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Found 10 results

  1. Joseph R

    I can't Pick a Brick!

    I live in a place where no lego stores are near me, like the closest one to me is about an hour away. I want to stock up on lego because I am running out of them, and used bricklink orders, but I want to get new pieces as well. So I am wondering if anyone living in California, or the United States, can ship to me a large cup of pieces, particularly plates and bricks? I am willing to pay like $17 more for shipping & handling.
  2. anothergol

    Bricks & Pieces

    Bricks&Pieces is/was? an alternative to Pick a Brick that doesn't suck, for those rare parts that would have no chance to be on Pick a Brick (which is never a better deal than BrickLink). I made an order last week (for the hollowed round 1x1 plates in LBG, quite useful & only available in the Dimensions Portal set) and today I notice that it's.. gone? I'm only seeing the first 2 ('part is missing') options here. I seriously hope they're merging it with Pick a Brick, for something more useful. In my last order I had spotted mini-legs in LBG for 5 cents btw. Sounded like a good deal, but not too good to be true - BrickLink prices are purely based on rarity but for Lego mini-legs are just 1 part, not an assembly, so they could exist for 5 cents. Well Lego fixed their prices & billed me the remainder without even asking, that's not nice of them. Lucky I didn't buy 100's - something I can imagine a BL shop owner doing.
  3. I know I've read here about issues with tracking when you order online via Pick a Brick and I've experience this myself many times. Most recently every time I put in the tracking number it just said it couldn't find it. So I reached out to Lego Customer Support to just double check all was well and also give some feedback about the DHL site being spotty at best (I've had it so that you put in the info and it says couldn't find it, hit refresh and magically it works). So the nice person wrote back and said they would pass on the feedback but also they gave me a different DHL site that seems to work: Also they helpfully pointed out that once it gets to the USPS you can use your same tracking number at the USPS site (which has plenty of issues itself!). But that wasn't something I had really considered before either. So I thought it best to share this with others who may be frustrated at the terrible DHL tracking website that Lego uses in their emails.
  4. Hello, I have ordered bricks for 60 € at "Pick a Brick" and uploaded a Haul-Video to show, which 410 pieces I've got. I wrote down my experience (in german) - but the video is in English. Do you prefer - or do you use PaB, too? I found most of the bricks I need for my new MOC, I've got those in just five days. But PaB is "not cheap", I think. Best wishes Andres
  5. slopemodified

