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    <p> Star Wars, all the sets I got at Billund (there were a lot, but an example of one would be Kessel Run Millennium Falcon) </p>

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    History (especially the High Middle Ages), literature, geopolitics, anthropology, linguistics, technology and gaming.


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  1. I think he meant online!
  2. Not as much as if we pay full price! Although I'm not going to buy all the sets I would, so, eh. I like the thought of a treasure hunt or something. If Aarhus was closer I'd be interested in visiting for a day like we visit Munich, but it's an extra hour.
  3. More room would definitely get my vote, especially if it means a meeting room. I'm always hungry for breakfast but okay with buying some pastry or whatever in the shop.
  4. I would like to share a chalet.
  5. Why is it a given? They never produced the third helmet version of the praetorian guard, nor did they ever give us Sgt Melshi from R1. I do hope it's true though.
  6. It is now a definite yes!
  7. This is srs bsns, no excitement allowed at EB events!!
  8. Provisional yes - will be definite yes when I have confirmed annual leave from work.
  9. Eh... I'm not sure. Like, yes, it has more significant imperial cues (especially with the officer) but the vehicle is clearly a First Order LIUV. The pilot of the TIE Dagger is a First Order one, despite it having the Sith red, but that could be a mistake on Lego's side. The brickbuilt bantha is pretty good and I guess this confirms the dual-moulded Alliance flight helmet is dead. Shame Wedge still doesn't have a unique head.
  10. I'm currently tidying up and throwing away a lot of old things and I have a bit of a conundrum: what do I do with all these instruction booklets? I'm overflowing with them! I'm thinking of perhaps throwing away all 2008-2019 booklets and keeping the older ones. What do you guys do with them?
  11. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    My head and helmet have arrived, now my Cobalt Hammer is at 4/5 crew. Lego, please give us Spennie!
  12. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    In addition to this, the minifig in the microfighter is Nodin Chavdri but he ought to have an olive jumpsuit like Tallie does (albeit without the scarf).
  13. Calanon

    Finch Posting

    It's just the lighting.
  14. Calanon

    Questions about exhibitions

    Right, a few follow-up questions: re exhibitions is there any issues re the museum charging guests to see the museum? And does anyone know if there would be any liscensing issues with displaying liscensed themes?
  15. Calanon

    Questions about exhibitions

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll pass this on the museum staff on Tuesday.