
  16. Just noticed this contest on Airbnb. Win a free night for four in the Lego House in Billund with Jamie! Wow! Enter the contest by registering on Airbnb and submitting your entry. Read the fine print very carefully. Good Luck! LEGO House Billund, Denmark Jamie Entire home/flat 4 Guests 2 Bedrooms 2 Beds £0 It’s on us! Thanks for entering! Don't pack your bags just yet! We’ll email the winner after Nov 17. While you wait, tell your friends to wish you luck. About this listing For one night, the LEGO House in Denmark becomes your family’s private playground. Unleash your imagination, bring your wildest LEGO vision to life, and fall asleep surrounded by 25 million bricks. The space Room type: Entire home/flat Property type: Other Accommodates: 4 Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 1 Beds: 2 Check In: Anytime after 2PM Amenities TV Essentials Essentials Towels, bed sheets, soap, and toilet paper Heating Heating Central heating or a heater in the listing Air Conditioning Free parking on premise + More The space The newly opened LEGO House in Billund, Denmark has already drawn builders of all ages from all over the world. Now Airbnb and LEGO House are giving your family the chance to have the place to yourselves for the night—and to make your wildest LEGO vision a reality. Your journey will start when Jamie, one of the finest master builders in the world, welcomes you into the LEGO House and sparks your imagination with top-secret LEGO tips and tricks. Then he’ll join you for lunch served by two friendly robot waiters—but first you’ll have to build your meal order out of bricks. Next, the doors will close to the public and Jamie will lead you on a private expedition. You’ll stand at the foot of the Tree of Creativity, built by hand from over 6 million bricks, and then explore the Masterpiece Gallery, showcasing LEGO creations from fans all over the world. From there, you’ll head to the Experience Zones, where you can direct your own LEGO movie, engineer robotic cars and send them flying over jumps, design cities, and much more. Since all this creativity will no doubt bring up memories of your favorite childhood LEGO creations, the next stop is the basement, where you can trace the timeline of LEGO history and rediscover the most iconic sets ever produced. Finally, you’ll reach your destination: a bedroom floating in a pool of bricks underneath a 6-meter-tall LEGO waterfall. Everything around you is made out of LEGO bricks: armchairs, lamps, the alarm clock, the TV, your favorite story book, and even the cat. But before you drift off into your most colorful dreams ever, there’s building to do. After all, it was your winning idea that brought you here. Drawing on Jamie’s expertise, you’ll use the endless supply of bricks to make your vision a reality. The next morning, after breakfast and before the doors reopen to the public, there’s one final surprise. We won’t reveal it here, but let’s just say that in some small way, your family will leave your footprint in LEGO House long after you leave, just like the memories of your time here. To enter, answer this question: If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build? Describe your dream creation between November 1 of 2017 at 9:00pm Pacific Time (5am GMT) and 11:59pm Pacific Time on November 16 of 2017 (17 of november, 7:59am), and you could spend the night among an infinite supply of LEGO bricks—and create a version of your entry with a LEGO Master Builder. Winners will be flown in from around the world. Guests should be a group of 2-4 people. All children must be at least 4 years old. You must be able to travel to Denmark for spending the night at the LEGO House on November 24 of 2017. Note that the experience involves some moderate physical activity and you may need to already have a visa to enter Denmark. You must be able to spend the night at LEGO House on November 24 of 2017. Note that the experience involves some moderate physical activity. Submissions should be 50-500 characters in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Danish, or 100-300 characters in Chinese (Simplified or Traditional), Japanese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, or Korean . Please read the full contest rules under “House Rules,” below. Other things to note House rules • Play is mandatory! • Parents are advised to wear LEGO-proof slippers at all times. • If there’s anything you miss in your bedroom, feel free to build it yourself. • The bed is so comfy, you might need a brick separator in the morning. • If 25 million bricks aren’t enough, a real LEGO moulding machine is installed in the lobby. • We know you’re looking for that one rare brick, but please refrain from diving into the LEGO pool. • No night at the LEGO House would be complete without BRICKfast in bed. • State of the art home security: just throw some bricks on the floor before leaving! Terms & Conditions Night at LEGO House on November 24th of 2017 NO PURCHASE OR PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. When you submit a submission for this Contest, you agree with the Official Rules below. Sponsor. The Sponsors of this Contest (“Contest”) are Airbnb Ireland UC, the Watermarque Building, South Lotts Road, Dublin 4, Ireland (“Airbnb”) and the LEGO House A/S, Koldingvej 2, 7190 Billund, Denmark (“Partner”). How to Enter. Participants who at the time of participation, have reached the age of 18 or the