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    <p> Star Wars, all the sets I got at Billund (there were a lot, but an example of one would be Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) </p>

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    History (especially the High Middle Ages), literature, geopolitics, anthropology, linguistics, technology and gaming.


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  1. So much great detail in here, but I gotta say that BD is done excellently. The blaster bolt mid air is pretty clever.
  2. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    What do people recommend as a hair piece for Gar Saxon?
  3. I voted Windsor the same reason as Peppermint, but honestly I'm happy with any. If I could enter a second choice I'd probably say G├╝nzburg.
  4. Calanon

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Out of curiosity, do these fit under imperial army helmets at all, or does the bit at the front and sides make it not fit?
  5. Does anyone have any suggestions on either fixing or preventing stickers from peeling over time? My A-wing from 2017 is peeling already, which feels a bit ridiculously soon.
  6. As Pep said slightly different ones in the UK, but this is definitely a nostalgia hit. I've got a lot of mine in a box somewhere, although quite a few not in good condition. Thanks a lot for this!
  7. Calanon

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Welcome to first past the post voting. Yeah, it sucks. I really, really wish they either let us do voting on sub-themes or let us do preferential ranking. This is also why I was wondering if people had a preference for us to rally behind a particular sub-theme.
  8. Lego have released a fan vote on Lego Ideas to create a set from a classic theme for the 90th anniversary of Lego. There is a great selection of themes on there, unfortunately only one will be chosen for a set. This is especially evil as certain themes such as castle and space are so split up, and you can only choose three, with no ranked preference voting! What are you thinking of voting for, should we try to rally around at least one particular loved theme to ensure it does well? I'm open for two of my picks, although one of mine will certainly be for Rock Raiders. Also, I'm aware there there is already a thread for Lego Ideas discussion but this feels like a particularly big and unique thing that it could warrant its own thread.
  9. Calanon

    TOS: USS Enterprise

    Really nice use of pieces here. Good scale for it.
  10. Calanon

    Old West Saloon, Bank, and Trading Post

    It's a small detail, but that slightly messy bed is absolutely perfect. Lots of really great detail here.
  11. Calanon

    Star Trek

    Some points in response to this. You call it lazy and dumb writing, but in-universe it's clearly a questionable decision - whilst the crew tell her to say yes, Tilly herself brings up reasons she shouldn't be. When Saru mentions that his number one is Ensign Tilly, Dadmiral Vance's look is of incredulity. Everyone outside the ship thinks it is a bad decision. To be honest, I think Starfleet should've, and probably will after this, assign a new, 31st century XO to Discovery. However, in Tilly's defence we know from S1 she is on the command track and possibly one of the few command-division officers aboard with experience. Honestly, there aren't that many other good picks for XO, although she is definitely too inexperienced at this stage.
  12. Calanon

    [REVIEW] 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter

    Whilst I don't care much for the actual X-wing in this set, the minifig selection is pretty nice indeed. Very nice to finally get General Dodonna.
  13. Calanon

    [REVIEW] 75299 Trouble on Tatooine

    I will definitely pick it up for Djarin in full beskar and the Child, but having seen the episode it feels like this set tries to cover two things poorly than one. Wish it were either speeder + the attackers, or scrap speeder and have Vanth and a krayt dragon.
  14. Not as much as if we pay full price! Although I'm not going to buy all the sets I would, so, eh. I like the thought of a treasure hunt or something. If Aarhus was closer I'd be interested in visiting for a day like we visit Munich, but it's an extra hour.