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    <p> Star Wars, all the sets I got at Billund (there were a lot, but an example of one would be Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) </p>

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    History (especially the High Middle Ages), literature, geopolitics, anthropology, linguistics, technology and gaming.


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  1. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Now that we have a Din Djarin with a face, what hair do people think would be good? This maybe?
  2. Calanon

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Really nice use of parts! One of the best ones I've seen.
  3. Calanon

    Tantive IV hallwall MOC

    Looks very clean, I dig it. Looks like it'd be nice and easy to swap some tiles for plates to pose minis too, which is nice.
  4. I'm so glad this new helmet is nigh-on identical mould-wise (print-wise I'd prefer a return to the previous live-action style). It looks like it's cut to not be perfectly round, presumably so the visor stays in place. I wonder if this means the rangefinder won't be compatible?
  5. Calanon

    UK Sales

    Not a sale, but Obi Wan's Jedi Starfighter is available from Smyth's for preorder for £5 less than on
  6. Just seen more pics of Yoda's hut - the £30 or whatever one from a few years ago has a bigger interior... I know it's not the main point of the set, but still.
  7. Calanon

    [MOC] Resistance Fireball

    Looks great, I love the shaping on the wings.
  8. Honestly, it feels like if they removed the black border and the plaque, the price would be lower (I know obviously it's less bricks, you all know what I mean). It's a display set so it can be sold for higher. I'm not surprised there's a new stormtrooper torso - it's been used since 2014, but from the glimpse I've seen I don't feel that it's better. Will have to judge when we see more.
  9. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    What are people's opinions on the new hybrid print legs for clone troopers? I'm trying to decide if I should swap the realistic print out for them, so hybrid legs + realistic torso + realistic print helmet. But then black or white hips?
  10. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Looks great! Where's the legs and torso from?
  11. So much great detail in here, but I gotta say that BD is done excellently. The blaster bolt mid air is pretty clever.
  12. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    What do people recommend as a hair piece for Gar Saxon?
  13. I voted Windsor the same reason as Peppermint, but honestly I'm happy with any. If I could enter a second choice I'd probably say Günzburg.
  14. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Out of curiosity, do these fit under imperial army helmets at all, or does the bit at the front and sides make it not fit?
  15. Does anyone have any suggestions on either fixing or preventing stickers from peeling over time? My A-wing from 2017 is peeling already, which feels a bit ridiculously soon.