age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is higher, may enter the Contest from November 1 of 2017 at 9:00pm Pacific Time (5am GMT) until November 16 of 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific Time (November 17 of 2017 at 7:59am GMT) by following the process below. Submissions must be received through the below process by the close of the Contest to be eligible. It is not required to purchase any good or service to participate in the Contest. Process: To participate in the Contest and to enter to win the prize described below, you have to: Sign in with an Airbnb account. Go to the Night At LEGO House competition listing page. Click on the "Enter to Win" button by which you will be also accepting these Terms and Conditions and the Airbnb privacy policy. Tell us what you and your family would build with an infinite supply of LEGO Bricks. In the form provided, write your answer in at least 50 characters but no more than 550 characters (the “Submission”). The Submission must be sent from the participant’s Airbnb account to be verified and reviewed. Submissions will be accepted in English, French, German, Danish, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian Korean or Swedish. Each participant can only participate once and you represent that you are more than 18 years old or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is higher. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Airbnb is not responsible for computer or network problems, problems with servers, problems with email accounts or the failure to receive any Submission for any reason whatsoever. By entering the Contest, participants agree, on their behalf and any guest that as a winner they are permitted to share the prize with, that they may be contacted by Airbnb in relation to the Contest and agree to take part in any publicity that occurs as a result of the Contest and grant Airbnb and Partner and their group companies and agents the right to use their name and/or image and/or town/country of residence. In the event that the guest (or guest’s guardian) does not agree to take part in such publicity, the participant shall not be permitted to share the prize with such guest. Eligibility. The Contest is open to residents of the following countries only: United States, Canada (except Quebec), France, Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Argentina (except Mendoza). If you are not resident in one of the listed countries, you are not eligible to enter or participate in the Contest. Residents of Brazil are not eligible. By entering eligible participants agree that the individual winner(s) will be selected from all Submissions received from these countries. Directors, officers, employees, independent contractors and agents of Partner and Airbnb, or their subsidiaries or affiliates, and the members of their immediate families or households, are not eligible. Participants represent that they are willing and available to travel to Denmark to be there on November 24 of 2017. At the time of entry, participants must have legal means to enter Denmark and remain there for the duration of the trip, such as a valid passport and valid visa, if required, or EU Identity Card. The winner may bring three guests. Winner Selection. There will be one (1) winner. The judges will select up to ten (10) Submissions that score the highest to be Finalists. The participants who submitted those Finalists will be asked to verify their availability and eligibility to travel on the required dates. From the eligible Finalists, the judges will select the Submission with the highest score as the winner. The Submissions will be chosen entirely on merit, based on the following criteria applied by a panel of judges: Creativity (33%): How creative is the answer and how much does it delight us? Originality (33%): How does it surprise us? Is it a unique perspective? Responsive: How well does it respond to question (33%). If there is a tie, the judges will select the Submission that was submitted first. The panel of judges will be comprised of chosen members from Sponsor and Partner, and/or authorized personnel or consultants chosen by Sponsor and Partner, including at least one independent judge. If substantially similar Submissions are submitted by different entrants, judges will select only the best version of that idea, as determined by the judges in their sole discretion. The judges’ decisions are final and binding. Prohibited Content. Submissions/content must be the original work of the participant and not have been previously published, or entered in any other competition, and must not violate the rights of any other party, including but not limited to intellectual property rights or rights of privacy, publicity or other moral rights. Submissions must NOT contain: (a) advertising or commercial content for any party other than Airbnb or Partner; (b) content that endorses/promotes illegal or harmful activity; (c) violent, profane, vulgar, obscene, defamatory or otherwise objectionable material; (d) adult material; or (e) defamatory content. The Sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any participant who violates these prohibitions or any other provision of these Official Rules, or that the Sponsors deem inappropriate for any reason, in their sole discretion. License. By submitting a Submission, participants grant each of Airbnb and Partner a perpetual (or for the term of the protection granted by the