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    <p> Star Wars, all the sets I got at Billund (there were a lot, but an example of one would be Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) </p>

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  1. Calanon

    Star Wars is kinda fading

    Sure we're always going to have a lot of repeats of the X-Wing, TIE/ln, snowspeeder and Luke's landspeeder but the sets this year are either all new or only have been made once before. Not always getting as excited can also be because of other reasons - I've experienced this too at times but for me it's because I'm older, I have less space for new sets, I'm much more into MOCing and so builds don't excite me in the same way (except for new pieces or colours) and the stormtrooper and clone trooper print changes aren't my thing. But all those are for me, none of those are that LSW is dying. They've gone quite heavy on the helmets and the 18+ dioramas which aren't my thing either but they must be selling well enough to keep doing them for several years and they've put out more cheaper sets too.
  2. Wow! This is fantastic, so many great details here. Love the seats and the lift. In the corridor to the cargo hold etc, is there actually enough space for a mini to stand?
  3. Calanon

    [MOC] LAAT Republic Gunship

    I really like the handholds and all the variations! Good job.
  4. It's pretty cool that they've made such a niche LAAT variant, a shame about the doors. Minifig selection is good although, how did they manage to mess up Fox's torso? The white extends much too far down.
  5. It's better than most battle packs for army building to be honest, even if they're not regular infantrymen. The increased variety is nice too. If they were in the realistic print style I'd definitely have bought several packs.
  6. These new dioramas just look... disappointing, honestly. Besides the given of them being overpriced for what they are the playset of the playsets of the DS2 duel are all a lot more comprehensive. The window build looks nice though. The speeder chase though... well, everyone's already said about the figs. On top of that though the trees don't look great - admittedly it's a scale thing but whilst I think the trunks look okay the canopies look sparse and uninteresting. The vanes look good but the back is ugly, it's very wide and looks disproportionate. The build to accommodate two figs also does not look great.
  7. Unfortunately, due to finances I'm going to have to drop out of this.
  8. Calanon

    Billund 2023 accomodation topic

    Would like to share, cannot take on room responsibility.
  9. Calanon

    [MOC] Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter

    Really great shaping on this.
  10. I'm so pleasantly surprised to see we're getting Admiral Sloane. I'm not sure we've ever had a minifig that's basically been in no visual media before? I'm aware she was in Squadrons, but that was quite a niche game.
  11. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Now that we have a Din Djarin with a face, what hair do people think would be good? This maybe?
  12. Calanon

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Really nice use of parts! One of the best ones I've seen.
  13. Calanon

    Tantive IV hallwall MOC

    Looks very clean, I dig it. Looks like it'd be nice and easy to swap some tiles for plates to pose minis too, which is nice.
  14. I'm so glad this new helmet is nigh-on identical mould-wise (print-wise I'd prefer a return to the previous live-action style). It looks like it's cut to not be perfectly round, presumably so the visor stays in place. I wonder if this means the rangefinder won't be compatible?