    Pick a Brick service

    Hi there, I'd like to know if there is a service/arrangement to have parts from various pick-a-brick walls sent internationally. Given that I live in country with no Lego stores , I feel rather envious of those places that do and have access to such a great Lego service. I doubt that the Lego online store will offer the pick-a-brick in a cup as it doesn't appear to be financially viable, especially if people want more of some pieces over others. I saw it being discussed in the topic here: pab cup online! I don't find the current system on the online store appealing as it was not easy to use, not a great variety in parts and it was expensive (compared to BL anyway). However I'd like to just get a handful/pinch of pieces from all the bins available, or as many of them as possible. I was able to ask a friend who was visiting the US a while ago if he could pack a cup full of random pieces, but it was just a one-off. So is there a way to source random parts from pick-a-brick wall at Lego stores and have them delivered? If not, do you think it is a good idea? Or maybe it'd be too expensive and I'd be better off just continuing to use Bricklink. Cheers.
  6. I recently went to the lego store and have never really bought bricks off the PAB wall. As a newcomer to buying peices for my own creations, what tips do you guys have for buying off the wall? I got a large cup of just random pieces (Ive heard large bins are better priced) that I think I could use and that was my only guide really. But do any of you have any past experience or wisdom to share? Some questions I have are: 1) How does lego decide what pieces to put on the wall? 2) Are pieces off the PAB a good deal or is it better online at like the online pick a brick or brick link? 3) Is USD $16 a large cup too expensive? 4) Are there bricks in the really high up containers lol? I couldn't even look all the way up there. 5) What time do you guys go to the store? This is kinda weird but when i go there, there are so many kids running around and its usually pretty hot and im trying to figure out what to get. 6) How often do they change what pieces are on the wall? 7) Essentially is the pick a brick wall the most effective way to get lego pieces for your creations? For now buying the boxes of pieces stores sometimes sell is not really necessary for me as I am not building such large things currently.
  7. I've recently come out of my dark ages and back into collecting my favorite childhood toy, Legos. My favorites as a child were always castle, pirate, and city. Now as I get older I find my interest is primarily in castle and pirate and creating large scenes and landscapes related to those. Anyway that's my short into, now to the good stuff in this post, my review of the lego store in Troy, MI (I live in Grand Rapids, MI so Troy is the closest one). Went today (9/6). I will rate the store 1-10 on 3 categories: staff, pick a brick wall, build a mini fig kiosk. Staff: 9 - pleasant, helpful, one even went in back to see if they had any mini fig weapons as the kiosk was out. Patient and nice despite being busy on a Saturday. Pick a brick wall: 7.5 - nice selection of bricks if you are interested in building landscapes or a fort or castle, light blue grey, dark blue grey, light tan, red brown, green bricks and plates. I bought up all the 1x1x4 light blue grey bricks (wish they had more). Would have liked to see more tiles selections. Mini fig kiosk: 2 - terrible selection, almost all figs were construction workers or women, I bought all the pirate soldier torsos I could which was 5. No muskets, bought 1 cutlas, no additional hats, epaulettes, backpacks, or medieval weapons or armor or helmets. A few kingdoms lion knights torsos but no matching legs. In comparison to the mini fig kiosk in northbrook mall (n chicago) this paled in comparison. I will post a review of northbrook soon. Overall I give the Troy location a 6.33. This could be improved however if they improve the mini fig kiosk. I will email lego my to make them aware of this.
  8. amartinpascual

    My first Pick a Brick

    Hi, I want to make my first order with the LEGO Store - Pick a Brick. I want to gather the same bricks that some basic sets have, but I cannot found all the bricks/elements I need. In particular, I would like to reproduce the following sets: Town Space How can I get the list of bricks/elements contained in each one? Are these bricks/elements available in the Pick a Brick Store? Thanks in advance. Regards
  9. I have made a set with LDD and used LDD manager to get a part list (Link Below) and I can't find the majority of the pieces I need in Pick a Brick. I have tried searching for the brick name and element ID and still can't find them. I am new creating my one set and have never ordered individual bricks so Im sure im doing something wrong, if someone could help me find the bricks I need it would be much appreciated. LDD manager Part list :
  10. Well, I went on vacation with my family, to the Disney World resort in Florida. Naturally, we made a stop at Downtown Disney, and so for me that meant a trip to the Lego store. While there, I noticed that there were a large amount of Technic parts at the build tables scattered throughout the store. I started picking them up and putting them in one of those large pick a brick buckets, and shockingly enough, the store employees let me do this. This is the result, all 439(!) parts, all for only 15 USD. To put that in perspective, the cheapest Technic sets available had less than half that number of parts, and cost five dollars more. So I made out like a bandit, although I think the parts also made me sick , so I washed them when I got home. However, this haul leaves me with a couple of questions: 1.)Where did all these parts come from? I assume that these parts came from display sets, but that seems kind of screwy, because there was already one 9398 on display, and some of these parts came from sets that weren't ever, or are too new, to have been on display. 2.)Where did the rest of the parts go? I knew that there was at least one 9398 and one 8043, and maybe one 8110 that had been parted out, but where did the motors, LAs, etc. go? I think that they might have been picked up by employees, but that seems kind of unlikely. In any event, I thought it was no harm in asking if they had the motors from 9398, but they did not. In any event, why would they have parted out the display sets instead of giving them to employees whole? 3.)Why hasn't this happened before? I go to that Lego store pretty much every year, and I've never seen anything like this, or at any other Lego store, nor have I heard any other reports of this happening. I'm seriously hoping that this isn't a freak occurrence. So, what do you think? In any event, I got lots of parts at a low price, so I'm a happy camper.