relevant intellectual property rights), worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable license to transform, edit, modify, reproduce, distribute, transmit, publish, communicate to the public, broadcast, perform, display, or otherwise use in any manner they deem fit (a) the Submission and all other information and material provided by the participant arising out of or in connection with this Contest at any time; and (b) the participant's name, likeness, photographs, personal information and all other personal attributes and forms of personality or publicity rights, in whole or in part, with or without modifications, in any form or medium (including but not limited to: internet, any printed medium distributed via press, billposting, point of sale advertising, flyers, leaflets…), whether now existing or later developed, for entertainment, promotional and/or advertising purposes and/or any other purpose. To the greatest extent permitted by law, participants agree to waive and not to assert or invoke any so-called moral rights in relation to their Submissions (including without limitation the right to be identified as the creator of the work and the right to object to derogatory treatment of the work). The participants also waive any revisionary rights or any rights that have a similar effect. The participants further agree that non-use of the Submission by Airbnb and Partner shall not be grounds for revocation of such license. For the avoidance of doubt, the license referred to in this paragraph is a fully paid-up license and entry into the Contest is adequate consideration for such license. By entering, you guarantee that your Submission is original as referred to above, and that you have all necessary rights to provide the Submission and to grant to Airbnb and Partner as applicable the rights set out in these Official Rules, as well as the consent of any person identified, depicted or referred to in the Submission. You will indemnify and hold Airbnb harmless for any breach of these provisions. Only the winner will receive a prize according to the next paragraph: ‘Prize’. Prize. The winner will receive, in recognition of their personal creativity and originality and as full and comprehensive consideration for the License described above, the following trip: Overnight stay inside the LEGO House with up to three (3) guests. One night accommodation near the LEGO House. Flights (or train) and ground transportation for the winner and up to (3) three guests to and from an airport near the winner’s residence to Billund, Denmark. Food and drinks for up to four (4) people while in Billund, Denmark for two days. Meeting with a LEGO Master Builder. A translator for this meeting may be provided if the winner and guests do not speak English or Danish. Not included in the prize are: Passport or visa fees, and any other expenses not listed above. It shall be the sole responsibility of the participants to avail of the necessary authorizations including visas for such trip. The total value of the prize is approximately 3600 EUR (which is 77,330MXN or 73,695 ARS)(assuming 600 EUR value + the costs of the return trips from the winner’s residence to Billund, Denmark). Actual value will vary based on winner’s home location. The Sponsors are allowed to ask for a written confirmation or proof of the place of residence and age of the winners and any guest(s) they are permitted to share the prize with before awarding the prize. No substitution or transfer of the prize is permitted. The prize may not be redeemed for cash. If due to circumstances beyond Airbnb's or Partner’s control, Airbnb or Partner are unable to provide the stated prize, Airbnb and Partner reserve the right to award, as substitute, a prize of equal or higher value. Notification/Announcement of Winner. The winner(s) will be selected on or by November 18th of 2017 and will be notified by phone and/or via the email associated with the Airbnb account from which the winning entry was sent within twenty-four (24) hours. The winner must confirm their acceptance of the Prize in writing within twelve (12) hours of such notification. The Sponsors reserve the right to disqualify any winner who does not confirm acceptance of the Prize in accordance with these Official Rules, or who is in breach of these Official Rules, and reserves the right to select an alternative winner in such event. In the event of a dispute about the identity of a winner, the Sponsors will award the prize to the authorized account holder of the Airbnb account from which the winning Submission was sent. The Sponsors will publicly announce the name of the winner within 10 days of the close of the Contest on and may also announce the winner through social media channels such as (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) and (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN). If no winner is selected who is available to travel on the required day, the Contest may be forfeited and no prize granted. Prize Conditions. Save as may be required by any applicable mandatory laws, the prize will be as referred to in these Official Rules and is provided as-is with no express or implied warranty or guarantee. Nothing in these Official Rules operates to limit or exclude the application of relevant consumer protection laws or the liability of Airbnb under such laws. This Contest is subject to applicable local laws and regulations, including but not limited to tax