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    <p> Star Wars, all the sets I got at Billund (there were a lot, but an example of one would be Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) </p>

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  1. I'm currently tidying up and throwing away a lot of old things and I have a bit of a conundrum: what do I do with all these instruction booklets? I'm overflowing with them! I'm thinking of perhaps throwing away all 2008-2019 booklets and keeping the older ones. What do you guys do with them?
  2. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    My head and helmet have arrived, now my Cobalt Hammer is at 4/5 crew. Lego, please give us Spennie!
  3. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    In addition to this, the minifig in the microfighter is Nodin Chavdri but he ought to have an olive jumpsuit like Tallie does (albeit without the scarf).
  4. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    It's just the lighting.
  5. Calanon

    Questions about exhibitions

    Right, a few follow-up questions: re exhibitions is there any issues re the museum charging guests to see the museum? And does anyone know if there would be any liscensing issues with displaying liscensed themes?
  6. Calanon

    Questions about exhibitions

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll pass this on the museum staff on Tuesday.
  7. So as to not derail this discussion anymore, I have created a thread to discuss the Finch Dallow minifig situation further. I must say, seeing the anniversary sets I don't think I've ever been less excited for a Lego SW wave.
  8. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    So as to not derail the 2019 Set Discussion thread further, let's discuss the Finch Dallow situation here instead. I'm being sent the head and helmet (albeit no torso or legs), which is nice although ever so slightly annoying in that I need to buy the torso and legs separately now to have the generic pilot as an engineer. When I contacted Lego I said I'd be willing to have bought it as a polybag or set and simply asked if anything could be done about it. What's been your situation in regards to the Finch minifig? Have you had any luck in getting the new pieces from Lego to complete your Resistance Bomber?
  9. In Britain when I contacted them they said they didn't have the pieces in stock and to contact them again in a couple of weeks, which I did today. I'm being sent the head and helmet, no torso or legs. I only had to take a picture of the bomber for proof! Mind you, I didn't explicitly ask for it initially. I expressed my disappointment in the change being made and that I thought he was going to be in a polybag or microfighter and that I was willing to buy him and I asked if anything could be done about it.
  10. The Inferno Squad battlepack. Very nice minifigures, need to make Dio!
  11. I've never actually been to any exhibition of Lego MOCs, but the museum I volunteer at wants to host one at some point, so I have some questions about how they work. First of all, do people displaying their stuff get paid or is it a case of willingly bringing stuff to display? This particular one will go on a for a few months, so it'd be a case of dropping MOCs off to display behind glass, not standing around all day. Secondly, with something like a public museum does anyone know if it's possible for them to get cheaper Lego, either bulk pieces or some sets either directly from Lego or via a LUG?
  12. I'd like to come, but like Peppermint I also need to figure things out first. I'm feeling though that I'll have to miss this year now.
  13. I am, of course, interested in joining. It's far enough in advance that if I get a job soon I should be able to get the time off work. I can help out with finding more affordable accommodation.
  14. So I just opened the x-wing from this year to look at the new flight helmet in the plastic, and I think what I find particularly wrong about it in comparison to the old one is that it feels like it sits about 1mm too tall on the minifig. I lifted the old helmet up by 1mm and it also feels too tall.
  15. Calanon

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    Not posting this on rumours because nothing confirmed as a set or anything, but Lego posted this on Twitter...