laws. The winner is solely responsible for any taxes applicable to or resulting from the award of the prize, and the Sponsors will have no obligation for any taxes that may be payable. Sponsors may require the winner, and where applicable, the winner’s guest, to sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release and a publicity release permitting the Sponsors to use the winner’s name, image and winning Submission in promotional materials where permitted by law and subject to applicable rules. Refusal or inability to sign and return such forms within 24 hours of receipt may result in disqualification and awarding of prize to an alternate winner. The winner and guests represent they will behave as good citizens during their stay at the LEGO House and that they will cooperate with the security personnel present. General Liability Release. By entering this Contest, participants release the Sponsors and their agents from any liability whatsoever, on any theory, and waive all claims and causes of action arising from or related to this Contest and/or fulfillment and/or use of the Prize, to the extent permitted by applicable law. However, nothing in these Official Rules limits or excludes any person’s or entity’s liability for death or personal injury caused by their negligence or any other liability which may not as a matter of law be limited. Data. By entering the Contest and submitting a Submission and any other personal information, participants are expressly consenting to the processing of their personal information by the Sponsors for the purpose of the Contest or any associated publicity by Airbnb or Partner. Airbnb’s privacy policy will apply. Airbnb may share the Submissions with Partner and third party prize providers that may be located outside of your home jurisdiction, for Contest administration and prize fulfillment purposes. Participants who do not consent to the collection of their personal information will not be able to enter the Contest. For information on how to access or seek correction of your personal information, or how to make a complaint in relation to our handling of your personal information, please see our privacy policy at Interpretation and Disputes. Participants agree: (a) to be bound by these Official Rules and all decisions of the judges, which are final and binding; (b) that any disputes shall be governed by the laws of Ireland (or by mandatory local laws, if applicable), and shall be resolved only in the courts in Ireland (or in mandatory local jurisdiction, if applicable), without resort to any form of class action or other form of collective action, to the extent permitted by applicable law; and (c) that they consent and waive any objection to the jurisdiction of said courts for any such disputes. Miscellaneous. The Contest is void where prohibited. If any provision or part-provision of these Official Rules is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this clause shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these Official Rules. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Sponsors may suspend, modify or terminate the Contest if they believe, in their sole discretion, that malfunction, error, disruption or damage is impairing or will impair the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Contest, in which case the prizes will be awarded among the eligible Submissions received that were unaffected by the problem, if possible. With reference to the Italian participants please note that this Contest does not constitute a “Manifestazione a Premio” under the provisions of D.P.R. (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) because (i) both Sponsors are duly incorporated and established in an EU Country: therefore, prize competition rules of the Country of establishment apply as per applicable guidance from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development; (ii) in any event, winner(s) are selected and prizes are assigned to them on the basis of their personal writing talent and consequently the exception described under Article 6, par. 1, letter a) of the above mentioned decree shall apply. With reference to the Argentinian participants, please note that this Contest does not require previous and express authorization of Lotería Nacional SE, complying the rules of commercial loyalty (Ley de Lealtad Comercial N° 22802 and Decreto Reglamentario 1153/07) and personal data protection (Ley de Protección de los Datos Personales N° 25326) and other concordant and related rules applicable to this Contest. Furthermore, by being a Contest without intervention of chance it is not required to make a probabilistic calculation of the possibilities to obtain a Prize by a participant. The probability of being selected as a winner will depend on the quality of each submitted story, following the described criteria. To the extent permissible by law, any local language version of these Official Rules is for reference only, and the English version shall prevail. About the Host, Jamie Hi, I’m Jamie. True LEGO fans will recognize me as the designer behind the LEGO Modular Buildings and Architecture series. As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a LEGO Master Builder. I later became a finalist in a Master Model Builder competition, and soon after was invited to join the LEGO Creator design team. I can’t wait to welcome you into the home of the LEGO brick and spend some time creating together!
  17. All I can say is "DITTO!" Wow! The design is simple yet complicated. This reminds me so much of Xi'an with its phenomenal gardens. Living in a place like this seems like a Big Dream. Time slows down when entering a special place like the one you built. Walking the paths to and through the gate in anticipation of what lies beyond. The lovely, minimal plants with well placed rocks and hovering trees. The wooden walkways guiding you through the enclosure overlooking ponds of koi and water plants. You have created an amazing atmospheric calm that causes your blood pressure to go down. A masterpiece!
  18. Legogal

    Your worst lego injuries?

    Falling down after stepping on LEGO can be fatal! It is easy to break a wrist or arm when you land on the floor. Remember to roll if you can to lessen the chance of breaking something. And turn on the lights so you can see what you are about to crash into. This is extra tough when the floor is totally covered in you-know-what!n So far I have avoided the broken bones after many nasty falls due to LEGO.
  19. Sorry for the messiness of this post. I tried to edit it without luck and am not sure it is in the correct topic. Anyway it is worth a look, especially for those of you located nearby.
  20. Legogal

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmmmm...has there been a hotel, gym/pool/YMCA, library, craft/toy store, brewery, medical office building, outdoor/REI store, furniture/IKEA store, florist/greenhouse, spa/beauty salon, senior citizen/preschool, climbing wall gym, music store selling real instruments and pianos, museum, car dealership yet? Looks like oodles of wonderful modular ideas will keep this line going forever. Hoorah!
  21. Captain, nice approach! Glad you have a BL store to unload the LEGO you don’t want to keep. BL has been a fabulous source of rare parts for my Duplo houses and other collections. I tend to sell to AFOLs I know or use our local Craigslist, and some friends put things on BL for me. This pays for new sets or whatever parts I need and clears up room to play with them.
  22. HI! I like your approach to LEGO. It will become more common as the wealthier AFOL's age out and downsize their collections. I make it a point of selling most of my once built, rarer sets to younger folks starting their collections; these buyers cannot spend $500. or more for a new or used set, so most of mine are priced much lower than the AZ or eBay prices and even prices on BL. One of my favorite buyers was a local pianist/piano teacher with a young son; he bought five of my built modulars to get his collection rolling. I was running out of room, and the buyer needed these sets. It was a win-win situation. Nice toys need to be recycled, not stored in a box somewhere for eternity. If you need to get rid of used, good condition LEGO, sell it to young collectors. It has provided value to you in the building process and looking beautiful on your shelf. Let a young collector give it the attention it needs.
  23. Wow! What a beauty! The design is first class. Congratulations!
  24. Lovely video...thanks for posting. Still want to see the place in person. The good news is that we can revisit Legoland Billund while there. I am thrilled that these builds are indoors and protected from the weather. My greatest complaint about all of the Legoland Parks is how much the weather has destroyed the outside builds. Almost nothing is under a roof, so the bricks age too quickly. I will never understand why they did not at least put roofs over the most advanced builds to keep the sun and rain off of them. It seems like this would have been much cheaper than always having to rebuild the once lovely creations. And they could have provided more shade in the hotter LL climes like California, Malaysia and Florida. (Most of the LEGO builds in LL parks look like crap after six months or so. Mother Nature is just too brutal.)
  25. The first thing is to sort LEGO into sets with instructions if possible so you know what you are dealing with. Then make a complete list. If any set is built, find the instructions if you can. I ended up selling many valuable, rare sets locally on craigslist or to AFOL friends. The other options include eBay or a friend's BL store if you don't have time to sell it yourself. Do you have AFOL friends who would be interested in selling it for you splitting the proceeds. If you mostly have loose parts, try to identify the expensive ones (like 1by8 sand green in Cafe Corner) and list them here with US sales only. Parts that are in great condition and sorted into sets will bring you the most money. Do try to sell your more valuable unopened sets on EB, Brickset or craigslist if you have time. If you know young builders who need a lot of bricks, you can sell it by the pound to them, but this will bring in much less than selling used sets with instructions. Hope that you have time to sort it and sell it before you leave. Once you get a list of the sets or valuable parts, list them here. Don't forget to include the price of shipping which can be expensive even within the US. Good luck!